Beta #3 - Thoughts and prayers please

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Beta #3 - Thoughts and prayers please

Got my third beta results (17 DPO); 425.  My doctors office called and said they want to take another blood draw tomorrow to "see where this is going".  You could tell they weren't overly pleased, sounding cautious and not really sure what to say to me.

After being cautious myself, I was starting to be really positive - I got a 2-3 wks on CB Digital, test line on FRER was darker than the control line - all good signs!  Now, I'm worried.  That is intensified by my loss history. Part of me is happy for the next test and another part is worried.  Plus, I'm not sure I will get results until Monday - I'm hoping Saturday, but I don't recall if they give lab results on Saturday!

Not positive of my DPO (did the deed on the afternoon of 2/28 - got a peak reading on the fertility monitor on the morning of 3/1); I must have ovulated 2/28 - 3/2.  So, I'm splitting the difference and using 3/1.

  • 3/12 (11 DPO): 31.1 HCG
  • 3/14 (13 DPO): 99 HCG (double time - 28.65)
  • 3/18 (17 DPO): 425 HCG (double time - 44.24)

My double time has dropped a lot and admittedly, my numbers are lower than my pregancy with DD / DS.  I'm really trying to think positive and hand it over to God.  That is definately a lesson; easier said than done.  Could use all the support and prayers I can get.





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I don't think you need to

I don't think you need to worry.

realistically numbers double between 48 and 72 hours.

0nce you go above a certain amount it doubles every 96 hours.

so 44 hours to me seems to be a really good doubling time.

try not to worry too much.

i find doctors unless specialising in hcg and betas really don't know much.

my doc was insisting my pregnancy was fine when I was doubling every 400 hours!!

I see so many posts of people saying docs are concerned by numbers.. But it's not how high the numbers are, it's how they are doubling and tours to me seem to be doubling lovely!!!!


good luck and sticky vibes xxxxxx


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I know it's hard not to - but

I know it's hard not to - but try not to compare your numbers from one pregnancy to the next.

I too had a history of loss (5 m/c, 1 stillbirth) and so watched my numbers very closely and can say that my numbers and the doubling time with my successful pregnancies were not all that similar. Some had much higher numbers, some doubled more quickly, some doubled slowly

I am happy that they are continuing to do betas, because the unknown is the worst place to be! Your doubling time is still good imo, and all you can do is stay hopeful and positive!


The first RE I went to wanted to see a beta of 50 at 14DPO - so I tried to use that as my guide for when to be concerned (so 50 at 14dpo, you;d want 100 at 16dpo, 200 at 18dpo - so your numbers aren't so concerning)

And not sure what time of day your tests were - but if they weren't at the same time of day, that can play into it too

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