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hi all

i'm TJ and i am engaged to a wonderful man (hench my forum name Mrs Ellerton to-be). i am a BBW, but i am have been advised to lose weight by my asthma nurse to help ease my asthma and also because i am overweight for my height as i am only 5'1, but i find it hard to lose weight as i am a comfort eater as well as a big lover of food and sweet treats. i am not a big fan of fruit and veg and i have to be careful what types of exercises i do due to having asthma.
my asthma nurse has referred my for some help with losing weight, but i haven't heard anything yet.
me and my fiance are also having trouble ttc-ing due to my af problems.
i also suffer from depression which was triggered by my lil girl (who is 12) being wrongfully taken off me and adopted against my wishes back in the spring of 2003 when she was between 6 and 8 months old.
its also the time of year i do not like as my lil girl's adopters aren't very good at their job as i am supposed to have my new letter and photos from my lil girl this month, but i can say with certainty that they won't turn up on time as usual as they have never turned up on time since they adopted her when she was a baby even though my contact was set up in court.