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Thread: Please tell us a bit about yourself!

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    Name: Sammie
    Age: 22
    S/O: Derek
    S/O Age: 24 (will be 25 11/12!)
    Location: New Hampshire
    Marital Status: happily married!
    Children?: darling son - Gabriel (Gabe) will be 4 11/15
    Currently TTC?: you betcha
    Dieting or working out?: eating healthfully
    Helpful advice to others: if you can go to bed at night and think that you've been a good person and you're happy with your self, that is all that matters.

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    Name: Mandie

    Age: 24

    S/O: Matt

    S/O Age: 23

    Location: Indiana

    Marital Status: Married

    Children?: Not yet

    Currently TTC?: well, we know how to prevent a baby and we're not doing that, so I guess so.

    Dieting or working out?: I'm a camp person, moreover an administrative camp person. This means from April to the end of August I am usually too busy to sit and eat for very long (aka dieting) and I'm busy lifeguarding/swimming/hiking/horseback riding/canoeing/kayaking/ropes course-ing (Is that a word??)/and archery-ing (so I guess exercising). Other than that? I try to watch what I eat and I like to be active, but nothing strict or strenous. I figure as long as I'm still able to do camp, we don't have much of a problem!

    Helpful advice to others: Keep on keeping on. Don't let what others may or may not think about you/of you slow you down. At the end of the day, their opinions don't matter and what does is whether or not you're happy with yourself and what you're doing with your life. Oh and don't worry if you look like an idiot sometimes--most of those times, the people that you think are judging you are actually wishing they could do it too!

    TTC#1 since 12/06----bfp 10/08, m/c 11/08
    1st RE appt: dx with pcos and mfi. Joy.
    2nd Surprise natural bfp: 3/10---Luke, born 11/10!
    TTC#2 since 12/10

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    Name: Kelly
    Age: 25... ( im still not used to it yet)
    S/O: Alex
    S/O Age: 27
    Location:South Carolina ( charleston area)
    Marital Status: Married
    Children?: 4 dogs ( and yes i call them my Kids)
    Currently TTC?: OOOH yes! I cant wait to be a mommy
    Dieting or working out?: Eating smart, smaller portions, and lots of whole grains
    Helpful advice to others: Just be happy, find one small thing a day to be happy about.. no matter how bad of a day you've had.. it could always be worse.
    Whatever Happens Happens... I guess

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    Name: Leah
    Age: 24
    S/O: N/A
    S/O Age: N/A
    Location:Sydney Australia
    Marital Status: Single
    Children?: not yet
    Currently TTC?: yes...via donor...(UPDATE!!!!....Pregnant!!!!!!!!!! Woohooooooo)
    Dieting or working out?:I have to start the working out thing....and I just had Lap band surgery in November of last year....31kgs down so far!!!!
    Helpful advice to others: No matter how hard things get, always try and keep a smile on ure dial!
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    Leah...Mummy to
    Olivia Grace..01/09/2008
    Bailey Scott..01/03/2010

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    Name: Amy
    Age: 23
    S/O: Matt
    S/O Age: 27
    Location: Central Canada
    Marital Status: Married
    Children?: 1 daughter born December 22nd 2007
    Currently TTC?: Not for a few more years!
    Dieting or working out?: Healthy eating, lots of water, will take up walking again when spring comes around
    Helpful advice to others: Love yourself just the way you are.
    Desana 12/22/07, Freya 01/21/10

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    Name: Jill
    Age: 28
    S/O: Clint
    S/O Age: 28
    Location: Chesapeake, VA
    Marital Status: Not Married but living together
    Children?: Amaya 4 months old and Sugar my 2 year old furbaby
    Currently TTC?: We're going to try again this year
    Dieting or working out?: Working out
    Helpful advice to others: Breastfeed! The pounds just melt away!

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    Name: Kelz
    Age: 26
    S/O: Scott
    S/O Age: 25
    Location:Adelaide, Australia
    Marital Status: partnered, not married
    Children?: 2. laura 8th October 2004, Alex 27th November
    Currently TTC?: Um. Not at the moment maybe wen laura starts school 2010
    Dieting or working out?:I really should be dieting to loose that baby weight and the rest lol.. i'll get there soon!!

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    Kelly & Scott~

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    Name: Julia
    Age: 28
    S/O: Nick
    S/O Age: 29
    Location: Erie, PA
    Marital Status: Engaged
    Children?: (2) Haley Nichole ~5 yrs old, and Nicholas Adam Jr. ~20 mos old
    Currently TTC?: Nope
    Dieting or working out?: Joined Weight Watchers 1/1/08
    Helpful advice to others: Love yourself just the way you are!!!

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    Name: Anne
    S/O: Allen
    Location: at the computer
    Marital Status: married
    Children?: 1 DS born in ectopic angel baby
    Currently TTC?: nope, but not preventing either
    Dieting or working out?: I don't believe in dieting, so no. I try to keep an active lifestyle and I've been vegetarian for sixteen years so I eat pretty healthfully.
    Helpful advice to others: CURVES ROCK! Don't try to fit into someone else's mold
    Anne, mommy to five:
    Lillian, born 12-24-10
    Will, born 10-19-07
    New little one, due 9-19-2012
    Lucas Robert, born to Jesus @ 18 weeks on 12-26-08 (due 5-28-09)
    Ectopic Angel 10-24-06

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    Name: Cathy

    Age: 35

    S/O: (sigh) Not at the moment

    S/O Age: N/A

    Location: Sydney, Australia

    Marital Status: Single

    Children?: Not yet

    Currently TTC?: Hopefully early next year.

    Dieting or working out?: I am on the shakes for brekkie and lunch and they are quite nice. They do fill me up at work, but as soon as I get home, the pigging out starts. Will have to ban all yummy stuff from the house and get more veges and fruit in.

    Helpful advice to others: Just be yourself and like who you are.

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