Rules and How to Count your points!

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Rules and How to Count your points!


All check-ins must be reported by a team leader in alphabetical order according to username. Where there is no leader, or no leader is available, any team member may post the points. With the increasing number of participants for these challenges, it is important for it to run as smoothly as possible. The check-ins will need to be in by 9pm EST/6pm PST on Tuesdays.

If an individual fails to check in two consecutive times during the challenge, that person will be removed by admin. Teams will be disqualified if they miss checking in any two weeks, not necessarily consecutively. If you have members who have failed to check in with you, put a 0 next to their name and get the points posted.

Exercise Points
1 points per 10 minutes of exercise. This must be an actual form of purposeful exercise - walking, running, biking, swimming, weight training, cardio machines, etc. This does not include any chores or activities, only straight exercise. Our goal is to reward your for purposefully fitting exercise into your schedule. General activity, such as cleaning the house, gardening or swimming with your children, is 1 point per 20 minutes of activity. Please limit activity to cleaning, activity and chores that require a little muscle work and/or endurance. For example, I would not include washing dishes. Use your best judgement. There is a limit of 12 points per day for exercise activity.

Water Points
1 point per cup (8 oz/236 ml) of water. 10 points max...1/2 can be calorie free, caffeine free drinks ie. tea not sweetened, diet sierra mist etc.

Support Points
1 point for each day you check in with your team. This does not mean typing "checking in." This means that you say something about your day, or something to encourage or support your fellow teammate(s). This should include at least 2 personal messages to a fellow teammate each day.

Food Points
5 points for every day you eat within your plan. Whether you're following an actual plan (like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, SlimFast, etc.) or simply following basic healthy eating guidelines, you will earn for sticking to it. If you go slightly off plan you will get 3 points. If you totally blow your day 0 points.

Breakfast point
You can add a point each day for eating breakfast. Studies have shown that eating breakfast helps with weight loss so this will be beneficial to everyone!

Sleep Point
Competitors will earn one point for each night that they sleep 7 hours or more. If you are feeding babies during the night, please count the amount of total sleep you get in any one night.

Mini-challenges: Mini-challenges are again part of this challenge. Most mini-challenges will take place over the course of a week. A new thread will be posted for each individual mini-challenge with instructions. Most mini-challenges will be worth 10 points per individual. You will need to tally your own mini-challenge points each week. If every member of a team completes the mini challenge and posts on the relevant thread, the team will get a huge 10 EXTRA POINTS onto their team average at the end of the week!

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And could we please point out that if your babies wake in the night, you needn't count it as a break in your sleep as that is out of your control and to be expected!!!

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"gooler" wrote:

And could we please point out that if your babies wake in the night, you needn't count it as a break in your sleep as that is out of your control and to be expected!!!

Glad you clarified that Biggrin