Sign Up List- Spring into Spring!

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Sign Up List- Spring into Spring!

This next challenge will run from February 18th to March 31st. Let's kick off the Spring season with an energy and health overhaul! Please sign up by replying to this thread. Let us know if you have a team preference, and whterh you will participate in the individual weight loss challenge Biggrin

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Nutty Squad, team captain.

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Going to give this a try again. Nutty Squad please!

Weightloss challenge to because I've gained weight from when I last did this.

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Nutty Squad, and yes to the individual challenge as well please Smile

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Sweet Blossoms please Smile

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sweet blossoms and weight loss Biggrin

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nutty squad for both

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Nutty Squad please

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Me! :wavehello: You know where to put me Wink

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I'm in - Nutty Squad. I'll try the weight loss challenge too (though I'm not sure what it entails?)!

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I'm in! We're the Healthy Honeys Smile More ladies to follow...

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Healthy Honey here

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Healthy Honeys please!

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Healthy Honeys please....

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Healthy Honeys here too!

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Health honeys

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Sweet Blossoms!

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Nutty Squad me again please-

Yeah, glad to see some of our former team-mates returning Smile

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Nutty Squad pls:)

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Sorry I'm late on this, but add me to Healthy Honeys please. Smile Will catch up on yesterday when the kids are napping later.

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Please add me to nutty squad. Smile