Week 2 Holiday Mini Challenge

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Week 2 Holiday Mini Challenge

Thanks Missy Smile

Week 2 (starting Dec. 9th): Relationship connection. Set aside a night (or afternoon if that best suits your schedule) to unplug COMPLETELY. Turn off cell, computer, TV and any other electronic device. Tune IN to one another. Your choice whether this is a 'couples only' event or spending time as a family. Do something together -- baking, decorating... massage... Wink Whatever can help you bond with one another.

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This is a great idea, I'll have to figure out what to do with the kids and with Dave.

With Lily we'll do a girl thing of painting toe nails.

With Lucas we'll sit and get some extra reading time it, it's his favorite.

With Brodie we'll do a new puzzle of his together.

With Dave I'm still unsure!


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We are working on two separate ideas -- one as a family and another centered on couple time. Dh is earning some brownie points though big time this coming weekend as he's volunteered (bless him!) to serve as driver for my parents and aunt. *whew*

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Well, couldn't get DH to pull himself away from his cell phone (stupid facebook & youtube) GRRRR The only day he wasn't on his phone was Saturday night for dinner b/c we made an agreement that we wouldn't be on our phones during our "date" night. It is not only rude, but looks like we don't even like one another

How did everyone else do?

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Its just me and Niko, so we spend a lot of time together.

Dawn, I know what you mean- the guy that I thought was b/f material but turned out not to be, was always on his phone. It's so distratcting. I was giggling actually wondering what it would take to get rid of the phone -and if he would ever shut it off- I dont think so.

Sometimes I purposely leave the phone in the car, or in my apt when I leave to go somewhere if I have my son with me. Oh I did do that when we went to the CHristmas Party- and also, when I was at my cousin's funeral. Mom tried to call me when I was at the funeral and when I iddn't answer she called another one of my cousins to find me... arg.....

Dawn, glad your date night worked out fun- it sounds like you had a great time. Maybe you can add in another day a week with no phone- family night- and if that works out, add in another, so it's more than one night a week. Or, after a certain time, say dinner or even later, as a start.