Week 7 Team Results!

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Week 7 Team Results!

WTG Mod Squad!!!

Mod Squad 163.88
April Sweat Peas 153.17
Blossoms 06 136.60
October Sweets 125.67
Mixed Nuts 121.17
August Sunbeams 83.80
Feb 10 Fillies 72.50
Bfing Mamas 58.29
Sugar Plum Mums 38.75

Special shout out for the teams that completed the challenge!!
It is always disheartening to me when teams just don't bother to complete the last week Sad
Every team that does this has atleast 1 team member who is still submitting their points.....I go looking for missing points, so it would be nice for your teammates to atleast track them on your thread (of course those people who don't post their points, are highly unlikely to be reading this thread)

Mini Challenge: of the 45 participants this week 19 completed the mini! That's 42.22%!! Not bad!!!

Look for full challenge results on a separate thread!!