Welcome your new host!

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Welcome your new host!

Hi everyone,

Please join me in welcoming MrsRiggert (Megan) for stepping into our new host position for this group. Together with Fiona (gooler), I know that they will continue to serve you all as a great team. Megan has already been jumping in and doing a terrific job! Thanks for accepting this role!

I wanted to also offer my sincere appreciation to Audrey (Audgee) for all that she has done! She has been a very special part of our community for many years and particularly in her support offered for this group. While I absolutely understand her need to focus on family/personal life at this time, it is my hope that she will check in as she is able and allow this community to offer her support as well as to continue to enjoy her friendship. Please know we wish you only the best and will be keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

Thanks everyone! You all continue to inspire far more than your members within this board! Keep it up!


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Welcome, Megan Smile

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I am delighted to welcome Megan to the hosting team here on pg.org- I know that we will work well together Biggrin I'd also like to convey my sincere thanks to my dear friend Audrey, who will always be nearby I know!

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Welcome Megan!!! You will do GREAT!!!!

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Thank you so much Audrey for everything you did for us. Megan thanks for stepping up and filling in!

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Welcome Megan Smile

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Awesome!! Thanks to everyone for their hard work (in the past and in the future) with this challenge. It's made a huge difference in my life!

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Thank you Audrey & Fiona for all of your hard work. I will keep you & your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Welcome Megan. You are going to do great

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Welcome and thank you! the hosts on this board are fantastic! thank you ladies for all you do and all you've done! audgee enjoy your family and look forward to seeing you around!