Alana's Follow-Up

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Alana's Follow-Up

Alana had her GI follow-up today and we got the pathology report. In a nutshell, she has inflammation and bacterial overgrowth throughout her entire digestive system. The doctor won't officially diagnose this as IBD based on this report but he admits it is a possibility. Interestingly enough, Alana has been great this past week and after the colonoscopy prep she has been more "normal." He said that's common but don't expect it to last. So, our action plan for now is to continue with her symptom diary (which he will take a look at during her next visit) and follow up with behavioral health (he is keeping the IBS diagnosis as well). As soon as she has more than 2 loose BMs a day or starts to feel bad she'll start a round of antibiotics. If it continues the next step is to start a medication called 5-ASA, which I admit I don't know a whole lot about. He faxed it in to the pharmacy because he seems to think she'll likely need it before our next visit at the end of March.

So, while we don't have an official diagnosis.....we're close!

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Bittersweet! Having a diagnosis is really a lot of the battle sometimes. Hope things continue in this direction for you.

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Haven't updated in awhile, but Alana has been on the antibiotic for over a week now. She started having bloody stools so it was the next step. She's on clindomycin which she takes 3x a day for 14 days. She had some heartburn from it at first but is feeling much better now. She has her first dance competition of the season this weekend and I'm so thankful she feels great and isn't having any diarrhea. Such a blessing! Her trio placed first overall last night and her group will perform tomorrow morning.

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I hope that this is what you need to get her feeling better!

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It sounds like Finally there is something to help her. Now to figure out why this is happening... Glad she is feeling better, and hope she gains some weight!