Alana's GI Appointment

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Alana's GI Appointment

Alana saw the GI today (same one we saw a year ago). I absolutely love this doctor! She has such wonderful bedside manner with Alana and when she's in the room you feel that you're the most important person she gets to deal with that day.

Anyway....I explained the reason for our visit was because of recurring stomach pains and the never-ending diarrhea/loose stools that seem to plague her life. She asked some questions, made some notes, and then quickly moved on to the weight issue. At the last visit Alana was in the 25th %ile for weight and at today's visit she was off the chart. She'd only gained a pound in the last year. This concerned the doctor quite a bit so I was a tad relieved that I wasn't making a big deal over nothing. She threw some things out there she thinks it could possibly be but did say that she could just have incredibly high metabolism.

When we last saw the GI she did an EGD/Colonoscopy but of course everything came back fine. Today she told me that when she first met Alana she had a gut feeling that something big was going on with her and that's why she jumped to the invasive procedure first (she doesn't typically do that apparently). When everything came back negative she said she was sure something was still going on but that it was too soon to show up on a test. I did skip the follow-up appointment (shame on me) but I assumed we'd just never know why she was the way she was. She said that this time she was taking a step back, doing some labs first (a ton of them!) and some stool samples as well (3....oh

So Alana was a trooper during her labs (bribery totally worked this time!!) and hopefully I can be a trooper when doing those stool samples. Ever tried to spoon poo with a tiny spoon and not puke? lol

I guess the doctor will call when she gets the lab results and we are to go back in 6 weeks to see what the next step is. In the meantime I'm to start putting Carnation in her milk 3x/day. Hopefully she likes it and hopefully it helps her gain a pound or two!

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Glad you have a good GI. Hopefully the tests show you what is going on.

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I had to spoon Tom's poop out of a diaper once - he had blood in his stool. It wasn't as bad as I expected but it was baby poop - he was only 6 months old or so and breastfed so he had those runny bf baby poops Smile

I'm glad they're working so hard on this for you!