Asthma kids

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Asthma kids

Ben was officially diagnosed with asthma yesterday. I'm a bit shocked, but not really too surprised with his history. I guess I was just taken back a bit hearing "This is asthma." He's on Singulair daily now and still has his FloVent and Ventolin for backup. His triggers are viral infections and there are also some enviro triggers (I'm certain of it). We are still waiting to get an appt with the allergist and the allergy tests will be important to the bigger asthma picture.

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Who diagnosed him? Most doctors won't give an official asthma diagnosis until the child can complete PFTs, which is usually around age 5-6. Before that it is called Reactive Airway Disease because most kids outgrow it as their bodies and airways grow. That was the case with Madi. She's been taking QVar for about 2 years now (only took Singulair for about a year) and will hopefully come off it at her next Pulmo appointment in July.

If you think that Ben really does have asthma I'd recommend going to a Pulmonologist. From my experience with Madi (after seeing the Pedi, GI, and 2 ENTs) the Pulmo got it right from the first visit and she's progressively gotten better since then. With Alana we've had to try several different meds (Flovent, QVar 40 & 80, and now Advair) before finding one that seems to work.

Hopefully you'll get some more answers after the allergy tests. Don't be surprised if he has food allergies. Madi had a milk allergy, which she outgrew, and Alana is allergic to tomatoes and citrus. These things just seem to go together unfortunately.

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Good luck with all of this! I'm glad Tanya has so much info for you Smile