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Ben's hospital stay - XP

[INDENT]Hi everyone. I'm finally able to log back in after being blocked for quite a while!

Ben was admitted into the Children's Hospital last Wednesday night. He had been sick since the Sunday before - fever, cough, runny nose, ear infection. With his asthma we noticed he was working kind of hard at breathing - drawing in around his ribs and collar bones, etc. I took him to urgent care on Wed morning and they kept him for 7 hours on oxygen, ventolin, atrovent, dex. His oxygen sats were very low - mid 80s or so (even as low as 75 at one point) and even with all the meds he never got up over 90, which is the criteria for discharge. They said if he didn't improve they'd transfer him to the hospital, but he didn't improve and they discharged him anyway. He was okay for a few hours it seemed, but at 8pm we had to call 911 because he was really struggling to breathe - pale, blue lips, really in-drawing in his neck and ribs. Sats in the ambulance were only 85. They put him on a nebulizer of ventolin and steroid which did help but he crashed when they removed it, so they put it back on. As soon as we got to the hospital he was worked up and the pedi said he would be admitted. We stayed in emerg for 20 hours until a bed became available on the unit. He was on oxygen continuously, Alvesco daily, 5 puffs of ventolin every 4 hours round the clock, dex daily, etc.

He was so sick that he couldn't even move his eyes to follow us - he just stared into space and if it wasn't for the monitors I would have probably thought he was...gulp...gone. They tried to wean him down of O2 on Friday, but he crashed again so they bumped him back up to a litre of O2. The head pedi came around with her team and she said "We'll take him off oxygen this afternoon and if he's okay we'll send him home today." :eek: I looked at her and said "There's no way in you are discharging him from this hospital." She said "Well, we have a bed crisis" and I'm like "And just what does that have to do with MY son?????" A resident came back later and said "He needs the O2 and he's not ready to leave and I just wanted to reassure you he's not going anywhere for a few more days." Phew....His room had a bed for a parent so I stayed every night, Ben and I sleeping in 2 hour spurts as the nurses came and went to do vitals, give meds, etc.

Saturday morning he was sitting up in bed and goes "Hi mommy". From that point it was all uphill! He was slowly weaned off oxygen and was completely off by noon on Saturday and kept his sats up way over 90. We got home yesterday afternoon. I think after my freak out on the head pedi they were kind of treating me with kid gloves, because the pedi who released him came in on Sunday morning and said "How do you feel about him going home today? Do you think he's ready?" Ben's lab tests came back positive for RSV, which can be very serious for preemies and kids with asthma or other lung issues. He is doing great now, but gets tired really easily, and he has a bunch of dr appts this week, plus a trip to the asthma clinic. He will be on Alvesco once daily for the foreseeable future, and the asthma nurse feels that since his trigger is viruses that he'll need to take the Alvesco daily from the start of school through til about May, every year. He still has ventolin for rescue, of course, plus the Singulair at bedtime.

I'm sick now too - surprise, surprise. The thing is, the week before Claire was brutally sick - terrible cold, tons of boogers, and a high fever that lasted 6 days. I even said to a couple coworkers that I wondered if it might be RSV. Even when DH took Ben to the urgent care a week ago with an ear infection I asked him to ask the triage nurse if it might be RSV due to his cough and fever and she said that it couldn't be because only infants got RSV, which even I know is a crock of $hit. What the heck do I know though, I'm only their mother for G_d's sake.[/INDENT]

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What a scare!! I'm glad it all turned out ok.

If only babies got RSV then it'd be pretty uncommon, considering babies normally aren't the ones out there socializing all the time...

This has been a crazy winter here - much more roller coastery than normal, and there are some really bad colds going around. My whole family has been sick since the first week of January - not enough to really miss school, but we're all still coughing. I wonder if we have RSV going around.

Either way, I'm glad that he's better and you stood up for him and got him what he needed!

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Poor little guy! I know how scary it is when your child is struggling to breathe! Alana is definitely triggered by viruses too (among other things) and being on a daily med helps keep things in check for sure.

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How scary! I'm glad you have him home now. Too bad that triage nurse didn't know what the heck she was talking about.

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Wow!! I'm so glad he is okay now. Watching your child blue and lifeless is the scaryest thing I have ever seen. In fact I'm sure I have PTSD because of Eli's. I'm so sorry he went through this, but am again VERY glad he is okay. So sorry you are sick. Prayers for a quick recovery.