Sorry I just got back to this. I was out of town a lot longer than expected and didn't have access to the computer.

As for the problems Eli had, that is when he developed the chylothorax (sp?). I know it can happen after any of the surgeries, but that is the one that caused it. He also seemed to be in more pain. He also has some minor voice issues and facial muscle issues. These were actually from going under the arm (some other heart mom's whose kids had/have the same issues explained this). I really can't complain too much since they did save his life though. I think I'd be asking questions too. However, they talked a lot about some of these things before Eli's 2009 surgery and his 2010 surgery so I have way less questions now than I did before. Such as, I know when they replace they will do a mechanical valve (unless some breakthroughs they think will benefit him are available). Tissue valves do not last as long in kids as they do adults (they break down faster). I've heard their are benefits to the Ross procedure but I don't know what they are. I'm wondering if it could be the reduction in number of surgeries needed?

As for the aspirin, they had mechanical valves (not sure the exact type). I guess that is what floored me. Are you on FB? I have a couple of pages I am on for heart parents. They are amazing people some who are adult CHDers.

Again sorry it took me so long to respond. 2 weeks is a long time for me to be away.