Carlin's Leg Update

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Carlin's Leg Update

Well I have been an awful poster but just wanted to give an update. And wondering if anyone has any experience with hip issues on their LO's.

So I don't even know if you all remember but Carlin was born with a congenital short femur so one of his legs is shorter than the other. We've kindof been in a holding pattern with figuring out when the surgery will be - I think it was last summer our orthopedic told us we'd probably have to travel for the surgery - he wasn't the most forthcoming with information. THE place to have it done is in Baltimore, but that's a tough travel for us and we have family in Boston so I thought I'd look into it there. So I did and we had a consult on Monday. So we went and really liked the doctor and he wants to work with a doctor here that he's apparently worked with before so that we don't have to travel for all appointments - we can do follow ups here at home which is so fantastic! We also found out that Carlin has a hip issue as well (I had an inkling from the pediatrician but the orthopedic never told us about it). So he told us that in a year he wants to take care of the hip issue first which requires surgery and will be about a year long process that will require him to be in a "hip cast" (translated full body cast) for 2 months. When they go in after a year to take out the hardware from this surgery they'll start the first lengthening procedure. Now I've been all set with this lengthening procedure - I mean prepared mentallly, but man this hip thing has really thrown me for a loop. It's just a hip and I know he'll be fine - he's a tough little guy, but I was looking up the stuff on the casts today and just lost it! Ugh!!! 2 months seems so long for him to be completely immobile. But I know it's ONLY 2 months - I'm blessed with a healthy kid and parents have kids that are immobile for their entire life. But I'm just having a tough time wrapping my head around all of this. I know it just takes time I was probably worse than this when we were told about the lengthening surgery and now I really don't think of it as a big deal.

I have to figure out everything with work too because I'm taking maternity leave in October and basically combined with maternity leave and the surgery I can only take 12 weeks. I really don't want to rush back after the baby's born, but I want to be there for Carlin. I'm sure I can work out some work from home stuff - my bosses are super flexible and understanding, but it's just so overwhelming right now. It's just so hard because he is such an active kid and to picture him immobilized is so heartbreaking. But I know he'll find a way around it and still live those 2 months to the fullest.

Ugh ... sorry for the rant - not sure if any of it makes sense - just what is weighing heavily on my mind right now.

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(((Hugs))) Any time anything is done to our kiddos it's hard. Sometimes the longer you have to think about something the worse it makes the thinking. It's good the doctor in Baltimore wants to work with someone in your hometown to make things easier all around. Thank you for the update.

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My cousin's daughter had surgery for hip dysplasia. She was in a cast for a while. My cousin said it was hard but they all made it through! She takes dance now and is in good shape so I believe even though it was rotten for a while it ended up really well.


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I don't know if you do FB or not but I found looking for support groups of parents that had kids with the same issue on FB helpful. It is never fun to have your kid have surgery. Hugs.