Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy

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Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy

For a pregnant woman, regular exercise has many benefits. It not only brings about positive effects on her health, but also in the health and well-being of her unborn child. At Rainbow Hospitals, our doctors strongly advise our expectant mothers to incorporate a workout regimen in their daily life. However, there are certain exercises and positions that they should avoid.

Due to their extra weight and for the safety of their unborn child, our doctors, considered top gynecologists in Hyderabad, advise that it is vital that they proceed with care.

While many exercises like walking are safe and are easily adaptable, some carry inherent risks. These could be associated with certain positions or with the very nature of the exercise.

Avoid contact sports, such as squash, kickboxing, and judo. These can be dangerous for the fetus since the player can be hit at the abdomen.

The weight gain during pregnancy also places the expectant mother at a certain disadvantage. Her joints are less stable and her centre of gravity is still a little wobbly. Add to that her reactions are also slower. Because of this, certain active sports can become dangerous for her. These include cycling, gymnastics, and horse riding. These sports are dependent on the player maintaining a certain balance and any loss of balance or falling can be perilous for a pregnant woman.

Although swimming is a great exercise, never scuba-dive during pregnancy. The fetus has no protection against gas embolism and decompression sickness that can occur underwater.

Never use steam rooms or saunas during pregnancy.

Avoid exercises that require you to lie flat on your back, especially after you hit 16 weeks.

On high altitudes ? over 2500 meters ? exercising can be dangerous if you are not acclimatized.

Doctors advise that a pregnant woman with any health problem must seek medical attention before starting any exercise regimen. Always take care of your nutrition and hydration needs and never over-exert yourself. Stop exercising and seek your doctor?s help if you experience the following symptoms:

  • headache
  • giddiness or feeling faint
  • difficulty in catching your breath back whilst exercising
  • shortness of breath even before exertion
  • palpitations or pain in the chest
  • back pain, abdomen pain
  • swelling or pain in any or both leg/legs
  • pain in your pelvis or pubic area
  • muscle weakness
  • few or no movements of the fetus
  • bleeding
  • uterine contractions that seem painful or any indication of preterm labour
  • any leakage of amniotic fluid

We advise pregnant women to seek help from reputed hospitals like our Banjara Hills women health clinic. At Rainbow Hospital, we are proud to be counted as the best maternity hospital Hyderabad. We are known for our fertility, neo-natal, birthing, and post-natal care. We take care of our patients ? from conception to pediatric care.