Fall Cleaning

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Fall Cleaning

Since I have the week off of work I really wanted to deep clean the house. I never have the time (or energy) to clean the way I'd like to with work, church, and dance. Amazing how dusty and dirty all the little nooks and crannies of a house can get!

I thought it'd be nice to start a thread where we could share some cleaning hints/tips/tricks with each other. I'm moving to a more "green" type of clean and trying to avoid cleaners with harsh fumes and strong scents.

Vinegar is my new cleaning buddy and I'm not sure why I'm so late to that game. I've always used it to clean the nebulizer mask and I'm not sure why I didn't use it on other things until now. I read on Pinterest to mix vinegar/water and microwave for 5 minutes to steam clean the microwave. Well, after about 3 minutes I heard a loud BANG and my microwave door flung open and my cleaning solution was everywhere! I did have a really clean microwave though! lol

So please, share your household cleaning tips! Tell me what works and what doesn't!

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Ha!! I'm actually kind of a clean freak. I don't honestly use any chemicals to clean other than laundry soap and dish soap and even then I make my own. Honestly I don't even use soap to wash my face. I use a product called Norwex. Norwex Improving Quality of Life I use to clean every week even when I worked, but that was only with one child and he didn't have medical issues. Now I clean about every 2 weeks. If all my children were in school I would go back to every week. The kids are required to pick up their stuff every night. Sometimes they have to pick up a few times a day depending on what we are doing. If we are leaving and will not be home until kind of late then I get them to straighten up before we leave. Yes sadly I am the type of person who makes their bed every day. Yes my kids make their beds. LOL Laundry is once a week. Seriously I clean as a stress reliever. LOL

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Now that we have a dog (a choice I'm starting to regret, lol) we have to sweep every few days because she sheds terribly. We don't allow her in the bedrooms or bathrooms but somehow the dog hair ends up in there. It seriously grosses me out.

One trick that my husband's aunt showed me when we moved into our house....is to use baby oil on stainless steel appliances. Dab a little bit of baby oil (I like the lavender scent) on a baby blanket or soft cloth and rub on the stainless steel. It will keep it streak free for at least 2 weeks and it smells so good. Works far better than the wipes and cleaners we tried that are intended for stainless steel and much cheaper too.

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When the boys were out of diapers, I had a lot of wipes left. I found that they work great for quick cleaning of wood (like our stairway banisters) and also work great for taking fingerprints off the walls, switches and doorknobs. I make my own cleaning solution out of water, Murphy's oil soap, and cinnamon oil.

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To clean windows, mix 3 tbsp. cornstarch to about 8 cups warm water. Wring out a microfiber cloth, wipe window, buff with any old terry towel thing.

Yeah, cornstarch, not baking soda. Who'da thought?

It helps if you rinse outdoors windows well with water even before starting with the cornstarch solution.