Halloween Ideas?

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Halloween Ideas?

Halloween will be here before you know it! My girls really enjoy dressing up and our new neighborhood goes all out with decorating, haunted houses, and tons of candy! Last year we were just settling in to our new home and elaborate costumes were the furthest thing from my mind so we went cheap and easy. Alana was a dentist (used the costume from her Pre-K graduation) and Madi was the tooth fairy.

I love for their costumes to coordinate and this year I wanted to try making something really cute. So we've decided that Alana will be a cupcake and Madi will be a baker. I'm not super crafty (though I really want to be!) so I'm going to have to get started soon in order to pull this together!

As for traditions....the last few years we've attended Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and we plan on going again this year. It is the perfect time to go to Disney! The weather is a little cooler, the lines are shorter, and the tickets are cheaper, lol. And since our neighborhood really decorates for Halloween (and we never have before) we're going to start a new tradition of going to Party City on Halloween and buying a new decoration every year at a discount. I don't let them choose scary costumes (like ghosts or vampires) and our decorations tend to be pretty wimpy too, lol.

Have you all decided on any costumes yet? Do you have any special Halloween traditions?

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I try to keep them from being scary. Last year Tom rotated through a few costumes he had for dress up - a soldier, Tigger, and a pirate. Sam was Heather the Violet Fairy (and NO ONE knew who she was, just like we warned her might happen). I bought her a new purple dress that she could wear for anything.

The kids haven't decided what they want to be yet- they're still at the point where they're changing their mind frequently Smile

I live on a dead-end road so we always leave out a bowl of candy (that goes untouched, but we leave it out just in case) and then we go to my parents' house.

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I haven't thought too much about it yet. Last year Ivy was a black cat, and she could probably fit in the costume again this year. She'll be 2.5, but she definitely has a better idea of what's going on now. I really like the idea of being The Paper Bag Princess (Robert Munsch), but it's usually snowing here so I'd have to make a thermally insulated paper bag - plus most people wouldn't know who she was...

DH likes scary things, but I really don't care so much.

As for Leo, I'm just hoping he'll be walking by then! I'll have to think about a costume.

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Joshua has been a chicken/rooster, Old Navy costume I got on consignment still with tags on it and he wore it his first and second Halloween. I tried it on him and it still fits, it's really cute now that he's walking but it's a bit small and will probably be too small by Halloween (it's a 12-24 month size and he is still wearing 24 month/2T). I'm planning to sell it back to the consignment store if they'll take it and see what I else I can get. Joshua loves Elmo and Thomas, either one of those he would like but he does not like to wear anything on his head, last year he tolerated the hood on his costume but when I tried it on him this year he took it off. Makes it kind of challenging to find a costume with a hood/hat in 2T/3T.

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Awww...this is a really cute thread! I've got a couple of cornball ideas for the girls but...errr...I don't know. I'm not much of a sharer and am a random poster but here goes:

Cady is fair, blonde, and blue eyed and Finlay is brunette, with an olive complexion, and brown eyed. Maybe Cinderella and Snow White? Or is that too canned? Or right now going with their personalities and tempers, Cady as an angel and Fin as a lady devil (Fin's got wicked tantrums the past month or so, throwing herself all over the house and shrieking insanely).

Liam however will go to the store with DH and pick his own. Last year he was Thomas. The year before DH picked Wolverine (big X-Men fan Smile which I'm ok with because Hugh Jackman is a good looking guy Blum 3 ).

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Two years ago Alana went as Snow White and Madi as the dwarf "Happy." I tried using the black spray for Alana's hair but boy was that a mess! It wouldn't dry! We ended up throwing her in the shower at the last minute and then I spent 30 minutes scrubbing my black bathroom! lol Madi actually had croup that year (she almost always had it....) and her "Happy" costume was quite hilarious because she pouted and whined most of the night, lol. A memorable year for sure!

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We used to just let them throw a costume together from what they could find in the house, and maybe some dollar tree masks or swords. However, now that we have 5 kids, it's a lot harder to do that. If the older boys still want to dress up, I will probably make them figure out something on their own. The younger ones, I may buy them a costume.