Heart surgery update on Skyler

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Heart surgery update on Skyler

Skyler had his 3 month post-surgery appointment with the cardiologist (well, 2.5 months since his heart surgery, and 2 months since being re-opened for cleaning up the infection). His doctor took one look at him and said ? you look great and you are really filling out! (He?s gained 7 pounds and no change in height since surgery). The upshot is that Skyler is supposed to ease into any and all activities that he would like, SLOWLY, to build strength as he goes. I don?t think Skyler understands what that means! Skyler also got a big talk from the cardiologist about the connection between tooth brushing/flossing and heart infections, saying that because of how easily gum infections (and unhealthy gums) can transfer to your heart, he needs to be extra careful about brushing and flossing properly and frequently (morning, night and after every meal). The cardiologist even went so far as to say that he?s known people to get such bad heart infections that they had to have a heart transplant? Maybe that will have an effect on Skyler who refuses to brush his teeth?

In terms of Skyler?s personal outlook, he?s turned a new leaf. He?s more confident, especially in the swimming department. I mentioned in the last post that he could swim a lot better than pre-surgery because he could hold his breath better. Well, that has turned into suddenly feeling a lot more comfortable under-water, and treading water in the big waves (he wouldn?t even try treading water pre-surgery). He?s gone from being a ?I won?t go in deep water without a lifejacket and a parent?, to ?I want to go swim in the big waves and do handstands and collect rings from the bottom of the deep end? in a matter of 2 weeks? It?s great to see, especially since swimming is such a fantastic workout. He?s even convinced his dad to let him go on the city bus to the pool for public swim on his own, using his own allowance to pay the public swim fees.

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I'm so glad to hear he's doing so well. Prayers that trend continues.

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That's awesome! Glad he is doing so well!

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What a great update! That's fantastic! I hope he starts brushing his teeth, though. That sounds scary.

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I'm thrilled by his new love of swimming. Something active at last! I hope it detracts him from electronics a bit... Wink

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