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Hello everyone!!! It has been forever since I've been online here & I must say how much I've thought of everyone! I know there is a couple of you I have as friends on FB, but even there I really don't update too much lol

So much has been going on. Let's see, mid-April brought about the end of my position. There was lots of goings on, but the main being lack of room to advance, plus after the accident we were in I found out a few months later that I have 3 fractures in different vertebrae and am thus awaiting yet another neurosurgery appt (Sept 15) to book surgery (which unfortunatly willmost likely be the insertion of metal rods)--yippeee!

The boys are doing fantastic and are very happy to be back in school. Grade 2 for Mikey and Grade 6 for Liam. Mikey is great--nothing really to update on him. His hands are still the least of his development concerns and thankfully he has come HUGE strides in overcoming his speech delay!!!!

I have so many of you to still catch up on, so I am off to read threads!!!


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It's great to see you over here. FB is not the same for updates. You can't get indepth over there. Glad the kids are doing well. I was wondering about how you ended up staying home. And more surgery? Considering my dad just had neck surgery I know you are not looking forward to it. Or are you? :bigarmhug: Check in more often.

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Hi Diane! It has been a while since hearing your news! Sorry you have upcoming surgery - I hope it will ultimately make things more comfortable for you! Always great to hear a wonderful report on the boys!

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Hi. I'm sorry about your surgery. You must be in a lot of pain. I'm glad the boys are doing well.

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It's good to hear from you! I hope that this next round of surgery helps get you out of pain!!

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Always glad to see you around Smile Sorry the accident has caused more issues for you Sad