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    Sorry to hear about your troubles... I second lurking on that thread on the large families board. That thread is mostly inactive now, but it has a bunch of good suggestions. I would suggest the full on elimination diet as well (becuase it sounds like more than fussiness), but keep in mind it may take up to 3-4 weeks to get everything out of your system and that means at least another 3-4 weeks of terrible screaming and no sleep and house being torn apart.

    Considering the change in the other mom’s baby and how immediate the difference was, I would consider trying a hypoallergenic formula for a couple days to see if it makes a difference (and pump to try to maintain your supply.

    The good news is that your baby seems to be gaining well.

    Sorry about everyone (especially DH’s) attitude. Some people can deal with a screaming baby better than others, and DH may feel that because baby prefers you that he can’t do anything to help. Maybe he needs someone to give him some pointers too so he can feel like he is part of the solution. Do you have a La Leche League or equivalent in Germany? Perhaps they could be of some assistance as well.
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    Thanks for all your replies.
    I have been under the weather due to either stomach bug or food posioning uh oh I just realized one kid is missing
    sorry about that. #2 was playing outside at the front of the house, husband came home, #2 followed him to the side of the house, husband walked through the house to the front, but did not have #2 with him. I got paranoid. Short story, he climbed into the window of our car and hid, was missing for ~10 minutes. everything ok
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    I know that others have given you lots of advice, and i am so sorry to say this but kind of relived at the same time, what you describe you are going through sounds so similar to what we have gone through although not quite as extreme.
    I also have the baby that never wanted to sleep unless she is on me, or at the breast. but sometimes i can get her in her crib for an hour or two.
    What i did was after weeks of torture I gave in and jsut let her sleep with me, i woudl side lay nurse. we both got sleep. and gas was a huge problem but every night i used Little tummy's gas relief drops, ingredent is Simethicone, you can give it up to 12 times a day as needed and you know I always had to burp her right after nursing every time.

    this may not help but it might be something as simple as a spice or food you eat that you don't realize.
    For me it was garlic, because we use it in almost all the dinners i prepare.
    Good luck , i hope things get better for you.


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