Important Dates!!!!

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Important Dates!!!!

14, 2004~Sharah's Birthday! {~JBJS~'s DD}
25~Zach's Birthday! {Southernmom's DS}

18, 1997~Steven's Birthday! {Savannah3275's DS}
23, 2000~Karissa's Birthday! {kariabi's DD}
24~Lauren's Birthday! {Lauren918}

3, 2003~[COLOR=black]Abigail Rose's Birthday! {kariabi's DD}[/COLOR]
7, 2006~Lucas' Birthday! {Lauren918's DS}
20, 2006~[COLOR=black]Zachary John's Birthday! {kariabi's DS}[/COLOR]

2~Andy's Birthday! {Lauren918's DH}
5, 2003~Missy and Steve's Anniversary! {scrapangel}
10~Jesse's Birthday! {~JBJS~'s DH}
17~Eli's Birthday! {LovePinkGotBlue's DS}
22~Skylar's Birthday! {sarahsunshine's DSS}
25, 2003~Owen's Birthday! {scrapangel's DS}
29, 1981~Ruby's Birthday! {snangel}
29, 2001~Ruby & Darren's Anniversary! {snangel}

3~Missy's Birthday! {scrapangel}
20, 2006~Jessica & Eric's Anniversary! {jereed}
24, 2003~Noah's Birthday! {Mom-n-More's DS}

2, 2001~ Natalie & Dan's Anniversary! {NatalieL}
2, 1985~Jessica's Birthday! {jereed}
5, 2008~Colleen's Birthday! {scrapangel's DD}
5~Brian's Birthday! {kariabi's DH}
17~Reed's Birthday {sarahsunshine's DS}
22~Jamie's Birthday! {connorsmums DS}
24, 2008~Noah's Birthday! {Savannah3275's DS}

7~Tricia's Birthday! {kariabi}
15, 1975~Debbie's Birthday! {Savannah3275}
23~Lauren & Andy's Anniversary! {Lauren918}
23, 2004~Zechariah's Birthday! {snangel's DS}
24, 2006~Martin's Birthday! {snangel's DS}

2, 1980~Eric's Birthday! {jereed's DH}
4~Diane's Birthday! {SparkleMomma}
12~Andy's Birthday! {Southernmom's DH}
19, 2008~Maggie's Birthday! {Lauren918's DD}
22, 2000~CAleb's Birthday! {snangel's DS}
26, 2002~Jess & Jesse's Anniversary! {~JBJS~}
29~Steve's Birthday! {scrapangel's DH}

4, 2000~Billy's Birthday! {~JBJS~'s DS}
8~Reed's Angel Wings Day {sarahsunshine's DS}
10, 2000~Devon's Birthday! {Savannah3275's DS}
12~Stephanie's Birthday! {SouthernMom}
18, 2002~Ethan's Birthday! {Lauren918's DS}
20~Dan's Birthday! {NatalieL's DH}
21, 2006~Isiah's Birthday! {Mom-n-More's DS}
23, 2005~[COLOR=black]Gwendolyn's Birthday! {scrapangels's DD}[/COLOR]

6, 2001~Mattie & Andrew's Anniversary! {Mom-n-More}
7, 1997~Kaitlyn's Birthday! {Savannah3275's DD}
11~Liam's Birthday! {SparkleMomma's DS}
12~Stephanie & Andy's Anniversary!
17~Hayden's Birthday! {jeered's DS}
19, 2007~Thomas Anthony's Birthday! {NatalieL's DS}
22~Mikey and Diane, Genetics
28, 1978~Brett's Birthday! {Savannah3275's SO}

5, 2004~[COLOR=black]Samantha May's Birthday! {NatalieL's DD}[/COLOR]
9~Jess's Birthday! {~JBJS~}
15~2 Years Mikey's Happy Hand Day!
20~Mikey, Urologist
21, 1998~Tricia & Brian's Anniversary! {kariabi}
21~Theo's Birthday! {Southernmom's DS}

4, 1974~Andrew's Birthday! {Mome-n-More's DH}
6, 2007~Cadenne Hope's Birthday! {kariabi's DD}
7~Natalie's Birthday! {NatalieL}
11, 1972~Mattie's Birthday! {Mom-N-More}
19~ Mikey's Birthday! {SparkleMomma's DS}
24 2005~ Kassandra Karen's Birthday
26, 1970~Darren's Birthday! {snangel's DH}
29 2005~ Kassandra Karen's Angel Day

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Lets see....where should I start? lol Jamie's upcoming appts are:

31st May: Allergy specialst dietician appt

5th June: Cardiac check-up (ecg & echo)

15th June: Regular dietician appt

4th August: Allergist appt

7th Aug: Paediatrician appt.

That's it for now (phew). I was hoping for less appts this year.....oh well!!

I'm sure Erin won't mind me saying, but it's Tetralogy of Fallot & Pulmonary Artresia

Thanks for this thread, it should be easier to keep up with everyone now!

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D'oh!! Forgot the most important one, lol!

22nd June: Jamie's 2nd Birthday!

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Kerry Jess or I will get all your info added ASAP & I was wondering if it was tetrology of Fallot, but Erin's posts called it tetrology of flow...

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Can someone please change Jamie's allergist appt from 4th to the 18th August. Thanks!

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This is the first year it looks like we'll only have two appts. at the children's hospital for Dylan. First time ever that we've had this little amount of appts. Would be so nice to not have to go up there... looks like only one week up there to cover 3 appts. two with Dylan (neurology and vision) and Brendon's re-evaluation at the autism research center.

Not sure the dates for Vision or the re-evaluation but we see Neurology on March 12th.

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Gotcha Mish! I think you can take that as def. a good thing to be down to your least amount of appt's!!
PKUP on his vision appt.

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Skyler's got a cardiology appt on April 4th. After that, we'll see what's next. We managed to fit his audiology and vision appointments on the same day about a month ago and had a great learning day.

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Hi. Eli has a surgery on Feb 27th for his undescended testicle and a hernia.

Eli's 1st birthday April 17th

Pre-op appointment for his palate surgery April 24

His palate surgery will be May 1.

1year check up May 7

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Hayden has an appointment w/ his surgeon on Feb. 27 and will most likely have another dilation surgery the 28th.