Met the speech therapist

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Met the speech therapist

I met Clara's new speech therapist this week, and I really like her! I'm so relieved, lol! We met one-on-one while Clara was at daycare, and then she met Clara the next day. She has a really calm vibe about her and brought Clara a bin of rice to play in -- it was love at first sight!

The majority of the work she wants to do revolves around making Clara more comfortable with noises that bother her and trying to engage her in "babble conversations." One of the areas that showed up as delayed was social interaction, like making eye contact or responding to voices, so those are the goals.

I'm just so happy she was nice and Clara liked her! I've been stressing! Yahoo

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That is awesome! Sometimes finding the right therapist is the hardest part.

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Yay! Glad you like her! Keep us updated on Clara's progress. We're rooting for her!

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I agree, a good therapists can make a big difference. So glad it was a positive experience!

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