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New here

Hi, my name is Chelsea, and my son Conner was born 6-10-10 at 35 weeks. He had a complicated birth resulting in an emergency c-section, and was in NICU for 10 days for septicemia. Then, at 4 weeks old, he had viral meningitis.
Conner has been diagnosed with hypotonic CP, dysphagia, and delays in fine/gross motor, speech, and self-help skills. He wears leg braces to walk and has glasses as well. He's doing amazingly, though!

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Welcome to the group. My name is Angela. I have two special kiddos. Dakota is mildly autistic. And Eli was born with multiple cardiac defects known as Shone's Syndrome, as well as Subclavian Steal Syndrome, and some neurological issues which at this point the drs are still trying to figure out what is going on. He's had lots of surgeries and a few complications. I have a couple of friends whose kids have CP. Both were actually just diagnosed.

Our board can be quite slow at times, but this is a great group of ladies who have helped me through some difficult times. And although it's not the board everyone dreams of joining we are glad you found us.

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I'm step-mom to a heart kid who has just had his 3rd open heart surgery last week, replacing two heart valves and a piece of his ascending aorta. His first two open heart surgeries were when he was less than 6 months old and I wasn't around.

Glad you found us, sorry you had to!

Although this board is slow and not many of us share the same medical issues, we all share similar worries and are a great resource. Welcome.

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Welcome to the board!

I'm Tanya, Mommy of 2 precious little girls - Alana (almost 7), and Madison (4). Alana has asthma, allergies, and was recently diagnosed as FTT and Crohn's Disease. She is scheduled for an EGD/Colonoscopy next month to confirm the Crohn's diagnosis. Madison was born with laryngomalacia which caused severe respiratory issues. She's doing really well now and is on her way to outgrowing these problems.

Can't wait to hear more about your little guy!

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Thanks :)

Thank you for the welcome Smile

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Hi! I'm Elizabeth. Mom to Joshua who just turned 3 and has a chromosomal disorder and is globally delayed.

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Welcome. I'm glad you found us. My name is Deb, and I have 5 kids. Isaiah, my middle child, is 7. He has a movement disorder called Dopa-Responsive Dystonia.

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Thanks Smile I have a friend with dystonia, I'm not sure which type though.

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Hi! I am Diane and used to host this board when I was more active online. My oldest son is 11 and has ADHD, although he seems to be greatly stabilizing. My youngest will be 8 on Monday and was born without fingers (only has a complete right thumb) & some other BD that were corrected with surgery when he was younger.

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:wavehello: Welcome! I'm Lisa and have 2 kids aged 4 and 2. My 4 yo DD was born without ureter valves and has resulting vesicoureteral reflux. She's had 2 surgeries thus far and hopefully won't need anymore! We believe (though we don't have the diagnosis yet) that DS had a weak or insufficient lower esophageal sphincter, which causes regurgitation and reflux. DH has the same thing.

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Welcome! I'm Natalie. My youngest was born with a cleft lip. He had surgery right before he was 4 months old.