newborn screenings and fatty oxidation disorder

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newborn screenings and fatty oxidation disorder

I posted on my September 2011 board as well.

I had my son on Monday. I got a call from the oncall ped who was at the hospital checking on Daniel. I was notified that there is an abnormal result on his screening that needs further testing. I am sick to my stomach right now with worry. The abnormal result was under a metabolic disorder (fatty oxidation disorder) I have researched this condition online and am devastated that my perfect little baby boy could be sick.

I am praying for a false positive. Thanks for "listening"

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I'm so sorry for the news you got. :bigarmhug: However, in light of that news I'm glad you came here. This group of ladies is amazing. They have helped me through some horrible times. Although everyone's kiddos may have different medical needs and have different experiences in them, we all share a common bond.

I'm Angela and I have 2 special kiddos. My son Dakota is high-functioning autistic and my son Eli was born with Congenital Heart Defects. Welcome to the board.

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Glad to meet you. Congratulations on your baby boy. I hope the results are false positive. Please keep us posted.

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Is your son still at the hospital? If so, I hope he is able to come home soon!

Try not to get too worried until you have more information. Easier said than done, I know. I'll be thinking about you and your precious baby so please keep us posted!!

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We are here for you, this is an amazing group.
I have 2 sons with birth defects so I know that OMG feeling.

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Thanks ladies for the warm welcome.

Daniel and I came home on Wednesday. I took him back to the hospital to have repeat newborn screening to rule out and false positives. I'll know more info at his 2 week check up on Friday. Praying he doesn't have this rare genetic condition but know it is all in God's hands and not mine.

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(((hugs))) and prayers for you!!! This isn't a fun group to have to join, but it's a bunch of wonderful women!!!