Pics of Alana

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Pics of Alana

I know that some of you voted for the girls' dance team a few weeks ago and I really appreciate that. I thought I'd share some pics of Alana doing her solo at the last competition. Click on the link and scroll down to #725 - Lullaby. She did really well and won 8th place overall out of 42 solos. She's been doing wonderful health-wise and I took her off of all medicine except the reflux med. So far so good. If her lung function tests look good on Wednesday I will hold off on starting the asthma medication. I just can't believe how great she feels and how active she has been. I feel like I have my little girl back!

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I love that she smiles while she performs!

To what do you attribute her improved health? I'm so glad for you and Alana!

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I'm really not sure why she's doing as well as she is, I'm just thankful for it. I'm sure the doctor is going to give me a hard time about taking her off her meds without asking him first, but out of sheer desperation I felt it was something I had to try. It's definitely possible that she does indeed have Crohn's and experienced a flare up and I haven't ruled that out in my mind either. She has always been such a mystery. But tomorrow is her Pulmo appointment where she'll have lung function tests and allergy testing so we may get some answers then.

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She's really good!! I'm glad she's feeling so much better. Smile

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So glad she is feeling better.