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Pregnant and TTC List

I thought maybe it was time to make a thread for our TTC and Pregnant mommies. It doesnt matter if you are due tomorrow or next year. TTC now or TOC.
If i missed your info or got the wrong info PLEASE post and let me know. If you want me to add anything PLEASE let me know. If you have any blinkies PLEASE let me know.





Jess {~JBJS~}

Waiting to Adopt
Meira {Meira}
Waiting to Adopt a Special Needs baby or toddler


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* If anyone finds or has any other blinkies please post them and i will add. Or if i can add or change your stats please let us know. *

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Because we didn't have enough blinkies, here are more!

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Ok I think i got it all now. If i missed you or got something wrong, please let me know!

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Come on Girls!!! Let's update this, cause well, we have TONS of PG moms now!!!

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Just thought this would be a good place to announce my 5th pregnancy! I'm due sometime in Feb 2010. Still awaiting my beta test results. The 1st one was wed, then they refused to do another one tomorrow, so the 2nd one is on Monday. They won't see me this time untill 10w apparently I'm not high risk anymore since Karsen was born healthy. They won't even give me a 6-8w u/s. I'm beyond frustrated at this point.

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Oh, I am due on Christmas Day of '09. Check my BB space since I update it all the time.

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I'm due 6/1/10.. just got my BFP. Not announcing it to the world yet, but happy Smile

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Another new baby, due in mid-June 2010 Yahoo


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WOOHOO Janel!!

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Me again...12/8/10

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dont know how often this is updated but im due again 10/21/10

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I am due with a little boy "Kesler" due october 4 th 2011 Yahoo