Sam's Eye Surgery

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Sam's Eye Surgery

For those of you not friends with me on facebook - I thought I'd update here as well.

Sam had her "corrective" surgery on both eyes last Thursday. She went in around 9ish and they were on their way home between 11-11:30. (she was scheduled for 6:30 however).

No patches for her, all we do is try and keep her from rubbing her eyes and putting in ointment/drops for a week and so far it looks good. She had her follow up this monday and DH said the Dr. if he was a bird would be preening.

I've definitely noticed differences in her since she's been home. She rolls all over the floor. She tried to get up on all fours the other night. She's grabbing at things much better, instead of trial and error. She'll "stand" with help a lot longer than she had been. She props herself up on her tummy with her head upright for a lot longer. Last night she was trying to "sit up" to a sitting position and I helped her up and she actual sat longer than I've ever seen her do before.

So I'm quite pleased about the changes I'm seeing.

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That is awesome she is having so much improvement already. :woohoo: Go Sam!!!!

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Isn't it amazing how much we take vision for granted and how much children rely on it to do the things that children do? I'm so glad she's improved so much. That's fantastic!

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Congrats on it going so well.

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what an awesome update!!! I haven't seen much from you - maybe facebook thinks I should read someone else now Lol but I'm glad that she's had so many improvements!!!