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Seeking ADHD info (xpost with Anything board)


My 6 year old daughter was recently diagnosed ADHD; we go for a neurologist exam on Feb. 26. In the mean time, I'm looking for information on good resources, online or print, tips, advice, etc. We live in Illinois if that makes a difference at all. Trying to educate myself so that I can be a positive advocate for her. We are fortunate this year that her kindergarten teacher has an adult son who is also ADHD, so she is well educated and prepared to assist in the classroom this year. But, I want to be sure we set her up for success moving forward as well.


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I don't have any info, but that is great that her teacher is experienced with having a ADHD child herself (even if he's an adult). Did she have any resources for you? Hopefully someone on here has some more resources. It's good to get a handle on it. Eventually you'll find things that work and things that don't so it's a bit easier to manage or know when she is going to struggle more so you can be prepared for those moments.

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I haven't much experience with this, but have been talking to LD people for our city for my SS (13yo). I'm sure you are doing this already, but of primary importance are to make sure your DD eats well, gets enough sleep, and enough exercise. Another thing people have mentioned to me is to try to eliminate sugar and white flour from her diet. Many have had a huge success with this.

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Thanks! she is a horrible sleeper - always has been! She is quite active -- we have her in gymnastics, tennis and swimming Smile
She is a great eater - so I'm less concerned with poor diet - but I will definately look into elminating potential trigger foods.

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Has she ever had a sleep study done? Sleeping disorders often present as ADHD or behavioral disorders.