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Not exactly enjoying my 3-day weekend because we're all sick! I started catching a cold Friday night and it was downhill from there. I always get sick this time of year when I go back to work and get exposed to all the lovely little kiddie germs. Hubby started feeling bad Saturday night and had to come home from the Gator game with a fever. Alana woke up yesterday morning sick and of course her asthma makes it so much worse than a cold should be. She can't stop coughing and her peak flow numbers are at about 70% of what they should be. At 60% we are to take her to Urgent Care so hopefully the Albuterol will start making a difference soon!

Madi is now the healthiest one in the bunch! lol She's doing fine now, just needs to use her inhaler before activity.

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Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that everyone is under the weather! That is no fun at all. My husband is a teacher and I run a homeless program in the same school district and we get exposed to those germs all of the time. I hope everyone feels better real soon!

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I hope you all heal quickly!

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My cold is almost gone and hubby and Madi are fine now. Amazing how quickly she turned around after starting on her medicine again. Alana is up and down, up and down. She's fine one minute and coughing non-stop the next. The joys of asthma....

Got really annoyed at her school nurse yesterday but she made a lengthy apology on my voicemail so I suppose I'll let it go. I usually leave my phone out at work in case I get a call about the kids (because with asthma you never know) but yesterday I turned the ringer off because I had tons of county people in and out of my room. At 2:30, when the kids went home, I checked my phone and had a vociemail from Alana's school nurse. She said, "Alana is in the clinic and she is coughing really bad and says her throat hurts. Her temp is 99.8 and she looks really bad. Is there any way you could come and pick her up?" I panic a bit and call the nurse back. She tells me Alana went back to class because she didn't want to miss Fun Friday and that there was no point in me coming now because school was almost over. I start to ask her if she gave her her inhaler but she tells me to "have a good day" and hangs up! I call her teacher (who was kind enough to give us her cell #) and she said that she sent Alana to the clinic because she looked and acted very ill, not because Alana asked to go. Alana could be on her death bed but wouldn't want to miss school! She asked Alana if the nurse gave her her inhaler and Alana said no. I was furious and had her send Alana back down to the clinic for the inhaler. The teacher texted me about 20 minutes later and said Alana looked much better and she wasn't coughing as bad. I was on my way out of work and into that clinic when I got the nurse's voicemail and her lengthy apology. Guess she knew she screwed up and luckily Alana didn't get too ill before the inhaler was given. Sorry for the vent but I feel slightly better now! lol

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Please do vent away! Because I so get your frustrations of getting the rescue inhaler shot super quick. It seems there's a very small window with Liam where if I don't get the nebulizer going just in time things go quickly downhill. Stuttered talking, quicker short breaths...and then fever, strep, bronchitis, massive clogging in his sinuses leading to ear infections. It is so frustrating to have to worry about acting so fast BEFORE the breathing troubles morph into something else.