surgery December 20

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surgery December 20

Isaiah's ENT did a scope in the OR and said that Isaiah's tongue base is large. He recommended reducing it in order to improve breathing and swallowing. He does not know whether or how much it will help. But if it does help, it will bring us one step closer to being able to get the trach removed and maybe being able to eat again. I'm pretty nervous about it. He says Isaiah will be in significant pain for about 2 weeks. He compared the surgery to a tonsillectomy. He will be doing the surgery with a robot. Isaiah had a little trouble with the recovery from anesthesia after the scope, so I imagine it will be worse with him experiencing trauma like that. We will be meeting with the neurologist before the surgery to get a plan in place just in case of complications.

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Huge (((Heart Hugs))). You will be in my prayers.

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Oh my! Stay strong. :comfort:
I hope this is the big step forward he needs!

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Oh man. I hope that this helps and he bounces back quickly. (((hugs)))