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Thread: Update on Alana

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    Well we want to come. Too bad I can wiggle my nose and just be there. That would be fun. I'll be praying the cough doesn't come back.

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    I wish you could have come Angela! The kids would have loved it! We were outside all day yesterday so today we were pretty whipped from the sun. The girls and I went out to see the Blue Angels' last performance but that was it for today. Now it is all over until next year....bummer. Hopefully the weather will be better next year!

    Alana's cough is back, started this morning. Her nose is really congested too. I'm not sure if it is the virus coming back or allergies from being outdoors Saturday. Her peak flow readings are still really high so that's good news. We haven't used her rescue inhaler yet, just the saline rinse for her nose. We'll see what tomorrow brings....

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