Yet Again :(

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Yet Again :(

Alana has been in bed the past 2 days with a headache/stomach pains. It has been awhile since she's felt this way and I almost forgot how pitiful she can be. It keeps her up in the night and she didn't even want to go to church this morning (a sure sign that she isn't feeling well!). Fortunately, she is still eating fairly well and the diarrhea is manageable.

I had to obtain her GI records in order to appeal the insurance company for her Prometheus Lab (that tested for Crohn's). It was a very strange feeling to read in big bold print at the top of the lab report: PATTERN CONSISTENT WITH IBD: CROHN'S DISEASE. All of her inflammation markers were in the normal range but were either 1/10th or 1/100th of a point away from being abnormal except one. She was feeling fine on the day of the test so I wonder how it would have turned out if she'd been ill. I hate that this stupid disease is so difficult to diagnose, and according to her doctor people often have symptoms/tests for 10 years or more before something is found. I also hate fighting the insurance company to get them to pay for much needed labs/procedures!

As always, thank you for letting me vent Smile It stresses me out when she doesn't feel well and it affects the entire family. But tomorrow is a new day!

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~Hugs~ Sorry to hear she isn't feeling well.

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Well....Alana is still the same so I bought some Children's Pepto to see if that helps any. Never used it before and I suppose it is only meant for short term use. But hopefully it gives her some relief and she can enjoy the rest of the Summer. I hate that she doesn't have the energy to dance because that is what she loves to do. If this is still going on next week I suppose hubby and I will have to discuss what to do next. I'm praying it passes before then and we can go on and pretend nothing is wrong.