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Thread: ***Kristen's (Ourfirstblessings) Birth Lodge!***

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    Default ***Kristen's (Ourfirstblessings) Birth Lodge!***

    I thought it was a good idea to celebrate your milestone today by starting your lodge a little early!

    Congrats again on your milestone and welcome to the homestretch! Lets hope baby bakes long enough so we can enjoy your lodge a little bit
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    Welcome to your lodge!!! Congrats again on making it this far!!! Bake baby, bake!
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    Welcome to your lodge! I can't wait to learn more about you and hear about your final few weeks!
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    Welcome to your lodge!!! Congrats on making it this far, and here is to at least a few more weeks!
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    Welcome to your lodge! Congrats.
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    Welcome to your lodge!!

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    Welcome, I look forward to following at least a couple weeks of this pregnancy!! Bake baby bake

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    welcome to your lodge!
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    Default intro...

    ok, first I think I'm going to cry I'm so surprised to see this here! I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such a supportive group of woman!

    Our Story
    I'm Kristen (25) married to Jason (33) for 5 1/2 years now. We met when I was just 18 and on my way to my freshman year of college. He had just started working with my cousins dh at a very small police dept. I went for a weekend (it was a few hours from where I was going to school) and met Jason, I found him to be very attractive however, didn't think much of it since he was 8 years older than me! The year went fast and on my way home I stayed a week at my cousins visiting before returning to my summer job. During that week Jason always ended up at my cousins for dinner (hmmmm...sneaky) we spent hours talking and 2 nights in a row stayed up all night talking about life etc. I felt like a little girl (maybe in some ways I was) but I adored him. I stopped by his house on the way out of town and we shared our first kiss. I spent the summer at home working (3.5hrs away) but we decided we would 'date'. we talked everyday (yay for free nights cell phone plans lol) and it was about a month into the summer that I knew i truly loved him and I would marry him. He invited to me go with his family on a house boating trip, I was nervous b/c this would be the first time to meet any of his family and if they disliked me I was stuck on a houseboat for 6 days with them!!! Well it all worked out fine and I loved his family. His sister and I hit it off immediately and had a great time (even though she thought I was too young for Jason and that he should be dating me lol). I know I'm leaving a lot out but we fell deeply in love over the summer visiting each other when our weekends matched up and I made the decision to move to his town and continue school at a community college. We were engaged in Sept. 02' and married in Mar. 03'. It seems like it went so fast but I really knew he was for me and we have had a wonderful marriage. I continued my education and played college softball (oh so fun). We knew we wanted kids but I also needed to finish school. We made the decision to move to my home town where I would continue at a 4 year school and he could work for a bigger dept. with a pay increase. I graduated in 2005 and that's where our next journey came

    I had been on depo since just prior to us getting married. My sister had been on it and looooved that she did not have her period. Honestly it sounded great to me. I travelled a lot for sports and it was just nice not having to deal with that. I had heard that it can take a while to get preg. after being on it but really thought I was young and it would be no big deal. I had my last shot in April 05' with the expectation that it would 'wear off' the beg. of July 05 and we would officially be ttc. I found a new doc. close to home who worked out of a hosp. that had amazing reviews. Cycles came and went and I didn't know much about charting and was never really interested in temping etc. I just watched my body and kept track of my cycles. It was frustrating at first b/c I would be regular for a few months, then be late, then reg. etc. The year came and went with no baby and I was pretty sad. I discussed this with the doc. and she believed my body was adjusting to being off depo and it would take time. However, if we were still not preg. by feb. 07 we would discuss 'options'. November 06 came and I was late, and I didn't think much of it b/c I had been late before. Well we all know what happens in nov/dec. the holiday time got super busy and I totally ignored the fact that I never had my cycle in nov. We went for Christmas (early 15th ish) to J's families and I packed a whole box of tampons b/c I just kept expecting my cycle...well we were on the way home and just days away from my sister's big new years eve party and i thought hmmmm...I should take a test. Dh was at work (we had tested together once before and it was hard to see him disappointed so I thought I would keep it to myself b/c I really didn't think I was preggo). I took the test and occupied my mind for 3 minutes. I walked to the bathroom expecting a neg. and to spend some time crying. I was SHOCKED when there were two beautiful pink lines. I had to go get our dogs from the boarding facility so I called dh and told him he should come home and say 'hi' to our dogs since we'd been gone awhile. Well he got home and I handed him a test, my hand absolutely shaking and I just smiled. We cried together a lot and then called EVERYBODY. His parents first, I could not talk I was crying and just so happy. So 16ish months after starting ttc we were expecting our first lo.

    I'll save ds's pregnancy/arrival for another post but I had a good friend who was all for natural birth and this spiked my interest and I knew that I wanted to go natural and dh was on board. Our doc. answered every question the way I hoped at our first appt. and we had a very supportive hosp. birth center to deliver at, but like I said that story will be another day.

    When ds was a 3 months old we had to stop bfing (another lengthy story) and I knew my mini pill wasn't/wouldn't work if I wasn't bfing too. So well we started secretly ttc our 2nd I was very afraid it would take a long time but was optimistic. My cycles returned to normal and I was a week late for my feb. cycle and *knew* I was preggo. I took a test and it was neg. and I was sad. Another week went by with nothing and my gf wanted me to go wine tasting for her wedding so I called my nurse and asked for a blood test which they did w/o hesitation. It was neg. and again I was pretty sad. So I went and drank some wine LOL. I became very frustrated b/c I just didn't understand why my body would skip a cycle for no reason that I could find. March came and by our Anniversary (the 22nd) I still had not had my cycle so I thought I should test (it would be a fun day to find out) I used the digital test b/c I didn't want my mind to see anything that wasn't there. It came out preg. rather quickly and I was super excited. We wrapped it up and told dh it was from Connor, he guessed what it was before he opened it. We again called our family and were super excited. I went to the doc and she wanted to do and u/s b/c I technically had not had a cycle since Jan 16th and she wanted to make sure of our dates. I was 7wks and a few days preggo putting my edd at Nov 17th!

    With Connor I really wanted a surprise and promised dh that our next baby would be completely his choice. He wanted to find out so at our u/s we found out that Connor would have a brother. This was no surprise to me b/c I honestly believed that I was having another boy so the u/s confirmed to me what I already knew. Preg. is not the easiest thing for me. I have been *lucky* (lol) to vomit the whole time if I don't take meds and well I just generally feel like crap. I really try to not complain after my experience with Connor being early so I'm giving your girls permission to slap me if I start whining about being hugely pregnant.

    Ok that's all for now, if you've read my novel thanks if not well that's okay too! more to come...
    <3 Dh Jason 3/22/03
    ~Connor~ 7/26/07
    ~Isaac~ 11/20/08
    ~Colin~ 2/8/12
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    I loved reading your intro!! Welcome to your lodge!!
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