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    Default *~*~* Sarah's (Shummel) Birth Lodge *~*~*

    Welcome to your lodge!
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    Welcome to your lodge!
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    Yay! I'm so excited that it's finally time for my lodge! And how cool there are so many Feb mom's on here - love being able to follow all the pregnancies this way!! I'll attach my "Feb Space" which I've kept updated - it has lots of pics and milestones and appts and stuff. Then I'll tell you my birth story with DS next!

    About Us
    My name is Sarah. Dave and I were married in 2000. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2001 and we went through two years of fighting harder than we ever thought we could. In 2003 I was declared in remission! Dr gave the ok to TTC #1 in 2004. I joined the TTC #1 board on pg.org that June and got my BFP in November of that same year. Some of us started the TTC #1 Grad Board and I co-moderated it for about 2 years. A few months after DS was born, my brother was killed in Iraq. We moved to another state to help raise my niece and nephew for a few years and finally got back on our own for a little over a year. Decided we'd better start TTC again if we wanted to have another kid! It took us about 3 months to get this BFP. We are so excited and would love to have a little girl this time since we are done after this one. But two boys would be so much fun too!

    BFP Pic

    Sharing the News
    5 days before AF was due I just felt the urge to test. I had a test under my sink and I woke up really early and could not go back to sleep. I finally did go back to sleep and decided to not test that day, I would wait a few more days. When I woke up I was thinking about that test again. I finally said to myself I could just take the test, get the BFN, and then just buy another test in a couple of days. When it popped up "Pregnant" I was in shock! I knew I could be pg but I never expected it to show up so early! I left the test on the counter to get DH. I told him to go in the bathroom because he needed to see something. He had no idea what I was talking about because he knew it was too soon to test. He walked in there and just started laughing! He was so happy and shocked! First thing he wanted to do was tell DS
    We called our parents first and then siblings. We told a couple of really close friends that day. Mostly we waited until after our first appt to tell anyone else. Some people closer to me guessed because I was so sick - it was hard to hide from people who really knew me - and I didn't want to lie! After our first appt and u/s at 8 weeks, we posted it on facebook.

    Ultra Sound Pictures

    8 weeks 5 days

    18 weeks

    Finding out the sex
    We made an appt at a 3D u/s place about a month in advance. At 18 weeks I went in with DH, DS, my mom, my sister, her husband, my MIL, and my SIL! The place was really nice and it was a huge room where everyone could see on the really big screen. She started showing us the baby's face and how she was moving around but DS was getting impatient right away - he said "is it a girl??". The u/s tech laughed and said, "ok someone's getting impatient - we'll cut right to the chase!". She was really quiet and was moving the wand all around and being really careful. I couldn't tell what she was seeing honestly! Finally she said, "ok, are you ready to know?" She froze the screen and put in an arrow and started typing GIRL! The whole room erupted with screams! Everyone in both of our families wanted us to have a girl. While everyone's screaming, I just looked at her calmly and said "seriously?". I just couldn't believe it! I was so sure that she was going to say it was a boy. I wanted a girl so badly that I wouldn't let myself believe that it could actually happen! The u/s lasted a full half hour and I had her check that baby from every single angle before we left. She finally said, "I'm positive it is a girl - I'm not wrong - it is definitely a girl!" So I was satisfied and completely over the moon to know that I'm having the baby girl I always wanted. As soon as we got back in the car, DS says to me, "You were wrong mommy - I told you it was a girl" He was right! LOL! xoxo


    1st Date of last AF: May 12, 2010
    BFP: June 4 (and again June 7 )
    5 weeks - m/s starts
    8 weeks 5 days - first appt and u/s - heartbeat 177bpm - Zofran Rx
    11 weeks - m/s subsides quite a bit - I have more energy!
    12 weeks 5 days - 2nd appt - heartbeat high 150/low 160s
    15 weeks - daily headaches - 1/2 cup of coffee seems to do the trick
    16 weeks - stopped waitressing!! woo hoo!!
    17 weeks - 3rd appt - heartbeat 155 - felt baby for the first time
    17.5 weeks - BH start every day - and feeling daily movement!
    18 weeks - paid for a 3D u/s - IT'S A GIRL!!!!! heartbeat 141
    20 weeks - 4th appt - hb 133, baby 10 oz. all measurements perfect - cervix looks good
    22 weeks - daily headaches stopped suddenly - thank God!
    23 weeks - feeling really uncomfortable - BH really picking up
    24 weeks - 5th appt - hb 145 - cervix still good - baby is super low adding to discomfort - start new diet due to rapid weight gain
    25 weeks - starting to feel better on new diet - more veggies, less carbs. Feeling more energy and less uncomfortable. Walking everyday on the treadmill.
    27 weeks - birth classes start!
    28 weeks - starting to feel very tired again - trying to limit myself and rest more.
    29 weeks - 6th appt - baby head down - hb 140 - iron low, started supplements. Passed GD test.
    31 weeks - 7th appt - baby head down - hb 140 - measured 31 weeks perfectly. DS came to this appt!
    32 weeks - so tired - doing my best to keep iron levels up - baby is so low it's getting uncomfortable.
    34 weeks - 8th appt - baby head down and super low still - cervix closed - hb 146
    34 weeks 2 days - Stronger contrax with definite peaks starting daily
    35.5 weeks - lot's more regular contrax - stronger & longer
    36 weeks - 9th appt - baby engaged at 0 station, 1 cm dilated. Bedrest ordered for one week to keep baby in.
    37 weeks - made it!! 10th appt - tested positive for GBS 1-2 cm dilated, 50% effaced, baby went back up to -3. hb 145
    37 weeks - heartburn making it harder to sleep
    37w 5d - spent night at midwifery center - baby at -1, only 2 cm dilated 50% effaced - sent home to rest. waiting for something to happen...
    38 weeks - 11th appt - everything looks the same. Zantac recommended for heartburn. It works! Sleeping much better.
    39 weeks - 12th appt - 2 cm dilated, still thick cervix. hb mid 150's. baby still low.

    Belly Pictures

    5 weeks

    10 weeks

    13 weeks

    15 weeks

    17 weeks

    22 weeks

    23 weeks

    26 weeks

    28 weeks

    32 weeks

    34 weeks 4 days

    37 weeks

    39 weeks


    1st appt: July 12 (almost 9 weeks)
    2nd appt: August 9 (almost 13 weeks)
    3rd appt: September 8 (17 weeks)
    4th appt: BIG u/s September 28 (20 weeks)
    5th appt: October 29 (24 w 2 d)
    6th appt: Nov 30 (almost 29 weeks) - passed glucose test!
    7th appt: Dec 15 (31 weeks)
    8th appt: Jan 3 (almost 34 weeks)
    9th appt: Jan 19 (36 weeks)
    10th appt: Jan 26 (37 weeks - full term!)
    11th appt: Feb 1 (38 weeks)
    12th appt: Feb 9 (39 weeks)
    next appt: Feb 17 (one day past due date - 40 weeks 1 day)

    almost 4 weeks: 107 lb
    almost 9 weeks: 108 lb
    almost 13 weeks: 111 lb
    17 weeks: 115 lb
    20 weeks: 121 lb
    24 w 2 d: 130 lb
    29 weeks: 134 lb
    31 weeks: 137 lb
    almost 34 weeks: 143 lb
    36 weeks: 143 lb (yay!)
    37 weeks: 147 lb
    38 weeks: 148 lb
    39 weeks: 147.5 lb
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    Sarah and Dave, married April 8, 2000
    DS David Anthony July 14, 2005
    DD Teresa Joy "Rese" February 11, 2011

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    Congrats, and welcome to your lodge! I enjoyed your story... and all the pics, you look great!
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    Wow, you are super organized! I wish I would have kept all my stats/info so nice and neat.
    And I just love your belly pics -you have such a cute bump! Oh neat, we have the same starting weight and pretty darn close to same current weight!
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    DS July 4th, 09 -My Firecracker
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    Birth of David Anthony, July 14, 2005 7:14pm - 6lb 8oz - born at 38 weeks 5 days.

    No birthing classes - was going to *try* to go natural...

    I woke up at 3am with contractions I couldn't sleep through. I started walking around the house pacing trying to keep things going - I was so done and ready to have this baby come. I called my mom to waste the time (I was in Los Angeles and she was on the East Coast - her flight out wasn't for another 3 or 4 days). She freaked out that I couldn't sleep through the contrax and begged me to start timing them and to wake up my DH. I got off the phone and started timing the contrax on the computer in our bedroom. They were 3 min apart. I felt bad to wake DH up because he had been throwing up all night He woke up on his own with me in the room on the computer and asked what I was doing. I told him and he immediately jumped out of bed, puked, and then took a shower. I called my friend who was training to be a doula and she came over - we jumped immediately in the car.

    The contrax weren't stronger than I could handle but we just went in because the contrax were timing right - ya know? Anyway, I get to the hosp - they check me and I'm about 2 cm dialated. They monitored me for a little while and checked me in. Said I was def in labor but if I wanted the least amount of medical interference that I should go home and come back once things really picked up or if my water broke. We decided to go home for a while and let DH sleep some more - he was soooo tired and sick. I assume we're in for a long day at home so as soon as we get back home, Dave goes back to bed, my doula turns on the tv and I start bouncing on my birthing ball. Immediately my water pops and gushes everywhere! I run to the bathroom and call to DH - we gotta go back - sorry He jumps up, pukes again, and gets us all back in the car!

    Back at the hosp - about an hour after we had just left - they check me and I think I was at 4cm. They keep me there because of the ruptured membranes. I labored at the hospital from about 10am to about 5pm naturally. I got in different positions and took lots of warm showers. I was having terrible back labor - my water had broken and DS was posterior! They let me walk about freely and were sensitive not to ask me if I wanted any pain killers.

    At about 4p or 5p I hit transition. I was in so much pain and had no training on what to do. I decided to get in the bed and lay on my back! Huge mistake. Contrax were so strong and I was FIGHTING every single one of them. DH noticed I was pushing because I was pooping the bed. He called the nurse who got really serious with me. She checked me and I was only 8cm - she said I could not push it could be dangerous to the baby and my body. I needed to stop. I tried but I couldn't - I just felt out of control. No one ever told me to try relaxing - they just tried to get me to breathe differently. Wasn't working. DH looked at me and said - "you're getting and epidural right now!" He was really worried about me and I didn't know what to do. It took about an hour to get the epi approved and ready to administer because of my cancer history they had to do a bunch of blood tests first.

    The epi guy came in and had me sit up and relax - "I'm about to put a needle in your spine I need you to hold perfectly still even if you're having a contrax". Immediately I felt so much relief just from relaxing my body!! I remember thinking that I could have just done that the whole time and not gotten the epi! It was like 100x better and the next contrax I barely even felt. Anyway - I wasn't stopping the epi at that point so I got a dose and was laid back on my back in bed.

    At about 6:30p (about an hour after the epi) they checked me and told me I was 10 cm and I could push. I never felt an urge to push and never felt what I was doing but pushed pretty well - only about 45 min and our baby boy was here! He was pretty blue when he came out and they had a hard time getting him to breathe on his own at first. They grabbed my gown by the neck and yanked it off me (it was attached with snaps) and dumped David on my bare chest and rubbed him into my chest with a warm blanket for a few minutes. I was just starring forward and feeling crazy! I didn't know what was happening or what was going to happen and I didn't want to do anything wrong. They immediately wisked him from the room and didn't bring him back for over 2 hours. DH went with him the whole time and I was left - but I had a huge group of girlfriends there with me.

    It took me 2 days to bond with David. I did not want to hold him or look at him pretty much at all. I can't describe why I felt that way except for I just felt really freaked out that something could happen to him - he could stop breathing again - and I would be too heartbroken to handle it. I cried for those 2 days just feeling like a terrible person for not wanting to hold my son DH was really worried about me and wasn't sure what was going to happen.

    On the second night I was praying and God just ministered to me. He said He had created this child and created me to be his mother, that He created all his organs and his ability to sustain life and I should trust him. I was so overcome with peace that I could do this. I could be his mom, I could take care of him, and God was going to protect him - all his systems were going to work and he would be ok. I went to the nursery and asked them to bring him to my room. I kept him with me until it was time to leave the next day and have been attached ever since

    Things I'll do differently this time:

    Stay at home longer in labor
    Relax my body and stay in control of relaxing
    Have a mw and birth in a birthing center
    NOT get an epi. I blame the epi for David not breathing well and for my difficulty bonding in the beginning - NOT WORTH IT.
    Keep my baby with me at all times after birth - except when medically necessary to take her to the nursery.
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    Sarah and Dave, married April 8, 2000
    DS David Anthony July 14, 2005
    DD Teresa Joy "Rese" February 11, 2011

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    Congrats on your lodge! I loved reading your stories! TFS!
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    Oh my goodness! Your belly pics are beautiful and I was in tears reading your birth story! Thank you so much for sharing!
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    Welcome to your lodge! Your post on the Feb. board sounds like you might see some action soon, can't wait!!
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