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    Default *~*~*Jordan's Lodge (JorgieGirl)*~*~*

    Welcome to your lodge! I know it's a day early but we're going away and I wanted the honour of starting another of your lodges. WELCOME!!

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    Welcome to your lodge, Jordan!
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    Yay! Welcome to your lodge!

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    Yay! Another Moonbeam lodge!!! Welcome Jordan! I so look forward to your story!!!
    Mara & Joel, 2009

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    Welcome to your lodge. Wow May is creeping up.

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    Welcome to your lodge!
    -Jenn -
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    Can you believe it? Enjoy these last few beautiful and fleeting weeks of your pregnancy Jordan! I can't wait to see who you have in there.

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    Yay! Another lodge!

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    YAY!! I wasn't expecting to see this just yet! YAY!!!! I can't believe I have another lodge!!! I love reading through my old lodge with Violet. I have it printed off in her baby box, even.

    K, so here's a short intro for y'all!!

    Married DH, Greg, nearly 4 years ago. We've been together 10 years this year though, just out of highschool. Our DD, Violet, was born April 2008. After a somewhat painful pregnancy (costochondritis, hiatus hernia inducing heartburn like hellfire, breaking a toe, needing stitches in my thumb after slicing it with broken glass, planter erythema, etc.) I had an absolute DREAM birth. She came at 39+3, early in the morning. My water broke and after 4 hours I was holding my baby daughter. She was born at home in a pool set up by the patio doors. The sun streamed in through the blinds while DH caught our baby and pulled her up to the air and handed her to me. It was magical.

    Link to her birth story.

    Link to her birth story as told by a series of photos.

    This pregnancy has been damn near identical to hers. The only difference is that my ms was way worse this time. I was on Diclectin for the first 15 weeks. It saved my sanity. Since then, this baby has been so similar. He/she loves the same position (ROA), my belly is shaped the same, I'm measuring at the same rate (always a week behind), same fetal heartrate etc. We didn't find out the sex of this babe at our 20w scan, so it will be interesting to see if it's a boy or Violet's identical twin born 2 years later. lol.

    We're planning another homebirth. All is set up to go in our dining room. We've got a La Bassine birth tub to set up next week. My birth kit is all ready to go and my nesting is dwindling as I finish tasks.

    I am suffering with the costochondritis yet again, so it makes me relieved to know I'm near the end. I can't wait to meet this baby. I'm not opposed to going the 2 weeks past my EDD, but I must say, I do hope this LO comes in a timely manner, like his/her older sister. Not to mention, my EDD is also my mom's wedding date. So, that will be fun to either be DUE or holding a newborn. Can't wait to know for sure!!

    Thanks for the welcomes!!

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    YAY!!! Your lodge!!! WOOT! Aww, i just re-read Violet's birth and balled through the whole thing! <3
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