*~*~*~Gingersnap Arrivals and Birth Stories~*~*~*

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*~*~*~Gingersnap Arrivals and Birth Stories~*~*~*

Finally that time where our LOs start to become Earth side!!

Marshall Reid Wyatt
11/15 @?
5lb 4oz, 18in

Troy Robert
11/17 @ 10:39am
9lbs. 10oz., 20in.

Nixon John Timothy
11/20 @ 2:24pm
6 lbs 13 oz 18 in

Lana Kay
11/22 @ 8:21am.
6 pounds, 2 ounces and 19.25in

Sophia Ann
11/25 @ 11:04.
7lbs 11oz and 21in

Silas James
11/25 @ ?
7 lbs 6oz, 19 3/4 in.

Camille Lorraine
11/26 @4:17am
7 lb, 2 oz, 20 in

Avanelle Grace
11/28 @9:17am
7lb, 9.5oz; 21in

Kayrael Emily Mabel
11/29 @8:26am
6lb, 14.4oz; 20 3/4in

Ella Grace
11/29 @?
9lb, 6.4oz; 21.5in

Payton Joy
11/30 @?
7lb, 8oz; 19.5in

(Ryan's Mama)
Austin Reid
12/1 at 12:01pm
8lb, 0oz., 18.5in.

Tigh Scott
12/3 at 4:15am
5lbs, 15oz, 20.5in

Bennett Daniel
12/3 at 7:46pm
7 lbs 14oz. 20in

Olivia Susan
12/5 @ 3:41pm.
7lbs, 15oz, 20 in

Brennan Lee
12/6 @4:06 pm
8lb 10.8oz, 20in

Emma Joséphine
12/7 @ 1:50am
7 lbs 12 oz, 19.7in

Austin Bentley
12/7 at 5:47pm
8lbs 1oz, 20in

(Jenny Bella)
Arianna Lynn
12/8 @ 4:48am.
7 lbs 6 oz., 19.3 in

Kendra Alexis
12/8 @ 4:54pm.
6lbs 8oz., ? in

Kaitlyn Lori
12/10 @ 1:45am
5lbs, 14oz, 19in

Dominic Richard
12/10 at 12:22 pm
8lbs,6.6 oz, 20 in

Jeremiah Dean
12/10 at 12:44pm
7lbs 7oz, 20 1/4 in

(westside girl)
Bridget Josephine
12/11 @ 10:16am.
7lbs, 0oz, 18 1/4 in

Nora Celeste
12/12 @ 4:00am.
6lbs, 14oz, 19 1/2 in

(Carolyn Dirol
Olivia Hollaway
12/13 @ 11:21 am
7lbs, 7oz, 19 in

Amelia Jean
12/13 @ 12:49 pm.
8lb, 5oz, 21in

Riley King
12/14@ 7:56am
6lb,12oz, 19 in

Michael William
12/15 @ 4:27am
6lbs 4oz, ?in.

Jonathan Bryce
12/15 @ ?
9lb, 10oz, 21.5in

Ellie Jessica
12/15 @ 6:35pm.
6lb 3oz, ?in

Daphne Rose
12/16 @ 10:17am
8lbs 6oz, 20.5 in

Oliver Philip
12/18 @ 10:21am
7lb, 8.5oz, 21.5 in

Daniel Starling
12/18 @ 12:59pm
9lb, 4oz, 20.75 in

Benjamin Jeffrey
12/18 @ 7:32pm
6lbs 6oz 18 3/4 in

Maxwell Warren
12/18 @ ?
8 lbs. 15 oz. 22 in

(Lil Momma 1991)
Stetson Allen
12/21 @ 8:40 am
7 lbs. 5 oz. 19 in

Kara Zeal
12/21 @ 11:30pm
6 lbs 3oz. 18 in

Rhys Garrett
12/23 @1:32pm
8 lbs 2 oz, 21in

Julia Elizabeth
12/23 @ 1:48PM
8lbs, 2oz, 20.5in

Ace Brennan
12/23 @8:27 pm
7 lbs 15 oz, 21in

Lillian Agnes
12/24 @ 11:12pm
8lb7oz. ?in

Gabriella Anne
12/25 @ 11:04am
6 lbs 7oz. 18.5 in

Malachi Tate
12/23 @6:07 pm
10 lbs 5oz, 21.5in

Riley Paige
12/28 @ 1:51pm
6lbs 12oz 20in

Charlotte Amelia Lee (she also has a Korean name, Lee Hanbi)
12/30 @ 3:46am
8lbs 4.5oz. 21in

Ronan Todd
12/30 @10:16 am
7lb 3oz, 18in

Nolan Joesph Trimble
1/1/11 @1:54am
7lbs, 18.5 in

Illyana Karenna
1/3/11 @ 4:55am
7lbs 10oz and 19in

Skylar Evelyn
1/3/11 @ 6:55a.m
7lbs 3oz and 19in

1/5/11 @ 12:10
7lbs, 21in

Jason Daniel
1/6/11 @1:30pm
7lbs, 1 oz 21 in

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:sleepygirl:Lana's birth story

"Jonesin'" wrote:

The story starts on Friday. I told DH that I didn't feel like it was going to be that much longer til the baby arrived. I had diarrhea for the past couple of days and that evening I had some pink CM when I wiped. I woke up that morning feeling...off - mild, period-like cramping and just kind of blah. Saturday and Sunday were business as usual with more of the same from Friday. On Sunday, I decided to get some Christmas shopping done, so I walked around for a few hours and got DS ready for bed. DH and I were joking that it was my first Sunday that I didn't have to get the 17P shot. I was happy to not have to get the shot and he was happy to not have to give it to me. We celebrated with a hot fudge sundae and then I started cleaning. (yes, nesting set in VERY late for me! ). Normally, I would have been in bed by 10pm knowing I had to get up and go to work the next morning, but that night, I just couldn't seem to settle. I finally went to bed around 11:30 and read for a while. Then I felt a little gush and sat there for a while, unsure. I didn't feel anything else, but got up to pee and when I was done, I felt another trickle. I When my water broke with DS, it was a gush - this wasn't, but I was pretty sure at that point that my water had broken. I woke up DH and got in the shower. We called a friend to come and stay at the house so we wouldn't have to wake up DS. I felt fine - no contractions, no pain. We headed in to the hospital and I started to worry. I knew that since I was attempting a VBAC, they would not give me pitocin to speed things along. It would be completely up to me and my body...and I wasn't sure I was in actual labor.

We got to the hospital at about 12:30am - they confirmed that my water had broken and hooked me up to the monitors. I was contracting regularly every 3 minutes, but wasn't feeling any of them yet. The OB on call came in and checked me - I was only at 1cm. She was NOT a big VBAC supporter - when I told her I wanted a VBAC, she told me I could TRY, but went on to tell me all of the restrictions and limitations and basically said insinuated that they would "pull the plug" on the whole deal as soon as she thought it necessary. I stood my ground and told her I wanted to try. She said ok, but insisted on an immediate epidural - "just in case". I almost cried at that point. I was so frustrated to know that I was stuck with this non-supportive OB...and I knew that an epidural right then was the worst thing I could do. Being stuck in a bed at 1cm would not bode well. At that point, I started trying to convince myself that a healthy baby was the end goal...even if it meant a repeat c/s. When they got me up to a L&D room, I was introduced to my wonderful nurse. She was great! We talked about what I wanted with the VBAC and the OB's orders. She said..."that doesn't really make sense. If you get the epidural now, you'll be stuck in bed and that's not good this early on." I told her she read my mind! She called the OB and asked whether she would be ok with just having the epidural line put in without the medication - that way, I would be already set if something did go wrong, but that it gives me the chance to labor out of bed. The OB agreed, but said that she still wanted the internal fetal monitors put into place. That prevented me from walking the halls, but would allow me to walk around my room a little bit and to get on the birthing ball. I started feeling the contractions for real at about 1:30am. At around 2am, the OB came and put the fetal monitors in and checked me again and I was at 2cm. I got on the birthing ball and did not get off for the next 4 hours. It hit me around 5am that I hadn't been to sleep in nearly 24 hours. I kept trying to lay my head on the table in between contractions, but at 2 minutes apart, I wasn't getting much rest. The contractions were getting progressively worse, but I was able to breathe through them. They ended up in my back, which was hard but I found that if DH applied some counterpressure, it helped a lot. At around 6am, the OB came back in to check me and I was at 6cm. I was so relieved - part of me was worried that the past 4 hours of contractions were all for nothing and I would still be at a 2. You could tell the OB was shocked too - her entre tone changed. It was like she all of a sudden realized, hey - maybe she can do this. Maybe 30 minutes later, the contractions started coming one right after the other and I was having a hard time re-centering myself after one contraction to prepare for the next. I remember telling DH, I don't think I want to do this anymore. I finally broke down and asked for the epidural, which they did within 15 minutes. The shift change took place and the new nurse and mid-wife came in and introduced themselves - both were very supportive and I immediately liked them both. They were so excited that we didn't know the gender - apparently, they don't get to experience that very often and they were anticipating the result almost as much as DH and me. After the epidural took effect, the nurse came and inserted the catheder and checked me. She announced that I was 10cm, complete and ready to push. I was SHOCKED How in the world had I gone from 6cm to 10cm in an hour and a half? The MW came in and I started pushing. I pushed through 4 contractions and we had a baby. DH announced that it was a girl, which also shocked us. My gut feeling the whole time was that it was a girl, just b/c this pregnancy had been so much different, but all of the "evidence" pointed to it being a boy (heart rate in utero, what we thought was a slip-up by the u/s tech, and the fact that DH's family doesn't "make" boys - this is the first girl in several generations on his side.) But a girl is what we had! It went very well - I only had a small 1st degree tear. She did inhale some amniotic fluid on the way out so she had to suction her for the first couple of minutes, but she was fine.

Lana Kay ***** was born at 8:21 am - less than 9 hours from the minute my water broke til she was here. She weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces and was 19 1/4 inches long.

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:sleepygirl:Avanelle's Birth Story:

"babyduncan" wrote:

So it all started with Saturday, I started having stronger contractions, they still were not coming very regular, but I was definitley noticing them more. I was playing on the computer, and figured I would go take a bath and see if that made the contractions either stronger or go away. The bath made the conractions space out a bit, so I decided to go to bed about 11pm

I woke my usual times (once an hour, lol) to pee, and woke up to a strong contraction about 3. Once is was over I tried to go back to sleep, but there was no way that was going to happen, ironically dh woke up about 3:30 and had a hard time falling back asleep as well, so about 4 I decided I was going to get up and get a breakfast sandwich. we wake up and get some breakfast, I check my emails, and I notice the contractions start coming a lot closer together about 4:30 (which is where I decided, hey, I think I am actually in labor. lol)

I ended up going in and going to the bathroom, pretty much cleared everything out, and when I was done decided I was definitely in labor and said ok, I think I need to call my mom. my mom ended up getting to our house about 5, so we got everything we needed to make the 30 minute drive to the hospital. dh made it in about 20 minutes. lol

we got here about 5:45, and by the time we got upstairs (I walked, cause there was no way I was going to sit in the wheel chair, not to mention the fact that it was wet) and the nurse just kinda looked at me like she was wondering why I was here, since I was not scheduled to be here until Monday morning. They get me all settled into a room and the nurse checks me at about 6:15, and when you end up having a contraction in the middle of being checked.... OMG it is so painful!! She told me I was about 6 1/2-7 dilated, and that they would like to monitor baby for about 20 minutes. I said ok, as long as I could be standing up.

my dr was on call on Saturday, and was still here this morning, so she came in to see how we were doing, and she checked me about 7:30, and said I was at maybe a 7 1/2. I was a little sad that it had been over an hour, and I had only gone 1 cm, since it felt like I should have been done by then, but I just reminded myself that every baby is different, and she would be here soon enough.

my contractions ended up spacing out a bit, so that although they were still super strong, I had about 10-13 minutes between them, so I was dozing in between them. My dr went home, and the other dr on call started, and he came in and wanted to see how we were doing. He was a little concerned that my contractions were stalling, and asked me if I wanted him to break my water to get things going again. I said sure, cause I just wanted everything over. so he broke my water and that brought the contractions to about every 4 minutes, but like 3 times as intense.

I had maybe 4 or 5 contractions and I told dh that he should go get the nurse, because I felt like I had a lot of pressure and I wanted to push. He went and got them, and they came in our room and the doc said that I could bare down a little if I wanted to. oh my goodness, it felt like heaven after having the super strong contractions!!! he said ok, try to stop for a minute, but there was no way that I could.

The nurse had no time to get the end of the bed down, or anything, so she ended up sitting at the end of the bed, and was holding Avanelle's head (and slipped the cord away, as it was around her neck, but loosly)while one of the student nurses helped the dr get a gown on!! Avanelle Grace was born at 9:17 am and weighed in at 7 pounds 9.5 oz and is 21 inches long.

dh is calling her our rocket baby, as he says from the time the doc said I could bare down to the time she was fully out was 20 seconds TOPS! lol. The first thing I thought when I first saw her was that she was so tiny (the smallest out of all 3 of my babies!!) but that she was beautiful.

All of the nurses in the room (2 regular ones, and 2 students) told me that I made the whole experience look like a walk in the park (although I was in pain!!) just because I did it all with no pain meds, and just pushed her right out. However, I ended up hemorrhaging. they say that anything over 500cc's is considered a hemorrhage, and I lost about 1200cc's. so they gave me some pitocin in my IV lock, and a shot of something in the leg to stop it.

She started nursing within 15-20 minutes and is a total champ, she is nursing great, and is already having more loose bowels instead of the wonderful tar poop babies start out with.

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:sleepygirl:Camille's Story:

"jooniper" wrote:

The story:
My water broke at 4:15 pm on thanksgiving. I prepared some for the delivery, we ate our meager thanksgiving feast, then we waited anxiously for contractions to start before finally giving up and going to sleep around 11 pm. I woke up with contractions a few hours later and we called over the midwife and my "birth team" around 2 am.
We chose to do a homebirth for various reasons. One, since we have no access to maternity coverage (though our regular insurance would cover complications if they arose), it was the cheapest way to go. But really, I believe that the hospital is somewhere you go when something is wrong... and there isn't anything medically wrong with a low-risk labor. I felt completely relaxed and in control and comfortable. I've spent years researching it and felt that it would be the safest and smartest route for us (fortunately, Kenny agreed without needing to be convinced). I may write a post another time with details around choosing a homebirth and why it isn't as risky or crazy as it sounds, but for now... on to our story.
In attendance were my midwife Chris, her apprentice Danniele, and my friends Cristin (who acted as my doula) and Marissa (who lent her support and took pictures). Daniel was asleep upstairs the whole time (in the morning, he went to spend the day at my brother Kevin's- we are SO grateful he was somewhere we didn't have to worry about him).

Chris took my temp and listened to baby's heartrate and everything looked healthy and normal. A huge part of a midwife's job is to foresee any problems so we can take appropriate steps (including heading to the hospital if necessary), but my pregnancy and labor were pretty straightforward.

I got through the first contractions by leaning on the couch. In between, we chatted and laughed. I didn't have any internal exams after my water broke, so I can't tell you how quickly I progressed. Around 2:30 am I got into the birthing tub we had set up in our kitchen.

The water felt wonderful and the tub was obviously designed with laboring women in mind. Things definitely got intense, I made lots of funny noises ("lalalalalala ooooooooooooo"), but never felt out of control. Around 4:05 am I felt the urge to push, and Camille was born into water at 4:17 am.

She was SO quiet and sleepy when she came out. Apparently this is very typical of water births- it's a smoother transition for them- but she's been quiet and mellow ever since. She didn't want to nurse at first, she was too sleepy, but she latched really well about an hour later and seems to be a good nurser so long as she's awake enough for it.

This labor was SO different than Daniel's. For one, the second my water broke I spent every possible minute on my hands and knees to make sure she got in the right position- she had been hanging out sunny side up and I did NOT want a back labor like I had with Daniel. It worked, and I didn't have that horrible back pressure the whole time. In between contractions I could regroup, something I didn't have the first time. I had a very minor tear, just 3 stitches- again, SO much better than Daniel's labor.
This entire labor lasted for less time than I spent PUSHING with Daniel, and you can tell- I'm not nearly as physically exhausted and became a functioning human being much faster. Anyways, it's a GOOD kind of tired

After I was stitched up (and while others cleaned up the kitchen), Camille and I took an herbal bath in the clean master bath which she seemed to really enjoy

After a few hours, we realized that the grayish tinge around her mouth wasn't going away. She'd pink up while on the oxygen my midwife had brought, but then go gray again if we took it away. Midwife told us that cyanosis (gray-mouthed babies) can be a sign of heart issues, and we knew my midwife's O2 tank wouldn't last forever, so we decided to head to the hospital.

I'm a little bummed that after such a successful homebirth we ended up paying the hospital money anyways, but I like to think we're living proof that homebirthers don't take unnecessary risks. Anyways I'm so glad I got to labor at home, our stay at the hospital only reminded me of some of the reasons we avoided delivering at the hospital.

It was fun being the spectacle of the ER- they don't get new babies very often (that's a different department of the hospital) and all the staff were very curious- you'd see people leave their offices to come watch the "homebirth baby" come down the hall. Everyone was super nice, congratulatory and supportive, though we did have to explain to them that Yes, we HAD had thorough prenatal care, and Yes, we'd had an ultrasound and everything looked healthy. It was odd, because even without the oxygen mask her O2 saturation levels would be at a perfect 100%, but her lips were still gray. On paper she looked great!

They did an xray, which led them to question the shape of her heart (NOT something we had wanted to hear), so they sent us up to the NICU and she got an echocardiogram.
Now, technicians usually can't tell you ANYTHING while taking tests like that, but ours was a very friendly man who told me "heck, lady, you're brave enough to have a homebirth and now you're walking around like you weren't even pregnant, I will go ahead and tell you, everything looks 100% normal."
Whew!!! Then they sent us on up to a nice suite in pediatrics where we spent the night under observation. By afternoon she was staying pink on her own.

Daniel has been SO cute about his new sister. When he woke up yesterday morning at 5:30 am and came down to a house full of strange people, you can tell he was overwhelmed, but he was still very sweet and excited about his "baby -ter" (baby sister).

Apparently yesterday morning he came down the stairs asking "baby -ter?", then when Kenny explained we were at the hospital he said "baby -ter lost? Lost baby"
When I brought her home a few hours later, his first reaction was this:

He's been all hugs, kisses, and pats since- perhaps a little TOO affectionate but oh-so-sweet. As far as interacting with kenny and I goes, he's very dramatic right now and obviously trying to figure out where he stands.
We couldn't be happier with how the homebirth went or with our sweet new baby girl. She only woke up once last night to eat, but I suspect she hasn't really woken up to the world yet and it will be a different story in a few days.

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:sleepyboy:Nixon's Story:

"megsamomee" wrote:

Thursday I woke up feeling amazing. I wasn't tired, I felt refreshed, and I wasn't grumpy. I posted it on facebook, and got a ton of comments on how that's a sign of labor ;). My mom was leaving that night on a much needed trip with her best friend. She would only be two hours away, but I started getting a little nervous. I went and took a walk with Hayden, and came home. Andrew got home at 7:30pm, with a box of fluffy mail, we ate, and then Andrew and Hayden went to bed while I stayed up nesting. Contractions started at 8, and by 9 pm, I was in pain, and they were constant. I called my mom at 1am, woke her up, and told her to get her stuff together. I went in the bathroom and attempted to check myself but noticed a ton of bloody show, so I ran to call my midwife. Andrew and I packed the birth box and Hayden in the car, and showed up at my moms. My midwife Lisa checked me because I begged (I was excited to see how much I progressed without being in the hospital on pitocin.) She declared 4cm, and I got in the tub because I was uncomfortable. Andrew was downstairs with Hayden, and I was upset because my 18 year old sister decided she didn't want to be up that early, and wouldn't answer her phone to come watch Hay like we planned. My mom showed up about 3am. My contractions had slowed down a bit, and I tried to rest, and drank what felt like gallons of Gatorade. By 6am, contractions were 2cm apart, and I was full on laboring. The whole day was a blur. I remember getting in and out of the tub a bunch of times, laboring on the toilet, candles, starbuck runs, teaspoons of honey and bagels to keep my strength up, all while in major pain. I was completely dilated by 9pm, after 24 hours of labor, and my bag of water was bulging. I remember feeling for the first time, the weird feeling of spontaneous pushing. I didn't have to try, it was amazing and kind of yucky feeling at the same time. They broke my water in the tub with an amnicot right around 9:30. They thought maybe it was obstructing the head from coming down. I got to feel Nixons head, and after feeling the awfulness of 'transition' which felt like it had lasted hours, I got a surge of energy and felt that I was 'so close' to my goal. The blanket warmer was on, I watched as they set up the counter with bulb syringes, and oxygen and baby supplies. When I saw that, I was so overwhelmed with joy. They knew my baby would be there soon as well!

After pushing in various positions for a couple hours, they felt to see where his head was. It was still in the same position, but they had a feeling his head was OP (sunny side up.) That pushing urge had gone away, and I didn't feel strong enough contractions to even force pushing. I was frustrated, and really tired, so I laid down to sleep. This was at midnight. Andrew laid with me, because there wasn't enough action for pictures anymore. I got two strong contractions the rest of the night, where I remember reaching over and grabbing Andrews hand for help. They were constantly checking Nixons heart tones, and he never had decelleration, (not even earlier during contractions.) He was a trooper. The next thing I know, it was 7am, everyone had gotten sleep, and I STILL wasn't contracting. I got up, had breakfast, my strength was back, and I was ready to try all the herbs and sidestepping and pumping to try and bring on contractions again. At 10 am, I wanted some time to labor by myself. I sat in my moms bathroom, and cried, prayed hard, and took some last pictures of my belly. This would be Nixons birthday. I would no longer be pregnant after today. I needed to go to the hospital and have them try to start things up again. I came downstairs, announced the plan ( my midwives had already suggested it an hour before) and called a couple hospitals trying to explain what was going on, and hoping someone could point me in the direction of a doctor that wouldn't stick me straight into a c section. Everyone thought I was insane, of course couldn't guarantee anything over the phone, and one hospital almost wanted to send an ambulance. We showed up to corona regional, my mom was to meet us there within the hour. My midwife had called ahead of time so it didn't look like 'midwife dumping.' they wheeled me in, hooked me up to what seemed like a million monitors and ivs, and I had an awful nurse. The doctor came in, I explained everything, and he was willing to do what he could to try for a vaginal birth. I signed the waiver for vacuum assistance (Hayden was vacuum assisted) and waited for my strong pitocin contractions to come. All of a sudden, the nurse starts yelling at me "Youre having a huge d-cell! Omg see, you need a c section, I can't believe this" and throws an oxygen mask on me, and calls the doctor in. I looked at Andrew and i rolled onto my left side. Position change worked right away. The decell was 85. I expected a lower number because of how freaked she was. I told her when she came back in, that a little decelleration during contractions is normal, and position change (they had me flat on my back of course) would help. She was mad that I was telling her how to do her job. The doctor comes in, looks at the decells, and wasn't extremely worried because it's "normal" sometimes. Hah!
I never ended up getting those big painful pitocin contractions. They had to inform me of the contractions, because they weren't strong enough to feel, and pushing and two attempts of the vacuum didn't work. Nixon never came down from a +2 station. The doctor turned the light off, told me I needed a c section, and mumbled something about lunch in 30 min. I started crying so hard and I looked over at my husband and I've never seen him look that scared. He just grabbed my hand, the doctor tried to comfort me by asking what I was scared of and telling me that they would be sending me to pre op prep in 5 min. My mom didn't say a word the whole time. I don't think she could without falling apart. The crappy nurse says something about c sections being way safer than vaginal delivery in the first place, and how she's had 4 of them. How comforting...

I went in, received my spinal from the nicest person I had met so far, they laid me down, brought Andrew in, I begged him to stay on the same side of the drape and not look, and I immediately went into full panic mode and started to shake badly. They gave me something in my iv to calm me down as they were pulling the baby out. When they brought him over to me, I couldn't even move my head to look at him for the first time. I was so drugged up, I couldn't look at my baby. The next thing I knew, we were in recovery, Andrew was holding Nixon, and 2 nurses and the anestesiologist were sitting quietly on computers. It was over, he was here and perfect, but I spent the next two hours crying hysterically. I've never been so traumatized, I felt bad for Nixon for having to have such a traumatic birth, and I wanted to see my mom but they said I couldn't for a couple hours. In the end, One thing kept me from completely losing it. His name is:

Nixon John Timothy ******
6lbs. 13 oz.
18 inches long

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:sleepygirl:Sophia's Story:

"cindyanns" wrote:

If you’ll remember, on Monday 11/22 my doctor did a membrane sweep to try to move my progress along cause of all my complications during this pregnancy. I was 37 weeks and 1 day, but I asked her for it because I didn’t want to have a pitocin induced labor at 39 weeks like they had told me would be necessary. I wanted to go into labor naturally and be allowed to have the natural childbirth I have been planning for!

My doctor has been very understanding and mindful of what I want during this pregnancy, so she did the sweep and was going to do another one the next Monday if it didn’t work. I went home and on Tuesday I drank my Raspberry Leaf Tea, DTD, and did some nipple stimulation. I was having increased cervical mucus and was pretty sure I lost my plug Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning comes along. The morning is pretty uneventful. Richard helps me get into my compression socks and heads off to work. I eat some breakfast, watch 16 and Pregnant (I’m a reality show junkie ), and take my pain meds before my Mom gets there. She had been coming everyday to help me with my bedrest. I get up to take my dishes in the kitchen and go to the bathroom. When I went to sit down- What was that?? A gush! Ick. I figured it was probably like last time and some pee escaped. How embarrassing. Mom comes in right as I try to sit down again. ICK! Another one. Of course, she sees the look on my face and asks me what is wrong. I tell her about the gush and being the chronicly excited person that she is, she says, “Oh my god! Your water broke!! The baby’s coming, let’s go, let’s go!!” After I calm her down she agrees to wait with me a bit so we can see what the gushes do. I had gone to L&D for a water break false alarm before and didn’t want to do it again. Well, gushes just keep coming, even when I’m sitting and not doing anything. I agree to appease Mom (and myself as I’m even getting a little suspicious at this point) and we head off to L&D.

Skip forward. We get to our Triage room and as I’m dressing down, WHOOSH!! No doubt about it, OMG, what the HECK, my water breaks and just keeps coming all over the floor. The nurse comes in and I keep apologizing like an idiot cause for those of you that has never felt their waters break, it feels like you’re peeing yourself and you just can’t stop it. I’m doing this all over the triage floor. In front of the nurse. Who is very sweet and keeps assuring me it happens all the time.

I call my husband, we get checked into a room, and laboring begins! The doctor told me they wanted to start me on pitocin since my water broke and I asked if we could wait to see if we could let me labor naturally since that was a part of my plan. She agrees and I’m allowed free range to labor with little interruption. After receiving my plan, the hospital was incredibly respectful of our wishes for a natural birth and did everything they could to accommodate it. I was really impressed that all the nurses and doctors had appeared to have all read my plan carefully and updated each other with shift changes. They were so respectful, I learned later that they told my mom they absolutely refused to offer me pain medication when she was YELLING at them at the nurses station to do something because I explicitly put it in my plan that I would ask for it if I needed it. I wasn't too happy with my mom when I found out about this, but I was INCREDIBLY impressed with the hospital staff.

Unfortunately, my body wasn’t wanting to cooperate as much as I’d hoped.

They only initially checked my progress when I was admitted since they needed to verify my water had broken as it was. The hospital was pretty insistent on minimal checks afterwards to limit my risks of infection. When I checked in, I was about 2 cm dilated.

About twenty-four hours into labor (after naps, walking, birthing ball, and various other laboring positions) my contractions were going from consistent to inconsistent, but progressively getting more painful, which the doctor and my doula found to be very reassuring that there was progress. Sophia was sunny-side up, so I was having some crazy back labor and I was becoming delirious from exhaustion and pain. They decided to check me at 24 hours because I had developed a fever indicating I had an infection.

I was STILL at 2 cm dilated, but I was 80% effaced and -1 or 0 station.

After this, I asked to have pain medication. I had hit the wall and needed sleep more than anything. The nurse (knowing my birth plan) tried to encourage me to walk around the hall first and see how I felt afterwards. At that point I’d been laboring on my side in bed for about an hour. I agreed to, but I still wanted the pain medication when I got back.

They tried giving me something in my IV first and I labored for a couple hours with the pain medication. It definitely took off the edge, but they were only able to give 2 injections of it. Once the two were worn out and they told me they really should start the pitocin because of my infection, I decided I really needed the epidural.

I felt like I was letting everyone down, but my husband, doula, and hospital staff were very supportive. All through the labor they told me I was laboring like a warrior and the nurse told me the staff were all back there rooting for me and my natural labor. When I decided to get the epidural, she said they were all really impressed by how long I went without it with the back labor and no one blamed me for needing a break. My husband said he had never been so impressed by another human being his whole life and he was "just in awe" of me. After the they put in the epidural, I felt confident in my decision.

Once I had the epidural, of course they started the pitocin. However, I was finally able to relax and sleep. I was happy that they encouraged me to labor on my sides rather than on my back. My doula made sure that if I wanted to, I could also labor on my hands and knees since I could still move my legs just fine.

Skip forward another 10 hours or so. My contractions are still coming irregularly, but they wanted to see if I’d made progress. They checked me and found I was 8cm dilated, 100% effaced, and 2 station! I was so happy I couldn’t begin to describe it! So they felt good about me laboring more with the antibiotics.

Six hours later and I start to feel the need to push. The midwife and doctor on staff advised me to wait until I needed to push to the point of not being able to help it because they didn’t want to risk checking me again until I was really ready to push. Within the hour, I’m actually pushing involuntarily. They check me…

I’m still 8cm dilated, 100% effaced, and 2 station.

This is where things start to get a little scary for me. As time passed, they continued to allow me to labor without bringing up a c-section because of the gradual progress and they knew it was a last resort for me. By this time, my contractions were still irregular, the baby had made her first bowel movement, I still had a temp from an infection, and I was pushing involuntarily without being fully dilated.

The doctor came in and said if I would like to I could still labor a couple more hours and we could see what happened, but that at that point a c-section might be the best option. I completely agreed. I didn’t want to chance laboring another 2 hours with everything that was going wrong with this labor. I opted for my last and final resort, what I‘d worked so hard this entire pregnancy to avoid: the c-section.

Sophia Ann Grow was delivered via c-section at 11:04pm on Thanksgiving evening after 38 long and difficult hours. A very healthy little girl (9 apgar), 7 lbs 11 oz and 21 inches long.

The first time I heard her cry was the most amazing moment of my entire life. She was given to my husband and I held my hand out to her. She grasped my finger with her tiny little hand and just stared at me without crying. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's so true: it was as if she was saying thank you, acknowledging who I was, and telling me she loved me already.

Though things definitely didn’t go as planned, I feel good about all the decisions I made during delivery leading to a healthy baby and mother in the end. I’m healing well and I am so in love with my little girl.

She is worth every moment of this eventful journey.

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:sleepyboy:Tigh's Birth Story:

"Christinepea" wrote:

Tigh Scott's birth story

The past couple days before the birth, I had grown exhausted and VERY uncomfortable. Tigh was low and ready to go, but with no sign of when. Still, I knew it was soon so moved up the start of my maternity leave a week. Thursday evening came along and I started having more intense menstrual cramping (little did I know that this pain was NOTHING compared to what I'd be feeling later that night). Well, they were very infrequent so when DH asked if he needed to stay home from his movie screening I said no and that I'd be fine. After he left I was quite exhausted and headed to bed early - I actually fell right asleep at 8:30. About 9:15 I wake up to use the bathroom and as I sit on the edge of the bed to get my barring before standing, I feel an intense amount of pressure followed by a gush of water. I rushed to the bathroom and my underwear was soaked with clear fluid mixed with a small trace of pink. The pressue I was feeling was very obviously not normal and so I called DH. Luckily he had just gotten out of the movie and was talking with friends outside the movie theater. All I said was that my water broke and I was in a lot of pain and he said that he'd be right there....and he was, must have been driving 90 mph. While I waited for DH, I called the OB and chatted with her for about 10-15 minutes to help ease the anxiety I was having.

Once DH arrived, we grabbed our bags and left for L&D (OB called ahead). We were put in a triage room and when the doctor on duty went to swab for a water break test, she didn't even have to stick the swab halfway up before saying, "Yes, she is grossly ruptured" (not a pleasant discription IMO). Within 10 minutes we were sent to a L&D room and hooked up to monitors. I was checked in triage and was 3cm 100% effaced and I was having contractions every 2-5 minutes. I immediately asked for an epidural because the pain was unbearable (I give major props to you natural birth mommies!). It seemed to take forever for the epidural to come because I first had to have fluid and it took two sticks on each arm before a vein was found (ouch!). About 10 mins after the epidural was in, I was feeling great but baby's hb took a dive since my bp dropped quick. Four nurses were immediately in the room and rolling me from side to side. My contractions were about 1 min apart and so once baby was okay (all it took was turning me from side to side) they checked me and I was 6cm 100% effaced and +1 station!! That change was all in the matter of two hours (10pm-12am) - I was going fast. After the excitement, DH and I rested for two hours before a nurse came in saying the monitors were showing baby was trying to start his birthday. I had been feeling some pressure in the 15-20 mins before the nurse came in so I wasn't too surprised. She checked me and I was 10cm and ready to go! I was thrilled that pitocin did not have to be administered and that my body was doing exactly what it needed to do. I used a mirror which was AWESOME and the nurse kept complimenting me saying that my pushes were not first timer pushers. That only made it easier for me to stay focused and so an hour later I watched in the mirror as Tigh entered the world. He is healthy and tiny and lean and strong and I'm absolutely enamored by him.

BFing will take some time to get used to but we got some good latches today and I'm ever so hopeful for tomorrow. DH is so helpful with changing the diapers and catering to my postpartum needs. I'm enjoying lots of discomfort from a very swollen vaginal area and hemmorhoids, but other than that I'm pretty positive. I've been enjoying my free room service in the recovery room, and I'm looking forward to a hot shower. If everything looks good, we will be home late Saturday or Sunday.

I'm sure this could be ten times longer, but I'll spare you the minute by minute details. Thanks for all your support ladies!

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:sleepyboy:Birth Story of Silas

"mama_to_peanut" wrote:

was born at 12:26 AM on Thanksgiving day!

Little Silas James R****** weighed in at 7 lbs 6oz and is 19 3/4 in. long
We arrived at L&D at 5:30 am on Wed morning thinking that I might be in early labor. I was having excruciating back pain and couldn't stop vomiting. They put me in a room right away and took my vitals. My BP was high, so the doctor ordered labs right away. The nurse checked me and I was still about 1 cm and my cervix was still pretty high. My labs came back and were not looking good. It turns out that I had developed HELLP Syndrome within the last week of my pregnancy
. They decided to induce labor immediately because my blood pressure was so high and my liver enzymes were so bad. I was started on pitocin, magnesium, and "sugar water". The Pitocin started the contractions very nicely. They got them to be about 2-3 minutes apart and I wasn't even feeling them. The doctor came in and broke my water, and only then did my contractions start to hurt. They had already placed the epidural catheter earlier in the day since my platelet count was low and if it dropped any lower, they would not have been able to give me the epidural due to the risk of bleeding in the spine. I finally decided that I was ready to have them start the medication in the epidural. It took several boluses through the epidural catheter before I was completely numb. The Anesthesiologist thinks that this was because I am 6'3" and the medication had such a long way to travel. After the epidural finally kicked in, I was able to sleep for about an hour and a half. When I woke up, the doctor checked me and I was fully dialated. I can"t remember exactly, but I think I pushed for about an hour and a half and then baby Silas was born. They had the NICU team in the room since I was on the magnesium and they wanted to make sure that he wasn't having any trouble breathing. He was fine, but I had trouble with hemorrhaging and very low blood pressure (60/30) after the delivery. They finally got things under control and I was able to hold him.

If ya"ll have gotten this far, thanks for reading and sorry for the delay in getting this posted! Through all the scary complications, I still wouldn't trade my birth experience for any thing in the world. I feel so blessed by God!

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:sleepyboy:Austin's Story:

"Ryan's Mama" wrote:

I don't really have an exciting birth story since I had a scheduled c-section. Everything went as planned - I arrived at the hospital at 9:30AM on Wednesday, got prepped, and was wheeled in to the OR around 11:45AM. Austin was born at 12:01PM and was 8lbs, 18.5in. I was incredibly nervous about the c-section this time, even though I didn't have a bad experience at all with my first. I was just aprehensive because I knew exactly what would happen. I had a wonderful anesthesiologist that calmed me through the entire thing and told me exactly what was happening every step of the way. She even had my hubby stand up and watch Austin being born, told him what to take pictures of, etc. Austin was very healthy and got to come back to the recovery room with us, where I got to breastfeed him for the first time. We stayed in recovery for about an hour and a half and were then wheeled upstairs so that Austin could go to the nursery, get his bath, etc. The nurses actually wheeled my bed to the nursery and I got to watch him from the window (something I didn't get to do with Ryan). He was quickly brought to my room and we did skin-to-skin to warm him up for about an hour and a half. Pain has been soooo much better this time around. I accidentally ripped out my epidural on Thursday morning (it wasn't supposed to be removed until Friday) so I had to take something different for pain. I actually didn't need any pain meds past Friday morning and have just been taking tylenol. We are slowly adjusting to life with a newborn again. Lack of sleep is HARD. Ryan was incredibly excited to meet his baby brother and has wanted to hold him, sing to him, give him kisses, etc. I have noticed today that he seems more jealous and wants to be in the middle of everything. My hubby and I won parent of the year award tonight. After we tucked Ryan in for bed he called me back in to his room to let me know his belly was growling and he didn't know why.... probably because we never fed him dinner. Oops. Tomorrow is a new day. I stopped breastfeeding Ryan after 2 weeks because my milk never came in. I am hoping this time around is different, but we are on day 4 with no milk. I am breastfeeding, pumping after each feeding, taking More Milk Plus (fenugreek, etc.), and drinking the tea. I am not sure what more I can do?! We go to the pediatrician tomorrow for Austin's weight check. Hopefully he hasn't lost any more weight, but I am nervous. We left the hospital with him weighing 7lbs, 4 oz.
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:sleepygirl:Kayrael's Story:

"SamanthaX3" wrote:

Hi Everyone... Sorry I have been really absent. I check in every day and read everyones posts, but I'm usually on my phone when that happens. And trying to type a response or start a post can be a really big pain. And when I do check on the computer, I usually get to distracted by Joshua to write on anyones posts. And I have been really lazy/busy.

I do mainly go on Facebook for those of you who have me on Facebook. It's easier to access on my phone

First order of news is that Rob proposed to me on October 10th That was a big shocker but it was a very happy day We are hoping to get married on June 25th but still need to get the church booked and stuff like that. We are probably going to start major planning in January, because right now we are busy with a newborn and now christmas... so the plans are just going to have to wait.

Second, we moved into Robs Dads house on November 1st, it's okay. I would love to have our own place by the time we get married But right now finances are tight and this is our best option to get caught up.

And the best news of all Kayrael was born on Monday November 29th
She weighed 6 pounds 14.4 oz and 20 3/4 inches long.. She is very long and skinny. Much smaller then I thought she was going to be. I was thinking she would be any were from 7.5 to 8 pounds. But that was not the case. The c-section went very well, except for the fact that I got sick on the operating table. Thank god Rob wasn't in there yet. lol. But they still had to use forceps just to get her out, just like they did with Joshua. After she was out they cleaned her up and they handed her right to me, I was the first person to hold her And then I passed her off to Rob and the guy who numbed me (sorry can't remember his title) took some pretty good pictures of us And after they wheeled me into the recovery room she was brought to me and instead of her being taken to the nursery they did her assessment right in the recovery room with me. So she really hasnt left my side from the minute she was born. Which is way different then it was with Joshua.

Breastfeeding is going great! She latches on really well and my milk came in on day 2. So I'm pretty happy with how it's going But I do make an abundance of milk. I have to pump as well as feed her right now. If I pump until no more milk comes out, in one sitting I can pump about 10 or 11 ounces.. but usually I just pump to take the edge off, because it can get very very painful. But it's good because this way Rob can feed her a bottle every now and then and I have a frozen stash in the deep freeze if i ever have to be away from her.

I was only in the hospital until wednesday which is great! Cause I thought I was going to be stuck in there till thursday. Rob stayed the night as well, which was a great help to me.

The pain has been harder to deal with then I remember it being with Joshua, the staples were removed on friday, all 11 of them, and that has seemed to make a big difference. I haven't had to take any pain medication since Saturday morning, where as I was taking it every 4 hours.

She eats a lot more then what I thought she would, and she really doesn't cry all that much. Only when she is cold or getting her diaper changed and even then it's more of a whimper type cry then an all out cry.

When we left the hospital she weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces, and on friday she weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces.. so slowly she is gaining weight back. I hope that she has passed her birth weight when we go in for her appointment on Tuesday

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:sleepyboy:Bennett's Story (From facebook, per Britta's permission):

"d.r.Britta" wrote:

Just FYI if you're easily grossed out you may not want to read this.
On Thursday, Dec 2, I had my NST and appointment with my OB. I would've had an AFI (ultra sound where they measure amniotic fluid levels to make sure they're not too low or too high) but I had seen Maternal Fetal Medicine the day before and along with the growth ultra sound (in which he was measuring 8 lbs 4 oz) they did the AFI which was at 15, so that was normal.
I had been checked previously (at my 36 week appt) to see if I was dilated. I had asked her not to tell me how much, just if. At that appt she had said I was dilated. So I knew that at this appt I could get my membranes stripped. So, I asked her to do that. She checked me and before I could tell her that I didn't want to know how dilated I was she shouted "Wow! You're 4 cm dilated. That's a LOT of progress". She stripped my membranes and then asked me if I'd ever had my water break. I told her that it had with my first baby. She said that my bag was REALLY bulgy and that she wouldn't be surprised if it broke. She sent me home.
I had lots of bleeding and mucous the rest of that day and some contractions, but nothing really more than usual. I hoped I would wake in labor that night and actually had some anxiety about my water breaking in my bed and ruining my mattress.
I woke very disappointed. But I determined that it would be a good day because my friend was coming with her two boys and the kids would have fun. I took a nap on the couch and had some contractions and some lower back pain, but I could still sleep through it so I just figured it was my body being annoying as usual. She came and we had a good time. She was so helpful! She made mac and cheese for the kids and cleaned up from lunch. It was so kind of her! During the time she was here I had some more contractions that were a little bit more consistently painful, but nothing like I remembered labor being like, so I figured it was just more of the same old irritable uterus. My mom came over and then my friend and her boys left.
I was feeling a bit discouraged by this point. I felt nervous that I couldn't get a hold of DH (his phone had died after he arrived at work that morning) and that he was 30 minutes away, I had no car and the hospital was 40 minutes away. I was afraid my water would break or that labor would happen quickly as it had for my aunt.
I went upstairs to try to find a way to get a hold of DH just so I knew how to reach him. While looking stuff up, I chatted with my other friend who suggested that perhaps I should just go to the hospital and see if they'd admit me since I was having regular contractions and was 4 cm with a bulging bag. I decided this was better than waiting around for nothing and that since she is a doula she knows a bit of what she's talking about Smile
I finally texted DH's coworker who then had him call me. I told him that plan and he started heading home.
While I waited for him to get home I worked on peeling wall paper on the stairs with my mom. When DH got home he found it a bit comical that I was peeling wall paper while "in labor". But I was convinced I wasn't in labor and they were going to send me home because it wasn't nearly as painful as I remembered.
When I got to the hospital (around 2:30P) they did all the admitting and monitoring and stuff and then they checked me. I was almost 5cm. So, they admitted me. My contractions were coming every 3 minutes. I knew that I wanted an epidural and so I requested one and got one nearly right away. (it was in at around 3:15)
It was so nice to be able to hold still through them putting the epidural in. That was the first time. I was really feeling quite happy about labor by this point. I was able to chat and talk through contractions which I'd never been able to do in the past.
Once the epidural was in I relaxed and enjoyed being with him in the quiet of our hospital room. But the epidural stopped my contractions. Nearly completely. So, once the doctor came in (who was very friendly and I liked her a LOT) she broke my water That was around 5:30P. I sat straight up in bed in "indian style" position. Not sure the technical term for it, but that's what we called it in Elementary school when I was young. I knew that that position brought my most strong contractions before, so I figured it would help this time. I was surprised at my control and strength with the epidural. I was right and it brought my contractions to maybe every 1.5 mins?
At 6:30 I started feeling a little bit "pushy" so I asked to be checked. I was at 7cm at that point. I tried to relax, but shortly after she checked me I started feeling like I had to poop. I thought well, since I was just checked and was only a 7 I just must need to poop and that was all. So I didn't say anything. Finally a nurse came in the room, so I told her that I wasn't sure but that I might need to be checked because I was feeling a little bit pushy still. Since I was so calm they took their time.
My nurse came in and pulled the blanket back and said: "Um, YES you're ready. You have pooped, and there's the baby's head!" So embarrassing! That was at 7:30
By this time I could feel the contractions fully. I was surprised. I thought they would be the most painful at all but the only thing about them I could think was just PUSH. They kept telling me that the doctor was on her way up from the cafeteria and not to push. But it was really difficult. My legs were shaking with the effort not to push. A midwife came into the room just in case and said that she was going to grab gloves because every time she did the ob would rush in the room. Just as she grabbed gloves Dr. R rushed in. They suited up and told me that if I felt like pushing i could. The minute they said this I pushed. His head was out after one push.
Next his shoulders got stuck. I'm not really sure what was going on but it hurt like CRAZY in my hips and pelvic bone. They kept telling me not to push (because he was stuck) but that's all i wanted to do and it hurt to not do so. Finally i felt a pop in both my hips and then they told me I could push. I did and he was out. DH caught him. After he came out there was a HUGE GUSH of fluids that sprayed all over the doctor's shoes. For some reason I had a TON of amniotic fluid behind him that shot out after he was out.
They placed him on my chest and DH and the doctor cut/clamped the umbilical cord. He was blue in his hands and feet, but he was beautiful. He felt really solid and we thought for sure he was going to weigh a lot.
My placenta struggled a bit to come out and I had a lot of bleeding...they gave me some pitocin and massaged my uterus a lot, and eventually got it all under control. Once I was well managed they weighed Bennett. Imagine our surprise when he was only 1 oz heavier than my biggest baby! He weighed 7 lbs 14 oz. He was 20 inches long and his apgars were 8 and 9. After that they placed him back on my chest and he was licking his lips and rooting. So, I nursed him. He latched right on with no difficulties and nursed for like 30 minutes.
He really is great!

PS. The reason that I think labor was less painful this time is because DS1 was facing sunny side up, giving me horrible back labor on top of labor pains. I think if I'd waited for my labor to get that intense with Bennett, I might have had a baby at home....

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:sleepygirl:Emma's Birth Story:

"bonnemaman" wrote:

Emma was born on December 7th at 1h50 am, in the middle of a snowstorm in Montreal.
She is 7 pounds 12 onces, 50 cm long and absolutely amazing!

Quite an easy birth:
Contractions started at 6h15 pm, not regular but quite painfull. So we arrived at the hospital at 9h30 pm (the roads were horrible because of the weather). I got checked right away at was already at 7 cm. I had to decide right then if i wanted and epidural otherwise it would be too late to get one so I said: YES PLEASE!

I pushed for 14 minutes and she was born at 12h50 am. Her APGAR were 9 - 9 - 9. I barely had a 1 cm tear and this has been my easiest recovery yet!

She is a great nurser but we had a night from hell the 2nd day: she nursed non stop from 9 pm to 4 am. But she was 'ordering' her food because my milk came in right away.

She is a great baby, never cries and sleeps well. I am so in love with her!!!

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:sleepygirl:Kendra's Birth Story:

"Ceece911" wrote:

At my 37 week appointment last Tuesday the OB did a check and my cervix was high and closed. 2 days later I noticed I was starting to lose my mucus plug. Had an appointment Friday for a NST because of low fluid levels, baby was doing fine so they wasn't worried about it. I made my next appointment for Wednesday. Sunday I woke up to cramping, a few mild contractions, and light spotting. The contractions faded away after about 2 hours and the cramping and spotting lasted through the day. Monday was more of the same. By Tuesday it all went away, but I noticed my system was starting to "clean" itself out. Then on Wednesday I woke up to more contractions and even heavier spotting. If I didn't have an appointment, then I would have been making my way to the ER, but I figured by the time I get ready it would be time for my appointment which was at 10:30 and I could just see my OB. I told DH when I got up that I think today maybe the day, so I had him to get DS bag ready and I called my mom to let her know. We left the house at about 9:45 and I was tracking my contractions on my ipod app, they were about 6 mins apart. By the time we dropped DS off and got to the appointment they were about 4 mins apart. I told the nurse that I thought I was in labor and she gave me this look like she didn't believe me, but she immediately put me in a room and told my OB. My OB came in and checked, I was 4 cm and indeed in labor, the nurse looked shocked, I guess it was because I was so calm. They paged L&D to come and get me while DH was sent down to admitting to complete the rest of my registration. Went to L&D, got hooked up to the monitors, contractions were about 3 mins apart, they gave some meds in the IV which took the edge off of the contractions. After that I lost track of time. I did request an epi so the anesthesiologist arrived about an hour later. It took him about 45 mins to get the epi in place because I had back surgery when I was 14. The OB came in around 3:00 to break my water, as soon as she started walking to wards the bed, my water broke, lol. She said that was easy. She went back to her office to see the rest of her appointments. Around 4:45 she called the RN and asked her to check me again. I was fully dilated, she instructed the RN to do a few test pushes on the next few contractions. I pushed on the next contraction and the nursed yelled for me to stop half way through. She said one more push like that and the baby would be here. She got the OB on the phone told her to come over asap. OB came in, I pushed trough one contraction and on the next one Kendra Alexis M**** was born @ 4:54PM. 6lbs 8oz. We were released Friday and everything is going good.

Here's the crazy thing, this birth story is almost the exact same as DS. I had an appointment, went in, OB said I was 4 cm, wheeled over to L&D, epi, water broke, out came DS in 2 pushes. In about the same amount of time.

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:sleepygirl:Arianna's Story

"Jenny Bella" wrote:

First lets start thing off by correcting myself on my baby arrival post. My phone accidently put 1 too many r's in her name lol It's spelt Arianna. Silly phone. Okay now that we're good let's start the story!!

So it started off with the doc putting my into labor accidently at my 39 week appointment on the morning of the 7th. Prob sometime around 11am my contractions started. Although I wasn't sure at the time if they were real contractions or not. So we go home and I get a couple more there. Six or so mins apart each. My boyfriend had to go to work so I told him I would call him if my water broke. I keep getting more during the day and end up calling my mom at work. She told me it sounded like labor so she left work and came over to my place and started keeping track of the times...how far apart they were and how long they were. She stayed with me until about 7:30 at night when my boyfriend came home from work.
We ended up going to the hospital around 11:30 that night to see how far dilated I was after all this time.
Once we get there they tell me i gotta do a urine test and i notice some show. They say thats a good sign so im thinking okay good. Gotta be getting closer. They check me and I only dilated 1cm since 11am!! But on the plus side they said I am 100% effaced so all thats left is to dilate. I was told that I couldn't be put into a room yet but I could stay there and wait an hour....if I dilated 1 more cm in that hour then they would move me to a room. So we stayed. The contractions were getting so much stronger. The hour went by and they checked me again. I had done the 1 cm so I was moved to a room.
I got a very very nice nurse for my whole labor and delivery which made this process go by a lot more better. I told her and the other nurses that I really wanted to try and do this without any drugs. They were very supportive. When my nurse went on her break she made it very clear to the new nurses that i wanted a drug free birth and told them not to give me anything. lol. It started getting more painful but more back labor that was hurting so much. I went into the bath tub to try and ease it. It felt nice for a bit until i got another contraction. You def get used to strangers seeing you naked without caring at all when you're in that much pain lol. After a while in the bath and leaning over a ball I start feeling the need to push. They tell me I cant yet. I go through a couple more contractions with the urge to push getting stronger. I go over to the toilet to see if I could release anything without pushing too much. Well that didn't last long! The nurse said when im at the peak of my next contraction to push. The head is about the come out.
This hurts like hell and I tell her and my boyfriend that I don't think I could do it (lol Don't most people say that?) Next contraction I push again a couple times and can feel the head half way out. The nurse freaks and tells me to stop pushing cause the doctor isn't there lol She runs and pushes the call button then her and my boyfriend help me over to the side of my bed. Another contraction and I push some more. The doc comes in and the get my on the bed. After that I pushed 2 more times and her head came out and the rest of her body felt like nothing! I've never screamed that loud before. But once I saw her it all went away and the crying started. She is the most beautiful baby i've ever seen! Apparently I ripped but not too much. Couldn't feel it then but can now in recovery mode lol Anyways...ended up doing the whole thing with no drugs and got a wonderful baby girl! 7 lbs 6 oz. Both of us very healthy. Here are some pictures....

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:sleepygirl:Birth Story of Amelia Jean:

"auntiex11" wrote:

Amelia Jean was born 12/13/10 @ 12:49 PM after a dramatic delivery.

We arrived at 7 am for our check in time. By 7:30, the nurses had the pitocin going. I was at about 3 as I had been at my appt a week ago. At a little after 9 my Dr came in (I found out she was NOT on call - she scheduled my induction and had me as her patient just for me!) and she broke my water. I was between 3 and 4. There was muconium (sp?) in the fluid so they just were aware of that. At around 9:30 or 9:45 I asked for my IV meds. Those kicked in pretty fast. I was having a lot of pressure in my abdomen (nothing in my stomach). Around 10:20 I told the nurse I may be ready for an epidural - she checked me and I was at about 7 - she called the guy right away. While we were waiting for him she was telling me that I needed to be on my side, there were some issues with her heartbeat. It was hard because I had so many wires and stuff. She did an ultrasound to see where the head was and seemed a little panicky but we waited for the epi and he gave that to me. He left and I was on my right side and after a bit the nurse comes in and says "I need you on your hands and knees now!" They threw an oxygen mask on me. DH heard them call the Dr and Dr called back and they picked up the phone and just said "We need you here now, heart rate is 80). About 5 min later my Dr was running in the room out of breath.

They got me back onto my back and said I was at 10 but I felt pressure but not a lot of pushing reaction. Dr looked at the monitor and told me to try some pushes. She said "You are REALLY backed up. Your colon is basically blocking the baby from coming out." Baby was so high and not dropping. She said you are going to have to poop. So she had me push. The minute I pooped she said baby dropped. AND her heartbeat was back to normal. I was pushing and pushing and baby was upside down. She flipped - which HURT!!!! - and in a few more pushes she was out. I pushed maybe 30 minutes (felt like 5).

I had only a first degree tear inside. I am healing a LOT better than I did with my son.

The whole thing was 5 hours from start to finish. We could not believe it. It was 16 for my son. I am glad the epi was only in for less than 2 hours. I was worried though I was going to have to do it w/o meds. The nurse told me my championship pushing is what saved me from a c-section, basically. I am proud of myself for pushing like I did, especially because I think I had TOO much in my epi and could barely feel myself pushing.

She is gorgeous, I will get a pic up soon. Full head of dark hair She looks like her brother. He will meet her tomorrow. I am so in love!

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:sleepyboy:Birth Story of Austin Bentley:

"Weimerbaby1" wrote:

I went in to be induced on Monday 12/6. I went in at 7:30 am to get everything started. My nurse came in and wanted to get the IV started. To say the least she was not able to get it done nor another nurse. The 3rd and last nurse on that morning came in to try and after 3 sticks the 4 one was a good one. I looked like my hands had been run over. The Dr came in around 9 to check me and see where I was. I had actually come in at 1 cm and about 75% effaced, so at least had started on my own. The potocin did it's job. It got my contractions to 6 in 10 mins. they weren't super strong or too strong to get an epi. So I hung out in bed and got up and went to bathroom a lot and got on the ball a little just to give my self a little relief.

My Dr was going to come back in at the end of her day before going home to check me and get to break my water. She came in around 6 and I was still just a 1. She still tried to get to my water but was unable to wiggle the stick around her finger to get to the water. So she waited on that and said she would break it in the morning and she would be there before her office hours. Unless I was able to move fast along before that. She was on call so hoping to progress through out the night.

I made it until around 11 that night and decided I wanted an epi before the anesthesiologist went home for the night. She made it there around 12:30 to give me the epi. The epi worked right away and was great. I laid down and tried to get some sleep. Of course you know nurse comes in every hour to check on you.

The Dr came back in around 9 to check me and get my water to break. I was a full 2 almost 3. She got in there and broke my water. My water was clear and looking good. At that point I was also a full 3 almost instant and was also at 80% effaced. My Dr was good with me going cause the baby's heart beat was good and neither of us was having any problems at all. She was going to come back in around noon to check on me and see if I was dilating anymore.

At around 12 or so Dr came in and check and I was a 4 (happy there felt like good progress). She said that as long as I was progressing that the baby was doing well she let me keep going. She had to nurse check me at 2 to see where I was and I was a 5 so again plus for progress. She then wanted them to check me at 4 to see if I had progressed and at this point knowing as soon as I stop progressing we would have to do a c-section. The nurse checked me at 4 and again I was only 5 cm dilated and did not progress at all. She also said that she could feel that the baby was molding which ment he was low but just was not able to fit and I wasn't able dilated at all. So every jumped into c-section time and getting me ready and everyone called.

I was prepped and in the OR within 30 mins from last being checked. They got me numbed up and prepped and Austin Bentley was born at 5:47. He came out screaming his head off and looked amazing. His color and everything was really good. His apgar was 8 and 9. The 8 was mainly cause his hands and feet were a little blue.

So if you have read this long.. Long story short.. After 32 hours of labor, c-section Austin Bentley was born at 5:47 pm. Healthy and amazing. We had to stay in the hospital for 3 days so we didn't get out until Friday afternoon. Sorry his birth story has taken so long to update everyone.

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:sleepygirl: Nora's Birth Story

" kayes" wrote:

On Saturday, we were at home relaxing and I began having contractions at about 3 in the afternoon. They were getting progressively stronger and closer together, so at about 7:30, we called my brother so he could stay at the house with Malcolm while we went in to the hospital. The contractions had been about 5 minutes apart for an hour and a half, and while they weren't super strong yet, my husband (and I, really) was paranoid because of my close friend who had just recently had an accidental unassisted homebirth in her bathroom with her second child. Yikes!
So, we headed in and were settled in at about 9pm. We walked around the halls for a while to try and get things moving a bit faster, but when I was checked at about 11:15 there hadn't been much dilation or cervical change. We were given the choice between heading home, walking around some more, or adding some pitocin to the mix. Since I hadn't had any issue with pit last time, and I was pretty tired after contracting all day and walking the halls, I chose the pitocin.
We started that up, and it definitely got things moving again. I got my epidural at about 2:15 am. At about 3:30, I was dilated to a 6 and the doctor broke my water. That was clearly all Nora had been waiting for, since at 3:50 I mentioned to the nurse that I was feeling a lot of pressure. She started to check me, and then hurried to get the doctor upstairs because there was a baby head there. She couldn't even have me put my legs in the stirrups before he was in position because she was worried the baby would slide out on its own.
He was finally ready, I got in position, and he told me to push with the next contraction. Almost as soon as I started, he told me to stop, and Miss Nora made her way out at exactly 4am, 12/12/10.
She is so tiny, it is kind of hilarious to me! Malcolm was so big from the start, it is a strange adjustment. She is perfect, and very pretty. I am so in love, and can't believe it was a girl! Very exciting.
Malcolm is at daycare today, so DH and I are home alone with Nora. Malcolm absolutely adores Nora, he loves to stare at her and try to pet her. One of the first things he said once we were all home together was to ask if he could give her a smooch! So sweet. But it is a lot more restful to just be home with a newborn and not have to worry about protecting her from her loving brother. It is also hard not to be able to pick him up like I'm used to. Ah well, we will adjust.
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:sleepyboy: Birth Story of Jeremiah Dean

"EmilyC3" wrote:

I had my 39 week appointment (even though I was 38 weeks 6 days) with my regular OB at 1:40 pm on Thursday, December 9. The 9th and 10th of every month are extremely busy days for my mom at work so I said I would just go ahead and bring Gwendolyn to my OB appt with me. I figured it would be very uneventful and she would do a check and tell me I was still 1 cm and that everything sounded/looked great. We get there and get checked in etc. and when my doc came in she went to listen to the baby’s heart beat with her doppler. She was having a hard time finding the heartbeat and thought that her doppler might be messed up. When she did finally find it she said that it was a little lower than she liked it to be (didn’t think to even ask how low, I personally just thought it was her Doppler being messed up) and she wanted to do a NST just to be sure. She went ahead and checked me and I was still 1 cm and baby was pretty high up but my cervix was soft. I was put in this tiny closet of a room and hooked up to the fetal and contraction monitors and I had to lay on my back fully reclined in this recliner. I normally would’ve enjoyed the rest…..but Gweny was with me and causing all kinds of problems, trying to crawl up in the recliner with me, touch the computer, take everything out of the diaper bag. They monitored the baby for 20 mins and then doctor came in and told me that the baby had some pretty significant decels in his heart rate so she was sending someone down from Labor and Delivery right away because I was going to have the baby today! I totally start freaking out! I had my moms car so she was stuck at work and I had Gweny there with me. To top it all off she decided to poop and was crying because she pooped and I couldn’t change her. I finally got ahold of my mom and my sister was able to go get her and bring her over. I got up to L&D around 3:30 pm and they got me all hooked up to everything and started pitocin for the induction at 4:15. I was checked at 6:45 and I was only 2 cm and again an hour later and I was still at 2, so I had a feeling this was going to be a long night.

DH is quite a few time zones ahead of us so I had to wait a few hours before calling him so he would be awake. I didn’t want him getting woken up in the middle of the night and worrying all night for no reason since I was not progressing very fast. I got ahold of him at 10:30 and let him know what was going on. Checked again at 12:30 am….3 cm, again at 2:30…still 3. When the nurse checked me at 5:30 I was still only 3 cms but very close to 4. They called my doc and she said not to do anything else to me because she had surgery at 8 and didn’t want anything to happen while she was in surgery. At 9 I got an epi and then they broke my water at 9:40. From there things went very quickly:
11:20 5 cms and baby was low
11:49 6 cms
12:20 9 cms
> >
When I hit 9 they called my doctor and started getting stuff set up. I was having a hard time keeping my blood pressure up so my epi was not full strength and I could definitely tell that at this time! After every contraction I could feel more pressure to push. I kept telling the nurses that I could reeeeeaaaaallllly feel everything and that I thought he was going to come out because it felt like he was crowning. Sure enough, the next contraction my nurse looked down and said “There’s his head!” About that time 3 other nurses come running over and out he came! Jeremiah Dean Jr was born at 12:44 pm on December 10. He weighed 7 lbs and 7 oz and was 20 ¼ inches long. I had been emailing back and forth with Jerry on my phone all night/morning long and my mom called him a few minutes before JD came out so he was on the phone and got to hear the whole thing! I had my mom take some pics with my phone and we were immediately able to email them so he was constantly up to speed with what was going on. We found out that the cord was wrapped around his neck and that is what was causing all the heart rate decels. He is such a sweet baby and doesn’t really even cry unless he is nekked or

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:sleepyboy:Marshall's Birth Story

"HopefullySoon" wrote:

On 11/15 I went in to the high risk doc for my weekly sono and it showed my water was a little low (for about a month or 2 before it had
been consistently on the low side of normal), so the doc told me to come back in on Thursday 11/18. Normal range is between 10-24 and on 11/15 mine was 9.8. I went back on 11/18 and it had gone down even more and was a 5. My high risk doc immediately went to call my regular doc and recommended delivery. I was 36weeks, 6 days.. The high risk doc told me to call my regular doc and schedule something to get in to see them. By the time I got out to my car my OB had called and left me a message to call them back. I called and talked to the nurse who said they wanted me to wait till the next day at 9am to come in for a NST. obviously I was kinda freaked out at this point and didn't get why they wanted me to wait a whole another day, but the nurse said the doctor thought it was ok to wait. SO I go back to work and an hour later just wasn't happy with the whole situation so i called the nurse back and told her i wanted to talk to the doctor. The doc on call called me back and basically said it was ok to wait, blah blah blah. I reminded him of my loss I had at full term last time and that I wasn't down with taking chances. He brushed me off like some doctors tend to do and told me he wanted to try to wait another week to do the csection. Well I left work after that and stopped at my mom's house for a nap on the way home. I had the worst cold and cough ever and was feeling like complete crap. Anyhow, while I was taking a nap my DH and my mom talked for a long time and they decided that I was going to the hospital when I got up. DH was basically freaking out (he doesn't freak out but I could tell he wasn't going to be happy with me not going in) so I told him that he was welcome to call and talk to the doctor. He called and actually got the OB that I normally see and was scheduled to have the csection with. She told him to have me come and and was also concerned with the low level of my amniotic fluid and wanted to at least monitor me. SO off to the hospital I went. They admitted me, hooked me up to the monitors and everything with baby looked great. My mom was with me and DH was home with Z waiting for his parents to come babysit. The doc came in, told me she was glad I came in, said the baby looked good and she wanted to go ahead with the csection then. she said the baby may have some small breathing problems, but right now if he was born he would have a heartbeat. She said how dangerous it was to have such low fluid, etc etc and she was nervous to send me home and take the chance especially with my history. So I decided to have the baby then. I called DH and told him to hurry the heck up! He was there about 30 mins later.
I was so nervous I can't even tell you. The last csection was way traumatic to say the least. Anyhow, they brought me back, did the spinal and got me numb, the prepped me. By this point i felt like I was going to freak out and that I was going to puke. Finally they let DH in the room and it was such a relief...he winked at me and his silliness helped ease the tension I was feeling. He said we should say some prayers...so that's exactly what we did until we heard the most beautiful wonderful sound in the entire world, our son's first cry. So amazing. Words can't even describe. They showed him to me, DH held him, then they brought him to the nursery.
DH went with baby and I went to the recovery room where my mom and one of my sisters were waiting. Everything was great for about 2 hours when Marshall's breathing started getting fast and labored. There are way too many details to write, but basically they ended up having to put him on a ventilator within about 12 hours and diagnosed him with PPHN (Persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn). He only got worse so they had to transfer to him to a bigger hospital, this was about 24 hours after he was born. He was very bad off, i cant even tell you how scary it was seeing him that way. Even thinking about it makes my blood run cold. So they got him to the other hospital and put him on nitric oxide and at this point he was sedated, was on antibotics and on bp meds. At one point he had an umbilical line iv, 2 other ivs, a picc line, a feeding tube and the ventilator, at least 8 med lines plus his fluids. He was almost transferred to Children's hospital in DC to be put on the heart/lung bypass machine, but right before, on about the 6th or 7th day he started getting slightly better so he avoided that (thank God).
I think it was the 7th day that they started very slowly trying to wean him off the meds, oxygen and nitric. He had many ups and downs but by the 9th day he was feisty enough that he pulled out the ventilator himself. They left it out and just gave him the forced oxygen thing in his nose (he had that another 4 days). I finally got to hold him for the fisrt time on the 9th day after he was born. The next day, on Thanksgiving, they gave him breastmilk through his feeding tube for the first time and after that everyday he kept improving.
Now all the effects of all the support started showing. His blood pressure went up and that led them to find out that he had a large blood clot in his aorta (it was 1.3cm), right at the branch by his legs, this was a result of having that umbilical iv line in (which did help save his life). He had to be put on blood thinners and the doctor told us that there was a good chance that the clot would break off and cut the circulation off in one of his legs causing him to have to have it amputated (what a freaky thing to have to hear, especially after everything we had already been though in the past 2 weeks). they did another sono about a week later and it showed the clot had dissolved for the most part and was only 2mm, so the threat was basically over. We are still having to give him a shot twice a day (so freaking sad to have to do this to my sweet little baby), but today we had another sono and it showed the clot is completely gone!!!
Another issue from being on the ventilator so long was that he has a cyst on his lung. We have to keep having it monitored and that is the main reason we really have to keep him away from people to make sure he doesn't get sick. They are hoping it clears up on his own.
the last issue we are dealing with is that there was a slight thickening in one of the walls of his heart. They think it's ok but they have to watch it just to make sure it's not a clot (basically bc of his history of the clot)
We finally got to bring him home when he was 3 weeks old. I can't tell you how awesome it was to hold him for the first time without all the tubes and wires and how sweet it is just to have him home. What a scary time it's been. I have a few more gray hairs...that's for sure!
I started pumping right after he was born and on the same day I held him for the first time I also breastfed him for the first time. He nurses like a champ! When I first got him home I was breastfeeding and then offering him a bottle of what I had pumped. Now I'm only giving him a bottle of breastmilk at night. In the next week I am hoping to just be breastfeeding and not having to pump anymore. Pumping sucks big time, but I'm so glad it's worked out so that he would only have breastmilk and not formula.

Here are a few pics of my little munchkin. Oh and btw, he was 5lb 11.4ozs and 18inches when he was born!

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:sleepygirl: Kaitlyn's Birth Story

"Aprila710" wrote:

Monday December 6th, I went in for my 38 week appointment. Everything looked okay except for a slightly elevated blood pressure. The doctor asked me to come back later in the week just to monitor it. On Thursday December 9th, I went back for my 2nd checkup of the week and that’s where the story begins.

I woke up feeling fine that morning, but by the time I got to the doctors office (9:30am), I could tell something was “off”. I felt a dizzy and slightly nauseous like I do when I need to eat. Nurse took my blood pressure, and it was pretty elevated (around 145/108 ) which is very high for me. After laying on my side for a few minutes, it was re-checked and still high. Apparently there was also a little protein in my urine that week, so the doc decided it was time to head to the hospital. She wanted me to be monitored for a little while to see if the blood pressure came down, if not they were going to admit me. Since I’m writing out her birth story, you can see how that worked out.

Just after 12 noon, I was given an L&D room, and after checking with the doctor they let me eat some lunch before administering a misoprostol pill to help ripen my cervix and start contractions. After 6 hours on the misoprostol, I started some decent contractions so they decided to switch to pitocin. I labored on that for a while, and after a few hours decided it was time for an epidural. The doctor came in to check my cervix (4cm) and at that point broke my water. I received the epidural around 10:30pm, and I wish I could say it was a good experience. It was not. The one I received with Colin was like a walk in the park, this one I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I still have a huge bruise on my back to prove it. Luckily, the medication took effect pretty quickly and I was able to relax for a little while. I remember making it through the 11pm newscast on TV, but sometime during the Tonight Show, I lost all focus.

The contractions were coming pretty quickly and I was having to really breathe through them even with the epidural. I called the nurse and asked to have a cervical check, and maybe a bolus on the epidural because I was in total pain. As soon as I hung up the phone, I started to shake uncontrollably and knew that I was in transition. The nurse had me flip over to my right side (since I had been laying on my left for a while) to see if that helped at all. Two contractions later, the pressure was unbearable, and I was being very vocal about the pain. That’s when the mad rush began. The doc checked my cervix, and Kaitlyn was practically crowning. In about 30 seconds we all managed to get ready to push, and the pushing only lasted about 5 minutes. Kaitlyn Lori arrived at 1:45am on Friday 12/10/10. At a whopping 5lbs, 14oz, she was 2lbs smaller than her big brother, and looks very similar to what he did as a newborn.

We were released from the hospital Saturday afternoon (12/11/10) and were home and settled just in time. That night’s rainstorm became Sunday’s snowstorm, and the weather has been horrible ever since. Luckily we have nothing better to do than stay home and cuddle with our new little angel.

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:sleepygirl:Birth story of Olivia Hollaway

"Carolyn B" wrote:

Olivia Hollaway’s Birth Story

On Tuesday, December 7th I went in for my 38 week appointment and learned that Olivia was still very much breech. So at that point we add the version scheduled for Wednesday December 8th to try and see if she would turn. At that appointment, I had a very bad reaction to lying on my back and nearly passed out during the ultrasound. After about 5 minutes of being on my back I started to get really hot and sweaty and apparently turned as white as the wall as the ultrasound tech said. Olivia was looking big, they estimated about 8 lbs 6 oz and my water level was boarder line. Plus, she was lying with one leg up by her face and the other down by her bottom. So with all of this and with me not being able to lie on my back, we decided to pass on the version and just go ahead with the c section.

That weekend, Derek and I decided to have a couple nights out just the two of us before baby came. We went out to a nice dinner just the two of us on Saturday and then again with my family on Sunday night. There were actually a lot of birthdays at the restaurant that night and we got the waitress to bring us a “birthday ice cream” for Olivia since her birthday would be the next day!

Sunday night was surprisingly uneventful. I actually got a decent amount of sleep. I woke up Monday morning, December 13th, and started to get ready for the hospital. My parents and sister had stayed the night and would be at the hospital for the birth. Derek and I drove with my mom to the hospital and arrived about 9 am. The labor and delivery unit wasn’t that busy that morning and actually asked if I was here for the c section as I walked up. My mom had to wait in the waiting room while I got prepped for the surgery. We got moved into an observation room and did all the paper work, iv started, and met with the doctors. The c/s was scheduled for 10:30. At about 10:50 I walked back to the operating room and got the spinal. My blood pressure dropped quite a bit with the spinal and I was really loopy and out of it for about 15 minutes. Derek was walked back in and the c/s was started a little after 11:00 am. Everything went really well and Olivia Hollaway was born at 11:21 am on December 13, 2010. She weighed 7 lbs 7 oz and is 19 inches long. Her apgar scores were 8 and 9 and she was just absolutWely beautiful. Hearing her cry for the first time was the most amazing sound! The doctors cleaned her up and Derek brought her over to me. We got to sit there for a several minutes before Derek and the baby went with the nurse to the observation room to get cleaned up while they finished up the c/s. I was rolled into the recovery room a little after noon and we spent the next 2 hours there where I got a chance to breastfeed Olivia and bond as a new family.

A little after 2:00 pm, we were rolled into the mother baby unit where my parents and sister came in to meet the baby. Olivia was very alert the whole day. She would look around with her eyes open and making little sounds. She is just absolutely perfect. We were in the hospital for 3 days and finally went home on Thursday December 16th.

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:sleepyboy: Daniel's Birth story

"TyrantOfTheWeek" wrote:

So, this morning, I woke up pissed. And I cried in DH's arms for a good 10 minutes. He took the older boys to Lowe's for the Build and Grow workshop, while I Facebooked and stalked you all..Anyway, around 10ish, I was feeling super uncomfortable. Like my cervix was about to pop out of my body. Anyway, I tried to ignore it and chill on the couch for a bit. It was getting ouchafied and I decided I would try and vacuum a bit. I plugged the vacuum in and it kicked the circuit breaker...Damn.
Jana had texted me saying she was being admitted. I was kinda jealous...LOL. I called and chatted with her and she helped me talk through like 27 back to back "pains" (I was in total denial that I was in labor. at this point) We got off the phone and I texted Mark saying that today might be baby day and that he probably wasn't going to be going to work. Soon, I found myself in my room on all fours rocking on my birth ball. I was hoping Dorothy and Derek weren't out here killing each other or tearing stuff up. I texted the midwives and told them that today may just be it. I mean, I was vocalizing and rocking something fierce. I called all of my labor sitters for the kids and didn't get a hold of a single one. Thank God Mark's late-wife's mom lives like 2 seconds away because I was able to get her. Mark walked in pretty much right before his first MIL did. I was on the bed at this point with my birth ball because the hardwoods and my knees didn't agree. These contrax were freaking back to back...Anyway, I sat on the toilet while he filled the tub. I begged him to join me once I got in. He called Beth and then climbed in with me. Every contraction I had, I just wanted him to squeeze me as hard as he could. I was getting cold, so I climbed into bed. (this was like noonish) I got into bed and this is when stuff got super insane. I was screaming and pleading to call 911.I knew deep down that I was in full blown transition though. I wanted Mark to shove his fist into my lower back as hard as he could. That really took the edge off. Then, I felt this overwhelming desire to push. Which, I was in denial of. I mean, I had only been in labor all of 2 hours at this point. There was no freaking way I was feeling pushy. I pushed with every contraction even though I had no idea if my cervix was complete or not. It felt good so I did it. ..The midwife walked in at 12:50. She checked me and I was pretty scared she would say I was like fingertip or something. She said I was complete and could do what I needed to do. I wanted on my hands and knees so I could grab pillows and scream my lungs out. I had no time to water birth like I did with Derek, but that was just fine with me. 9 minutes later, an audible splash of my water breaking, lots of burning, and a few good screams later, I felt him pop out. Man. I am kinda sore, but it really isn't too bad all for my 3ish hour labor. All in a days work.
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:sleepyboy: Michael's Birth story

"usmcwife09" wrote:

On Tuesday morning last week I woke up about 5 am and noticed my underwear were unusually wet. I got up to use the bathroom and changed my underwear, thinking I must have just peed myself a little lol. Over the next hour and a half it kept getting worse. DH got up and went downstairs to get ready for work when I realized it must be my water had broke. I called downstairs and told him he better not go to work yet. Each time I got up out of bed, there was more and more leakage, so I got in the shower and then we headed for the hospital.
I was admitted to triage and they didn't even have to test the fluid, it was quite obvious it was amniotic fluid. I was amazed at how much fluid the human body can make, lol, it's like it just didn't stop! I was at 1cm at 7am. They got me into my room in L&D and since my contractions had tapered off a bit, they hooked me up to the pitocin at about 11am. They kept cranking it up but my body wouldn't get into a regular cycle with the contractions. I was having contraction on top of contraction but never returning to the baseline where they would ease up. I was incredibly uncomfortable so the nurse checked me and I had only gotten to a 3 by 5pm, at that point I broke down because I felt like I had hurt too much to have only gotten to 3. I stuck it out until 8pm when I had made it to 5. I had planned on having a NCB, unfortunately, I wasn't able to live up to my own expectations. It got the point where I was more afraid of the pain I was having versus getting an epidural. So, I caved and got an epidural at around 11pm when I was still at 5cm, it was my saving grace! After the epidural, the nurse got me on the hands and knees for a while then had me go from one side to the other. I progressed pretty quickly after that! At 2am I was feeling a lot of pressure and when the nurse checked me I was at 7. By 3 am I was feeling the urge to push and it turned out I was complete and they gave me the green light to start pushing. If I could change one thing about how the birth went, it was what followed next...the forceps...yeah. I understand that it helped to get the baby out, but Lordy, they are scary and I hate the thought of them just grabbing his head with metal forceps and pulling him out. My husband (the big tough Marine) cried when they brought the forceps out which in turn scared the **** out of me. But, a couple of pushes (and pulls) later, Michael William was born. Almost 24 hours after my water broke at 4:02am, Wendesday December 15th at 6lbs4oz and 19 inches long we got our baby boy
The wonderful nurse I had all that night kept telling me that literally the second they are born, you stop feeling the pain (I thought, 'yeah right') but she was sooo right. As soon as I saw him, every pain was worth it and I didn't feel another thing. I ended up with a second degree tear but I'm healing super well. I thought the healing process would be much tougher than it has been for me, so I'm very pleased

I was discharged Friday morning but Michaels billirubin levels came back high that morning so he had to stay another day. Leaving him was horrible but luckily we were able to bring him home the next morning.
He had follow up blood work and his first doctor appointment yesterday and everything is superb!

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:sleepyboy: Jonathan's Story:

"cellodeeg" wrote:

so..I'm a slacker sort of I've been on a roller coaster ride since becoming a mommy. Let me start with on Monday December 13th I went in to get induced I was roughly about a week and 1/2 late. Well when I got there I was already contracting 3-4 minutes apart. My husband and I were concerned that our doctor was C-section happy. She kinda asked if we wanted a C-Section than when we didn't respond she said oh you want a natural birth right...yeah. Well we get there and we kinda confide in my nurse and ask if she heard that our doctor was C-section happy, because 3 different people had mentioned that to us. She said no, she's not and she was even her OB. I was put on a pitocin drip at a really low level. The nurse comes in and asks if I wanted morophine and that the doctor ok'd it to help me sleep. That if the contractions got bad enough they could wake the baby up with some other medicine. We thought that was a little wierd so I decided not to take it. I wanted a natural birth with no epideral. I did take Nubain for the contraction pain and it wore off quickly. About midnight I heard a pop sound and then felt water gushing out. The nurse wasn't sure it was my water that broke. Later she determined it was. I was finally dialating. I went from 1 cm, to 3, then 7, then to 9 where I felt the worst pain. I wanted to push so bad, but I couldn't yet. I then got to 10! The doctor came in and said does it hurt. I said yes, but I can handle it. Then she said "That's what you wanted!" Then she says to the nurse (as if we weren't there) These people think I'm C-Section happy someone told them this. And you still went with me? (this is while I"m in labor and pushing) Then my husband say's first off I heard this from 3 different sources and one of them was just this week. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I don't think this is the time or place to discuss this. (the room went silent) I saw that my hubby was about to go off and I grabbed him just before a contraction and said (that's not important right now). I went on to push and then the doctor said I have to go check on my C-Section case. I felt like I didn't want here there and I was angry, but I kept my focus (I had no epideral....and there were nurses in the hall that were cheering for me (as I was told) I then was determined to push the baby out just to prove to the doctor that I could. I was in labor for 15 hours and I pushed for 2 hours. I was sooo angry everytime the doctor would come in. I was hoping that I would have the baby without her there. She played with my babies hair that was sticking out saying(I'm making a little mohawk). The baby comes out with the cord wrapped around his neck and my husband cuts it an blood splattered into a million dots on his face. She says afterward I really thought I was going to have to do a C-section on you, but I'm glad you proved me wrong. I had a third degree tear (it hurt) She numbed and sewed me up. We filed a complaint about the doctor when we got home from the hospital (she was unprofessional) The baby weighed 9 pounds 10 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long. I'm sooo glad he's finally here.
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:sleepygirl:Bridget's Birth Story

"westside girl" wrote:

On Friday morning, 12/10, I had a doctor appointment. I was feeling pretty good, but felt a little crampy. When the nurse asked how I was feeling, I told her. She said that the doctor would want to do an exam then (she wasn't going to check me until the following week, just days before my scheduled induction). Everything was good, blood pressure, baby's heartbeat, etc. & then she checked me & told me that I was 3cm dialated. I was a bit surprised, but happy. I didn't want to get to my induction date & not be dialated at all. The doctor proceded to tell me, more than once, that she may still see me over the week end. I was a bit surprised, but didn't think it would happen that soon. So, I went to work & still felt the cramps & now had some bloody discharge from the exam. I took a late lunch that day & went to my mom's house during lunch. While I was there, the "cramps" felt a little worse & I just over all felt blah. So I sent my boss, who was out of the office that day (& it's just me & him in our office) & told him how I felt & that I was going to call it an early day. I went back to the office to pick up a few items, just in case it was going to be a while before I was back & came home & laid down for a while. I was still having a lot of discharge & was getting nervous that the doctor could be right & I would be going in over the week end. So I got up, finished packing my bag, did some laundry, decorated the Christmas tree & got some other things done around the house. Just as DH was going to pick up a pizza for dinner, I got up from the computer & noticed my pants were all wet... I think my water broke! I waited a little while & the contractions started to feel worse (it was a couple of hours earlier that I realized the "cramps" were actually contractions), this was about 7:30 Friday night & I called the doctor about an hour later. She wasn't sure it was my water that broke, but I was pretty convinced it was. She told me to call back if anything else happened & she would let the hospital know I may be in at some point that night. Now the contractions were getting strong, but still not coming regularly, so I finished everything I wanted to do & laid down about 10:30. Then about an hour later, they got really hard & were coming every 7 minutes. After a few, then it was 6 minutes, then was going between 4-6 minutes. Finally I couldn't take much more, so at 1:10am, I told DH we had to go. He jumped up, got changed, I got changed, we got everything together & were out the door. We arrived at L&D at 1:40. I got changed & the nurse did an exam at 2:00 & said I was 5cm & I was going to be staying. They asked me then if I wanted an epidural & I excitedly said yes! So then I got moved to my room. The hospital redid the entire L&D floor a few years ago & every delivery room is super nice. So, at 3:15 I got the epidural & was in heaven, almost immediately I couldn't feel a single contraction, which were now coming every 2 minutes. The nurse checked me again at 4:00am & guessed I was at 8cm... she was wrong, I was at 10! She talked to the doctor & she said since I was comfortable, let me hang out for an hour & check again, see if the baby has moved down any more. Which by the way, the baby had been pretty low all this time, since my appointment. So, 5:00 came & I had actually dozed off for about 20 minutes, & She checked again, said the same thing, just hang out, since I still felt good. They wanted to the baby to move down with the contractions, so it would be less pushing for me in the end & I was good with that. She told me the doctor would be in about 6:30, so I was excited, thinking it was about time to meet this little person inside of me. I called my parents & DH called his soon after, but nothing was going to happen for a while. When the doctor got there, they gave me pitocin, because contractions had slowed down after the epidural. The pitocin didn't really kick in, I didn't feel the contractions or any pressure. So after we waited for me to feel this for a couple of hours, the doctor decided the baby was getting much lower & that we would start the delivery & I would start pushing. The first push came at 9:54am and then I pushed about 5 more times and at 10:16am my baby girl was out.

It was completely amazing & wonderful and than God, it was uneventful. She was able to stay with me for a few hours while I was in recovery & then when I got moved to my room, she went to the nursery for a couple of hours to get checked out & got a bath. She stayed with me most of the time, but did spend some time in the nursery while we were in the hospital. We came home that Monday, in a snow storm. It was super cold,windy & snowing. Again, so glad we live only a few mintutes from the hospital.

The nursing was a bit of a challenge the first few days, but is getting better. She had her check up at 10 days & was back to her birth weight. Her doctor was impressed with that & said it usually takes about 2 weeks.

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:sleepygirl:Daphne Rose Birth Story

"Jumarse" wrote:

On Wednesday, December 15th, I took Colby with me for a visit to the chiropractor. I had seen him on Monday, and was going back for further adjustments to get SuperGirl into LOA position. It was so crowded in the office, the two waiting rooms they had were both filled, and I knew it was going to be a fun time waiting with Colby. That morning I woke up feeling really poorly, not too much different than I had been for several days prior. I'd been nauseated the entire pregnancy, but the days leading up to Wednesday it was a different level of nausea and just "offness". I had been really crampy for a few days, and that morning was getting even more crampy. So that Wednesday I asked Dh to get Colby down for a nap or quiet time, I had to take a nap. When Colby's quiet time was up, I heard him and got out of bed, going directly to the couch. Later I force myself to get up and just go. So we're waiting in the crowded office, and I have to pee. We go to the bathroom, and there's bloody show and some plug. I tell myself I KNEW it was going to be today, although who really knows. I go back and tell them we are leaving and the reason. Call Dh and tell him that while driving I think my water might have broken, I was feeling trickles of stuff. Get home, go to the bathroom again, and there's no doubt the water has broken. It's shortly after 5pm around this time, DH is on his way home, his parents on the way over to watch Colby, and my goal was to take another shower. I go to the bathroom to shower and all the sudden it seemed like the cramping just went up several levels out of no where. I look at the clock and the cramps are coming about 4 minutes apart, and I freak out. They are all still lower, but very painful, and I remember stories of water breaking and going to 8cm in 45 minutes. I ditch the shower and tell Dh I'm paranoid and want us all to just go to the hospital 45 minutes away, the soonest his parents would get there would be close to 2 hours. The plan was for him to just drop me off, and come back and drop Colby off, and hope for the best. Get to the hospital in the 6pm hour, and DH doesn't want me to just go up to L&D alone, but I'm on a mission. I tell him to just please take Colby home, and that was that. Get upstairs and I'm doubled over and all that, by this point the contractions are 2-3 minutes apart. They whisk me away to check that SuperGirl is still vertex and to see how dilated I am. She's still vertex and I'm a fingertip. A FINGERTIP???!?!!?!?! I couldn't believe it. The doctor said that it's not entirely uncommon to have unproductive contractions, and asked if I was interested in an epi at that point or if I wanted to walk around. I wanted to walk. Called Dh and let him know there was PLENTY of time. Still contracting every 2-3 minutes and walking the halls. Went back every so often just to check in, and at some point they said they wanted to monitor me for a bit, which I was fine with. Nice and strong contractions still going on the same 2-3 minute schedule and lasting for close to a minute each. About 2 hours had passed at this point. Checked again. Oh wow, I'm a 1!! WTH!! I was getting so frustrated. Walked, bounced, sat on the toilet, cried. I couldn't believe I was in all this pain, and not dilating, what was going on? Ultimately about 5 hours passed with contractions staying like this before they started their downward spiral. Went from 2-3 minutes apart and very strong, to 3-4 minutes apart moderately strong, down to 4-5 minutes apart, strong. All the while I'm doing everything I can to keep things going. At around 3 or 4 am, I just had to get into bed, I couldn't do it anymore, I had been up since 5am the previous morning. This is when I was checked again and just felt so defeated, as if the other checks were uplifting. I was a 3 if the doc stretched me, 90% effaced and at station 2. Nothing was happening, it was a losing battle no matter what I did. I couldn't have pit because I was trying for a VBAC, so it was entirely up to my body to do what it needed to if I wanted to have SuperGirl come into the world vaginally. The on call doctor was one of my favorites. She was so kind and understanding, not one word about a repeat c/s, only that I could labor until 3pm that day, and then we'd need to look into a c/s because of the water breakage 24 hours prior. At 7am was the shift change for nurses and the on call doc. The new doc came in and repeated the previous doc's sentiments about continuing to labor. I was so exhausted and worn out, Dh and I talked about the option of a repeat c/s. It wasn't my first choice at all, but everything leading up to that point was just so heavy on my shoulders, I was tired, hungry, still in pain, and nothing to show for it. When the doc came back in and asked if I wanted to be checked again, I said yes. Nothing had changed, and it was at that point I just said that's it. I'm done. She's not coming out vaginally, the contractions are going the wrong way....the productive ones, or the ones that should have been productive, didn't do a thing. Contractions now coming every 4-5 minutes and getting to a 3 in 14 hours wasn't going to make the grade. The call was made, I was going to have a repeat c/s, but continue to work on walking, etc, and get checked before leaving for the OR. Things ran late, and it wasn't until closer to 9:30am that we were to head out. Checked again. Same dismal story, which helped me confirm I was making the right decision. I had the same anesthesiologist as I did with Colby, which I took for a good sign, he was awesome. Did all the pre-op stuff before Dh came in. I was having a hard time, vomiting, heaving, BP wasn't going back up properly, heart rate was staying low. I never went into the whys, I just figure it was because I was beat the hell up from what ended up being a 16 hour labor attempt. Things stabalized and Dh came in. At 10:17am on December 16, Daphne Rose was born, weighing 8lbs 6oz, 20 1/2 inches long. She cried immediately. I cried immediately. DH cried immediately. All the standard stuff happened, and I told Dh I wanted him to follow her to the nursery as he did with Colby. I was having a hard time again on the table and it continued into recovery. No fun, because I'll be honest and the last thing on my mind at that point was seeing my daughter. I remember crying and just thinking I just want this to be over, I want to feel better and I want to go home with my daughter. Thankfully the nurses at this hospital are angels, absolute angels. My hand got held, my hair got stroked, and someone was always with me in a companion capacity. Dh came in a few times, but I just felt horrible and said I didn't want him to see me like that, I wanted him with Daphne. He understood and knew I was being taken care of. Finally at 1:30pm I was ready enough to go back to the room. They went by the nursery to pick up Daphne, but she was already in the room with Dh, they'd been there for the last 2 hours together, just the 2 of them. I held her and loved on her. And then I fell asleep. I had been up 32 hours and had last eaten 24 hours prior, had been beat the hell up and back, but had been blessed with the most beautiful child who came into this world healthy and alive, full of life, and waited for. It wasn't the way I had planned it, not even close to how I thought it would happen, but all in all, I'd do it all over again for her. She is such a content baby, even when she cries, it's this subdued "I'd like something please" cry. Colby is a fabulous big brother, gentle and kind to his little sister. I couldn't be happier.
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Benjamin's birth story:

Benjamin Jeffrey
6lbs 6oz
18 3/4 inches

I had been having prodromal labor since about 29 weeks. I had been checked on Thursday morning at the doc, and I was at a stretchy 2, soft, about 80% effaced, and -1 station. I hadn't changed much in a few weeks, so I figured we still had some time. Friday night/Saturday morning, my contractions started to change. They weren't real heavy duty or very bad even, but because he had been lazy on his NST's, my doctor asked me to come in. I was 4cm when I arrived, and they were getting stronger and closer together. I sat with my husband and chatted, rocking in a rocking chair. By 8:30 or so I hadn't changed, but my contractions continued to get stronger and closer together, and I was effacing more, so we decided because we knew my history of fast labors (My last 2 were 3 hours and 4 hours respectively) we decided to hang out and see.
I didn't ask to be checked until I got to a point that I was having to really concentrate, I'm guessing it would have been around noon, because my husband went to go grab lunch .... I was 5. Talk about completely disheartening. After having such fast labors, I seriously felt dysfunctional. I talked it over with my husband, my mom, and my nurse, and decided that I really didn't mind pitocin. I had pit with my last 2 babies, and knew I could still go without an epidural, I had done it before. The pit got hooked up, my water broke, and I was rocking and breathing all in a span of about an hour. It was about 2:30 or so at that point, and the contractions weren't unbearable, but they certainly weren't pleasant. I was checked at 3:30, I was still 5cm. Checked at 5, still 5cm.
I can't even tell you how hard I broke down. I was to the point of hyperventilating, feeling like my body was failing me with my last baby, and that for some reason, my entire pregnancy I had feared having a C-Section. I've never worried about it before, so that was odd for me. Here I was, stuck at a place that I just couldn't get past, and I was afraid my nightmares were coming true.
My nurse was FANTASTIC. (I forgot to mention, she was one of my nurses with Delaney, and the nurse who caught her when she flew out. lol) She had stayed with me for my entire labor up until this point, and talked me through contractions, chatting about her family, mine, and just life in general in between contractions. She had VERY slowly increased the pit up until that point so that I wouldn't hyperstimulate my uterus. She finally turned it up to 10 at 5:30. She suggested that Benjamin may be lying funny, so I should try to turn him. She laid me in bed, with one leg straight, the other bent, almost on my stomach. I'm not quite sure how to describe it, but I went through about 5 contractions, and then I literally FELT him turn and descend. I could feel his back line up with mine, and his head move down. It was VERY strange.
At 6 oclock, I truly felt like I was starting transition. I started puking, I was having to moan through my contractions, I couldn't sit still, and I started to sweat. I asked her to check me when I started feeling horrible pressure. I was 6cm at 6:30. I broke down again. At this point, I told her it was stupid to continue like this, I couldn't labor this way for another 4,5, 6 hours and survive it. I was exhausted, and I felt like a failure. I started getting a bag of fluid at 6:45.
They called the anesthesiologist at 7. At 7:20, I finally asked where the hell he was. It's NOT a big hospital, and didn't he realize that THIS HURT?! (I look back on it now, and it was more of a begging and pleading for them to get him there, but in my mind I was pretty pis.sed. lol) He showed up at 7:22. (I looked at the clock. haha) I sat up on the edge of the bed, I felt the Novocain where he was going to stick the needle/catheter, and that was IT. I told my nurse that Benjamin was coming NOW. The anesthesiologist was SO pis.sed when I laid back down. She kept telling me not to push, that I'd tear my cervix, it was only 7cm dilated and that could be REALLY bad. I told her, as best I could, that I *KNEW* I was complete. My body did what it needed to. I couldn't have stopped pushing even if I tried my hardest. (I found out later that a few of the nurses heard me outside. One of them told me "I came in as soon as I heard you. I knew you were ready, it's just one of those sounds. Any mom without an epidural makes the SAME sound when she hits that point. I knew he was coming.") I laid down, my nurse checked me, and lo and behold, she found a head. She yelled at one of the other nurses to hurry and call my doc, he had been in an 8 hour surgery with another OB removing tumors from a woman with ovarian cancer. Lyn (my nurse) sat with me and talked to me with her hand in my vagina, holding Benjamin in until the doctor got there. At that point he was already past my pubic bone, so that intense urge to push had passed. I concentrated on her, she was telling me how wonderful I had been, that I was amazing and I could do it, to breathe, she breathed with me.
Because I was so zoned in on Lyn, I guess I really didn't notice the chaos in the room. Apparently (heard secondhand from my mom and husband) there was one nurse holding his gown, one nurse holding his gloves, and one with a mask, so when my OB ran in, it was like a doctor assembly line. I actually would have paid to see that, because I think it'd be hilarious.
He sat down, told me whenever I felt ready I could go ahead. Truthfully, at that point, he was moving down on his own, and I wanted to be able to stretch my perineum while the doc was massaging it so that I'd tear less. He really did move down on his own time until the very end. I pushed once, and Benjamin was born at 7:32pm. (So much for 3 hour labors, eh?)
I'm not the type of person who can cry after my births. I think the intense rush of relief afterward is just too powerful to be able to cry. I got a lump in my throat, and felt like I couldn't breathe, but I just couldn't cry. (I did find out yesterday that my husband cut the cord. I don't remember that, either. I should, I was fully aware and there, but for some reason, I have NO recollection of him cutting his cord.) He laid on me for a few, and went to get cleaned off.
A few minutes later, they brought him back to lay on my chest for skin to skin. I still hadn't really seen him very well since he had been laying on my chest for any contact I had up until this point. I asked them to wrap him up and let me sit up so I could see him. They brought over a blanket, and I sat up. It broke my heart to look at him, wide awake, and be shocked by how bad his cleft really looked at that point. (He was still swollen and red, scrunchy like an angry old man.) It took me a few minutes to process it, I'll be honest. Even expecting and knowing that he'd have a cleft lip didn't prepare me for the realization that this was my baby and he did, in fact, have a cleft lip. (He also has a small cleft on the right that wasn't visible because of how minor it is. The lip is complete, it just looks like there's a fold in it.) After a few minutes, it just really didn't seem to matter anymore. I checked to see if he had hair, looked at his face to see who he looked like, his feet and hands. He was weighed and measured, and eventually, taken to the nursery to be checked over. He still hadn't really cried, but was nice and pink and looked great. I've come to discover that he really IS just that laid back. He was 6lbs 6oz and 18 3/4 inches long. (I do remember thinking that I went through all of that for a baby that small?! I expected him to be bigger than my girls. lol)
He has really been wonderful, he's perfect. He does have a cleft palate, so he can't suck, but I've had great success with pumping so far. He's eating about 30cc's a feeding (sometimes up to about 50cc depending on time of day and when his last feed was. I think that converts to an ounce? ounce and a half? and eats about every 3 hours.) I can pump about 75cc every couple of hours, so far I'm a bit ahead of the game, and every day I can pump a little more. I've never been so grateful for breastmilk.

He really is an angel baby, and I truly can't imagine him any other way. I'm still super hormonal and find myself crying because I love him so much, it's actually sort of pathetic. Anyway, for those of you who made it this far, thanks. lol I know it was long.

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Ace's Birth Story

Ace Brennan Roland
12/23/10 8:27 pm
7 lbs 14.5 oz 21inches long

on 12/23/10 I woke up at 3am to some strong contractions. I got up to use the restroom and noticed that I was spotting. I got a little excited but tried to go back to bed. I finally got up around 4:45 am and got in the shower. I went about my day as usual, took a walk, did some chores, etc. The contractions would get to be 3 min apart while I was walking but then space back out to 7-8 min when resting. So I figured they would go away again.

I had my 40 week appt at 9:40 and I went in for that. The dr. said that I was still 1.5 cm dilated but that I was more like 90% effaced now. She was still concerned that there was a piece of cerclage left and she basically said I would either rip through it, or it would slide out as I dilated. She confirmed early labor and home I went.

When I got home I took another walk, and could get the contractions coming every 2 mins, but again they would space out when I rested. So I just decided to rest at this point. Around 2pm They were getting pretty strong, but still not regularly spaced out. I decided that I was ready to go to L&D to be checked and hope they didn't send me home. We got the kids together and over to my moms. Once we got to L&D they confirmed I was in labor (duh) but I STILL hadn't dilated anymore! I was so disappointed. We explained the cerclage possibility, and the dr. checked. She wasn't sure if it was stitch or scar tissue.... so they were going to have to break it up once I was in active labor. I figured they were sending me home... But then the lovely nurse said, "when did your water break?". I was like umm.. my water broke? With my last two, my water broke in a huge flood of nastiness. This time, apparently, it was leaking. I guessed that it probably broke around 1pm because that's when the contractions started getting stronger.

So we went to our room to await the epidural. There was no way I could go through breaking up of scar tissues without one! lol It took over an hour and 2 anesthesiologists to get the epidural in! I guesstimated over 20 pokes... ugh! But it was worth it. Once I was comfortable, they let me rest for a while. Around 6:30 the dr. came in the check and see if I had dilated more and to see about breaking up the scar tissue. She checked me and I was still only 1.5 cm! So they got out all types of instruments (spreaders, speculums, clamps, scissors, etc) to try and break up the scar tissue. During this lovely ordeal we were laughing and joking that I had a very good epidural! lol They finally found a piece of cerclage that had embedded itself into my cervix. The only way to get it out was to cut it out... so yeah it's a good thing for that epidural. Once the stitch was cut, I instantly dilated to a loose 4.5 to 5 cm.

At this point Ace was having some decels in his heart rate. So they gave me oxygen and put internal monitors on him. He kept having decels with every contraction, so they monitored me. About 8pm I told the nurse I felt pressure. She asked me did it feel like I needed to poop, and I replied, "No, it feels like his head is going to come out of my vagina...". lol they checked me and I was complete.

While they went to get the dr., my hubby called my mom. She was going to miss the birth most likely.. ugh! We didn't expect to dilate 5 cm in an hour.

While we were on the phone with my mom about 10 people came in my room and started yelling at me I had to push NOW! that bed was apart and my feet were in the air in maybe 5 seconds flat! His heart rate had gone down to 40 and the second that happened they wanted him out.

4 pushes later and Ace was born! He was perfectly healthy with no complications. His decels were most likely due to the fact that I dilated so quickly.

We spent the first hour skin to skin and breastfeeding. Then they weighed him and gave him his first bath. He has been a very good baby and we are so blessed that he's here Smile

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We went in Christmas Eve with me contracting pretty consistently, I think around every 6 mins or so. Doc on Weds said I was dilated to 3 or 4, doc in L&D on Thurs night said I was dilated to 2. That made me pretty annoyed... They mentioned the fact that I was attempting a VBAC about 15 times in the first 20 mins we were there, like they were trying to set some kind of record for mentioning it or something. After 2 hours of being hooked up to the monitors, they came in and said I wasn't in labor and could either go home or be induced. I told the doc "I can't be induced, I'm a VBAC..." she said "Yeah, you can have pitocin" to which I answered: "No I can't, it takes my risk of rupture rate super high" and she sort of looked at me funny and said "well yeah..." :rolleyes: ~Anywhoooo~

We decided to go home, and on our way home I started having a lot of pain. Really intense, feeling like my intestines were exploding, OMG OW pain. I thought I was somehow in transition, it was that painful. Sat on the toilet for about 15 mins, almost screaming in pain. Tom kept telling me we were going back to the hospital - he had my purse in the van again and the door open. I said no, I was going to take a bath and see if that helped. It did, but the contractions started up again as soon as I got out. I went to lay down in bed to see if it got any better, and it never did. I managed to get about an hour and a half of sleep total all night because I was having contractions every 2 mins from about 12 am until 7 ish am Christmas morning.

So at about 7 I woke Tom up, said I couldn't handle it any more and we were going to the hospital. So we got ready quickly and headed off. I thought for sure they would check me and I'd be at 8 or something and we would have her in a couple hours. They checked me again, nope - still 2 but more thinned out. At that point, I said I wanted to talk to the doc about a repeat c/s. I was physically exhausted and hearing I hadn't dilated any more made me wanna punch the wall. Well, as chance would have it, a min or two later, Gabby decelled really bad. Nurse put me on oxygen and said I needed to get on my side - then I knew for sure we would be having the c/s. So I told them, call the docs in, we want the c/s.

After they left, I spent about 10 mins crying because I was SO frustrated that my body just wouldn't do it. My body would not give birth to a baby, but I knew I needed to be done. I knew in less than 2 hours, I would be holding my baby girl and thats all that mattered at that point. So, we got all the paper work signed, docs showed up and within about 45 mins we were in the OR. I had my ipod in so I couldn't hear most of what they were talking about. At some point I heard "abruption" and I knew there was a problem. The doc said "ok, lots of pressure" and felt them move her up. After about a min, the pressure was gone but there was no noise. That was a long minute.... waiting and waiting to hear her cry. When she did I relaxed, but I could still tell she was in distress of some kind.

I could hear them suctioning her over and over again but tom was focused on her and there were no nurses next to me to ask what was going on. Finally, after probably 5 mins, my reg doc was next to me and I asked her if my placenta had abrupted. She said yes, it was pulling away from my uterus and that there was a lot of blood in the amniotic fluid, which is what Gabby was choking on. Tom said they pulled a lot out of her. Another 5 mins or so went by and she was finally crying normally. I asked how big she was and they said she was 6 pounds, 7 oz and 18.5 inches long. I couldn't believe that she was smaller than William, she always felt huge. Apgars were 9 and 9, color was good, no jaundice at all.

Shes a super quiet baby, very calm and relaxed until she wants something and then its like you've been ignoring her for days. She goes from fine to frenzied screaming in 3 seconds, its crazy. The breast feeding is going pretty well thankfully. Shes a very aggressive nurser, both my nipples are already cracked and have bled. But its just the first couple days, we've got time to get used to it! I still can't believe that she is here, it hasn't sunk in yet. She looks so much like William, you'd think they were identical twins separated by two years. She was quite the talk of the hospital too, the nurses kept coming in and saying "so this is the Christmas baby, huh?" Quite the ordeal for such a tiny little thing! (Oh, and did I mention she needed to be vacuumed out? With a c/s? ...stubborn child....)

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:sleepyboy:Oliver's Birth Story

"jmoehle" wrote:

Oliver Philip M*** was born on December 18, 2010 at 10:21am weighing in at 7 lbs and 8.5 oz, 21.5 inches.

On Friday night, December 17, I decided to lay down and read and Phil and I were going to watch a TV show (Blue Bloods) at 9:00pm. I feel asleep and woke at 8:17 to a huge contraction. I yelled down to Phil to start timing because I knew that this wasn’t like anything I had felt before. The contractions continued sporadically but were coming fast. They were varying between 2 minutes apart and up to 7 or 8 minutes apart. I was down on all fours because they were mostly in my lower back. I was having Phil push on my back when I would have one and they were definitely causing me to moan out loud. Bosun (the dog) was wondering what in the world was going on and was very worried about me. He kept trying to get underneath me when I was on all fours and lick my face!

My mom was staying with us and was out to dinner with her friends. She got home around 10:00pm and saw how close they were coming and said she thought we should go to the hospital. I thought initially that we could make it through the night and go in the morning....I was wrong. About 10:35pm we packed up and headed to the hospital. I was telling Phil to drive slower...ok faster and get around this guy...back seat driver to the max. I didn’t have a contraction for the entire 7 minutes we were on the freeway and thought maybe I was done...nope. They kept coming.

We got to L&D and they took me to the triage room where there was a great midwife (who was knitting) and MA and they were teaching the proper way to breath through the contractions without being so tense and to relax. I was doing so well they thought I would be able to have baby without drugs...ya right, is what I told them. I was only dilated to a 2+ and about 80% effaced, however my BP was way too high, 139/100 and 146/112 was the kicker. They were worried about pre-eclampsia but I didn’t have any other symptoms. They took labs anyway and had me pee in a cup and all came back fine, but they decided to admit me to watch the BP.

Once we were in the delivery room it was about 12:15am and I knew I would have a my baby today on 12/18. We had a very nice huge corner suite, the nurse started me IV and didn’t do a good job at all. Her hands were shaking and I could tell she wasn’t very confident in her abilities to do this. She asked if I had taken labor classes because I was breathing through the contractions so well. I told her no and had just learned how to do this from the mid-wife about 10 minutes ago! They decided to give me the epidural which was just fine with me. I was a little worried about it slowing down the labor and my progression, but it was the middle of the night by this point and we needed sleep. The epi was in by 1:30am and I had some great relief for a few hours. Phil barely slept and I tried, but never really fell asleep. At some point a resident came in to talk about how the labor would go and he told me they would give me pitocin if I slowed down. I told him I didn’t want pitocin at all and that they needed to break my water as the next step. He said that would be fine. So we decided to wait and see how I progressed.

The next thing I know I’m itching like crazy and know I’m having an epi reaction. I also haven’t been pushing the epi button to keep the drug coming so now I’m behind and having to breath through some big contractions! I pushed the button and got back on top of the pain but could still move my legs and feel all the pressure of the contractions which is exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want to be completely numb and not able to feel anything.

The nurse came in and gave me benadryl for the itching. What a mistake that was!! I totally passed out and felt totally drugged...but no more itching! At 4:20am another resident came into check me and I was only a 3! I was so glad I’d had the epidural because it would have sucked to have labored that long and not progressed at all. She broke my water and I could tell things were picking up although I could barely stay awake.

At 7:00am the final nurse that would help me deliver this little bundle came in. Her name was Stacy and she was amazing! She was the charge nurse and so fantastic. They had been text paging Dr. Sharp with my progression all night and she told me that he was also her doc and had delivered all 3 of her kids. She was so mad they had given me benadryl because she could tell I was kind of out of it and didn’t want to be. I was a 5cm by 7:00am which was great.

At 9:00am she came in and I was at a 9 1/2 cm and she said, ok Jess you’re going to start pushing in about 30 min as soon as Dr. Sharp gets here. They put on an oxygen mask for about 15min because babies heart rate was dropping a bit. Phil and I jumped into action. Got the blinds open, I got my contacts in....got a wet washcloth on my face to wake me up! Every time a contraction came I could feel a gush of water and I could definitely feel little man’s head descending.

By 9:30 and we started pushing. Oh my gosh it was hard but I felt really strong and was doing great. Dr. Sharp left for a little bit since it takes so long for babies head to get down and Stacy took over the coaching for pushing and wanted us to make good progress before Dr. Sharp came back and we did! They decided that they wanted to see if we could get this baby here in under an hour of pushing because I was doing so well. Phil had decided earlier that not only did he want to cut the cord...he wanted to help catching the baby! Crazy man. Dr. had me reach down to feel the babies head and they said that they could tell he had lots of hair! It felt like a hairy little egg. I knew we were getting close and gave some final big pushes that hurt!! I could tell I was ripping a bit, but baby slid out and was here!

His Apgar was an 8 at 1min and a 9 at 5min. He pinked right up with Stacy rubbing him. I was crying and totally overwhelmed. They got my beautiful baby right up on my chest and I counted his little feet and toes and just marveled at his blue eyes. He was so beautiful. Dr. Sharp had to work on me for awhile. Seemed like forever. I had 2 second degree tears going to odd directions and he was having trouble with one of the sucher instruments. They told me I was fine but it seemed like he was working on me forever. My uterus tightened up so bleeding wasn’t an issue thank goodness.

Another nurse Anna (little Mexican lady) got the ointment on babies eyes with Phil helping and had me hold him for awhile. They got me some food and Anna helped Phil give baby his first bath while I watched and took a few photos from bed.

We are so lucky to have a healthy happy baby boy!! We couldn’t love you more little Ollie and are so happy to be your parents.

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Stetson's Birth Story

Stetson Allen
7lbs 5ozs
19 inches long

Alright well I had a doctors appointment on Monday the 20th. It was going to be my last appointment reguardless because of the BP issues that I had been having. My OB didnt feel comfortable letting me go too far past my due date. So I went in at 10:45 to my doctors appointment and nothing had changed. No dialation and no effacing but I was soft but that's not saying much I had been soft sence November 22nd when I was in the hospital. So off to be induced I went.

I got to L&D at about noon. Me and my mom stopped to eat because I knew that the nurses wouldn't let me eat once we got there and I didn't feel like being hungry. So when I got to L&D I got hooked up to the IV and sadly they were unable to start the pitocin until about 3 pm because my papers weren't in from my doctors office which kind of fustreated me. My OB had told me the week before that we would induce on the 20th. But whatever I wasn't too upset about it.

So at about 3 we got the pit started up to get this going. By this time I had started to have some light contractions on my own so it kinda kicked those up a notch but they weren't terrible or really even painfull. I asked to have a birthing ball brought to my room because I didn't want to be completely stuck in bed even though they did have me hooked up to all the monitors and stuff (They insisted because of the pitocin). So everything was pretty quite for a while.

Things between 3 and about 9 pm went really uneventfully. My mom went and got some magazines and a coloring book for me.. Yes.. I was in labor and I was coloring in my 'My little Ponies' coloring book. I read a little of my Percy Jackson book. There was a nurse change at 7pm and I was really suprised. The nurse came in and introduced herself and asked me a million questions.. About how I wanted to labor, if I wanted to breast feed, and she even snuck me a grilled cheese from the cafeteria!

At nine I started to get really crampy and the contractions started to get a little painfull so I bounced aorund on the birthing ball they brought me for about an hour. By 10 I was getting pretty miserable. I asked to be check and I was still at a 1 but I was starting to efface. I asked not to be told how much. At 10:30 I asked to be checked again because things were getting really painful and I was at a 4. By 10:45 I was asking for an epidural. You know I have been planning a NCB this entire pregnancy but honestly I just couldn't do it. I give you ladies whom do it all natural kudos. I caved lol.

At 11 the anastesiologist came in to do the epi and I started to panic. I hate needles so just seeing her made me freak. But she was really nice. She told me absolutly everything she was doing before she did it. Sadly it took her about another 15 minutes to get the epidural in. For some reason she couldn't get it to go in and she kept appologizing a millions times for it. So by 11:30 I was in heaven!!

at midnight I was starting to feel a little pushy so I asked to be checked again and I was at a 7! Whoo hooo talk about some progress. I was happy. I jumped 6 cm in 2 hours haha! I thought I was going to have a middle of the night baby. Boy was I wrong. The epidural worked great until about 2 when is started to wear off.

By 3 the anasteciologist (sp???) had to come in and up my dosage in the epidural. At htis point I was feeling the contractions in my back and in my shoulders. I never knew you could feel contractions in your shoulders. It was horrible. The epidural wasn't even touching them they were too high.

So the next couple hours were horrible I had to moan and chant thru the contractions that were on top of each other. I had the epidural drugs maxed out and I was still feeling the contractions. I don't know why but I started to say chuuu chuuu.. Like a train thru every contractions. It was very relaxing to me and about the only way I could concentrate thru them. They kept asking to break my water and I wouldn't let them.

At 7am the nurses switched again and I got another great nurse. She was in my room for the next hour saying my chuu chuus with me! I loved her but sadly I can't remember her name. At about 7 they asked to check me to see where I was. I was at a 9. They asked to break my water and I let them. 5 hours of contractions led to 2 cm dialated reguardless to say I wanted to move things along. So at about 7:15 they broke my water.

At 8 I needed to push. Bad. She they checked me and I was complete. They told me to do what I needed to do until the doctor got there. So I started to push. They called up the doctor she was there at about 8:15. I don't remember much about the pushing. I know that the nurse was there and kept telling me that I was pushing like a champ. Which made me feel really good. My doctor had to yell at me a little bit because I kept saying I couldn't do it. I also remember asking her for help a couple times. Between the contractions and the pushing I ended up with 2 pulled shoulder muscles. I did end up with a 2nd degree tear but that’s not too bad.

At 8:40 am on December 21st my son was born. Stetson Allen weighed 7 pounds and 5 ounces and was 19 inches long. The doctor had called in a nicu team because of how maxed out I had the epidural drugs. When he came out they laid him on my chest for a couple moments and then they rushed him off to his little team in the corner to be checked out. At first he didn't really cry. He sounded so weak it really kinda freaked me out. But he was fine. He even peed on his NICU team hehe. His apgar stores where 9 and 9. He was perfect.

You know for the past 9 months I had been planning this perfect birth. Dreaming about how it would go and fooling myself into believeing it was going to go perfectly and I was going to do just great. But after everything that I went thru I am ok that I didn't get my NCB. I am ok that I had to be yelled at because I kept saying I couldn't do it. I'm jsut happy that my son is here and hes healthy and happy. There's nothing in this world like holding your baby for the first time or any sound in the world that compairs to hearing their first cries.

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:sleepygirl:Olivia's Birthstory

"tink9702" wrote:

I kept saying to myself that she had to wait until the 5th to be born because I wanted my son to be able to go to my work christmas party. It's a huge family event with petting zoo, food, Santa, free christmas trees, games for the kids etc. The party was on the 4th and we had a wonderful time. I went to sleep that night figuring we still probably had a week or so until my daughter would be born. Well I was wrong!

I woke up on the morning of the 5th around 7:15am. By 7:30am I was feeling moderate contractions. I decided I better get some things done that morning just in case this was her birthday! DH made breakfast and I supervised decorating the Christmas tree. Ethan had a great time taking the ornaments off that he could reach. After the tree I decided a shower was in order. The contractions were still around even though I'd been relaxing and drinking water. They were really irregular, anywhere from 6 minutes to 10 minutes apart at that point. I decided to go upstairs and get some work done to keep me distracted. I kept working until around 11:30 with the contractions still pretty irregular. At that point it was time for Ethan's lunch so I went back downstairs to help with that. DH had been cleaning the house, trying to get rid of his nervous energy! I ate a mozzarella cheese stick but really didn't want anything else for lunch. The contractions started getting closer together 4-5 minutes apart and finally regular. They were also becoming stronger so we decided we should head to the hospital. We called our friends but they were 40 minutes out from our house, so we called our backup, another friend who lives closer and was at home. DH threw the last minute items, my glasses & camera into the hospital bag while we waited for someone to arrive. Ethan finished lunch and we put him down for a nap. He knew something was going on though so didn't nap for more than 30 minutes before he was up. Our friend finally arrived to watch Ethan and I walked to the car between contractions. We headed to the hospital, a 20 minute drive away. The car ride was so uncomfortable. I hate not being able to move around and get into a comfortable position while in the car. I used my hypnobabies training the most during this time.

Once we got to the hospital I checked in a Triage. My bloodpressure was great and I was dialated to 6cm and 100%effaced with -1 station. So our baby still had to descend quite a bit but I was definitly having my baby soon and wouldn't be sent home. I had been diagnosed with GBS+ so the nurse needed to run an IV line for antibiotics. I personally think she was pretty incompetent because the only place she could find to put the IV was in my hand. I give blood all the time and though they sometimes have a little trouble, I've always been able to have the needle in my inner elbow. Anyway, they wanted to run a quick 20 minute fetal heartrate check before "allowing" me upstairs into the Birthing Center as the birthing center only does intermittent monitoring. Well it was awful. They couldn't get the baby's heartrate on the monitor. They'd catch her heartrate around 110, but then it would skip to 220, doubling which is very dangerous if that is what is actually happening. In light of this they decided and I agreed to be checked into a regular delivery room for monitoring. I was starting to freak out, but between DH calming me down and using hypnobabies, I was able to semi-relax by the time we got upstairs. Once we got up there, the room was actually really nice, large and lots of windows and the nursing staff was really nice. The nurse found my baby's heartrate right away and it was perfect, in the 140's. One of the nurses brought me cranberry juice, I relaxed through contractions and we waited for the 20 minute fetal heartrate check. Once it was done, my midwife got everyone together and confirmed I definitly wanted to go to the Birthing Center area, which I did. So we got the IV on a pole and I walked down the hallway to the other area. I had to stop a couple times with contractions and I leaned on DH during them.

Once in the birthing center I decided to get into the tub. The tub felt like heaven! I leaned over the tub on my hands and knees with one arm sticking out because of the IV. I'd say that's the only time I really noticed the IV so it wasn't too bad I guess. I stayed in the tub for awhile. The contractions were getting really tight together and very strong. I was feeling tired and like I couldn't do this anymore. For me that means I'm almost ready to push. I've felt that way with both births. I decided to get out of the tub shortly thereafter. I started to push on the bed on my hands and knees as that felt like the best position for me. At this point it was probably 3:30pm and I'd been labor since 7:30am, so around 8 hours though the contractions had only been strong since 11:30, or 4 hours. I pushed a bit before my midwife asked if I'd like my water broke. At that point, I decided that it was in our best interest, both baby and me to have her water broken since I was ready to push. My midwife broke my water and the urge to push became incredibly strong. I pushed for less than 15 minutes, breathing my baby out which was wonderful compared to what happened with my son. I was trying to go slowly so I wouldn't tear, but my body took over a bit and she came out fast and furious! My daughter arrived at 3:41pm and my midwife slid her underneath my body so I could see her. I rolled over cradling my daughter. She was perfect! Alert, pink, and thrilled to be held by mommy. I held my daughter while my placenta was delivered. My midwife asked if I wanted to see the placenta and I took a look, they are so odd looking but really cool at the same time. I then had to be stiched up as I had tore a bit. Let me tell you, even with a little bit of local pain killer in that area, the stiches hurt worse than birthing my daughter! Crazy I know, but I guess I really do still fear needles just a bit so getting stitched freaks me out more! Anyway, I got stiched up while staring at my daughter in amazement. After that the nurse weighed her, bundled her up and gave her to DH while I got cleaned up a bit. They then left us alone to enjoy our new baby. We decided to name her Olivia Susan. The Susan is after my deceased mother who I felt was watching over us throughout the entire pregnancy.

Overall a pretty good birth. A tad stressful at times, but mostly peaceful and controlled by me. Oh, I did get a full dose of antibiotics in just in time before pushing.

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:sleepygirl:Riley's Birth Story

"Abby1213" wrote:

Sorry this has taken a week!

On Monday the 27th, I was 5 days overdue. I had a docs appointment that morning and got to meet the doctor that would be delivering Riley, mine was out of town. The plan was to be induced that Wednesday. I was scheduled to do a NST at my appointment. When he read the results, he said her heart rate dropped. He suggested we move the induction date up and do it that afternoon. I'll be honest, my heart started racing! I was nervous! At 10:30, I was dilated 2cm.

So I left the doctors, called DH and told him I was picking him up from work. We went home to grab my bags, and drove to the hospital!

I remember changing into my gown and starting to freak out a little...it was seriously going to happen! They started my pitocin around 1. The next few hours were uneventful. They boosted my pitocin every so often and out of nowhere, around 5pm the hard contractions started. I'm talking full blown, can't speak, painful contractions. I had never had a real contraction before so I wasn't sure what to expect. It wasn't so much the intensity, but the fact that they were on top of each other. I could barely catch my breathe before another one started. Around 9:30, I was convinced I was dilated at least 6cm (yeah right). They checked my cervix....I was only a 3. I was really frustrated, and decided to get my epidural. After that things went smoother. At 1am, I was 4cm and they broke my water. This got things moving even faster. By 5am, I was 9cm, and by 6am, I was 10! My doctor had to do an emergency c section around this time on another mom. She was still a few inches up, so we decided I wouldn't start pushing quite yet, and we would let my body push her a little farther down, and it would be less work for me later on. I ended up not pushing until almost 9:30. By then I had so much pressure I was sure she would shoot out like a rocket. I started pushing....and kept pushing. An hour goes by...then another...then another. Riley was on an angle and crooked. My doctor got the forceps and I lost it. i was terrified. I got hysterical. After a few minutes, I started pushing again. I pushed for almost a half an hour with forceps, and he was unable to position her. All my pushing was for nothing, it was like pushing against a wall, she wasn't coming out. The doctor said I needed a c section. I got hysterical AGAIN.

The actual c section wasn't that bad. I was really scared and puked on myself alot, but it wasn't as awful as I thought it would be. Riley Paige was born at 1:51pm on the 28th.

We stayed at the hospital until Friday, mainly because her bili numbers were a little high and she needed to stay a little longer. It wasn't until a couple of days later that DH told me her cord was wrapped around her neck pretty tightly. I guess the doctor told him, but not me because I was such a mess over the forceps.

So far, she has been a very laid back baby. She was a pro at BFing from the get-go! She's only 5 days old, but I cannot picture my life without her.

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:sleepyboy:Nolan's Birth Story

"SassySami" wrote:

The Birth Story of Nolan Joesph Trimble Walker
Born 1.1.11 @ 1:54am
Weighing 7lbs, length 18.5
Natural Water Birth
6hrs and 4 mins of labor
4 mins of pushing

December 31st, started like any other day, waking up and wondering if today was the day. I got up with Joe to send him off to work, and to sit on the couch and zone off to the news. I decided to get up and get moving, and noticed at about 7am, I had bloody show with contractions. The contractions were nothing to talk about, as they were about 20 minutes apart, but I did let Joe know.

Joe called me around 10am, that he was coming home just incase. The night before it had snowed really hard and it was only 6 degrees outside with a wind chill making it -15 degrees brrrrrrrrrrr. So Joe came home and we had some coffee, watch some tv. I decided to call the midwife on call, just to talk to her and see what we should do. So she called back at about 12pm, I told her that I had bloody show and contractions. She told me I could come in but they would not promise to keep me. So Joe and I decided to stay home, I did call my aunt to let her know what was going on. We laid down to take a nap, hoping I would wake up and they would be close together. Nope!, woke up and they were not there. I got in the shower, just to relax and when I came out, I decided time for some sex. Hey they say what got the baby there, will get the baby out. After our fun, we decided to hit the mall, I did not realize the mall closed at 6pm that night for New Years eve. So we walked around looking at all the sales, and what not. We stopped and let the girls play at the play area in the mall, I started to cramp again but just thought it was nothing. So on the way out, I decided to buy a exercise ball, so I could go home and bounce/sway him out of me.

Joe took the girls to my aunts house, just in case. As he was gone, I started on the ball and got hooked into watching the new Rocky movie. During the bouncing and the movie, my contractions picked up and they were intense! My midwife had told me earlier to call when they 6 minutes apart. I started timing they were 4 minutes apart, and about 45 seconds long. Called the midwife and off we went for the 45 minute drive to the birth center.

It took us awhile, because of the storm the night before and all the people on the road to go out to party harty that night. We got there at about 9:45pm, they put me in triage at first ( I was nervous of being sent home), but a few minutes later they moved me upstairs to the birth suite..

I got hooked up on the monitors, and we started going over my birth plan. They checked me, I was a 5/6 with a bulging bag of waters. I got off the monitors, and my midwife who was Jessica (love her) said well “This is your birth, you tell us what you need and want.” They left the room, only to come back to check Nolans heartbeat. I was on another exercise ball, watching the Longest Yard and texting on my phone. My nurse kept laughing at me, because I was just texting away. My contractions started to get more intense, my midwife came back in and asked how I was doing. I told her I was starting to shake with my contractions, so I knew I was close and in transition. @ 1am she asked to check me again, I was a 8 and 100%, still texting away. I decided for the tub to get filled, so I could go relax. I got in the tub, Joe was with me next to the tub making me laugh, texting my sister telling her what was going on. At about 1:30am, my contractions were right on top of each other, I was not even given a break to catch my breath. Joe was getting on my nervous! I know he was trying to help but he almost got kicked out of the bathroom. At about 1:50am, my midwife came in and checked me. I was good to go!!, only thing that had not happen it was my water breaking. I started pushing and at 1:53am my water broke, I felt the dreaded ring of fire burn and 1:54am, he was born. He was born into nice warm water, in my arms. He has nursed great from the start, he is perfect in every way. Nothing was wrong with me, just a skid mark J

We left the hospital at almost 18 hrs old, he only lost a 2 oz of his weight.

I loved my natural water birth and would do it all over again! He is worth every minute, hour, month I had to wait.

He looks just like Joe and Debbie, except has my lips :0)

- The nurses said I will be the talk of the birth center. No drugs, no iv, never felt bothered by the contractions tell the end and was the texting queen

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:sleepyboy: Ronan's Story

"3puppiesarebigbrotherstobe" wrote:

We welcomed Ronan Todd H***** by c-section December 30th at 10:16 am. He was 7 lbs 3 oz and 18 inches long. The c-section was interesting- I didn't know what to expect and there were some hiccups (spinal not fully working, adding an epidural, feeling pain with the first cut, adding more to the epidural) but all in all it was amazing- I even got to watch them pull him out with a mirror (DH watched too- but stood up to see it). He is an amazing little man- I seriously cannot believe how awesome he is and it really is impossible to describe the love I feel! I'm a little sad (okay very sad) to say that so far, even though he latches and tries to nurse like a champ, he has lost too much weight so I'm going to have to supplement and see what I can do to make my supply better. When we went home from the hospital on sunday he was down to 6 lbs 10 oz, nothing alarming, but this morning at his appointment he is only 6 lbs 1 oz. No wonder why he is constantly trying to nurse and not seeming satisfied afterwards! We gave him 2 oz of formula while at the appointment (if he didnt eat it and gain weight immediately we would have had to go to the hospital) and he now seems so satisfied- its amazing. I'm going to try really hard (and meet with a consultant) to get my milk in better- I REALLY want to nurse exclusively!
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:sleepygirl:Illyana Karenna's Birth Story

"Vanessa_Ajoun" wrote:

It pretty much started on Jan 2nd (her due date). My mom had arrived from Venezuela on Dec 31st so all was well in my world. We decided to go walk the mall to see if we could get things going because I really did not want to go back to work after the break... we got to the mall at around 1:30pm and started walking and perusing shops... I started feeling crampy (like first menstrual period stuff ) so I figured it was working, we walked and shopped until 5:30 pm ish and then went to walmart since we needed a memory card for the new camera -good thing we got it too! LOL) after that we went back home to my in-laws place to have some dinner, as soon as we got there I started feeling odd cramps that would last a while but I was in denial that I was in labor the pasta was delicious but by then I had to take breaks in between each couple of bites, the contractions were coming hard and fast - every 3 min and lasting anywhere from 50 sec to 2 min!!
By the time I finished eating I was rocking on my hands and knees in my in-laws living room and decided it was time to go home and finish getting things ready... We got home in less than 5 min (we live really close by) and I was useless at that point, my mom packed my bag while I rocked on my bed, my MIL rubbed my tail bone, and DH got everything in the car, Thank goodness that the hospital is only about 8-10 min away because the ride there was hellish, I consider myself pretty tolerant of pain but I felt like a giant wuss going to the hospital after only 2 hrs of "real" labor. We got there at around 10pm. The only good thing is that once my midwife got there and checked me (for the first time in this pregnancy) I was already at a comfortable 5 I couldn't believe it! my body had done some work! As we were talking she realized that I was becoming unfocused during the exam - I couldn't focus to tell her my age through a contraction- so she asked if I wanted to get in the shower, I said I thought it would make me puke and reluctantly asked for an epidural... I know I was not planning it and almost dead set against it but all I could think right then was that if I didn't "rest" I wasn't going to have the strength for a VBAC .. the anesthesiologist came in almost right away after Carissa (the midwife) told him my pain level - my body was shaking uncontrollably with every contraction and they were on top of each other too, DH was getting really nervous. He took a while to find the right spot but it went in pretty painlessly. After that the waiting game was on! As soon as I laid down after the epi I felt a gush and I told Carissa that I had either peed myself or it was my water, she checked and deemed it the water and since I was at a stretchy 7 she broke the rest...from there I waited and at around 3 am I had the urge to push (the epidural was great and didn't numb me too much so I could feel the urge. I have to hand it to you ladies who went au natural because I know I wouldn't have gotten there without the meds... anyway after pushing for what seemed forever and wanting to quit and cry uncle reeally bad I heard Carissa say "I see hair" I decided I needed to try harder.... I pushed witheverything I had and I had the best cheerleaders in town because after a bit I felt the "ring of fire" which to be honest was not nearly half as bad as the "butt pressure" and in the next 3 pushes her head was all out, 2 more for her body and they gave her to me right away... all pain forgotten...I was in love! right after they suctioned her mouth she looked up at me and promptly sneezed a bunch of goo on my chest and then started rooting... I breast fed her while Dan cut the cord and Carissa sewed my tear, it wasn't bad, just the one running stitch was enough and then Bliss was had by all.. Illyana Karenna Ivaldi was born on Jan 3rd 2011 at 7lbs 10 oz and she was 19 inches like her brother. We asked for an early discharge and were allowed to leave 30 hrs after the birth all tests passed with flying colors. My milk just came in today and let me tell you Illyana is one HAPPY camper! Logan is elated to have a baby sister and all is well with the world.
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:sleepyboy: Dominic's Birth Story

"jax225" wrote:

I was a scheduled csec on 12/10/10. So my morning started off early. I couldn't sleep because I was so excited to meet my baby. Dominic was a surprise and I couldn't wait to find out if Gabriella was going to have a brother or sister. So while I was up a showered and finished packing up mine and Gabriella's stuff.

We dropped Gabriella off at MIL house and went off to the hospital. We got there at 9:30. They started my IV and got me hooked up to the monitors just to check on baby. I was having contractions but I had been having contractions since 32 weeks. They just are always irregular. They were always painful but I don't dilate and that's why I had my first c-section and hence the repeat as well.

All was going well up until about 1 hr before my OR time, which was at 12pm. I had got up to use the ladies room and I guess I rocked the baby to sleep or he got himself in a weird position because his heart rate dropped to the 100s and high 90s. They put me on some Oxygen and were making me lay in different positions and were poking my belly and stuff. This lasted for about 30 min and the whole time this was going on, I was getting very nervous and I just wanted the baby out! Then I had a few accelerations with some contractions and then the baby got annoyed enough with the poking that he woke up and his heart rate was in the 130s again. Thank God!

So then, about 30 min later, they wheeled me to the OR which is when they placed my Epi. They started at 12pm on the nose and Dominic Richard was born at 12:22 pm. He came out screaming his head off. He has a great set of lungs! I was so happy and thankful for that!

He came back to Recovery with me and I promptly nursed him for about 45 min. He latched right on and did great! He then went to the nursery and he weighed 8 lbs 6.6 oz and 20in. I was amazed that he was so big and I'm so small. I knew that this baby was a big baby. I could tell he was bigger than his sister. He looks like a twin of his sister from when she was born! And he is absolutely perfect!

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:sleepyboy: Jason's Birth Story

"terpmama" wrote:

With the exception of extra tests and dealing with the Gestational Diabetes (GD) my pregnancy was rather uneventful. I think we'd had all the pregnancy excitement we could handle at the end of Tyler's so Jason decided to take it easy on us! We had decided to try to VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) but knew that the conditions had to be just right in order for it to be safe for Jason and I. We had long talks with my doc and had decided that because I wasn't really dialating and effacing and my cervix wasn't really getting closer to being ready to birth that we would go ahead and schedule a c-section (since GD can have negative effects on the placenta if it goes much past 40 weeks). We scheduled it for noon the day after our due date. I really wanted to at least try to VBAC but it was much more important to have a healthy baby.

I was really stressing about the fact that I wasn't really progressing much (only because of the time limit~ had I not had a c-section looming I would have been fine with the whole not dialating before 40 weeks since most pregnancies go long anyway). I had a friend recommend some accupressure points for helping start labor. I figured my body would only respond if it was ready (and I was 39 weeks 5 days) and it was basically just a make sure you rub here (and good excuse for DH to give me a back rub). So Tuesday night I was sore and asked DH to rub my shoulders and pointed out where the spots were but we were both just thinking it was an added bonus if it worked.

So Wednesdays my oldest (Tyler) goes to the local rec center for Tumbling Tots class. He runs around with a handful of other 2-3 year olds while their teachers try to get them to do gymnastic type things. The parents are in charge of wrangling them but the teacher's philosophy is that they will gain skills with things they are interested in so the kids have pretty much free range and the teachers move around and interact and help them too. So I thought since I'm gonna be rolling around on the floor and steading a 2 year old on the balance beam and mini floor trampoline and stuff I might as well do some walking afterwards. Tyler had a blast in class and then we went to Target. We spent about an hour wandering around (and picking up a few things) before heading home for lunch and nap time. We got home, ate and Tyler went to bed. I picked up a little and then relaxed. Tyler woke up from his nap and when we came down I set him up for snack and went to the bathroom. When I stood up to see what Tyler was up to (it was FAAARRR too quiet) I felt my water break. So I called Jess (who was getting ready to leave from work anyway so he finished up his timecard and stuff and let his office mate know what was going on). I also called my folks since I was pretty sure I was gonna need a ride and they were on Tyler duty. They headed over to the house while I called my doc's after hours number. Because of the GD and the fact that I wanted to VBAC they wanted me to come in as soon as possible without being crazy (don't rush but don't dawdle). My mom and I got to the hospital about 5:30/6pm and they took me up to L&D. They had be put on a gown and did a check to make sure it was my water (but since I had JUST finished peeing they were pretty sure I wasn't just peeing my pants.

Jess got there within a half hour of us (I told him to stop for dinner for himself on the way in since who knows when he'd be able to eat and stuff). They hooked me up to the monitors and stuff and while my water had broken I still wasn't really having contractions. We decided that since everything looked great we'd give it a few hours and see if the contractions would get stronger and more regular. Because of the chance of uterine rupture and my history of pre-eclampsia we decided to put an internal monitor on Jason. They placed a cath with a monitor in to monitor the contractions and then they put a scalp electrode on Jason (just sticks to his head and monitors his heart rate). This limited my movement but I didn't mind and could still get up and pee and stuff if I wanted. Jess and I watched tv and chatted and played games.

Around midnight they came in to check my cervix and I was only dialated to 4 but I was now 90% effaced so I was progressing but slowly. Since I was progressing they suggested using a small amount of pitocin to see if they could jump start the labor a bit more. We discussed the risks and when we would need to pull the plug and do a repeat c (since pit can cause much stronger contractions the VBAC risks go up a little). I agreed and they started a drip. By 1:30 I was IN LABOR (and the contractions were STRONG). I asked for an epidural. There was a woman who was having one so I had to wait but they gave me a shot of fentanyl which helped. At about 2 the anesthesiologist came by. Whoever invented epidurals should get a Nobel! I was able to catch some sleep and so did Jess. My doc came in around 9 in the morning to check in and we went over how things looked as far as continuing to try to VBAC or not but since my numbers (heart rate, blood sugar and blood pressure) were all great and stable and Jason was tolerating everything really well and we were progressing we kept on going.

At noon my nurse said we were gonna turn the epi down so that I'd be able to push better and we were getting close. My doc was called and he stuck his head in then went to get scrubbed and ready. They had me push a few times to see if we could get him to come down some more (and so I could practice). I guess first timers have trouble figuring out how to push effectively so I surprised them and my nurse started demanding a doc (though she was clear with us that everything was great and that she wanted the doc because it was going faster than most first timers. 20 minutes later she stuck her head out the door and demanded that ANY doc needed to get in there NOW! One of the other docs from the practice came in and 2 contractions later Jason was born as my doc walked into the room. He was a little sad that he missed it. Jason was perfect! Jess was an amazing coach!! They weighed and measured Jason while I recovered a bit then we started calling people. Jason Daniel was born at 1:30pm and was 21 inches long and 7 pounds 1 ounce. He was born on his due date.

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:sleepygirl: Skylar's Story

"hopefulinco" wrote:

Skylar Evelyn
1.2.11 No sign of a baby coming so we all went sledding. That night I was uncomfortable, but nothing too unusual. Couldn't sleep and finally decided about 1 a.m. that I was having real contractions. I timed a couple and they were 15-20 minutes apart and completely bearable, but I couldn't sleep so I got up to take care of loose ends.
3:17 a.m. I downloaded pictures off camera, did some dishes, made a list of Emme items for my mom and wanted a shower. DD started crying and saying, "_____ wants to hold a Mama." So I went and cuddled with her. I knew we were going to have the baby that day and was pretty emotional. It was nice to just hold her and let her fall back asleep. When she was finally out, I went downstairs. I had had two more contractions while I was in bed with her.
3:58 a.m. Recorded a contraction, then had another at 4:04 and another at 4:09 (this was followed by a question mark on the sticky tab and I think is when I began to be in denial about how fast things were progressing). So, I decided to take a shower because I wanted to fix my hair.

Things were getting more painful so I filled up the bathtub. I looked at my phone and realized they were 4-5 minutes apart and hurt. Yet, I let DH sleep.
4:50 a.m. Finally decided that I needed to wake him up. From here on things got nuts. WE had to finish packing (though I could just sit on my knees and moan and give directions in between contractions). Got in touch with the baby-sitter and after telling DH that the dog didn't need fed and that we needed to leave NOW, we left the house at 5:50. We met the baby-sitter in a parking lot to drop Emme off at at 6:05, then drove to the hospital. DH drove like an animal and discovered a shimmy in my car at 93 mph. It was an insane drive. I couldn't sit down on the seat and was holding myself in the air by the handle above the door.

6:40 a.m. We arrived at the hospital. I wanted water and an epidural, but the lady insisted on my checking me first. I was complete and she could feel the baby's head so we went up an elevator, they broke my fluids and I pushed through three contractions and delivered our little girl at 6:55 a.m. 7 pounds, 3 ounces and 19 inches long! The all natural delivery hurt like crazy, but recovery has been awesome. She was on my chest immediately and nursed for the first hour of life. I was drinking starbucks and eating a bagel before the nurses went off at 7:30 a.m.

I had a first degree tear and the stitching hurt like crazy. I've felt pretty great all week, though. DD1 is absolutely in love. She wakes up and asks to hold her baby first thing every morning.

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:sleepygirl: Kara's Birth Story

"bluepenguin" wrote:

On Tues Jan 4 I was scheduled to go in for an induction. I was having some irregular contractions, painful, but not anywhere near consistent. They were however the most I had really had the whole pregnancy. My mother in law got here around noon, she had been planning on staying the next few days to watch DS. At about 2:30pm I had some leaking and bloody show. This continued pretty much anytime I stood up, and it was pretty much exactly what had happened with Liam. DH had come home around noon as well so we were all just kind of hanging out, and enjoying the time with DS before we had to go to the hospital. I didn't rush to go in early, even though I figured my water had broke, because we were supposed to go in at 5. My contractions were still pretty irregular, but intense, so I thought maybe my body was doing something, but I was actually expecting it to be how it had been with DS, water broke, 1-2cm, no pattern, etc.
Well by the time we got checked in, settled, examined, it was 600. The nurse said I was 4cm, 90%, and at 0 station! I was amazed because on Mon at my appointment I was still high and hardly a 2. I didn't think my body had been doing all that much so it was a nice surprise. After an hour on the monitor it was clear that my contractions were doing very little. They asked if I was ok with starting pitocin and since I had it with DS I was fine with it. By 930pm I was 6 1/2 cm and vomiting and shaking like mad. I had 17 hrs of labor with DS, strong pit contractions, and was somehow able to keep my pain in check enough to go without meds. This time not so much, by 1030 I was getting set up for the epidural. It was a hellish experience getting it in, and the doctor, who was the kindest man, felt so terrible, but he was able to get it in by around 11pm and my God was I glad. With in 2 mins I stopped vomiting and was able to relax.
After that things went fast. My wonderful and amazingly supportive nurse checked me at 1110, I was an 8. At 1130 I felt like I needed to push, but I was a 9. At 12 I told them I really needed to push, I was almost a 10. They told me to try and let her drop a bit more, they didn't want me pushing to early. At about 1207 they told me to push, and after the first two pushes her head was right there. 3 more pushes and she was born @ 1210, on her due date 1/5/11. She was 7lbs and 21in long. She looks so much like Liam when he was a newborn. She is very lean and long just like he was too.
So far she has been a very sweet and content little baby. She nurses well, though I have a sleepy one and really have to bug her to wake her. I haven't tried pumping yet to see how much I'm making, but she has been having plenty of good wet and dirty diapers, so I'm just way more relaxed about it than I was with DS.
I do have some ppd, mostly related to fears of how to handle both of them DH goes back to work. I've been tearful and just drained a lot. DS is a handful, and he no longer naps. I am really worried about not being able to function on my own from 730/8-5 on no sleep. DS is in a two day a week preschool program that is 4 hrs a day and I am looking to get him into a mothers day out program that is once a week also for 4 hrs. If I can't get him in then I guess I will just have to initiate "quiet time" every afternoon, and hope he does not actually nap (when he naps that means a really late bedtime, which is honestly worse on all of us). So yeah, lots of fears and anxieties there. Sadly we have no family around, and all our friends work, so no help in the day once DH is back to work, but lots of moms make it work, so I know I just need time to figure it out.
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:sleepyboy: Brennan's story

"AlecsMommy" wrote:

I was scheduled to be induced on 12/7, because of my diabetes. At 9 am on 12/6, I went in for my pre-induction appointment. My doctor was going to strip my membranes, until he discovered I was already 3 cm. He had to leave town for awhile that evening, and he was afraid if he stripped my membranes, I would go into labor before he got back. Little did we know...

DH & I did a little shopping, got lunch, etc. I didn't feel very good, but I didn't feel like I was in labor, either, until we were driving home. At 12:45, I suddenly started feeling major contractions. I timed them on the drive home, and they were nearly a minute long & coming about every 3-4 minutes. Silly me, I was still sort of in denial about being in labor, though. We got home & I sat down to continue timing my contractions while DH rushed to finish getting our hospital bag packed. My contractions were getting longer & closer together, and since DS1 came in 4 hours, I told DH we definitely needed to get to the birthing center. We called my MIL, who was going to watch DS, and headed up to the hospital.

By the time we got there, I was dilated to a 6. My blood sugar was good (104, and I had just eaten lunch) but my blood pressure had skyrocketed. Apparently, I was beginning to develop pre-e, just in time to give birth. They called my doctor, who thankfully was still in town. I was in a lot of pain by this point, wondering how the h*** I had ever given birth to DS1 without drugs, and I was considering taking the epi that I swore I never wanted. It was my doctor who convinced me to go drug-free as I had planned - mostly b/c if I waited for an epi to kick in, he was going to have to leave before I was ready to deliver. I had birthed w/out drugs before, but not w/out my dr, and I decided if I had to choose between my dr or my drugs, I was going to pick my dr. He offered to break my water, warning me that although it would speed things up, it would also really hurt. I went ahead & asked him to do it, because I just wanted it over. Breaking my water definitely sped things up, but my dr was right – it made the contractions really intense. I dilated completely very quickly, but I wasn’t completely effaced, so he finally did it manually. OMG, what a relief! After about 20 minutes of pushing, Brennan Lee was born at 4:06 pm. He was 20” long and weighed 8 lbs, 10.8 oz. He was perfect and beautiful. I was instantly in love.

But my story doesn’t quite end there. When the CNA came in to check vitals in the middle of the night, she noticed that Brennan’s breathing was a bit labored. The next thing I knew, they were whisking Brennan away for chest x-rays and blood work. His x-rays showed a little fluid in his lungs and his white blood cell count was elevated. They put him on antibiotics and kept him in the nursery to give him extra oxygen. I spent the whole next day sitting in the nursery, unable to hold him but also unable to stop touching him to make sure he was ok. We had the most wonderful nurse, who sat with us, ordered me food & made sure I remembered to take care of myself. That night, they slowly reduced the extra oxygen they were giving him, and finally after 24 hours, he was completely off the oxygen and able to nurse and stay in our room. I was so happy to be able to hold him again. They kept him on IV antibiotics for 72 hours, and just when we were almost done with them, his bili level (which had been borderline) went up enough that he had to have phototherapy. He was under the lights for another 24 hours, and when they tested his bili level, it had gone down. They took him off the lights, waited 6 hours and tested him again. His level had gone up slightly, but not enough to warrant treatment. Finally, after 5 days in the hospital, we got to take our baby home. Thankfully, everything has been great ever since! He’s doing great & he’s an absolute sweetie.

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:sleepyboy: The birth story of Rhys Garrett

"janasbaby" wrote:

Ok - better late than never, right? Sorry I've been completely MIA for the past 6.5 weeks! I haven't gotten on the computer much. I've been checking in from my ipad, but just haven't gotten around to typing this up and posting. Here you go!!

Rhys Garrett S*******
Thursday, December 23, 2010
8 pounds, 2 ounces
21 inches

My induction was scheduled on December 23, 2010 at 40 weeks at 6:00am. I was to call that morning at 5:00am to verify availability with the hospital. I got up early that morning at 3:30am, just to make sure I had time to shower and double check my list and my hospital bag. I had given birth before, but it had been close to 14 years! I’m not going to lie… I was nervous. I’m not sure if I was nervous about the pain or the possibility that something could go wrong. The journey to holding my baby in my arms had been a long one. After several years and many months of trying to conceive unsuccessfully, our dreams came true after our first IVF attempt. The end was in sight.

I spoke with the triage nurse at 5:00am and we were told to admit ourselves into the hospital at our regularly scheduled time. Tom and I packed up the car and arrived promptly at 6:00am. We were shown to our labor and delivery room and started work on our admission paperwork and completion of the necessary consent forms.

At 7:00am, the nurse began prepping me for my IV’s and hooked me up to the monitor. The pitocin was administered at 7:15am. A short time later my doctor arrived and he broke my water at 8:00am. At this time, the L&D nurse checked my cervix. I was still 4cm dilated and 80% effaced… exactly where I’d been for the past 2 weeks. At this time, I still had erratic contractions coming on about every 8 minutes. I was still relatively comfortable.

By 9:00am, my contractions were coming on much more regularly at about every 4 minutes. My level of pain had increased, but was still entirely manageable. Things progressed rather quickly at this point.

I had gotten up to use the restroom at 9:30am and the contractions hit hard. Up until this point, I had every intention of attempting a natural birth. I tried to remember everything we had learned in class about breathing through the pain and working with the contractions, not against them. Yeah right! I told Tom that I couldn’t do it and that it was time for the epidural.

It felt like an eternity before the anesthesiologist made his way to my room. The pain was intense and contractions were coming on every 1-2 minutes. At 10:30am, the procedure was started. By 11:00am, the epidural had started to work. The nurse did another cervical check. I was only 5cm dilated. That was it? All that pain for 1cm?

It was now 11:15am and I thought it would still be a while, so I sent Tom and his parents to the cafeteria for some lunch. Kaleigh (my 14 year old daughter) stayed in the room with me. I was finally able to relax. We began watching Ice Age on the television and both dozed off.

At 12:00pm, I was awoken to the sound of the alarm on the monitor going off. I stared at it for a few seconds, noticing that the baby’s heart rate had dropped to the 90’s, after consistently being in the 130’s. Moments later, my L&D nurse came into the room. By this time the baby’s heart rate returned to normal. I asked her if she was there because she also noticed the drop. She said she was and that she was going to check my cervix again because sometimes that is a sign that the baby could be descending into the birth canal. To my surprise, I was fully dilated! I couldn’t believe it! I went from 5 to 10cm in less than an hour.

At 12:15pm, I woke up my daughter and told her that she needed to go down to the cafeteria and get Tom. She was just kind of staring at me. I said, “Kaleigh… go get Tom please. It’s time. We are going to have a baby!”

Tom arrived back to the room at 12:30pm and my doctor was called. I told the nurse that I could feel the baby and that I felt like I needed to push. The first push began at 12:45pm. My doctor arrived at 12:50pm. I was able to feel every contraction, though they were not painful.

At 1:30pm, I gave my last push. I remember my doctor telling me to look down. I lifted my head and sat up as best I could. Rhys Garrett was born at 1:32pm and he was perfect!

His APGAR’s were 8 and 9, due to some initial breathing issues because of fluid in his lungs.

We were released the following day, on Christmas Eve. We truly were blessed this holiday season. A miracle was given to us.