*~*~Welcome January Bundles: Arrivals and Birthstories~*~*

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*~*~Welcome January Bundles: Arrivals and Birthstories~*~*

Welcome to our world January Bundles!!

Please share your arrivals complete with stats if you are willing to share,
birthstories and dont forget first pictures!

December Arrivals

Dec. 4th
Caroline Rose@ 12:38am
4lbs 4oz & 16.52"

Dec. 17th
Edward Stephen @ 12:02pm
7 lbs 14oz & 19 3/4"

Dec. 19th
Joseph Damian @ 9:03pm
8lbs 8.6oz & 21½"

Dec. 21st
Brynn Elise @ 11:10am
7lbs 9oz & 19 3/4"

Andrew Gary @ 7:03pm
5lbs 5oz & 18½"

Dec. 28th
Kianna Marie @ 12:04pm
7lbs 12oz & 19 3/4"

Richard Stephen III @ 3:56pm
8lbs 4oz & 19½"

Dec. 29th
Henry William @ 11:41am
7lbs 7oz & 18½"

Jasmine Elizabeth @ 4:40pm
7lbs 3oz & 19"

Ryan Taylor @ 6:36pm
6lbs 10oz & 20"

January Arrivals

Jan 1st
Riley Ellen @ 6:04am
7lbs 4oz & 21"

Claire Elizabeth @ 5:54pm
5lbs 15oz & 19½"

Jan 3rd
Sophia @ 8:20am
8lbs 4oz & 19 3/4"

Jan 5th
Shaylee @ 1:50am
7lbs 12oz & 19½"

Jan 6th
Isabella Faith @ 4:19pm
7lbs 4oz & 19½"

Jan 7th
Reilly Patrick @ 4:07pm
9lb 1oz & 21 3/4"

Jan 8th
Olivia Michelle @ 7:21am
6lbs 6oz & 19"

Jan 12th
Gideon Emerick @ 6:13am
9lbs 5.3oz & 20½"

Ethan Elijah @ 4:17pm
7lbs 12oz & 21"

Bryson Joseph @ 10:37am
6lbs 14oz & 20"

Jan 17th
Dalton George @
6lbs 1.7oz & 18"

Kiley London @ 1:50pm
7lbs 1oz & 21"

Jan 18th
Evan Joseph @ 7:41am
9lbs 10oz & 21"

Jan 19th
Henry Oliver @ 12:49pm
8lbs 5oz & 20"

Avery Cole @ 5:43pm
8lbs 15oz &

Jan 21th
Matthew Ryan @ 8:02am
10lbs 2oz &

Jan 22cnd
Isobel Simone @ 6:59am
8lbs 8oz & 20"

Jan 24th
Maxton Leons @ 7:57am
8lbs 3oz & 19.5"

(Surprised Mom/Tiffany)
Bryce Robert @ 11:14am
8lbs 12oz & 20.5"

Jan 31st
Madelynn Marie @ 6:31am
8lbs 2oz & 19 3/4"

Rowan @ 7:50am
6lbs 13oz & 19"

Aaron William @ 8:25am
6lbs 12oz & 19"

February Arrivals

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What a crazy weekend!

I honestly had no signs that she was coming early until Friday morning. I got up and was eating breakfast and getting ready for work but noticed I was leaking. I felt like I was peeing myself but I couldn't control it and it wasn't pee. I had a feeling I had to go into L&D but called the doctor's office to be sure and of course they told me to come in. I called BF, figuring he was at least on his way to work, but he had actually overslept and my call woke him up. After telling him what happened, I took some time to throw a bag together ("just in case" because I was trying to convince myself that I'd be going to work later that day), he picked me up, and we got to L&D around 9am.

It took them forever to check me in - first the nurse asked me a bunch of questions, then a student asked me almost the same questions, then the residents. FINALLY they do the tests for amniotic fluid. They said there was a lot of pooling, and then the giant QTip that came out black confirmed that I was not leaving the hospital. I was still not having any other signs of labor except some very slight contractions that I couldn't even feel and were barely noticeable on the monitor.

Needless to say, they had to start me on pitocin to get things moving. Apparently I am very sensitive to it though because the levels go up to 36 and they only had me at 3 or 4 and I was having doublet and triplet contractions. I worked through them for a couple of hours and everything was fine. Eventually, though, I asked for the epidural and that's when things got interesting.

The actual process of the epidural was fine - for some reason I thought it was going to hurt and it really didn't hurt at all. They sat me up and I was feeling pretty good. Then all of a sudden the nurses and anesthesiologist and doctors ran in, started giving me oxygen and flipping me over, doing all of this crazy stuff because I apparently was having so many contractions so closely together that the baby wasn't having time to recover between them and so her heart rate kept dropping. They weren't sure if it was the epidural that caused it or if it was just a coincidence. Either way, they turned off the pitocin for awhile.

After a couple more hours they started the pitocin again, but still at a very low level. I think during this entire process it was never above a 4. Around 10 pm I was dilated enough to move forward. The nurses started getting things ready, the doctor on call was on his way, etc. However, baby wasn't dropping down enough to continue, and her heart rate kept dropping every time I would contract. At the same time the epidural seemed to wear off because I had the feeling back in my legs and was starting to feel this mysterious pressure that they kept asking me if I felt and I previously hadn't really As I'm sobbing in pain, the doctor says it's time to discuss a csection and the essence of that discussion was that I had to have one immediately.

At that point I just wanted the whole ordeal to be over so it was off we went to have the csection. During the prep, the anesthesiologist is testing my numbness, asking if I can feel the places he was touching. My right side, which I had spent most of the day on, was ok but I could feel everything on the left side so I ended up needing the gas. Next thing I know, I'm awake and on my way to recovery.

Caroline Rose was born at 12:38 am on December 4, 4lb 4 oz, 16.52 inches long. I got back to the room sometime around 1:30 I guess, and BF was there waiting for me. The rest of my family that had been there with me all day (mom, her bf, dad, his partner, brother, his gf) had to leave before then because there was another birth going on that was apparently not going smoothly and so they asked everyone else to leave. The first images I saw of Caroline were cell phone pictures. I was just amazed. I knew she was 4 lbs 4 oz before I got there, but she looked pretty big in the pictures all stretched out. She was finally brought to me at around 3 or 3:30 am and I was SHOCKED how tiny she was! All bundled up she is the size of a football!!

Despite her size she is perfectly healthy in every way. Since they brought her to me she hasn't left my side except for various tests like the hearing test and measurements, etc. No bilirubin issues, and she eats and poops like a champ (I swear we've changed her diaper at least a dozen times today). They're going to give her the car seat test tonight sometime to make sure she'll be ok for the ride home. As long as she passes that, there's no reason that she will have to stay here.

Right now we're planning to go home Tuesday morning. I could leave on Monday if I want, but I want an extra day here to give my incision some more time to heal. BF has been staying with me each night, so he helps me out of bed when I have to go to the bathroom and whatnot. Other than that and some gas pains I feel pretty good. Still waiting for a #2 though.

Now that I've written a novel, I'll get to the part everyone has been waiting for - the pictures!

I copied and pasted this from my original post, so the links to embed the images didn't transfer... here's the link to the Picasa page I saved them on: http://picasaweb.google.com/sara.cas...eat=directlink

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Welcome to the world Baby E

Well it all started on Monday 12/13/10 when I was having some really strong pains/pressure all day long. Dr Parker advised I go to triage to be checked out just to be safe. While I am there the baby's HB is super high (198-200) and he is very stressed. My BP was high but they figured it was due to the pain. He did a CBC and Liver Panel to check for pre-e since my bp was high and I had been having swelling. I did a 24hr urine which tests for protein and sure enough I had 319 and anything over 300 is pre-e. I also had platelets that were dropping and if they get below 100 they have to induce also you can't get an epidural if it's lower than 100. :eek: Note * I saw a MFS on Tuesday who says the GD has caused me to have a LOT of fluid*

So Thursday 12/16/10 my platelets have dropped to 108 and he wants to start induction at 5pm that day to push it into Friday. I finally get over to L&D Thursday night and they dialate my cervix with a balloon foley which was very painful trying to get it in. They basically put a foley cath into the opening of the cervix then inflate it like a balloon, when it falls out the cervix is at 3 and water can be broken and pitocin started. Well Fri morning Dr comes to check and baloon falls out. 3cm it is finally dialated after a night on my back on the monitor with MAYBE an hour sleep total. Baby E did not like the monitor and was not having it at all. He broke my water which was very strange (warm, wet) and when he did he put the monitor back on b/c once water is broken he didn't want cord out or something (I missed this part) Well he leaves to consult with Anesthesia and the RN is unable to find the baby on the monitor. He comes back in to give the ok for epidural and says I just had his HB on the monitor, she says no can't find it. He says "damn it if he is breech-get the U/S machine" He puts the probe right above my pubic bone and we see boy parts & booty OH NO. Dr. then throws the gell across the room and says "you are having a c-section" O M G Talk about panic mode for me. I love my Dr, he is wonderful and didn't upset me by getting upset b/c I totally understood but I was freaking about the section b/c that meant labor was right around the corner.

I am finally rolled into the room (looks like an OR) and I bend over for my spinal block which I must say is awesome. My legs got warm and numb then it spreads from my waist down to my feet. Fast forward to the Dr starting to cut- WATER goes all over the floor from the excess fluid. They had broken my water but there was still lots left. I can smell the skin being cut & it freaked me out (despite having been in the OR before) The CRNA was wonderful and put some alcohol swabs under my oxygen tube which helped tons. I feel lots pressure and movement but no pain. My child was not going to make anything easy and instead of getting his butt/waist & pulling, they have to do 1 foot at a time then get to the 1arm at a time and then head last. Everyone talks about how big/huge he is. Dr said he didn't think we would have been able to do vaginal anyway b/c he was so big. He starts to cry and of course my tears started! It was the best sound ever, he even threw a fit when they took him away. They took him directly to be cleaned up, I didn't get to see him but BF did and did WONDERFUL looking over curtain! He got to go take pictures after they cleaned him and showed me on his phone. He looked red & swollen not really "like" anyone just yet.

I felt this immediate love that I can't describe but I assume that the BTDT moms understand.

Edward Stephen was born at 12:02pm with a weight of 7 lbs 14oz, 19 3/4 inches long. 34weeks 5 days gestation.

He was taken to the NICU b/c of his lungs. I had a horrible recovery. My BP spiked up to 167/98 at one point so they put me on horrible medicine called mag something and it made me SO SICK. I finally got to see my baby 5 hours later b/c I was in recovery so long and then really sick once in my room from all the meds on an empty stomach. I am doing much better today. He is breathing on his own but somtimes stops so they have him on 27% oxygen round the clock. He passed the scores with 8-9 which is great. Today they moved him to a regular crib instead of under the warmer which means he is keeping his body temp on his own Smile Today he also looks much more like a baby. His color is better and his face isn't as swollen.

I love him so much and can't believe I am finally a mommy!!! Despite the rough road we have had at the end, I would do it all over again tomorrow!

First Picture:

1st night in NICU. Poor baby looks swollen and miserable.

2nd day, little man looks MUCH better! Awwwww

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12/21: I was out taking photos of the lunar eclipse, up wayyyy late, and after uploading my pics to my website and sewing some, my water broke!

I called the midwife, we did some tests over the phone and determined it was infact my water. We were able to find a way to keep me in the birth center... if you go by my LMP, i was 37 weeks, but I was fairly certain of my O date, which would put me at 35 weeks. But, if we went by 35 weeks, I would have had to go to the hospital, so we are going by my LMP

I went into the birth center and she gave me some caster oil and some black cohosh to induce the contractions since I was not having any. That sucked! I was sent back home to nap for a few hours (this was at 8am or so). By 11am i had started to have contractions. By 1 or so, they were 1 min long, 3 mins apart. We went into the birth center and was checked at 2pm or so, i was only 1cm dilated and just starting to be effaced. At 5:00-5:30 (time is a bit hazy, i didnt have a watch), i was checked and was 5-6 cm 90% effaced. They started the water at that point. By 6:00 i was in the water, and only a few contractions later, i felt the urge to push. Midwife checked, and sure enough, i was fully dilated and ready to go. At 6:20 i started pushing. Reading sure does not prepare you for what the birth experience is like.

My husband surprisingly watched the whole time and held the flashlight for the midwife. He said he'd be the "up at the head" kinda husband's, but he was too enthralled to look away. The midwife did have to remind him to breathe a couple times though. Within about 10 pushes, the baby was crowning. Once the baby was crowned, shoulders and body all came out in one fell push. He cried immediately and was staring at me, it was absolutely beautiful.

They let him stay with me for 5-10 mins, but then had to take him to check his lungs incase they werent fully matured. Luckily, they were. Unfortunately, his birth weight was too low and he had to be admitted to the hospital. He was born at 7:03pm, at 5 lbs 5 oz. The birth center rule (or law, not sure) is that babies have to be admitted if they are under 5 lbs 8 oz, so just barely under that limit He is absolutely fine otherwise, he is breathing fantastically, his color is great, really responsive, absolutely perfect for a preterm baby! Midwife checked for tears, I got none and have been recovering beautifully. I'm now 3 days Post-birth and my bleeding is now down to panty liner bleeding. I dont want to brag, but I feel incredibly lucky, 5 hour labor, all natural, no tearing, and my baby is absolutely beautiful and has been such an easy baby. He is not fussy at all!


Stats: Born at 12/21/2010 at 7:03pm
18.5 inches long
5 lbs 5 oz

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So it started the night of the 20th I was lying in bed and all of a sudden I started having contractions about every 8 min apart. I figured if I still had them in the morning then I would call the doc to see what I should do.

I woke up and to my suprise I was still having contractions. At that point I wasnt timing cause I was getting ready for work. So I called the doc she suggested I come in to have a NST done just to see what my contractions were looking like. Well she ran the machine on me 3 times I'm guessing she wasnt sure what she wanted to do with me yet. My contractions were still about 8 min apart at at that time.

She keep asking me do you have pain in your old C-section scar and I said yea, but only cause I could feel it through my whole stomach and sometimes my back. So I thought in my head well why wouldn't I.

This whole time I'm thinking they are gonna send me home. I was hoping if they were, they needed to hurry up so I'm not late to work...lol So out of nowhere she goes ok we are having this baby today let me call the hospital and you go to the hospital now.

Ok great, I'm thinking well that was fast but I was ok with it. I go home to pack my bag, get a sitter for my DD and get my DH. I get a call on my cell it's the Dr. she goes where are you?? I say I'm at home getting a bag and getting a sitter for my daughter. She goes a bag is not important!! I get off the phone and start bawling, like WTH is her deal ya know.

I finally get to the hospital only 30 mins after I left her office btw. And a whole team of people meet me at the door!! I was signing consents at the front nurses station and talking with the anesethologist (sp) already. I was getting a little freaked, like what this all couldn't wait till I got in a room geez.

So I finally get in a room and I had people coming at me from all directions. All the while I sit there and bawl. I didn't understand what all the fuss was about. Yeah I'm having contractions that weren't that severe what the big deal.

Well come to find out when my doc called to get me in she told them that she wanted me done asap they took that as STAT. No wonder why everyone around me was rushing. Makes sense now.

So all in all it was kinda tramatic and very fast. She is here now and just as perfect as can be. A perfect Christmas present.

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I got to the hospital at 6am to be induced. They started potocin at 8am, and was increasing it every 1/2 hour. Then by 8:45 they turned it off cause her heart rate kept dropping. They put me on oxygen. At 9, they turned it back on and broke my water. By 9:30, I was gettimg my eppi. That doctor sucked! He had no bed side manners, and had to stick me twice. It felt like he went into my right kidney the first time. It hurt like hell!! He got it right the second time. The eppi worked good, and I was still able to feel the contractions, but they did not hurt. Through out the day they had to keep turning the potocin off because of her heart rate, but finally by 4:10pm, I was ready to push. She was born at 4:40pm. 7 pounds 3 ounces, and 19 inches long. We are both doing great.

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Our Story

Christmas was a buzz with how close my 1/10/11 due date was getting and how nice it would be if I would have our little one on New Year’s since it was DH’s mom’s birthday. She passed away a few years ago and it was really hard on the family.

After an exhausting Christmas seeing both of our families we stopped at the grocery store for some Red Raspberry Leaf tea. I don’t know if this played a part in anything, but I had a cup or so a day until my delivery date.

I had a doctor’s appointment and she said that I was dilated to 1 and about 50% effaced. I was so excited that I had finally made some progress! My sister and BIL came to visit and we went out for Mexican food. After they left I started to really not feel well. I thought it was the Mexican food, but I ended up having this really bad pain/contraction and passing my mucous plug.

DH had the day off so we went out to our favorite bagel place for breakfast. By this time I was walking really slow and I was having really inconsistent contractions. Of course, I didn’t know they were contractions at the time ☺ By the time we finished with breakfast I was not feeling so well. DH dropped me off at our new place and he went to go finishing cleaning our old apartment since we had to turn in the keys the next day. I did get a short nap in which was good because I didn’t know that would be the last sleep I’d be getting until getting my epidural. DH got home from cleaning our old place and I said it would be a good idea to go to Target and BRU to get the last items we needed. So, we did that and by 10 pm I was contracting every 10-12 minutes. It was a long night of no sleep.

DH went to drop off the keys to our old place and I was having a ton of contractions ranging from 6-8 minutes apart. By the time he got back I was having a ton of pain. We had some lunch and then the contractions finally got to every 5 minutes or so. We called the doctor’s office and they said to head to the hospital. We got there and they checked me. I was only at a 2, but was like 90% effaced. They said that they would monitor me for an hour to see how I progressed—if I didn’t I’d be sent home. I really didn’t want to go home, so I did some walking. When I was checked I was a 3. However, they sent me home anyway. On the car ride home, I started to have contractions that would barely let up. When we got home I tried to eat a little toast to gain some strength and got in the tub. The tub was the only thing that helped me through the contractions. While I was in the tub I was having contractions like 3 minutes apart and after having one that didn’t let up I said we’re going back. We got there and I was now at a 4 so it was epidural time! I love the epidural man.

After getting the epidural DH and I watched the ball drop and we slept until 4, which we definitely needed from not getting sleep the night before. The nurse checked me at 2am I was a 5, but when she checked be at 5am I was a 9—almost 10! The doctor came in and I starting pushing around 5:20ish. The doctor and nurse said I was a good pusher and before long the doctor said that she had a ton of hair! DH and I were surprised and I couldn’t wait to see her! She was born on 1/1/11 at 6:04am weighing 7 pounds, 4 ounces and 21 inches long. She had an 8-9 apgar and nursed right away. She’s definitely a good nurser!

After Delivery
The pediatrician evaluated Riley the next day and noticed something wrong with her left hip. When we were released on 1/3 we had to go to another hospital that specializes in children to get a hip ultrasound. We just got the results that she has hip dysplasia and that we’ll need to get her in a harness on Tuesday when we visit the specialist ☹ Other than the hip thing things are going well at home. The first few days home she didn’t like to be set down at all which made it really tough on us, but she finally is letting us get some rest. She is so precious and we are so excited to have her home.

Here's some pics:

*Right after delivery

*First picture after getting settled in our hospital room

*First car ride

*After her first bath at home

*Riley's hair after a bath Smile

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Henry William
Wednesday December 29th, 2010
7lbs 7oz, 18 1/2 inches

I was up all night with our cat Barney, and DH. They were both so sick. Barney was struggling to breathe and DH couldn't stop vomiting. What a night for all this to happen. I don't think I got a minute of sleep that night. I got out of bed at 8am and had a quick shower and we were off to the hospital. We (DH, my mom and I) got there at 9:30am and they took us into a room right away. After speaking with numerous residents, med students and anesthesia, they decided to start my surgery early at 11:00am.

I walked down to the OR and I began to get nervous. I felt so unprepared. And I had so much on my mind with DH and Barney both being so sick. I got the spinal block (piece of cake, didn't feel a thing) and then they brought DH into the OR. I didn't even know they started the surgery. It was the oddest feeling once they started pushing down on my belly. I could see my body jerking around, but I couldn't feel a thing. At 11:41am, Henry William was born weighing 7lbs7oz and 18 1/2 inches long. He cried immediately. The showed me and DH him quickly and then brought him into a warming room to evaluate him and clean him off. DH was able to go with him and about 10 minutes later, DH came back into the OR with little Henry! It was hard to get a glimpse of him, but I just knew he was perfect!

After they finished the surgery they brought DH, baby Henry and me into a recovery room. My mom was able to come in right away. The rest of the day went by pretty quick. I felt great after the surgery. Zero pain. I would get a few waves of nausea and vomited a couple times, but I didn't feel sick. I was up and walking that night after getting the catheter removed. We were discharged on Friday December 31st and were able to ring in the New Year at home as a new family!

Life at home has been different. But, good. We had to put Barney down this past Monday, which was really hard. Especially since I wasn't able to go. We have all adjusted great so far and I can't believe how well my dogs took to Hen. They HATE people, so I was so worried they were going to be jealous. But, it is the complete opposite. They are in LOVE with Henry! He is their whole world. The follow us everywhere we go. They give him good morning and good night kisses and are on constant watch of him! I don't even think they sleep anymore! I gained a total of 24lbs throughout this pregnancy and at 10 days pp, I have lots 20lbs! Only 4 to go! I feel great and find it so crazy that I had surgery. I haven't even taken anything for pain other the advil and regular strength tylenol!

Anyway, here is what I am sure you are all waiting to see! Here is our sneak peak we have from our newborn pictures that were taken yesterday! I will post pictures from when he was born when I have more time!

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Claire Elizabeth
Born January 1, 2011 @ 5:54pm
5lbs 15oz. and 19.5" long

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been stuck in the hospital since delivery... But hooray! We were released on Wednesday night! Yahoo

I developed pre-eclampsia on Saturday. I checked into L&D with severely high blood pressure. At first the nurses thought it was nerves and excitement, but the BP readings just kept creeping up. :eek: They wouldn't even tell me my BP readings, that's how high they were. I was a bit nervous, but I didn't think much of it. I just thought my BP would go down once I got settled in my room and once the Pitocin was started.

At 7:10am, I was still only 1cm dilated and 80% effaced... Just the same as what I was at my doctor appointment on Thursday. By 7:20am, the Pitocin was started. The nurse decided to call my doctor to let her know about my BP. Around 7:30am I began to feel the contractions. They were tolerable, nothing too painful.

I hung out in bed until 10:35am. I had to use the restroom. Steven helped me with my IV pole and helped me out of bed. As soon as I stood up I felt a trickle. I was slightly embarrassed because I thought I had peed a bit. But that same feeling happened even after I used the restroom. Once I got back into bed I called my nurse to let her know that I thought my water was in the middle of breaking. My nurse was busy at the time, but another nurse came and did the amniotic fluid test. Before the 5 minute test was up, the nurse saw a positive test result! My water had broken on it's own!

My doc was in my room by 10:45am. She checked me. I was a loose 1cm and 80% effaced. She moved Claire's head a bit and that's when the amniotic fluid came at a rapid speed. That's such a strange feeling! Luckily the fluid was clear! My BP was still high at this point, so my doc ordered Magnesium Sulfate and Zofran for me. I was told that with my BP so high, there was a higher risk of stroke, so the Magnesium would help lower that risk. I received Zofran because the nurse explained to me that the Magnesium would make me feel very hot, nauseous with flu-like symptoms. Yikes! I was terrified beyond belief... Plus my contractions intensified the minute my water broke! Ouch!

*Note: Magnesium Sulfate is also used to counteract pre-term labor. So now the Pitocin was fighting against the Magnesium to progress my labor.

At 11:05am my doctor came back. My BP was 198/92 and it was incredibly too high. She explained that I had Pre-Eclampsia and Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension. My contractions were very painful by now. I would cry and my whole body would shake with each contraction. This was my breaking point. I asked my nurse and doctor about the possibility of a C-Section. I was begging for a C-Section. I just wanted the pain to stop! My doctor said that we could do that, but that she would rather me make the decision after I got an epidural. The anesthesiologist nurse was called and she arrived by 11:15am! I was so relieved to see her walk into the room!

I was warned that the numbing shot was pretty painful and would burn for 15 seconds. Weird, because I didn't feel a thing! I could feel the cold medicine run into my spine, but that's it. No pain! I laid flat on my back for 20 minutes which the epidural worked it's magic. At first my toes started to tingle, then the feeling crept up my legs. Before I knew it, I couldn't feel the pain of each contraction, only the tightening and pressure of each one.

At 11:30am the Magnesium was started. I was a bit sleepy from it, but didn't notice the side effects of the medication! Lucky the Zofran worked and I didn't feel nauseous!

Around noon I got the catheter put in. Thanks to the epidural, I didn't feel a thing! The nurse explained that because I'm on Magnesium, I'll have to be on it until 24 hours after delivery... And that I wouldn't be able to get out of bed until then as well. I would have to stay in my L&D room during that time.

My nurse checked my progress at 1:50pm. I was only 2.5-3cm dilated. My doctor requested an Internal monitor be put in my uterus so they could monitor the intensity of my contractions better as well as turn up the pitocin more.

My sister Julie joined us in the L&D room. It was so nice having her there for me.

I fell asleep until 2:30, then I was able to see my Mom, Dad and Mamaw. Before then, we hadn't told my family how high and how serious my BP issues were. We didn't want to frighten them.

At 3:30 my nurse mentioned that she suspected Claire is descending due to blood in catheter. gross! She checked me for progress at 3:45pm and announced that I was 6cm dilated and Claire's head was at 0 station! Hallelujah!!! I was so relieved for some progress!

Right at 5:00pm I started to feel shaky. I thought I might be in transition because I was feeling some pressure, but I really hadn't a clue. Imagine my surprise when the nurse announced that I was completely dilated with Claire's head at +2 station just 5 minutes after I started feeling the shakes! Steven and my sister were so excited! The nurse called my doc and my doc didn't want me to start pushing until she got there! I started crying out of anticipation of meeting our daughter! The emotions were high. Steven was excited yet calm... Julie was jumping up and down cheering!

I had to wait awhile for my doctor to arrive, but it seemed like she was there in no time. She came running in the room laughing and said that Mom, Dad and Mamaw were cheering her on as she ran through the waiting room!

It seemed like a dozen people were in the delivery room. NICU team, nursery team plus a few other nurses. It was incredible how fast they got everything set up!

They put my legs in the stirups and had me push through the next contraction. My sister was on my right side and Elaine, my nurse was on the left. Julie asked Dr. P if she could see if Claire had any hair. When she answered yes, Steven left my side to see! My BP spiked so they pushed some meds in my IV. When that didn't work, they doubled the dose. Hello nausea! I had an oxygen mask over my face and I felt so very sick. A kind nurse ran and got a cold washcloth for my forehead. That helped me feel better. I pushed for 2 more contractions, then Claire's heart rate went from 140 to 60 to 40. I really wasn't aware of how serious it was to get Claire out on the next contraction. My doctor explained that I had to deliver Claire during my next contraction so she said that that she needed to do a small episiotomy. At that point I didn't care, I was just ready to meet my baby! Steven was so supportive during the pushing stage. When everyone else was yelling, Steven was moving my hair from my eyes and saying, "Come on Wifey, you can do it! That's right baby! You're doing so good!"

And at 5:54pm, Claire Elizabeth was welcomed into the world! Dr. P put her on my belly and Claire immediately started screaming! I was in disbelief that she came so quickly after my episiotomy. A nurse came and took her over to the warmer and that's when Steven and Julie rushed to be with her.

I could hear all the nurses gasp and comment on how tiny Claire is! One asked her name and she responded with, "Oh! She looks like a Claire! Look at her tiny little nose! How precious!"

I watched from afar as Steven admired his baby girl. He was so proud and instantly in love. The nurses gave him a scrub top and they placed Claire's tiny footprints on it.

Claire's APGAR scores were 9 and 9! What a relief after her heart decelerating during delivery!

Steven carried Claire over. When he handed her to me and I saw the tears in his eyes, I lost it!

Julie text everyone in the waiting room to announce her arrival! We sent some time as a family before having visitors in. Because I was on the Magnesium, I was limited to 3 visitors at a time... So my family rotated taking turns.

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Warning: This is EXTREMELY long and probably a little graphic and TMI! Enjoy! LOL Sorry NONE of the pictures are resized - I can't do that LOL

Olivia Michelle
Born: January 8th, 2011
Time: 7:21 AM
Stats: 6 pounds, 6 ounces; 19 inches

Wednesday January 5th at my OB appointment I was told that I was 3 centimeters, 80% effaced and baby was at 1 station - so now I had my hopes up that I'd deliver before my due date of the 15th! The doctor said hopefully I'd be lucky and wouldn't make it to my next appointment but she didn't want to get my hopes up!

Friday January 7th I decided to stay home from work - my maternity leave technically didn't start until Monday the 10th but it was supposed to snow and I wanted that extra day to myself to clean the house, and basically try to keep busy - induce labor, etc. Besides - my class was being horrible so I didn't want to go in. In the middle of the day I lost what I thought was part of my mucus plug - I'm at this point guessing it was the whole thing.

I continued cleaning and bouncing on my yoga ball, etc. I started getting some brownish mucusy discharge and I was wondering if this could be my bloody show or not. I was feeling a little crampy and around 8 started getting what I assumed were contractions. They were about 10-12 minutes apart so I knew this was nowhere near time to go to the hospital or anything but I figured I'd watch it.

Around 9:30 I decided to start timing them and they were coming 5-6 minutes apart and lasting about 30 seconds - sometimes more. I kept track of them until about 10:45 when I decided to call my doctor and see what she had to say - they were slightly painful but I was able to breathe through them. The doctor told me to wait until they were 3-5 minutes apart and lasting a little bit longer and then head to the hospital.

By 11:45 they were coming 3 minutes apart and lasting closer to a minute - I was a bit shocked at fast this all seemed to be going but I figured hey maybe I'd be like my mother - who labored and delivered all three of us in under 7 hours each. We headed to the hospital and at each bump I had to grab Danny's hand and squeeze because the pain was intensifying. When I got there my cousin Ashley (who works in L&D) met me at the entrance and checked me in. They brought me into the L&D triage and put me on the table - hooked me up to monitors, etc.

The baby's heartbeat was going good (between 130 and 150) although the contraction monitor was not picking up anything. They gave me a button to press when I felt the contractions - I pressed it - but according to the monitor - nothing was happening - I started to feel stupid - like maybe I didn't know what I was talking about. The on call doctor came in to check me and I was hoping for there to be SOME progress - but no. I was still ONLY 3 centimeters, 80% effaced and baby had moved to -2 - it was sort of like she was climbing back up into me!

It was now 2:30 in the morning and they had to release me - with no progress being made and my contractions not even registering. They said that I was only feeling them in the groin/pelvic area and they needed to be all over my stomach for them to be doing something. So I was discharged and told to go walking, take two tylenol PM and call it a night and maybe things would pick up in the morning.

We left the hospital, went to the store to get tylenol pm - decided I didn't want to walk I was too tired from the contractions and the whole ordeal that I just wanted to go home. The bumps felt even worse in the car on the way home and when we got there I took my two tylenol pm and went to take a shower to try to help with some of the pain.

By the time it was 4AM I was ready to lay down and sleep but once I laid down everything picked up - I spent from 4-6 in excruciating pain - I was screaming and crying because it hurt so bad but still... not all over my stomach so I assumed nothing was happening. I was crying because I couldn't go to sleep - I was in WAY too much pain but at the same time - I didn't want to go back just to get sent home again. I kept feeling like I had to go to the bathroom and I kept having diarrea like poops. Around 5:45 I felt a popping sensation like my pelvic bone was splitting in half. By 6 AM I went downstairs (where Danny was sleeping - well not exactly b/c of my screaming - but he had a fever and was sick so was trying to stay away from me) and I was literally crawling across the floor I was in such agony. I told him there was no way I could stay home - we had to go back and they had to give me something for this pain especially being that it wasn't doing anything.

I made Danny call L&D and talk to Ashley - he told her I was in pain but apparently she heard me screaming through the phone and told him to get me there right away and we'd see what was going on. The car ride felt like I was going to die - every bump I felt like my body was splitting in half - and I was screaming in agony - hysterical crying from the pain. I had no idea what was happening. We got to the hospital around 6:45 AM and the security brought me upstairs in a wheelchair. I got in there and I had to go to the bathroom and felt the urge to push - but Ashley told me get undressed and get on the table. I was in such a different world I didn't even understand what was going on - I thought the on call doctor said I was STILL at 3 - only to find out moments later that I was fully dilated. Apparently in the 3 hours I was at home I went from 3cm - 10cm, 100% effaced and the baby was on her way out... at least now all my pain was explained.

By 7AM I was in a delivery room and Danny got in from parking the car - he was crying b/c I was in so much pain and he couldn't help me - I really felt like I was going to die - I asked for drugs and they said I'm really sorry but you have to push now. They almost didn't get the IV in me. It took approximately 15 minutes and 6 pushes total and Olivia Michelle entered the world. Apparently push #5 her head popped out and push #6 her entire body flew out of me that a nurse had to come over and catch her - no one expected me to labor that quick being a FTM, let alone for her to fly out of me THAT quickly - they were trying to wait for my doctor who made it there when they were stitching me up!

I got a 1st degree tear and had to get a few stitches - me and Danny were in shock for several hours... we figured we'd get back to the hospital they'd give me some drugs and we'd have a baby a few hours later... but no - less than 12 hours from the start of contractions and she was born Biggrin We didn't even get to call our parents until after she was born - things went so quickly - we are now home and enjoying our little bundle of joy! She was breastfeeding like a champ at first but she got very fussy last night and now I'm just pumping for her - but at least she's eating again! Enjoy some pictures below!! For those on FB - there are TONS more... hehe didn't wanna overload this post!

Just Born...

Meeting Daddy...

First Family Picture

All her hair... (mind you - I had more when I was born! LOL)

A close up!

She LOVES getting burped!

Getting Ready to go home... I wore the same white snow suit 27 years ago!!

In her car seat

Today laying in her Boppy!

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Hey girl's it's been a week since Isabella's birth but I haven't been able to get online to post.

Isabella Faith
1/6/11 4:19 pm
7lbs 4oz
19 1/2"

On Thursday, January 6, I woke up and got ready for work like usual but just before leaving I had a contraction that was strong enough I didn't feel like I could move, once it passed, we headed out. Worked like usual and had some contractions off and on, usually 10-15 minutes apart but around 11-12 they were getting a little more painful and so I decided I would go home at lunch time (1pm). I went to my Grannie's and ate lunch like usual, contractions were 10 minutes apart and painful enough to bring me to tears. Left at 2:30 and picked DD up from school. We got home just before 3. I decided to call the Dr.'s office to find out when I should go to the hospital but had to leave a message. At that moment, contractions jumped to 5 minutes. I went to the bathroom and started bleeding. So I told my mom we need to get someone to watch the kids and go on to the hospital. DH called MIL, she came right away and we left around 3:30 for the hospital. We called L&D to let them know we were on our way. At 4:05, DH pulled up and we grabbed a nurse with a wheelchair and she wheeled me up while DH was parking the car. Put me in a room and checked me and I was complete, 10cm and 100% but my water hadn't broken, so they quickly wheeled me into the delivery room and put me on my side to slow things down until DH could get up there. As soon as they rolled me over my water broke. They said, don't push! Just then Dh walked in, "I'm here, I'm here!" They rolled me over and it was time to push. I pushed once for her head and once for her shoulders and body. She was born at 4:19! That was the quickest and easiest labor I've ever had! I got to miss out on all the fun of an IV but I did get a shot in my hip to help stop the bleeding. Isabella is as healthy as can be and had apgars of 9 & 9. She is a great nurser and has a great disposition....so far Smile
Now, a few pictures:
Last belly pics taken at work on Isabella's birthday

Isabella Faith

Isabella with Mommy

Isabella with Daddy

Isabella with Daddy and Big Sister, Alayna:

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Gideon's birth story

Gideon Emerick
born: 1-12-11 at 6:13 am
weight: 9 lb 5.3 oz

A little over a month ago, when Gideon dropped, I started having serious hip pain, making it difficult to walk. At the same time, I started having some early labor symptoms. Mostly because of that, but also due to some more practical concerns, we tried to induce at home about three weeks ago, but the induction failed. However, I did start having contractions, lost my plug, and dilated further than I already was. But my progress was stuck. We went to l&d twice, but they sent me home both times. And the main ob there refused to see me either at the hospital or at his clinic because my prenatal care had been sporadic.

Ultimately, dh got worried about me and found a different ob who saw me on Thursday. He confirmed that everything was fine with Gideon and agreed that my desire to induce was prudent. We scheduled for him to break my water on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday morning, I called the hospital to make sure there was room for me, but the head nurse turned me away. She made it very clear she just didn't want to deal with me. Instead we let the ob's clinic handle rescheduling for the next day. Meanwhile, Gideon had adjusted such that his head was putting a lot of pressure on my rectum, resulting in constipation. So on Tuesday night, I took a single dose of a laxative to clear me out, but also hoping it would get things rolling with labor a little a) so the hospital couldn't turn me away again, and b) so things would go faster with the induction.

Around 2:30 Wednesday morning my contractions were impossible to ignore, but irregularly spaced. By 3:30, I had to lie down because of them, but they were still irregular. By 4:30, I had to be on my hands and knees to get through them and was vocalizing. While they were still irregular, I was finally convinced I was in labor. We live in a second story apartment, so I told dh we should think about heading to the hospital while I could still walk down the stairs safely.

It took dh a little while to get everything (and ds) ready to go, and I called my mother (who was visiting to look after ds during the birth) to tell her to meet us at the hospital. We left home a little after 5am.

I did not put on my sweater until I got in the car, because the contractions had me overheated. So by the time I got in the car I was shivering and shaking. At the time I didn't think anything of it, but I found out later that it was also transition.

On the drive down to the hospital (about 30 minutes, because I was feeling nauseous and told dh to drive slowly), dh let the hospital know we were on our way in and the nurse had me answer some questions between contractions, which were still ranging from 3 to 5 minutes apart. Once I was off the phone, however, they intensified to the point that my moaning gave way to screaming.

I got to the hospital around 5:45, and we got a parking space right out front. Dh got a wheel chair for me, although I had to stop and get out of it in order to handle the contractions. My mother met us there and took ds to the waiting room. I stopped four contractions four times on my way to the hospital bed. But I still had a decent break between each contraction and was able to answer questions and undress myself. Dh and I honestly thought that I was just getting close to transition and that I had a few more hours to go (based on prior experience).

When I got onto the hospital bed, I went straight to hands and knees, as that is the most comfortable way for me to labor, and the nurse checked me: 9cm, bulging bag :eek:

They put the fetal monitors on me (as I expected, the worst part of the whole thing was wearing those) and inserted a needle in my hand in anticipation of giving me post partum pitocin via iv. They also warned me that the on-call doctor might catch the baby, but that they had called my ob and he was on his way.

I still had a decent break between each contraction, which was nice, but it also kept me from getting used to the labor pains the way I had with ds. In the end, the contractions never wound up one on top of the other.

I think I had four or so contractions before my ob arrived. The one before he arrived, I felt something slide down (my bag of waters), and my waters broke gently and dribbled out under me where I could watch. The fluid was green. I know I was in another contraction when the ob arrived, and I decided to turn on to my back around then as I couldn't keep my arms from shaking. The next contraction I felt really constipated, which I correctly determined meant it was time to push (I was confused at first, because the urge with ds had been a violent and involuntary one, and this was very different). With the contraction after that, I felt the "ring of fire" and decided to keep pushing to get the head out with this contraction and do the body in the next. So I pushed until I felt the head come out, but the contraction hadn't ended yet, and I pushed the rest of Gideon out at 6:13 am (about half an hour after I arrived at the hospital).

I'm told that the ob barely had time to get his gloves on before catching Gideon.

Gideon came out purple and pooping (just like ds), but hopping mad, and apparently decided to focus on screaming rather than breathing Smile The ob put him on my belly, but the nurses couldn't get his mouth and nose all the way clear that way (they tried) and had to take him to the warming tray. We did get to wait to cut the cord the way we wanted, though.

Gideon had aspirated about 20 cc's of amniotic fluid and meconium, which the nurses had to pump out in THREE tries.

After I pushed out the afterbirth, the doctor cleaned me up and decided I did not need any stitches Biggrin The nurses also found that my laboring position had dislodged the iv lock in my hand, so the post partum pitocin was administered as a shot to my thigh.

We were kept for observation for 24 hours. I was more than ready to go after about four hours, but I wanted to make sure that Gideon's breathing and lungs were ok. I was also concerned for the rest of the morning, because the soreness of his throat kept him from trying to nurse until around 11am. But after that he started nursing non-stop! He has a great latch, and no trouble nursing in a variety of positions!

I'm feeling great. I'm only vaguely sore "down there," and have been relatively active since the birth. And my bleeding is fairly light. It was a wonderful, if surprising birth, and I'm very happy with the experience.

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Shaylee arrived on Wednesday, January 5, at 1:50 am. She was 7 lbs., 12 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. (At least that's what DH told me, but they wrote it down as 19 inches, and I haven't taken the time to measure her myself).

The story...I went to the doctor on January 4 for my routine check-up. Dr. stripped my membranes--ouch, that was a bit more tender than I remember! My appt. was in the afternoon--2:15, or something. We came home afterward and spent some "quality time" and I took castor oil (I still gag just thinking about it). I started having some contractions throughout the afternoon / early evening, but nothing timeable. So we had dinner, got the kids to bed, etc., just our normal evening for a school night. Around 9-9:30, I started having more contractions, but they were still pretty far apart. I fell asleep on the couch for a little while. Around 10-10:30, we started timing the contractions and paying more attention to how long they were lasting. They were more consistant by this time. Then, around 11, we really started paying attention. The contractions were getting harder and closer together--3 minutes apart...but I wasn't sure what to do because some of the contractions were really short, but hard at the same time. I went and lay down around 11:30. DH wanted to know what I wanted to do. We decided to wait it out until 12:30 and see what happened. Well, around 12:05, I got up to use the bathroom and in the short amount of time that I was up, the contractions were getting even harder and closer! We needed to go NOW! We had the neighbor come over and stay with the kids and headed to the hospital. On the way, I was trying to really focus on my breathing--that helped me get through the contractions. My hands were feeling a bit numb. We arrived at the hospital around 12:50. I was dilated to a 5, almost 6, 75 % efaced, & baby was +2 station. They got me situated in my room, DH answered almost all of their questions, and Dr. was called. When Dr. Harling arrived, he checked in and ran to change. When he came back, he was going to check to see how dilated I was and break my water. Well, he checked me, I was at a 9, so they got the table broke down and ready. He turned around to get the hook to break my water, I said I needed to push, I pushed, and my water broke...all.over.the.doctor! Poor guy! I pushed once more and her head was out (as well as the rest of the water--which also went all over the doctor), but she was quiet. It took a minute for them to get her mouth cleaned out enough to make any noise. Then she was officially here! I got to see her / hold her, but couldn't do much because I was so shaky. They ended up having to tube her and basically pump her stomach out. I think she got 7/9 for her apgar. She was ready to eat shortly afterward, though, and has done well ever since.

As for me, I tore a little bit, and had a few stitches, but I am doing well...just feeling a little bit overwhelmed at times.
We went home on Thursday morning.
On Friday (1/7), I ended up back at the dr. office because I felt so dizzy! Come to find out, I have some vertigo. Dr. told us that sometimes pregnancy causes it. Lucky for me, I have it. It is more annoying than anything, but I'm dealing with it.
We are enjoying our sweet baby girl! She is so fun! I am truly in baby love!

Shaylee's 2nd bath at home

And a week and a half after Shaylee was born, here I am!

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I was induced Wednesday January 12th at midnight. We went in to have the cervadil started, and I was 2 cm dilated and I *think* still 50% effaced. Funny enough, I started having little contractions on my own on the way to the hospital, but there's no telling if that was real labor starting on its own or not. ANYWAY... they took the cervadil out at 6am and by the time the dr. came in I was a 3 but they kept saying how high he still was. My water was broken at 7:50 and I waiting until about 9:45 to ask for my epidural. Right after they put it in they checked me and I was a 7! Everyone was saying how numb my legs would be but I showed them I could kick and wiggle and everything! But I felt NO contraction pain. The nurse told me to tell her if I felt any pressure because I could be ready at any minute. I told her I was feeling something so she checked again and I was an 8. Then what seemed like 2 seconds later I had her come back because all of a sudden I was feeling a SERIOUS urge to push! That was it! I was ready and boy was I feeling EVERYTHING! They said they couldn't up my medicine because it wouldn't have time to kick in so I felt it all! Bryson Joseph was born at 10:37am. 6 lbs 14 oz and 20 inches long. I didn't have an episiotomy, but I did tear a little. He is the most amazing little guy and I'm so happy he is here!!!
We also got to leave the hospital after 24 hours!! Smile

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12/29/10 6:36 PM
6.10 lbs. 20 in. long

Monday 12/27/10 I had a NST and he was not as active as he had been on past NST's bit Drs said it was ok and we still had the plan to deliver 12/30/10.

Tuesday 12/28/10 I had a weird feeling ALL DAY that something was "off" with him, he was making weird movements and not moving the same times he did in the past. I tried to rest and think that in 2 days I would have my LO in my arms

Wednesday 12/29/10 Had a BPP and Dr appt., I had a "feeling" again something was "off" I called my DH at work to come home and take me to the appt. We had the BPP first, we had my 10 yr old daughter with us and she asked what the bubbles were by the face of baby Ryan, the tech said its the cord... then she added color and noticed the cord was all the way around his neck I freaked out, she tried to tell me it was fine and my water level was normal ect... As soon as I was done with the BPP we saw my Dr. and I started crying out of control about the cord (due to the past loss) she said most times she would "watch" the mom/baby and that it is not a reason for a emergency delivery... but since I was set to deliver the next day she said we will do 1 of 2 things 1. admit me to the hospital and stay on monitors till the a.m. to watch baby and put my mind at ease 2. deliver that night. She gave me a order to be admitted and sent me across the street to the hospital.

BIRTH:We were admitted to L & D and hooked upt o minitors, a RN came in a few mins after we got there and said we are having a c-section at 6 pm (it was around 1 pm when I was admitted) the 5 hr wait was FOREVER! 6 p.m. came and they walked me down the hall to the OR, started the spinal (I was worried about that, it was no big deal) and put the drap up... time for DH to come in and what seemed like forever we hear my OB say LESS THEN A MIN TILL BABY seconds later we hear the most beautiful sound of Ryan crying! The oeds Dr looked him over and he was 9/9 score 110% fine! They did a few things with him and then put one of my arms around him and held him by my face, DH got to hold him and the RNs were taking pics for us. C-section seemed fast and off we were to recovery. My DH got the kids and grandparents to come meet Ryan and they was a very special memory. I ended up staying in recovery for several hours because I could not get pain under control, they ended up puting a pain pump in my IV and that helped.

So a day before we had planned, a 100% healthy baby, cound not ask for more! Feeling SO blessed Ryan is here!

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My first name is Ketra (kee-tra) and Avery was 21.5 inches.

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Dalton George

Dalton George Birth Story
My first son was born via an unplanned c-section. The worst part of the ordeal was anesthesiology. Going into this scheduled c-section, my biggest anxieties were related to that. I was afraid of being poked a lot of times in the spine and afraid of spinal shock, and afraid I’d be sedated and miss the baby. I talked to my OB and the anesthesiologist about my concerns before the surgery and I’m so glad I did.
I arrived at the hospital at 5:30AM to receive 2 bags of fluids and my first round of antibiotics. Then I talked to the surgery people and we rolled into the OR. The anesthesiologist explained everything he was doing step by step and got the spinal in on the first try with NO shock! (I praised him up and down). Shortly after that my husband came in and the doctor started the procedure. As planned they dropped the curtain when the baby was on his way out and the doctor told Chris when to take pictures.

I’m super happy with the pictures. The baby was so tiny and squealing like a little pig. . .turns out that’s his cry, not the normal infant “waa”. He got cleaned off really quick and wrapped up and my husband got to hold him next to me for a few minutes before they went to the nursery to finish the job of bath and measurements. The nurse immediately got my parents at that point to watch the nursery activities. It seemed like a long time to sew me up because the doctor was teaching a new doctor what to do. I missed all of this during my last surgery because I was knocked out from the time I heard the first cry until I was back in the recovery bed. Once in recovery they brought my baby boy to me, who was in fact very tiny. 6lbs, 1.7 oz, 18 inches long with a 33.5 cm head circumference. He was able to nurse a little bit in recovery and we tried to continue nursing on the ride back to the room, but he wasn’t impressed with the noises and bumps.
He is such a peanut that nursing has been a bit of a challenge for duration and latch, but we have worked things out with a few props. He has lost about 10% of his body weight but they aren’t too concerned because he’s providing the right amount of wet and dirty diapers.
We get to go home today. Recovery after a second c/s is a lot better than the first one. I don’t feel like I’m quite as exhausted, but I’ve had lots of help from my mom and husband while in the hospital and the hospital staff has been great. Overall this was a very positive experience.

Big Brother meeting Dalton

Our first picture as a family of 4

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Madelynn's Birthstory:

It started on Sunday 1-30-11 (my actual due date):

8:30 A.M.- I was asleep and I felt a small trickle of fluid so I hopped up and went to the bathroom. I thought it was my mucus plug because there was a green glob of stuff on my pantyliner. My doctor told me it was ok if the mucus plug was green in color so I didn't think anything of it.

11:30 A.M. I was still leaking fluid slowly but it was becoming more like water than a glob of stuff. The only thing was that it was still green. I called L&D and they told me to come get checked out just in case it was amniotic fluid and the green stuff was meconium.

12:30 P.M. We arrived at the hospital and they tested the fluid and sure enough it tested positive for amniotic fluid. She checked me and I was 2 1/2 cm dialated and when they hooked me up to the monitors I was having contractions every 6-11 minutes. At this point I couldn't feel the contractions.

2:15 P.M. Pitocin and Antibiotics were started. (I tested positive for GBS at 36 weeks)

9 P.M.- They checked me and I was 3 1/2-4 cm dialated and the contractions were about 3-5 minutes apart. Contractions at this point were not bad. I wasn't having to use any breathing techniques that I learned in the birthing class at this point.

11 P.M. Contractions were starting to pick up and become uncomfortable so I asked for the nurse to check me again to see how far I had progressed. I was at 6 cm. Before going into labor I decided that I would try the relaxant through the IV before getting an epidural. So at this point I was tired and wanted to get some rest between contractions. They gave me the relaxant and told me it would take the edge off the contractions for about an hour. During this time I was able to rest and actually sleep for a few minutes at a time when I wasn't contracting.

1:45 A.M. Contractions were about a mintue apart and they were really strong. I was have to use a breathing technique to get through them and applying pressure to my back because it was killing me. I asked the nurse to check me again and she said I was at 9 1/2. Finally, the light at the end of tunnel, or so I thought. The nurse said that my bag of waters hadn't fully burst so she called the doctor in to break the rest of it. At this point the contractions became so strong and I was only getting about a 30 second break in between.

2:30 A.M. The nurse told me that I could start pushing if I felt the urge becasue I was fully dialated. Here is where my hell began. I pushed and pushed and pushed. The nurse was telling me to push harder. Then she was telling me that I wasn't pushing correctly. She had a really bad attitude and wasn't encouraging at all.

4:15 A.M. My husband convinced me to get out of bed and try to use the restroom. While I was in the bathroom, I broke. I started crying and feeling so frustrated because I was pushing with everything I had and nothing was happening. Maddi's station was still at a -2 which is what she was when I came in.

4:30 A.M. Rude nurse tells me that she is going to put me on my hands and knees on my bed to try working through some contractions there. She told me not to push but to try and breathe through them because she didn't think I was ready to push. Hello!!! I had been dialated at a 10 for 2 hours and trust me, I was having the urge to push. So there I was on my hands and knees trying to breathe through contractions. I was able to make it through one contractions without pushing but thought I was going to die. I told her " Sorry but I have to push through these" and I did. At this point it was time for her to go to lunch and another nurse came in. She was complete heaven. She was so helpful and encouraging. I continued to push in this position for about a half hour. She informed me that I was having so many issues on my back because the top of Maddi's head was hitting the top side of my pelvic bone.

5:00 A.M. Nice nurse put me on my left side to push and told me that I would try that for a half hour and then switch to my other side. I pushed on both sides for about 45 minutes and I made a ton of progress on my sides.

5:45 A.M. Rude nurse comes back and finds that I had actually made a ton of progress and the baby was almost there. She put me on my back and I pushed for about a half hour and baby was starting to crown.

6:15 A.M. Baby was crowning and the Doctor was called in to get things set up. With the next contraction half of her head was out. OMG the ring of fire. I was screaming and waited for the next contraction to get the rest of her out. That was complete hell. It burned soooo bad. All over. With the next push the rest of Madelynn's head was out and the rest of her body just slipped out.

Madelynn Marie was born at 6:31 A.M. She weighed 8 lbs 2 oz and was 19 3/4 inches long. Apgar score was 8. I had a small tear that required 3-4 stitches. So far she is a good baby but we are having some issues with breastfeeding.

I had no idea but when I saw my doctor this morning, she told me that she looked in my file and saw a blank c-section page. So they were on the verge of giving me a c-section because I wasn't making any progress after pushing for 2 hours. BTW my doctor was on vacation until this morning and was not the one to deliver me.

Over all Labor was hell but I am glad I made the choice not to get an epidural. My husband was my rock and was so helpful during labor. Without him, my breathing techniques from birthing class and the nice nurse, I don't think I could have handled it.

Here is a picture of our little girl:

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The Birth Story of Kennedy Isabella

Kennedy Isabella

Remising upon the beloved perspectives of motherhood, time dwindled softly within the distance; suspend. Each second crept; each clock devoured my being. Scheduled to have a medical induction due to persistent and worsening health troubles that would no longer allow me to carry my precious coffee bean the world around me evolved around seven meager days. As a new mother I was surprised as to how arduous my final week was progressing in comparison to a fleeting initial trimester; the second, of course, a bit slower. My terminal illness had taken a toll in the month of January. Coming close to losing my life and my child at the beginning of the month I was ordered to mandated bedrest until delivery or induction; flat bedrest.

Discovering a positive escape the Internet provided an educational allowance, one that this first-time mother needed; despite completing a variety of classes relating to maternal engineering. I was overjoyed to have millions of articles at my fingertips. Relishing in the value of provisional education I found myself taking notes on topics I had never considered; some topics controversial, most mundane. My husband jokingly laughed as he kept asking “how my thesis was coming”, his eyes reflected his own excitement. Following the same passage I kept open conversations on Twitter so to expand my assistance, appreciating the advice of those with a stout grip of motherhood. I was addicted to acquiring education under each overturned rock.

On January 30, 2011 I awoke to a thickened cervical discharge, an indication of forthcoming birth, looking into my notes and “fact binder” provided by my medical physician I felt as if my body was a mere let down to reality. Cervical discharge I read is the prefix of ‘some’ childbirth; however, the event could begin a week following and in some women two or more. Some women even lost this plug, twice. I was excessively saddened and frustrated as this was my first “labor-like” indication my body reflected. Up until this point I had an on again off again marital affair with Sir Braxton Hicks my second and early third trimester and a not so friendly fellowship with Round Ligament Pain my late first and early second. Such discharge was a huge deal, happiness; however not consistent with each trip into the ladies room. . Likewise, I never even visually saw a tinge of blood; perhaps some pink, never red, mostly clear. My little coffee bean had *not* moved, I only felt her during the instructed “kick counts”; it felt so soft, she was barely there. This was completely *abnormal* as my little girl was clearly an inspiring acrobat who seemed to never ceased moving. She has a obsessive relationship with my bladder for months on end, day and night and had just begin to develop a relationship of substance with my ribs, lungs, and diaphragm.

At 7pm I was engaging in conversation on Twitter; with instant messages coming in to inquire about my health from my sister, friends around the world, and others. My husband and mother were both calling to check my status, as he phoned her to explain; I kept thinking he must have called others too. My husband was a proud man. On a three way phone conversation I got them up to speed not missing the chance at ascertaining assistance when I needed it more than ever. The tightening of my belly only worsened and within twenty minutes was followed by the same frustrating period-like pain. I highly feared being the last to know about my own labor. This was my biggest laboring fear; every woman has at least one. Something happened that I don’t understand, I was not afraid; restrained, subtle, and calm. I knew what I had to do next, my passage was paved in my mind; tackle step one and move to two – one down the line. I phoned Charlie, who was about three miles at the end of our road working and told him he was going to be a father; he must have dropped the phone. I nearly didn’t have time to turn around until he was coming in the door. It was he that needed the calming I attribute to maternal insist.

He phoned the doctor as I used technology to record each contraction, the duration, and the time between; Bump.com. I had failed to research contraction counters, Twitter also made a great resource to detail track too. My doctor informed Charlie he would be on stand-by and that his requirement was five-minutes between each active contraction with a minute or more of intensity. This didn’t please him, it didn’t please me; I attempted not to get upset but inside I cursed under my breath quite seriously. After the fifth contraction it felt as if someone flipped my switch, I was in true back labor; no longer did the basic period cramps of the beginning remain but misery surrounded. I begin to bleed which was colored an electrifying bright red. I tried to eat for fuel but nearly blacked out as my blood monitor cuff denoted my pressure was dangerous high during this journey. It was at this time the doctor gave orders to immediately come to the birthing unit. It took not even two minutes and longer to get from the garage into the hospital and up to labor and delivery at the fourth floor birthing unit.

The blood pressure cuff I was using was inaccurate my pressure was actually low; my family was getting to the unit at this discovery. They could have easily sent me home but the doctor argued to keep me due to my high risk pregnancy, terminal illness, and chronic misery. I was sickened to hear administration claim the desire for money and fear of not being properly paid. A Pitocin drip was started at a low flow as another contraction, now 14 minutes apart and up to a minute, occurred normally without the drug. I was told to walk around the unit to stimulate labor and speed things along we Charlie and I took in the entire unit, four times; we made a little pit stop. I felt the need to go urinate as we headed back to my room, Charlie kept voicing not to wobble; I’m pregnant of course I wobble – also in labor. I came out of the stall and immediately my water broke; a trickle turned into a ravishing rapids but safely not a sudden gush. I knew I had not peed myself, or so I thought. He ran to the nursing station where the doctor was and informed of the updated information. Leaving me due to his excitement but returned quick to help me to my room; where I told my family. Anne came in the room and set on the bed where she informed us that she was upping the drop of Pitocin, which may make my arm very cold, she also explained my contractions were going to start coming quicker since my fluid broke and they were jump starting with Pitocin; in essence she said things wouldn’t progress how they were. I just hoped the back laboring ceased.

The birthing tub was filled and ready and I wanted to try the tub since I denied pain management for the contractions. The nurses helped me take off the gown and step in, nude. The water helped a great deal as I had read and I was glad to have got the option as only one tub existed and normally it would have to be booked with the assistance of a doula. Sadly, we could not afford a doula. The doctor had came in to explain my contractions would need to be very strong to naturally allow my body in a push free delivery to deliver the baby; since I was against the suction and forceps. He was paged out just as the misery of the first upped Pitocin contraction lead me to scream; Charlie attempted to support I pulled away. I screamed to where the water echoed. Anne, the nurse, stayed with me and walked me though giving me a epidural option; she said they would get much more intense. Back to back I had another contraction and Anne assured me the Pitocin was working, and a third much like the prior two. The doctor returned and suggested I look into the epidural option or I could have Demerol. I maintained my desire to birth naturally without drugs and felt the birth plan was being taken very seriously; I had to be checked vaginally. This was the third vaginal check due to my option to minimize the violation. The doctor asked me to move to the bed unless I wanted a water birth where the water would have to be cleaned; water birthing wasn’t an option and I took Charlies help to the bed, both nieces (wide eyed and questioning their millionth question) joined on either side.

He asked as to how much I thought I could push without the rectum damaging itself and I didn’t know. I asked if I could try to have a normal birth and he said he wanted to give such birth to me; I was crying as I felt abnormal in a great deal of ways. I pushed twice and the little princess was into this world, 1:11am 1/31/11. She came out without a tear or whine. They said she had swallowed a merconium (sp) and had to be suctioned (she had a bowel movement in the birth canal and swallowed some of her poop). After she sounded as if she was a newborn kitten, no louder; I waited what seemed like forever to have her put into my arms because not only did they clean her of goo but had to clean her of poo. Both Apgars were scored at a 10, a perfect A+ student! She looked at me with huge eyes and I puddled in tears; fearful I would harm her by not holding her right my mother helped me to hold her my first time. My baby 7 pounds 7.5 ounces and 18 inches in length was the gift hand delivered from the Lord without a single ailment or issue. Birth was not even a memory when she was in my arms, while I realize it hurt I cannot tell you how birth felt. It’s a true glory. .

Our Kennedy Isabella
Jan. 31, 2011
Time: 1:11am
7 pounds 7.5 ounces
18 inches long

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Elliot Marlene Murray
Born 1-10-11
7 lbs 1 oz 20 1/2 inches long

Elliot was born on 1-10-11. I went into labor on 1-9-11. I knew I was in labor when I started having really bad contractions. I knew something was up because I had not been feeling good the day before and was not really eating alot. The day before I only ate twice which was very unlike me but I just didnt feel good and felt very bloated. I had walked the whole morning on 1-9-11 and even hiked a little bit. My hubby decided to go over bumps in our truck without putting the breaks on lol... At about 8pm on 1-9-11. I started having contractions which was normal.. Usually I was having braxton hicks for about the last month. I would have afew contractions over a 30 min period and then go away. This time they didnt. They got stronger and I started walking around. At about 1030pm i called the dr because the contractions were all over the place. The dr told me to take a shower and try to lay down. Before I got in the shower I sat down to pee and noticed I had a brown thick discharge. I took my shower but was still having contractions. I tried to lay down and they just got worse. At about 12am, we called the dr again. my hubby told the dr i was screaming and crying and doubled over in pain, the dr said it was time to go to the dr. We got to the hospital at 1230am. They checked my in real quick and went into a room. A nurse came in and asked me a bunch of questions. They checked me and stated I was already 3 cms dialted. She wanted me to walk around the hospital and I tried but I was in too much pain. At about 330am, I got my epidural. I didnt sleep at all. I was up all night. at 730am I was 5 cms dialated. at about 9am, my epidural drip was wearing off, they gave me some more but it didnt work. By 9am, they started poitcin (sp) to speed up contractions because they had died off. By 1130am i was 7 cms dialated. once 1230 hit i could feel everything and they were really coming fast and hard. I really wanted to bear down but they told me not to. the dr was called at 130pm stating i was ready. we did a few practice pushes and she said the head was coming. around 220pm i started really pushing. i pushed twice and the head came out. the dr was turned around because he was going to do an episiotomy but she was coming too fast. he barely didnt turn around in time. the head and shoulders were out and she just shot out. i didnt have to really push at all. once she was out, they cut the cord (my hubby did) and I got to hold her. It was great. One of the best moments of my life. She is now almost 5 months old and growing up so fast! Smile I am so grateful that god blessed me with my miracle after 3 yrs of trying for her and multiple fertility sessions.