*~2007 August Sweet Peas and their Stories~*

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*~2007 August Sweet Peas and their Stories~*

(Lincolns story to come)

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Thursday morning (8/9) I woke up at 8:15 to get ready for my 39 week OB appointment.. DH had already gone to work, and when I got up out of bed my water broke all over the floor! No question about it.. I called DH to come home to get me, and then called my Mom to have her head down since she was 4 hours away.. We arrived at the hospital around 9:30 where we proceeded to sit in triage for almost 3 hours.. My contractions weren't bad on the way in, but they were progressively getting worse as I sat there.. Just about the time when I was getting ready to go find someone to get us moving, or to murder, a resident came in and asked about my "possible rupture".. I said "there's nothing possible about it!" She lifted the sheet up, agreed with my diagnosis, and they admitted me.. We got to our L&D room around noon, and when they checked me I was still about 3 cm. I told the nurse that I wanted something for the pain, and since I was so close to 4, she fought for me to get an epidural.. Plus they wanted to get some pitocin going, and I told them that I wasn't going to have any of that without some drugs.. I got the epidural (ahhhhh!) and they started the pitocin.. After cranking the pitocin up a couple of times, they checked me again because I was feeling some increased pain through the epidural.. I was only up to 4 cm so they gave me a "boost" (whatever they called it, I forgot) and I felt alot better.. I rested and watched some TV for a couple of hours when all the sudden I felt a ton of pressure... I told the nurse that I needed to be checked again, and sure enough I was 9.5 cm dilated, 100% effaced, +2 station.. It went so fast!! The doc came in and had me push, but I was having a tough time feeling the contractions through the pain of pushing.. I obviously wasn't ready yet, so we took about a half hour break to let the contractions do some work.. The doc returned and I started pushing again.. I pushed through probably 5 or 6 contractions and he was out!! Biggrin The doc did all she could to stretch me, but I ended up needing a very small episiotomy to get his head out.. He arrived at 6:10pm, 10 hours after my membrane rupture.. 7 pounds, 13 oz.. 20.5 inches tall..

I tested positive for GBS, and had an increased temp during labor.. When Colin arrived, he had a bit of an increased heart rate, so they took him to the NICU for observation for a couple of hours.. They transferred me to my Mother/Baby room and I finally got to hold and feed him around 9:30pm.. I was worried about getting him to feed, but he latched like a champ!! We had to stay at the hospital for 48 hours because of the GBS so he could get some doses of antibiotics.. His cultures came back negative and they let us come home 2 hours shy of the full 48 Smile

It was the most amazing experience I've ever had.. I couldn't have asked for a better labor, and DH was wonderful throughout the whole thing.. I couldn't have done it without him..Here's some pics of our little one.. The stuff in his head was his heplock for the IV antibiotics..

Here's the first time we got to see his cute head!!! Biggrin

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Well she made her big debut last night (August 12th).

I went into the hospital at 8 yesterday morning not sure if they were going to be able to induce me because they were so busy, they did my NST and then my doc came in and said since it was her last day she would be delivering her and that she had to do a c-sec first then would be in to break my water and get things one the road.

10:45 they tried to break my water but it was still too high for her to reach and break properly. At 11:15 the nurse came in and started the pitocin and my doc wanted me to have some contractions before she tried to break my water again, so every 30 min they increased the pitocin and i was having some contractions but nothing that was major or painful, the doc came in at 2:10 and was able to break my water this time, they moved me to a birth room about an hr later where i would spend the rest of my time. Around 4:00 the contractions started coming strong but not really regular, i was about 3-4 cm dialated by this time. At 5:00 they told me that i was not having strong enough contractions and so they increased the pitocin more, the nurse checked me i was 4-5 but her head was high and my cervix was just starting to really thing out. At 6:30 the nurse checked me again and i was still only 4-5 but really thin and her head had come down ALOT. This was really discouraging cause the contractions were very painful at this time. Because i was on pitocin the baby had to be on a monitor at all times so they inserted one that clipped onto her head to make it easier to monitor while i moved around. At 7:00 the nurses changed shifts and my new nurse checked me when and said i was still 4-5 CM but that i was thinned right out, i was so upset when she said this and then said she would check me again at 10:00 pm that night to see how i was doing. at 7:45 the urge to push was really strong, they checked me and said i was ready already and they were very surprised, they called the doc in, got the bed ready and the stirrups on the bed, the doc checked me and said not to push cause i was having a strong contraction, by some grace of god i managed not to push that time, the nurse was trying to get the heart monitor off Maddisyns head and my doc got mad and slapped her hand saying the baby was coming to get out of the way. On the next contraction Maddisyn was born with one push only.

She was born at 7:54 pm weighing in at 5 lbs 13 ozs and 19 inches long. Here are some pics from last night will post more from her coming home today later on once i get them off the camera. I did it all without driugs too woot Smile

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I just first want to say that I had such an amazing, positive delivery - and I am so glad that I chose to get an epidural this time. It may have prolonged my labor longer than my previous baby, but it was for the better, since my labor was progressing so fast WITHOUT the epidural, and my parents had a 2-hour drive.

I posted on Tuesday (the 21st) when I had my doctors appointment. My doctor said I was at 4 cm and he stripped my membranes. I went home and had a few mild contractions, but nothing worth getting excited over, as I started having contractions around 37 weeks. Although I did start having "bloody show" every time I went to the bathroom after he stripped the membranes.

Wednesday morning (22nd) I woke up having mild contractions. Again, I didn't think anything about it, because they weren't regular and I had been having contractions for several weeks now.

I started getting them about every 10 minutes apart around 3pm, but they were not regular at all. They would range from 10-12 minutes apart, to 5-6, to 7-8, back to 10 minutes apart, then back to 6 minutes apart.

About 5:00 pm I started timing them, because they were getting pretty strong. The funny thing is that my contractions never became "regular" - they would come anywhere from 2 minutes apart, to 6 minutes apart.

I decided I would lay down in bed and try to take a nap and watch the 5:30 news. I was laying there for about 25 minutes when I felt something warm in my underwear, like I had peed myself - but I didn't have to go pee. I got up and went to the bathroom and as soon as I pulled my underwear down, white fluid (with white flecked stuff?) came flowing out. But it wasn't a huge "gush" like a lot of women describe it. It was more like I just peed myself - so I wasn't really sure my water had broke.

I called L&D and explained to them what happened. I told the nurse that I had been having pretty strong contractions but they were not regular. She told me to get a bite to eat, b/c if I was ruptured they would not allow me to eat once I was in active labor, and to take a quick shower. I decided to call DH and come in right away. I wasn't in the mood to eat (nor was I hungry) and I had already taken a shower earlier that morning.

DH said he was on his way from work and we would immediately go straight to the hospital once he got home. By the time he got there, I was in intense pain and was having problems breathing through my contractions.

We get to the hospital around 6:45 pm. All the delivery rooms are full, so they stuck me in an older room, which I could tell hadn't been used in awhile, since there wasn't even a monitor in there. There were tons of nurses that were freaking out b/c I was in so much pain and I didn't have a room.

The nurse checked me really fast and told me I was 6-7 already, and yes, it was my water that had broken at home when I was laying in bed.

Finally about 10-15 minutes later they cleaned up a delivery room for me and they prepared me for my epidural. I was in so much pain and having a hard problem dealing with my contractions, they didn't even have time to go through all the normal "questions" they ask you before they do the procedure. I just wanted them to get the epidural in, as I couldn't handle the contractions anymore.

I have to admit, it was painful getting the epidural, but it was SOOOOO worth it once the drugs started to kick in.

I went from screaming in pain, to laughing and joking throughout each contraction. It was HEAVENLY. I quickly went from a 6-7, to a 7-8, and then to an 8.

My parents were still on their way (they had a 2 hour drive), so I really am thankful that I got the epidural, so I could relax and kind of prolong my labor, to allow them time to get there.

They finally arrived and I was still at an 8 - thank god!

Around 9:45 pm my doctor came in and told me that I was at a 10, but he was going to let me labor on my own until 10:00 pm, to make sure I would be ready to push.

At 10:00 I started pushing. I felt no pain whatsoever, and not even any pressure. I couldn't even tell if the pushing was making any progress. I pushed 2 times and then all of a sudden, when everyone was getting their gloves on, I felt this extreme pressure and said "uh - I kind of feel like I need to push". The nurses and doctor was like "no no no, don't push!" The doctor was still putting on his gown and gloves. I knew how to hold it in - so I didn't push. But I felt the baby coming anyways. About 10 seconds later, my baby was out, without a third push.

Madisyn entered the world after 8 minutes of pushing, at 10:08 pm!

And the best thing of all - NO TEARS and NO stitches!!!!

I am recovering wonderfully and breastfeeding is going well. We are having some latching problems, but the hospital here has a wonderful breastfeeding consultation team and they are extremely helpful. With the use of a LOT of Lansinoh cream and the help from the lactation consultants here, I am positive we will have BF'ing down like a pro before we leave tomorrow morning.

Here are a few pictures:

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I went in for my weekly check-up on Monday, August 6 and the Dr. said that I was 2 cm dialated (from 1 ½ the previous week. He didn’t say the exact effacement, but I remember him saying that I had progressed from 50% the prior week, so he did a membrane sweep. He told me that the show I was going to see that day “didn’t count” and I went off to work. I was seeing a little bit of “bloody show” all day long and I could tell it was tapering off toward the end of the day, so I thought that was it for a while. However, I got up to go to the bathroom at around 3 am and felt a little off. When I went there was more (new) blood, so I figured this must be the real thing. I was also feeling like crap and the cramps were very regular. I pulled Contraction Master up and they were about 2-3 mins apart. The Dr. wanted me to come in for antibiotics (group B Smile once they got to this point for an hour, so we called around 4 am. The midwife on call seemed a little surprised that we were calling so soon, but had us come in once I told her about the group B. I was only around 3 cm when I got to the hospital and the nurse and midwife seemed to be deciding whether or not they were going to keep me. I was a bit confused since I was following orders and knew that I needed at least 8 hours for 2 rounds of the antibiotic. They decided they were going to keep me after a little monitoring and put the hep lock in for the antibiotic. My blood pressure was not looking good at all and they wanted me to stay in bed. (I REALLY wanted to walk and get things moving). After a bit, the midwife came in and told me that she wanted me to stay on my left side since that seemed to help. Laboring is bad enough, but this really was BAD. I had a feeling that I was getting near the end, but couldn’t do anything move to ease some of the pressure or get into a better position. All I could do was grip the bed railing and try my best to breathe through the pain. They also put me on a magnesium sulfate drip to make sure that I didn’t have a seizure due to the high bp and that made me feel kind of weird. After a little while I decided that I had to get an epidural. The anesthesiologist came pretty quickly and I felt relief soon. I laid back down on my left side and the nurse came back in to see if it was kicking in. I told her that it was, but that I was feeling a lot of pressure. She checked me and I was already at 10 cm. She told me to push with the next contraction and after one push told me to stop so she could get the midwife. The midwife came back into the room and after three pushes, Jacob was born. 11:44 am, 8 lb, 20 oz, 19.5 in. I couldn’t believe how much faster it went this time and I had just a couple of stitches—no episiotomy like last time. Once I got him back from the nurse weighing him, he started nursing like a pro. And, after all that debating about whether or not I came in too early, it turned out that I didn’t have a chance to get a second round of the antibiotics so they had to test him and everything came back OK. The only other part that was not so good was that I had to stay on the labor floor in bed for a full day so I could receive the magnesium drip. They wouldn’t leave the baby alone with me because of the side effects of the medication, so it sucked when DH went home to shower and get some lunch. But, we’re all home now and everything is going very well.

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Jacob came into the world on July 28, 2007 at 5:45 pm. He was 6lbs, 4.2oz and 19 inches long.

The story:
July 27 - My doctors were concerned that he was measuring behind schedule, so I went in for an u/s that morning. Through this I learned that he was measuring just fine, he was simply carrying so low the measurements were off. I was also having minor contractions - nothing to be alarmed about. No one ever said a word to me about the fact that I was having some contractions and that he was measuring low might mean that he would be arriving ahead of schedule. I still assumed I would go at least to my due date, which was still 3 weeks away, if not longer. Throughout the day I continued to have irregular, minor contractions. DH and I went about our business as usual. The Simpsons movie premier was that night, so we had to go see it. I remember being in the theater thinking about how uncomfortable the seats were.

July 28 - I woke up at 4am with pretty severe stomach cramps. I didn't think too much of it, but around 6am I woke DH up. No real reason other than I was in pain and it was partially his fault so he should at least be up with me. The contractions were very painful, but were all over the place, so I assumed painful BH contractions or false labor. Either way, I certainly did not think I would be giving birth that day.
Around 11 we went to the grocery store and ran some errands. The contractions were excruciating by that point, but I was very much in denial about this being real labor. I called my parents to come over just to help me around the house with some stuff since I was in too much pain to do anything other than walk around screaming and groaning every 6 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 4 minutes, then 20 minutes. The contractions really were all over the place until around 1pm. By that time they started becoming a little more regular. By the time my parents arrived, they were only 3 minutes apart. My mom (thank God she was smarter than I was) threw some stuff in a bag, threw me in the car, and rushed me to the hospital.
By the time we arrived at the hospital, the nurse told me I was 5 cm dilated. I threw up. Things were progressing VERY quickly and I really wasn't prepared. I just did not think this was real (despite the fact that I was in the worst pain of my life). The OB checked me, said I was 7.5 cm and sent the big needle doctor in. I was sitting there having pretty much constant contractions trying to sign epi forms. By the time they actually got around to sticking the needle in my back, I was 9 cm. Fortunately, that slowed things down. They broke my water and I went down to 8 cm and had about an hour to just relax and pay attention to what was happening.
Around 5:30, I was at 10 and ready to push. For some reason I expected the pushing part to be like the movies; 3 pushes, baby was out. So when it took me a ton of pushes and 15 minutes to get him out, I thought there was something wrong with me. Turns out, 15 minutes is pretty good - wish someone had told me that at the time.

And then, all the sudden, there he was....screaming louder than I had been. The whole thing seemed entirely surreal. My mom and DH, who had stayed in the room and helped me through the labor were crying and just amazed by him (who still did not have a name, by the way). I was in a little more shock than that and really didn't realize all that was going on. I know that the OB delivered the placenta and sowed me up - I tore like crazy and still had to have an episiotomy - they even had to give me a local b/c the epidural had worn off by then, but I barely remember it.

I got to hold him and nurse him for a few minutes, then my new baby and DH went to the nursery for what seemed like hours to me. After I got all stitched up and changed and got to the recovery room, I was finally able to see them again. My dad, grandmother, sister, and friend were also there. They brought some food and we all just stood around talking and fighting over who got to hold him until late that night.

Finally, late that night, everyone left. It was just me, DH, and our perfect little baby. We stared at him for awhile and DH decided he looked like a Jacob. That was fine with me - it was pretty much the first name he suggested that I didn't hate. So we named him Jacob Warren, the middle name being a family name on my side. And the rest is history...

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My baby will be one in a few weeks but I still thought I would share her birth story.
I started measuring two weeks ahead at my 30 week appointment. By 35 weeks I was three weeks ahead so I had an ultrasound. The baby looked large so we decided to induce at 39 3/7 instead of waiting till 40 or 41.
On August 29, 2007 I went in for my induction (I was also induced with my first). I arrived at about 7:30am. They started the Pitocin at about 8am and broke my bag at 9am. The contractions started getting really intense really fast.At about 9:30 I asked for an epidural. With my first I could not relax enough to dilate until I had the epidural. The nurse had to wait for a whole IV bag to run in first which took a while. Also, my husband had to sit in a chair all this time and could not stand with me as I was going thorugh the toughest part of labor. Finally the anesthesiologist came in and put the epidural in. I was really moaning in pain at this point so he suggested that the nurse checked me so she did. I was already 10cm. Whoa! I asked how long it would take for the epidural to kick in and the nurse said about ten minutes. I didn't make it that far. After puching through two contractions, she was out.
Annaliese Hope was born August 29, 2007 at 11:18am. She was 8lbs 10oz and 20in.