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    Default ~*~*Holly's (LawyerHolly07) Birth Lodge*~*~

    Here you go! I have missed getting to know you so I look forward to finding out who you are

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    Yay!!! Welcome to your lodge! I can't wait to read more.
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    I can't believe I'm close enough to giving birth to have a lodge! AAAH!

    We found out we were expecting in mid-November at around 23 weeks. It's a crazy story involving me deciding to give up on TTC until I hit a healthy weight. We had been TTC since 2005, and suffered a loss in Jan. 2007. I really felt like my weight was holding me back, particularly with PCOS, so I went on a strict all-organic diet and picked up running as a hobby. I felt better than I had in my whole life.

    My menses stopped, but with PCOS that wasn't unusual. I was also losing weight quickly and running upwards of 30 miles a week training for a half-marathon in October, and my OB chalked it up to that. I was offered Provera - thank God I didn't take it! We also moved in the middle of the summer, so I figured it was just stress.

    My DH bought the test as a joke at Dollar Tree, since I'd been "mean" to him. I took it with FMU the next morning and the 2nd line came up so darn quick I could've SPIT on the test and gotten two lines. That was November 12th. I still didn't have an OB here, my work had me in between insurance contracts, things were a MESS. We scheduled a visit and a dating ultrasound with my sister's OB the next day, since we had no idea WHEN I was due - my LMP was in March!

    At the ultrasound, we were given a due date of March 6 based on his measurements. I liked the OB, but not enough to want to give birth with anyone else in her practice. I'd always known I would go natural, but midwife-assisted homebirth is illegal in Alabama. Since we live 15 minutes from the Tennessee state line, we started looking into options for midwives there. I wanted to go to The Farm, but it was just a little too far away driving for my comfort. (As a side note -If you've read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, the first birth story is a woman from my town - Huntsville, Alabama. Weirder still, the story is old enough that I realized I grew up with the kid from the birth story!) We found a GREAT midwife literally 20 minutes away - she caters to Alabama mommies and a LOT of women I've met here have used her and loved her. I love her too.

    We have had the most boring pregnancy ever, outside of finding out so late. I've had no morning sickness or any other symptoms at all, other than peeing so much I feel like I need to move into the bathroom. Everything is healthy and fine, thank goodness. I'm glad my diet was less reduced-calorie and more "I refuse to eat junk". I've pretty much stuck to it since finding out (although I admit I'm re-indulging in ice cream now).

    At this week's appt, I measured at 38 weeks by fundal height. I'm fingertip dilated, and his head is engaged. Midwife's weight guess is 8-8.5 pounds. I'm so ready to meet this little guy - I'm taking advantage of our gorgeous weather this weekend to get lots of walks in, both to move baby along and to take advantage of quality time with our dogs before baby Ben gets here.

    So there's my novel!

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    congratulations on your lodge...how exciting that a March mommy has a lodge (I can't believe it!)

    What an amazing story...finding out so late, I'm glad all is well and healthy and I look forward to keeping up with your lodge!


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    Gosh the time flys doesn't it! I can't imagaine not knowing I was pregnant until past the half way mark, that must have been a huge shock Do you have any pictures for us? Are you planning a home birth then? I wasn't quite sure if your crossing the state line to go to her, or if she's comeing to you?

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    It was definitely a shock, but a happy shock! I'll never forget them putting the U/S wand on my belly and immediately seeing a BIG baby with a fully developed spine! I just think it's funny that for years, I watched every twinge hoping to be pregnant. I literally give up, go on an insane diet so that we'd be ready for IVF in 2-3 years, and I get pregnant 3 months later unknowingly. If I'd been looking for twinges, I would've never found them!

    Here are some pics:

    This is a pic from shocking ultrasound day:

    The next week - the money shot & a 3D shot of his little face:

    So this is what I looked like 5 months pregnant (finishing a 5K - I ran a half-marathon the next day, but you DON'T want to see those pics!)

    This is my most recent belly pic, from about 4 days ago, just shy of 36 weeks:

    This is me and my husband at a friend's wedding:

    (Usually he's behind the camera - he's sneaky like that!)

    We're planning a birth in my midwife's home clinic in TN. We'd love a homebirth, but this is the next best thing.

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    wow, what in intro. congrats and welcome to your lodge. I look forward to reading more of your journey.
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    Welcome to your lodge! What a crazy story, not finding out until 5 months! I have PCOS with irregular cycles, too, so I kind of know how it is for it to be normal to not have AF. WTG for eating better and exercising! That's really cool that you grew up with one of the kids born in one of the birth stories in the book! I'm glad you were able to find a midwife not too far away who you like.
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    Welcome to your lodge! What a story you have there. Looking forward to reading more!
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    Neat story! Welcome to your lodge! Hey, by missing out on the 1st trimester, you also got to miss out on all the worries that come along with (worried about miscarriage, etc...)! That must be a bit of a relief!

    Tell us more – are you planning to birth in Alabama, or at home?

    Do you know if it’s a boy or girl?

    Do you have any name ideas?

    Are you planning to use cloth/disposable/EC? Why?

    Have you chosen any support people for the birth yet? Who and why?

    Are your parents supportive of a midwife/homebirth (if you are having a homebirth…)
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