~~November 2010 Arrivals & Birth Stories~~
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Thread: ~~November 2010 Arrivals & Birth Stories~~

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    Default ~~November 2010 Arrivals & Birth Stories~~

    November 2010 Arrivals!

    I'll add arrivals as i see them. If i have missed yours PM me the details and ill add you to the list.

    July 15th
    Heidi [sp00n]-
    Ethan,1 lb. 5 oz at 23 weeks. (EDD Nov 9th)

    Oct 3rd

    Grenet [Greda]-
    Kaylie,Born at 1:18pm 5 lbs & 8 oz. And 18 & 1/2 long.
    Brian,Born at 1:21 pm. 5 lbs & 12 oz. And 18 & 1/4 long(EDD Nov 4th)

    Oct 13th

    Brian, Born at 5:54pm.5 lb. 9 oz. Height: 19 inches
    Micah, Born at 6:02pm.6 lb. 2 oz. Height: 20.5 inches

    Zoey, 7 pounds 14 oz At 35 weeks 6 days (EDD Nov 11th)

    Oct 14th

    Vanessa [pairpeepers]-
    Liam, Born at 4:47, 5 lb 10oz.
    Ezra, Born at 4:48, 5lb 5oz At 36 weeks 3 days (EDD Nov 8th)

    Oct 22nd

    Meagan [MV111110]-
    Jacob, 6lbs 14oz, 19" long At 38 weeks, 1 day (EDD Nov 11th)

    Oct 24th

    Gavin, 8 lbs 1 oz 21 inches long.

    Oct 29th

    Maddi [Pog Froo]-
    Meki, Born at 2:58am 7lbs 5oz. (EDD Oct 28th)

    Oct 31st

    Shameia [shamma]-
    Baby Girl, At 7:00am (EDD Nov 10th.)


    Nov 1st

    Carol [auroraroseny]-
    Brady, 7lbs 4ozs and 21 inches long. (EDD Oct 31st)

    Jamie [Jamielee2010]-
    Cayden, Born at 8:09Pm 6 lbs 15 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. (EDD Nov 4th)

    Nov 2nd

    Ryan [hopeotbemomof3]-
    Hayden, Born at 8:17 am 8 pounds 6 ounces and 20 inches long (EDD Nov 3rd)

    Nov 3rd

    Brandy [Topaz_Stars]-
    Jillian, Born at 7:21Am 5.8 lbs and 19 1/2 in.
    Jocelyn, Born at 7:32Am 5.11 lbs and 19 in. (EDD Nov 16th)

    Nov 4th

    Katie [katiekat1227]-
    Benjamin, Born at 12:46 8lbs 14oz 20 1/2 inches long.

    Jenny [PeanutGirl]-
    Eleanor, Updates to come! (EDD Nov 5th.)

    Georgina [gj204]-
    David, Born at 10:30Pm,6lbs 15oz and born at 37week 4days. (EDD Nov 15th)

    Nov 8th

    Lauren [LaurenTA]-
    Corinne, Born at 4:17 pm. 8 pounds 3 ounces and 21 and a quarter inches long. (EDD Nov 4th.)

    Christine [Christne]-
    Damon, Born at 8:50am 7 lbs 13.6 ounces and 20 3/4 inches long.(EDD Nov 14th.)

    Nov 11th

    Tisha [hotdiggit]-
    Coraline, Born at 9:21Pm 6lbs (EDD Nov 12th)

    Nov 12th

    Jacquie [Jaxie]-
    Luke, Born at 7:35Am 8lbs. 13 oz., 19 1/2 inches long. (EDD Nov 9th)

    Nov 17th

    Alexandria [CaBlondie918]-
    Brooke, Born at 10:47Am (EDD Nov 14th)

    Nov 18th

    Merissa [UnexpectedAgain]-
    Crystal, Born at 2:54Am 6 lbs 6oz, 19 1/2 inches long. (EDD Nov 14th)


    Birth Stories
    Type up and share your birth stories here. Please remember to turn off siggys so we don't lag the thread.
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    *~* Jillian & Jocelyn's Birth Story *~*

    DH & I went in for our last U/S on Tuesday November 2nd. Everything looked great - the girls were growing & were both still head down! After we were finished and were in the waiting area waiting for the tech to bring us our picture CD (which we always can't wait to look at again & again). She came out and sat down in the chair across from us - which I thought kinda strange since she never did that before) - we have requested to have her as our tech the entire pregnancy, she is such a wonderful woman. Anyway, she started talking about how my fluid was low - which I honestly didn't really understand at first. She said it's supposed to be at a level 10 and mine was at a level 7. She suggested to call our doctor and we both agreed, so she went in the back to make the call.... about 5 minutes later (ours doc are amazing and return calls very quickly), our doc calls back and asks us if we have our bag in the car (it was at home still)... she said to go get it & come to the hospital. She really didn't say on the phone if she was going to induce or not, but DH & I were thinking yes. So, we raced home, called basically everyone we know, and told our moms to meet us at the hospitaal. We stopped home, did a few quick things, and grabbed our bag & left for the hospital. epidural

    When we finally got to L&D, the doc talked to us for a few & explained what would happen. She started the induction process around 8:30 PM that Tuesday night (Nov 2)..... at some point (I can't recall times) she gave me some Stadol for pain relief. It made me really sleepy and I fell asleep. I woke up about 2 hours later and at some point (once again, can't recall times) I said I was ready for the epidural ---- I made it to a 5.5. The doctor said it was the perfect timing for it. (My MIL says I'm her hero because she couldn't make it pasta 4!)

    Once I reached a dilation of 10, the doc and nurse came in and helped me to "Labor Down". It was so starnge beause nothing really "hurt" just a strong pressure. Once the baby's head was in good position, they wheeled my bed into the OR (they said twin births always take place in the OR in case something bad happens, I would already be in place to open me up.

    Time seemed to fly from this point. DH started up by my head, holding it up during contractions... the doctor asked him if he wanted to watch delievery and of course he said yes. So he moved to the side and helped hold up my left leg when I pushed. There were student nurses there watching and one volunteered to take pics w our camera... I am SOOOO happy she did!! they are amazing pictures!!

    Once again, nothing really "hurt" just INTENSE pressure of the baby's head. It was a hard thing to do, but I pushed Baby A out at 7:21 AM Nov 3rd..... no complications Because of the stress on Baby B, I was given a little Oxygen. Baby B's heart rate started to drop a little so the doctor said she would have to vaccuum her out to help her out.... which I was so worried about. It worked well through and Baby B came at 7:32 AM!!! The only side effect of the vaccuum was a little black & blue mark on the top of her ehad.... which was gone about 4 days later.

    We stayed @ the hospital for 2 days. I asked to go home the 1st day (I felt great!!!) but we decided to stay so the girls could be monitored. We were afraid Baby B had a slight case of jaundice..... which cleared up fast! (with no treatment)
    The doctor said I was the best "pusher" they had ever seen and all my family members couldn't believe I was smiling and up walking around ready to go home. I will admit the day after the girls were born my stiches hurt bad (I didn't rip that much but the few I got hurt after I had been sitting for a while).

    Now the girls are home and they are AMAZING!!!! They are such good girls!! They actually slep thru the night last night (DH and I found a routine their prediatricial told us about --- wake them every 2 hours during the day) It worked for last night so we are trying it again today! I am SO in love with them. They had their 1st doc appt yesterday. They are healthy and so beautiful!!!!!!

    Stats on Jillian:
    Born: 11-3-10 @ 7:21 AM
    5.8 lbs and 19 1/2 in.
    Left the hospital at: 5.5 lbs
    At first doc. visit: Weighed 5.9

    Stats on Jocelyn:
    Born: 11-3-10 @ 7:32 AM
    5.11 lbs and 19 in.
    Left the hospital at: 5.9
    At first doc. visit: Weighed 5.13

    :::::::: Here are some pictures of our girls ::::::::

    This is Jillian

    This is Jocelyn

    Some other pictures of them

    Jilly at her 1st doc. visit!

    Jocey at her 1st doc. visit!
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    We started our aventure 5:30 tuesday morning. My mom came into town early to stay with the older boys and get ben off to school. I was feeling super calm and just ready. Hospital is only a few miles away so the ride was quick. We got right in and got the big corner room (woohoo). The nurses were with me right away getting my iv all set up and taking blood. They said we were the first case and that he would be born between 8 and 8:30. Thats when it all set in knowing he would be here in just over an hour.

    All the docs came in to say hello and ask any final questions. Then off we went. The spinal went a little rough b/c i had back surgery in 2007 the anesthelogist could not get the spinal in. I was so uncomfortable leaning over that table, it took him a few tries ( my back is all bruised from all his attempts) but finally I could feel it in my legs and knew that he had finally succeeded. He was worried about my previous problems with nausea and surgery he only gave me the lowest dose of morphine.

    The docs came in and got started so fast that they had forgot to get DH so someone ran out to get him and he got there just in time. 2 second later they were pulling out Hayden's head. He was born at 8:17 am weighing 8lbs 6oz and 20 inches long. My reaction to his weight was "holy ****" I know not the most lady like but no one ever thought he would be that big. He was screaming while still half in my belly. I of course was balling also. Then the pain started. He had to go through a lot scar tissue and putting everything back together was a little harder this time around. and then I got sick and started to throw up while still on the table. As he was trying to put me all together. All during this I am screaming at the docs, telling them to stop and that they were hurting me and to let me off the table. Obviously I was losing it a little bit. Finally they got me put all back together and stopped the nausea and off to recovery I went.

    I was able to nurse Hayden right way in recovery which is what I wanted and he latched on pretty awesome for the first time. The first day and night went great then day 2 came. I expirienced the worse gas pains ever. They say I was having such a hard time b/c i got sick while on the table. They gave me everything they could to get things going. I was in tears in pain.

    Finally on day 3 we went home. I am still having a hard recovery, the hardest one for sure. I am still having a hard time passing gas and I am very swollen. But looking at him makes it all worth it.
    DH Brian married on 8/27/05
    DS Benjamin 9/29/03
    DS Ethan 10/24/06
    DS Hayden 11/2/10
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    i had my princes on 31-10-2010
    it started with little pain down every 10 mints at 3:00am but it wasnt like the pain i had it with my boy ..

    it was little pain then i told my DH we have to go hospital ..just in case when we arrived there the pain started to increase the doctor told me it was open 5cm it was 4:00

    6:00am it was every 4 mints and it was opened 8cm... the doctor started to prepare everything but...... i couldnot push i was pushing wrong ..
    i was pushing toward my stomak.... the doctor and DH encouraged me to concentrate and calm down
    then i delivered at 7:00am morning ...

    im n love with her so cute.... so beautiful

    i will try to send her pict leater
    thanks for all support i had in this site and now i will move to the next step BABY and BEyOnd

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    DP - Oops
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    After 4 months on bed rest and and some seriously obnoxious/unpleasant pregnancy issues, God apparently thought he'd pay me back. My induction took 5 hours from start to finish and I felt NOTHING (except some shaking from the epidural). And Jacob came out in 2 pushes. 6lbs, 14oz, 19" long (at 38 weeks, 1 day).

    Got a call at 4:30 a.m. telling us to be there by 6 a.m. to get started. Of course once we got there, did paperwork, answered questions, etc., it was about 7:45 before the Pitocin was started. They immediately gave me an epidural and, other than pressure, I felt nothing (did have to get an extra bolus of epidural meds 30 minutes in cause I still had cramps but once that was in, nada). At about 11:50a they checked me and said I was 5cm and 80% effaced. Nurse said she was going to get lunch and brought in a covering nurse. I sent hubby and SIL to get lunch also. They turned me on my right side to see if it would help that side efface more. Fairly soon, I started feeling consistent pressure and wondered out loud if my contractions were getting closer. At 12:10p, the nurse checked me and announced, "Oh boy, you are ready! You'd better call your husband and tell him to get back up here - quick!" I had gone from 5-10 in 20 minutes.

    Again, feeling nothing, updated Facebook (LOL) in order to do something to resist pushing while nurse called OB, techs, etc., and we waited for DH to run back up from cafeteria (his face was priceless!). DH came in right on the heels of my OB and the medical team. OB said "let's go". One push and his head popped out forcefully. OB asked if she could do a small episiotomy and I said no problem. She did that, I pushed one more time and the rest of his body came out. Incredible!!! Even the placenta came out almost immediately with pretty much no problems. I seem to remember it taking longer with DS1.

    Jacob is feeding like a champ and sleeping really well. Here are some pics of my beautiful boy.


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    Corinne Lillian's birth story

    On November 8, 2010 DH and I arrived at the hospital for my induction at 6:45 AM. The nurse double checked my information and set up my IV. Sometime after 7 AM she started the pitocin drip. At about 7:30 I started to feel the effects of the pitocin, but nothing uncomfortable. At about 9 AM my doctor came in and checked me. Externily I was a 3 and internally I was a 1.5. We were having a hard time monitoring Corinne's HR so the doctor attempted to put something on Corinne's head. She wasn't able to get it in the right position.

    For the next couple of hours we just hang out and play on our phones or read. My contractions start getting closer and a tad bit more intense. Sometime in the early afternoon the doctor comes back and checks me again. I can't remember how far along I am at this point but she is able to attach the monitor to Corrine's head.

    After the doctor leaves, my contractions start becoming more intense and closer. After an hour or so of these contractions I ask for the epidural. It took 20-30 minutes for the man to come to my room. Putting the epidural in hurt pretty bad. The pain went down to my right foot. Sometime between seeing the doctor and getting my epidural, my water breaks. At first it was a couple of trickles here and there. Then, maybe 5 minutes before the anesthesiologist came, I got up to go to the bathroom and it gushed.

    About 3 or 3:30 or so I slowely started to feel pressure in my vagina but nothing in my bottom. At 3:45 or so I started to feel pressure in my bottom and the nurse called the doctor. The doctor was seeing her last patient of the day and would come up right after that. At about 4:10 the nurse had me push 2 or 3 times before the doctor finally arrived. After about 17 minutes or so of pushing, Corinne Lillian was born

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    Please add us to the list Nov 3!

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    saved for my birth story
    ---- Kandice ----
    DD 5 - May 2008
    DS 2 - October 2010
    Baby #3 - March 2015

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    It all started Saturday night, DH and I went to the see the movie Due Date with his sister and husband. When we returned home we decided to DTD and sit on my ball for awhile. Well around 11:30pm the painful, timeable contractions started. I took a bath, a hot shower, walked around still there. Tried to lay down to get some sleep and they got WORSE!

    Woke DH up around 2:00am and we walked around the house for awhile timing contractions and trying to decide what to do. Well after laying down for the 3rd or 4th time and not being able to rest and having the contractions get worse we decided to pack DS up and go to the hospital. Before we dropped DS off at my parents house I made DH drive around to make sure the contractions would stop and they didn't.

    We got to L&D at 6:00am got right into the triage room and were check, I was 90% effaced and 3-4cm dilated and contractions showed up on the monitor. As soon as she checked me she said we were having a baby today and was going to get a room for us! I was stumped, figured they would have made me walk the halls for an hour and recheck...nope.

    We hung out for a few hours, walked the halls and the nurse checked me again and I hadn't really changed, that was frustrating and then she said "Well, do you live close, we might send you home" and I said NO! I was not going home. She suggested getting in the tub and see what happened. The tub relaxed me more and slowed the contractions done but when the midwife came to check me I made it to 6cm and she pulled her glove out it was covered with mucous and blood so there was no going home then. Walked the halls some more, was checked a few hours later still a 6 so she broke my water around 5:00pm after being there for almost 12 hours!!

    Started walking the halls some more and the contractions really started to hurt!! So back in the tub I went. And oh holy heck the back labor really started. I remember just laying in the tub yelling to get her off my back!! Then I finally couldn't bear it anymore and was about to have them put an IV in me and give me some pain meds! I stood up from the tub and grabbed onto DH and bite/clawed him and he looked down and say blood running down my legs and he said "She is coming!!" and I was saying "no she is not!!" and walked back to the bed and suddenly HAD to push! DH called the nurse and before she got in I was in the bed pushing! She grabbed her phone and called the midwife and another nurse screaming room 667 NOW! Into her phone as she held Annas head in. Then the midwife got there and they told me to look down and I yelled "What is there to look at??" thinking they wanted me to feel her head crowning like they did with DS. Well, I looked down just as they were placing her on my chest!! She was out, in a matter of a couple minutes and a couple of pushes! She was born at 10:59pm - 23 1/2 hours after labor started.

    This time around I got a 1st degree tear with only one suture that made me so happy she said I had some "road rash" as well. I was looking back at our nursing log and she was on the breast nursing less then 20 minutes after being born, I thought that was so beautiful!!

    Here are a couple pictures enjoy!!

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