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    Hehe, thank you for the "stats"!

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    I have a minute to update so thought I would take it, who knows when I will again!
    Griffin is a little over a week old now, we had a little first week birthday party for him on Sunday with my family, who were in town visiting. The first couple days home from the hospital were rough, I had a lot of pain and swelling and the stitches were really bothering me. Fin was having some initial trouble BFing and I was not feeling optimistic those first couple days. I hated not being able to walk around. And when my milk came in I didn't realize that the engorgement only lasts a day or two and I thought I was going to be miserable forever! But all of that quickly passed and I am feeling much better, still a little sore, but starting to feel more and more normal every day. And Griffin has turned into a BFing expert, which I am so happy about! It doesn't even hurt anymore, which I can't believe after only a week.
    So, we are taking it day by day and I am loving just being home with my family.
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    I am soooo glad you guys are doing well! I can;t believe it has been a week already. Wow. Oh, and Griffin is ADORABLE! I love your new pics.
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    Happy 1 week birthday to Griffin! I'm glad your boobies are feeling better. And I'm glad nursing is pain-free for you. LUCKY!!!! Grrrrrr.

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