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    Quote Originally Posted by MeesterMama View Post
    We are off to take a family walk, we try to every night, but it doesn't always happen. The boys are calling!...
    Enjoy your walk! We go on an evening walk too!

    Iam so tired at the end of the day, but I just picture my cervix thinning out and that is enough to motivate me to get off my rear!

    Please excuse typos...

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    Yay for those contrax! And dropped and engeged?! Sounds like maybe your midwife is right!!!
    I love that your DH is so on board with your HB. Great idea to write a list up for his family and to tell them to lay off.
    Alicia C.
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    Yay for a good appointment!

    I'm sure the blood pressure was probably just because you've been stressed.

    Good on your DH for making a list to tell his family. They really need to butt out as it's really none of their business how you get a baby out your body!

    I am so jealous of you ladies who get baby showers! It's not the done thing here really... You need to post pics of your girlie stuff so we can all girl it up with you! LOL



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    Yay for a lodge...welcome!
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    Your dh sounds just wonderful! Good for him to support you so fully when his family is being so negative.
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    Katie!!! Welcome to your lodge, mama! And sorry I'm a little late! I loved reading your story and your family is just picture perfect! Who cares how young you got married, if I had my way I would have been 20 too, I feel like DH and I lost time making a family by waiting this long haha. Your family is beautiful and i hope you get the birth that you want!
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    BTW, I was married at 20 also and I think that's the way to do it!

    I'm sure the BP thing is just stress. My BP rose late in my pregnancy, also, and everything was fine. Just take some time to relax every day and maybe try to increase your protein intake, because that's supposed to help. Have you read Tina Cassidy's blog? She also had some issues with BP while planning a home VBAC. The story starts here: http://tinacassidy.blogspot.com/sear...max-results=20

    The contrax at night sounds like prodromal labor. I think what I was having when I went to the hospital with DD was actually prodromal labor, but I didn't know because my childbirth class didn't explain it very well. It sounds like you are getting close, how exciting!

    Yay for baby showers! Girl clothes are so fun, aren't they?

    Totally sweet about your DH writing the list about your midwife, what awesome support to have!
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    Sorry to hear about the family being unsupportive, I agree with Sarah-Jean, you don't need any negativity right now. Yay for a good appt with the midwife though, it is hard to believe that our babies could be here at any time. Enjoy your walk!!
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    I'm a little behind on all these new lodges I really enjoyed getting to "know" you and I can't wait to see how things work out for your home birth, your family is so cute!

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    Welcome to your lodge, I enjoyed your story. You guys are so cute! I'm also from the midwest (KS), I got married a week after I turned 20 and have 2 boys. DH and I met while working at Wal-Mart--I guess that is a typical Midwestern love story!

    I'm so sorry that your IL's are so unsupportive but YAY! to your DH for standing up for your beliefs. You really don't need the stress or negativity right now.

    GL and I can't wait to join you on your journey!
    Mom to 3 little boys and 1 itty-bitty baby girl (10/4/10)

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