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    Holding my Space

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    Mandy's Space

    I'm Mandy (2 and DH Carl (30) and I are excited to celebrate our 6th anniversary on June 5th with the surprise that baby #2 is on the way. We weren't planning on trying for another six months so this pregnancy is unexpected but definitely not unwanted. DS Jack will be 2 in October. I love him to death but he is extremely active and it makes me a little nervous about having two kids in the house. I work mostly from home where I run two small real estate and development companies. DH is a manager for a retail pharmacy.

    Big Dates:
    BFP May 16th
    First Appointment June 21st
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    Lisa's Space

    Hello! I'm Lisa (31), DH, Ben (32). We have been married for 10 years. This is pg #5 for us. I have PCOS and don't really get to "plan" my pregnancies--we're just very grateful when they happen! However, this is when I would have "planned" to be pg again. We are very excited! I told DH I was pg by giving him a grocery list to pick up after work the next day--it had all sorts of baby items on there--with several labeled "newborn size" since we still have a "baby". Our 4 other children are DD Cami (9), DD Jenna (6), DS Hayden (4), DD Dallie (1).
    I got my BFP on May 5. My EDD is January 10.

    is January 14, 2011
    confirmed on 8-27, as baby is measuring right on

    My first dr. appointment and ultrasound are scheduled for June 2, 2 pm. I am so excited!!!
    • appointment went well. We had our first ultrasound--I was so nervous! I just wanted everything to be perfect! We did see the heartbeat, but the baby was measuring smaller than it should have been according to the first day of my last period (apr 4), so the due date was moved back by four days.
    My second appointment is scheduled for June 29.
    • must have gone well!
    I've been slacking on updating my space, so I'm back today to try and update a little better! My big u/s is tomorrow, August 27 at 11 am. My past few appointments have gone well. I gained 5 lbs one month (I think that was June 29), and I didn't look at the next appt. I guess I'll find out how much I've gained over vacation tomorrow...but hopefully not too much! YIKES!
    • IT'S A GIRL!!! She is measuring right on with my due date and all looks well! She flexed for us and wiggled a lot, but didn't roll at all during the ultrasound.
    I had an appointment on Oct 19--the glucose test--YUCK!!! I REALLY dislike drinking that stuff! This time it gave me a headache and I got the WORSE heartburn! I didn't feel the greatest for a few days afterward either...kinda weird. I had a good conversation with the doctor. I was asking about Braxton-Hicks--and telling him that I've been having them almost constantly--so obnoxious! But it's normal, which I expected, especially since this is #5! I also brought up my slight concerns about some spotting I've been having--as long as it doesn't take on the characteristics of a period, it's fine. I know I asked about something else, too, but I can't remember what it was. I am measuring a little ahead--at first the nurse said I was measuring 36! I kinda panicked for a minute! But dr. M helped her and they came up with 28 or 29 cm (I can't remember now!). My glucose test came back great, though--a huge relief! And I am up to 172 lbs. Hmph. Well, I think it's still better than my previous pgs....but even so, this little one is worth every extra pound!

    November 30 appt. Just a routine appointment. I gained a few pounds, but I really think Shaylee is growing and I am starting to retain water--I can especially tell in my legs--ew! I measured right on at 33 cm. Dr. checked and she is head down--yay! But she is still VERY high! All in all, a good appointment.

    December 14 appointment. Went well--gained 2 lbs. Back again in a week.
    December 21 appt. All was well once again. Measuring right on. Gained 2 lbs. Dr. said I've gained 39 lbs total--YUCK, but usually it's worse! Asked about pelvic popping--no real relief until baby is born--just as I figured.
    December 28 appt.
    Our first ultrasound went very well! We immediately saw the baby and the heartbeat!
    I occasionally feel nauseous, but not all the time. Afternoons are the worst for me. It seems as long as I eat, I am fine--but that is how it was with all of my other pgs!
    I am often in the bathroom--at night I think I am up two or three times--it is old already!
    My biggest complaint is how tired I am! By lunch time I am so tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open! I have to try and take a nap when D is taking her afternoon nap, or con C into watching the younger ones so I can sleep.
    Other than that, I feel great!
    I went through a bout of not sleeping well--waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and then I would toss and turn for hours. It drove me crazy! I'm hoping I'm past that now. I've been feeling the baby move more and more this past week or two (I'm almost 20 weeks now), and it's so fun!
    Week 20...Baby Shaylee is moving around quite a bit and I've started having Braxton-Hicks.
    Week 28...It has been a week or two now, but I am starting to have the sciatic nerve pains again...more frequently. I'm starting to waddle, too--can I just say "Quack, quack?!" ha! I can see Shaylee pushing on my belly now--can't tell what body part, but it's fun to see her moving around.
    Third tri--nothing sounds good to eat anymore--I really hate that! Around week 34, pelvis started popping--mostly at night-time and morning when I get up. Week 36 1/2 the waddle is getting OBNOXIOUS!
    Fell down on 36 w, 1 d. Bruised my elbow really good and walked really stiffly. Didn't go to or call dr, because baby was moving LIKE CRAZY! A little bit of spotting, but nothing to really worry about.
    December 26...had contractions off and on all day...didn't feel well. By bedtime, they were timable at 8 minutes apart. I'm interested to see what the dr. will say at my appt. tomorrow!

    Belly Pics
    This is at 8 weeks, 9 weeks, & 10 weeks


    Shaylee Dawn arrived on Wednesday, January 5, at 1:50 am. She was 7 lbs., 12 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. (At least that's what DH told me, but they wrote it down as 19 inches, and I haven't taken the time to measure her myself).

    The story...I went to the [COLOR=#737373 ! important][COLOR=#737373 ! important]doctor[/COLOR][/COLOR] on January 4 for my routine check-up. Dr. stripped my membranes--ouch, that was a bit more tender than I remember! My appt. was in the afternoon--2:15, or something. We came home afterward and spent some "quality time" and I took castor oil (I still gag just thinking about it). I started having some contractions throughout the afternoon / early evening, but nothing timeable. So we had dinner, got the kids to bed, etc., just our normal evening for a school night. Around 9-9:30, I started having more contractions, but they were still pretty far apart. I fell asleep on the couch for a little while. Around 10-10:30, we started timing the contractions and paying more attention to how long they were lasting. They were more consistant by this time. Then, around 11, we really started paying attention. The contractions were getting harder and closer together--3 minutes apart...but I wasn't sure what to do because some of the contractions were really short, but hard at the same time. I went and lay down around 11:30. DH wanted to know what I wanted to do. We decided to wait it out until 12:30 and see what happened. Well, around 12:05, I got up to use the bathroom and in the short amount of time that I was up, the contractions were getting even harder and closer! We needed to go NOW! We had the neighbor come over and stay with the kids and headed to the hospital. On the way, I was trying to really focus on my breathing--that helped me get through the contractions. My hands were feeling a bit numb. We arrived at the hospital around 12:50. I was dilated to a 5, almost 6, 75 % efaced, & baby was +2 station. They got me situated in my room, DH answered almost all of their questions, and Dr. was called. When Dr. Harling arrived, he checked in and ran to change. When he came back, he was going to check to see how dilated I was and break my water. Well, he checked me, I was at a 9, so they got the table broke down and ready. He turned around to get the hook to break my water, I said I needed to push, I pushed, and my water broke...all.over.the.doctor! Poor guy! I pushed once more and her head was out (as well as the rest of the water--which also went all over the doctor), but she was quiet. It took a minute for them to get her mouth cleaned out enough to make any noise. Then she was officially here! I got to see her / hold her, but couldn't do much because I was so shaky. They ended up having to tube her and basically pump her stomach out. I think she got 7/9 for her apgar. She was ready to eat shortly afterward, though, and has done well ever since.

    As for me, I tore a little bit, and had a few stitches, but I am doing well...just feeling a little bit overwhelmed at times.
    We went home on Thursday morning.
    On Friday (1/7), I ended up back at the dr. office because I felt so dizzy! Come to find out, I have some vertigo. Dr. told us that sometimes [COLOR=#737373 ! important][COLOR=#737373 ! important]pregnancy[/COLOR][/COLOR] causes it. Lucky for me, I have it. It is more annoying than anything, but I'm dealing with it.
    We are enjoying our sweet baby girl! She is so fun! I am truly in baby love!

    Shaylee's 2nd bath at home

    And a week and a half after Shaylee was born, here I am!
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    Default Ali's Space


    My youngest DD turned 8 on Saturday May 15th, it was also the same day I got my first BFP!!
    SO and I are so over the moon excited!! First child for him (he's been dying to have one of his own), third for myself.

    First Doc Appt: June 1st, rather uneventful. Doc doesn't do "dating ultrasounds", confirmed due date as Jan 26th, 2011, confirmed betas are where they should be, blood work and physical and hearing HB at next appointment.

    2nd Doc Appt: Heartbeat a loud and strong 160bpm, everything is bang on track and looking great.

    3rd Doc Appt: Heartbeat still super strong, recorded it on my blackberry to share with the kids, everything measuring perfectly, on track to only gain 24lbs-27lbs this pregnancy...the working out is helping

    4th Appt (18 weeks): All went well at the doc today. I haven’t gained anything this month (probably because the bronchitis cough killed my appetite), blood pressure is excellent, got drugs for heartburn (when you get heartburn from WATER, there’s a need for drastic measures! LOL!)

    5th Appt (23 weeks): Everything is good, u/s results showed no genetic disorders or abnormalities, Paige looks fantastic. Gained too much weight (8lbs), sorta pissy about the sporadic weight gain, never knowing from month to month (last month was no weight gain...month before was 2lbs, month before was 8lbs...no idea!).

    6th Appt (27 weeks): Gestational Diabetes in a big way. No more starches AT ALL and if ketones kick in, insulin for sure. This stinks because I always eat a bodybuilder's diet (lower in carbs) and am so healthy generally...bah. Baby is frank breech and measuring a whopping 3 weeks ahead! Gulp. No weight gain this month, holding steady at 20lbs. See doctor and diabetes clinic every two weeks now.

    7th Appt (29 weeks): Everything is fine, diabetes under control, see doc in 3 weeks.

    8th Appt (32 weeks): Everything is great and Paige has moved to head DOWN finally and is fully engaged in the birth canal the doc said, YIPPPPEEEEEE. Diabetes under control but zero carbs in my diet which is depressing and wearing and BORING to be honest. Total weight gain to date: 18lbs.

    9th Appt (34 weeks): Everything normal and looking good. No weight gain. Sugars good and low. BP low. Paige's HR @ 140-150bpm range.

    10th Appt (35w5d): Everything normal. Had Strep swab and an internal check. Doc thinks she's around 7lbs and her head is "right there". Says I'm 70%-90% effaced, cervis high still but it would, and I quote, "take very little to put me in labour" right now...figures she'll be around 8lbs if she comes in a couple weeks...same as my other two.

    11th Appt (37 weeks): GBS swab was negative (yay), weight up 4lbs but likely because of water only since diet hasn't changed but legs have gotten swollen now. Lots of prelabour signs...

    12th Appt (last min one): Had labour cramps, back pain and contractions 5 minutes apart all night. Doc confirmed 95% effaced or thereabouts and so thin and stretchy he could "stretch me to 10cm right then and there if he wanted". Sent me home for a bit...then it all STOPPED...

    13th Appt (39w1d): Nothing has changed since the last appt. Induction not going to happen until at least Feb 1st doc says. Very frustrated.

    14th Appt (40w1d): Doc stripped membranes and set induction date for February 1st.

    Next Appt: January 31st

    INDUCTION DATE: February 1st.

    Ultrasound: Tuesday September 14th 2:30PST
    Its a girl! Paige Dakota is measuring right on track and looking healthy as can be.

    Due Date:
    January 26, 2011!

    Baby bump pics: http://s858.photobucket.com/albums/ab146/another143/
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    6wk9dys ---- 9wk6dys ---- 13wk3dys



    5wks: 189
    8wks: 188
    11wks: 188
    13wks: 189
    15wks: 191
    16wks: 191
    17wks: 192
    18wks: 193
    20wks: 194
    22wks: 199
    24wks: 204
    26wks: 206
    28wks: 206
    30wks: 208
    32wks: 208
    34wks: 211
    36wks: 210
    38wks: 209
    1wk PP: 193
    2wk PP: 189
    3wk PP: 188

    June 4th @ 3:00pm, First Apt with OB
    OB says no to VBA2C, blood work, pap, u/a &
    B/P 120/70 which is great!
    HBG was 12.2... normal range
    Have been having alot of "16" dreams, calendars, cell phone dates, exc. Feeling great over all, breasts are a lot bigger than pre-pregnancy already, having a lot of "all day" sickness especially when I dont eat frequently enough, drinking lots and lots of water and soda intake has drastically decreased, disgusted with food over all, sleeping A LOT, DH has been great about letting me sleep most of the weekends away. Still averaging about twice weekly gym/zumba time. I'm really guessing girl at this point considering the drastic change in symptoms from the boys.

    June 8th @ 11:30am, First U/S
    One healthy baby bean, 128bpm which is right where it should be for 6wks, 6dys. A day off what the OB gave me as an EDD, The u/s tech said its measuring to be due 1-26-10 instead of the 25th. Ill keep the OB's date lol... I got to hear the heartbeat briefly too which was wonderful. The little wiggle worm already has visible limb buds and the flickering heart was such a relief to see. The tech did comment on just how "tilted" my uterus was and had a tough time getting a clear pic.
    Short video clips, 6wks6dys. You can see the yolk sac at the bottom right of the bean.



    June 24, 2010: VBAC risk assessment
    I went and met with an OB who sign off on a VBAC after reviewing my history and post opperative reports. Her findings were I have signifigant risk of a VBAC not turning out well... Considering my high number of previous pregnancies, d&c following missed m/c, two previous c-sections, very large babies, complications with my health, exc. She said she would allow a VBAC but I would need to be on an extreme diet and only gain 10lbs to "Grow" a small baby (between 6 and 7lbs) which I dont agree with, some women are meant to have larger babies and others small babies and starving my body of nutrients and "losing" weight during a pregnancy did not sit well with me. It was stated that if I did not follow my diet and baby looked to be over 9lbs she would take him/her via c-section anyway at 39wks. The hospital is far away (30min) and she would expect me to walk in at 7-8cm, laboring at home but the risk of rupture on the way was signifigant over someone who has had only one c-section and no other complications... with that said I called back my origional OB and decided to do an elective repeat c-section, be with a dr who is less stressful for me, a great surgeon, and in a hospital I love... its been a hard road to come to but I'm finally at ease with this choice. I dont look at it as a failure but rather I gave it my best shot and have weighed the risks and benefits fairly.

    June 28, 2010 @ 10:30am, Second OB @ 10wks & U/S
    [wt: 188]
    B/P 130/72 which is still okay
    I was nervous going into this appointment because its the same time frame (10wks) that I found out I had a missed m/c before Ethan.. Well they looked for the heartbeat for awhile over the doppler and of course couldnt find it, so I have an u/s this afternoon at 3:30 to either confirm a m/c or make sure the little bean is snuggled behind my scar tissue/placenta both of which my OB said was possible... I HATE LIMBO... will update with results of U/S
    Everything went perfectly! Turns out baby was VERY active, heart rate of 178 which is much higher than either of my boys ever were (hoping for pink) and right on time (9wk6dys) with my OB's edd of Jan 25th. The ultrasound tech was amazing and even let me get videos of our little baby (who actually looks like a baby now) moving all over the place and watched the little heart flicker for a good 20 minutes. It went wonderful.

    really moving

    July 23, 2010 @ 2pm, NT Scan @ 13wks3dys
    [wt: 187] LOVE their scale
    Baby heart rate was 154
    Was very, very brief.. literally a NT Scan & blood work, I was shocked the visit didnt last longer. I requested the tech try to make a gender prediction and she was very reluctant to do so. Said very often at this stage they look very similar but if she had to guess she would say boy. I didnt get to meet with the peri dr and was pretty surprised by that but oh well. Glad to see baby's heart beating (heard it too) legs, arms, hands and feet were accounted for. Baby was even sucking its thumb ..just like big brother Ethan. Baby was measuring 14w1d instead of 13w3d but I would prefer ahead than behind Baby's face was burrowed in my placenta and we didnt get a good look at baby but glad we got to see him/her again.

    July 29, 2010 @ 9:30am, Third Ob Apt @ 14wks2dys
    [wt: 191] Hate their scale!
    Baby Heart rate was 151
    B/P: 120/80. The appointment went great. I had a ton of questions and he was able to answer them all. Were gonna try a different pain relief this c-sec because I had so many problems tolerating it last two times, dont have to have my arms tied down, he will allow a mirror and dropping drapes during delivery. He will deliver around 39wks instead of 38wks to allow for more development as long as my B/P stays under control (HURRAY!) He doesnt have any specific day he delivers which is great. Had no problems with my request to not do eye ointment/ Hep B and just basically asked me to remind him of my requests when the times come up. Measuring right on time and I was a happy camper

    August 4, 2010 @ 1:00pm, Peri Bloodwork
    [wt:190] again, considering i ate on my way, fully clothed & middle of the day, I love their scale
    Part two of the integrated tests looking for neural tube defects, trisomy 18 & downs syndrome.. **update** test scores came back negative for Trisomy18, Downs & Neural Tube Defects

    August 11, 2010 @9:00am, Peri Genetics Counseling & U/S

    [wt:189.4] telling you, i LOVE their scale lol..
    EVAN's heartrate 154.
    BP:142/79, concerned its elevated and want to do a 24hr urine. Dr believes I may have some chronic hypertension that is never been diagnosed and would be concerned with placenta function if not controlled. Baby looks great over all, weighing a half pound and measuring 16wk5dy instead of 16wk1dy. My fetal hemoglobin is elevated which is evident in certain forms of anemia (sickle cell/thalasemia/exc. and my A hemoglobin was also too low but that is less relevant) and they have ordered extensive blood work as well as a fetal echo. Otherwise baby was sucking HIS thumb and over all looks great, no cleft palate, no club feet, exc. Im excited to have another son!!

    August 18, 2010 @ 8:30am Amnio & U/S
    [wt: 190]
    Evan's Heartrate: 140.
    BP:145/77 Still concerned its elevated, we talked about a very likely chance I will be put on blood pressure medication by my next peri apt. The u/s before the amnio went great, Evan gave me a beautiful thumbs up. The amnio went a lot better than I thought it was going to also.. the needle didnt hurt at all until it penetrated my uterus which as expected caused a contraction. We should expect results in approx 2wks at the most. More of my blood work came back abnormal, my 24hr urine did show protein & I tested positive for ANA (Antinuclear Antibodies: An antinuclear antibody test measures the amount and pattern of antibodies in your blood that work against your own body (autoimmune reaction) which the Dr said doesn't really mean much now but does mean down the road I have a higher chance of developing lupus/rheum. arthritis/exc. I'm still anemic which I'm not surprised about either. The u/s done after amnio showed Evan was still doing well and for SURE still a boy & now I'm resting at home, pretty crampy but i know thats typical.

    August 26, 2010 @ 9:45am, Fourth Ob Apt @ 18wks2dys
    [wt: 191]
    Evan's Heart rate 156
    BP: 152/80 and GAME OVER! Ob put me on Aldomet BID 250mg, hoping I dont have any of the side effects I have read about online! I will start it tonight since its noted to cause drowsiness and hoping it doesnt in my case. He was perfectly okay with my weight, said the vein that has been more obvious in my chest is a varicose vein and hes very supprised by its location. Uterus is growing appropriately and babys heart sounded good. I signed my auth. form for a tubal after Evan's birth and otherwise everything looked normal. Still waiting on Amnio, A & B Thalassemia & Ashken.azim results. I go back in one week to recheck blood pressure and adjust aldomet dose.

    September 2, 2010 @ 9:15am, Recheck Blood Pressure/adjust Aldomet dose
    [wt: 194]
    Evan would NOT cooperate to get heartrate lol
    BP: 140/74, my ob glad it wasnt higher than that but NOT happy at where it is so he upped my Aldomet to three times a day until my next apt, pending what my b/p looks like then he will either keep the same, up to 4xs a day or try new med. I'm extremely swollen despite drinking a TON of water.

    Thalassemia A& B results came back NORMAL! I'm not a carrier either

    September 16, 2010 @ 10:45am, Called-in reg. persistent headaches/high bp
    BP:135/75, OB requested blood work & 24hr urine. Thinks I may be developing HELLP syndrome or pre-eclampsia which is news to me.. i didnt even know you could have chronic hypertension PLUS pre-e. Blood work should be back as early as tomorrow morning. Baby sounded good and measuring right on track. Said Im for sure holding water and swollen.

    September 20, 2010 @ 9:15am, Recheck B/P & bloodwork
    BP: 120/75, Got a break finally!! OB apt went really well. Liver function, platelets & kidney function are all working the way they are supposed to. No Pre-E or HELLP Syndrome as of now! OB upped my apts to every other week just to watch to be sure. Evan's heartrate sounded nice and strong. I couldnt be happier!

    September 22, 2010 @ 9:30am, Peri Apt, U/S
    [wt:197 their scale is sooo inaccurate]
    BP: 114/62, Fantastic!! Evan looked great, heart rate was 140 & weighing in at 1lb2oz (46% for gestational age) his bone length was measuring 22wks4dys which is great. Every part of him is growing wonderfully and even got some great 4D pictures! My cervix is "a mile long" per the nurse and my placenta is anterior. He was in breech position (which confirms twinkle toes on my bladder ive been feeling!). I will not be discharged from his care like I had hoped and actually my apts are going to be more frequent than before so they can monitor my placenta function and Evan's growth, at 34wks I will have weekly ultrasounds to monitor him more closely. If at anytime from there forward he (or my placenta) runs into problems they will deliver him at that time but for now were shooting for 39wks.

    September 29, 2010 @ 3:00pm, Fetal Echo
    The echo went really well, the boys got to come along too which they loved (got bored towards the end, only so much they want to see of his heart). They had been begging to see the baby for weeks now and its just been easier for them to not be there.. anyway, Evan looked great! Structurally his heart looks as normal as can be which is fantastic. So much so the Dr. even stated he will send me a copy of his echo to take to the hospital with us when hes born so if in the off chance they hear a murmur or something he has the all clear/all is fine and there will be no need to do a repeat echo (no need to hold him for any length of time either!) which made me pretty happy. Little dude was sitting on his bottom, legs tucked up, hands in his face turned to my right and SUPER active. There is no need for follow-up Happy momma!

    October 12, 2010 @ 10:45am: Fifth Ob Apt @ 25wks
    BP:122/88 An uneventful appointment!! Measuring right on track. Dont have to go back for 3wks!

    November 3, 2010 @ 9:00am: Peri Apt & U/S @ 28wk1dy
    BP:129/77 which is good. The appointment went really well for the most part, Evan is HEAD DOWN and super active, cervix is long and closed, Evan looks like he weighs about 2lb12oz (59% & 28w2d measuring which is spot on) arms and legs were nice and long measuring 29wk3dy. He was practicing breathing lots and lots, heart, lungs, cord, exc all look GREAT. Placenta is anterior (which i knew) function is PERFECT, fluid level is great & besides passing out on the u/s table (from pressure of laying flat + her pressing on me) it was a GREAT appointment!

    November 4, 2010 @ 9:00am: Sixth OB Apt & Glucose test @ 28wks2dys
    BP:125/75, going to try backing off meds to twice daily on a trial basis and see how it goes.. Evan's HR was 150's and still hanging out on my right side. Did the glucose test, fruit punch tastes a lot better than orange I had with the boys. The appointment went really well. DH got to meet the OB too!
    Update: Panels all came back normal, no STD's or anything (not that im surprised lol) but I am still fairly anemic and they want to continue to monitor that. I cant start iron supplements like they had wanted me to initially because of the BP med Im currently taking. My glucose was 92, well in the range of acceptable! No Gest. Diabetes!!

    November 18, 2010 @ 8:45am: Seventh OB Apt 30wks3dys
    [wt: 210]
    B/P 125/77, well BP is doing fantastic on the lower dose of aldomet which is GREAT news! The not so great news is I'm now on Procardia XL once a day for contractions for the remainder of the pregnancy. Last night I had to go to L&D due to "cramping and abdominal pains" which turned out to be very real contractions every 7 minutes. They gave me 0.25mg of Terbutaline/Brethine IM which I will tell you BURNED like a son of a gun going in and gave me the worst shakes in the entire planet! The med causes increased heart rate in us both (normal side effect), Evans HR went from relaxed low 140's to high 180's in a matter of minutes! They also gave me a bag of ringers just to be safe & my first dose of Procardia XL. I didn't get to have my usual OB apt today because he was stuck at the hospital on multiple surgeries but the nurse answered all my questions and after reviewing my records my OB felt comfortable with seeing my physically at my next appointment as long as nothing changes between now and then. Guess that's what I get for just "bragging" to my extended family about how quiet things have been for me this pregnancy.
    Update trip #2 to L&D
    yet another trip to L&D today :sigh: I had major noticeable decrease in Evan moving and over all felt really crappy... dizzy, headache, stomach ache, exhausted, just totally not myself. I put a call into my OB who asked me to come right down. After seeing him briefly, let him know how i felt, ev' being really quiet, exc he sent me to L&D for a NST which came back unreactive, which is NOT what you want, you want it to be reactive (he had no accelerations in heart rate which is not typical fetal activity per the nurse) with some heart decelerations, my BP was also 95-100/40 and stayed below 50! No wonder I feel like crap! They ordered a biophysical that also showed a "lethargic fetus" (for the first, oh 8 minutes! talk about having a heart attack) until they started poking and prodding at him at which point he woke up and gave us a piece of his mind by going from breech to transverse back to breech position. He was making lots of breathing movements and his fluid looked good. He scored an 8 out of 8 by the time the u/s was over... thank goodness. My OB officially stopped all my fun! No more gym, no mall walking, exc and said it will take a couple weeks but both Evan and I should get used to the procardia after a few weeks of being on it...

    December 2, 2010 @ 8:45am: Eight OB Apt @ 32wks2dys
    [wt: 208]
    BP 112/80, Evan's HR 156, Measuring 37 WEEKS (first time w/tape measure)! My OB said the fact I have had two previous pregnancies/extra weight could account for measuring so big and he would have ordered an u/s to check his size but I already have one scheduled for Tuesday so we will use those measurements. As for the contractions he said it could be all the adhesions letting go from the previous two causing irritation to my uterus and in turn causing contractions. He said I also have increased fetal movement because hes probably trying to get into proper position (still breech) I may notice decrease movement once he settles head down. I will be on procardia once a day until 36wks, do GBS test at 37wks and the plan is still to deliver at 39wks as long as there are no complications between now and then. ((fingers crossed)) He would "like me to" continue pelvic rest but as long as I know my own limitations and stick to them I'm ok. My labs for UTI came back negative (had a + for bacteria a week ago when i went in for contractions again) and I could stop antibiotics. Over-all a great appointment!

    December 7, 2010 @ 2:30pm: Peri Apt/BPP @ 33wks
    BP 120/61, Evans HR was 145, he looks to weigh approx 5lb6oz (69% measuring, great increase on the scale from last month and as far as body measurements go, 34wks for abdomen and head & 35wks for arms and legs) He scored an 8/8 for his biophysical, placenta looks GREAT! They dont use the "old number scale of to grade placentas because they have a more sophisticated and accurate test they now do" but if they were grading it on the "old scale" my placenta would have been graded a 1, the best you can get! Evan is also HEAD DOWN! My cervix looks long still and he was very happy with my blood pressure. He has taken me OFF the aldomet completely on a trail basis to see what my blood pressure will do without the extra medication, he wants me to keep a physical log to show him twice daily tests (i have a home monitor) and share it with him at my next appointment. Should my BP go above 130/90 Im to call him immediately. He feels that the daily dose of procardia may be enough to keep my BP under control. As of right now there is NO indication of a need to take him prematurely! He also believes my contracting is just caused by an irritable uterus since I have had no progression otherwise.

    Random update:
    Tonight i purchased our first package of diapers for Evan, his official coming home "little brother" outfit, installed the carseat for the final time & packed our hospital bag.

    December 17, 2010 @ 9:00am: Ninth OB Apt @ 34wks3dys
    BP 112/75, Evan's HR was 150's. Measuring 38wks and not setting a date in the book, he doesnt think Im going to make it there anyway but did tell me he cant legally schedule it a day before 39wks (Jan 18th or later) due to new hospital protocol. He was happy with how we are both doing, it was an uneventful appointment!

    December 20, 2010 @ 2:00pm Peri Apt/BPP @ 34wks6dys
    BP 123/73, Evan's HR was 145. He looks like hes weighing approx 6lb1oz, (60% Over-all 35wks5dys) He got an 8/8 on his BPP, breathed the entire time & the peri couldnt believe just how low he was in my pelvis (despite me telling him Ev feels like he might fall out!) fluid, placenta, cord flow all look fantastic, Evan has hair! I wasnt able to get a decent profile pic of his face but I did get one showing all his hair! The peri is very happy with my blood pressure and although I will keep up weekly BPP hes not too worried about my BP at this point since its been so stable even without medication.

    December 28, 2010 @ 8:00am: BPP w/Peri @ 36wks
    [wt: 210]
    BP 112/63, Evan's HR was 140 and he got a perfect 8/8 on his BPP.

    December 30, 2010 @ 9:45am: Tenth OB Apt @ 36wk2dys
    [wt: 211]
    BP 108/76, Uneventful apt.

    January 4, 2011 @ 8:00am: Peri Apt/BPP @ 37wks
    BP 106/62, Evan's HR was 155, he got a perfect 8/8 on his BPP and looks like hes weighing in at a whopping 8lbs6oz! His arms and head are measuring 37wks, his legs 38wks & his abdomen 42wks! Were stopping procardia for good & should my BP start to rise he wants me to start the aldomet again. This is our last sizing ultrasound, next week is just a BPP.

    January 6, 2011 @ 9:15am: Eleventh OB Apt @ 37wks2dys
    BP 130/80, Evans HR was 147, I let him know I contracted all night last night plus yucky nausea so he prescribed me zofran to help with the nausea and said its up to me but I can restart the procardia to relax my uterus. Evan is measuring "big" (duh!) and if I go into full blown labor at any time from here forward they will go ahead and let him be born. I refused an internal (since in the grand scheme of things it doesnt matter anyway) and am GBS- so thats not a concern either. I did ask if hes born "big" will they give him glucose automatically even though I dont have GD and he said the staff "knows what they are doing and if he needs it they will suggest/give it to him, trust the process"... otherwise the apt was uneventful.

    January 11, 2011 @ 8:00am: Peri Apt/BPP @ 38wks
    BP:105/71 Evans HR: 158, FINAL peri appointment! Fluid level and placenta function was great and he passed his BPP with 8/8.
    (Ultrasound tech who did most of my u/s, myself & Peri)

    January 13, 2011 @ 9:45am: LAST OB Apt! @ 38.2wks
    [wt:210-total pregnancy weight gain 20lbs]
    BP:128/80 Evan's HR: 147, FINAL Ob appointment!! Measured 40wks and he guessed Evan will weigh 8lbs4oz! Totally doged Pre-Eclampsia this pregnancy

    "See you Tuesday" made things sooo real! Im absolutely ecstatic.

    January 18, 2011 @ 7:00am HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVAN! Scheduled C-Section
    Evan was born at 7:41am weighing 9lb10oz & 21" long. He had apgar scores of 9/9

    February 18, 2011
    10lbs 14oz 22 3/4 murmur is GONE!

    March 28, 2011
    12lbs 11oz 23 3/4" no shots doing well

    April 18, 2011

    May 18, 2011

    June 18, 2011
    16lbs 26"

    July 18, 2011

    August 18, 2011
    19lbs 27"

    September 18, 2011
    19lbs 28"

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    Amy's Space

    I'm Amy, DH is Chris. We have a DS Everett who will be 2 in August. We have been TTC since January and I got pregnant in February only to have an early m/c. This pregnancy the doctors are following my hormone levels better and so far so good.

    5/19 Hcg = 125, Progesterone = 20
    5/20 Hcg = 555, Progesterone = 22
    5/24 Hcg = >1500 , Progesterone = ?

    IT's a BOY!

    Belly Pics: (click for a slideshow)
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    Default Melissa's Space

    Friday, May 21, 2010
    I was a day late for AF, so decided to pick up a test.
    BFP!!! Total shock, unplanned pregnancy, lots to process
    EDD: January 27, 2011 (DD's EDD was January 27, 2003...How's that for coincidence )
    Later that day, told my cousin, Christy, and she was awesome, supportive and non-judgemental. She's the best!

    Saturday, May 22, 2010
    Our 6th Anniversary
    Chad and I went out for dinner. Before we ordered drinks, I said "I have a very small gift for you" I pulled the test out of my pocket and put it in his hand. He smiled and laughed and just took it in stride. The total opposite of my hyperventilating panic attack the day before! He was so easy about it, I felt 100% better. I'm so glad I married him!

    4 weeks: Cramping, Slight nausea and heartburn, Very irritable, having trouble getting back to sleep at night, leg aches at night
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    Hi! I'm Helen (26) and my DH is Jason ( 28 ). We have one son Levi (12/2/06). I have PCOS so getting pregnant has been a real challenge. We have been on clomid and this last cycle we added metformin (which also worked for DS). I am a high risk pregnancy because with Levi I develeped HELLP (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HELLP_syndrome) at 24 weeks, almost giving birth at 28 weeks. Thankfully I kept him baking until 35 weeks, but it still wasn't long enough for the little guy, he was life flighted out to the nearest large hospital and spent 3 weeks in the NICU.

    We sure are praying this time around goes much smoother!

    1st Ultrasound 06/04/10

    Heard the HB! 06/24/10 163!!

    Here is a picture of my family as is now!
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    Diamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond Text
    Hi all! My DH and I have a 3 year old daughter named Kaleigh and our expecting another baby January 12, 2011. We live in northern ca in the wine country. I am a stay at home mom, but I plan on opening a cupcake shop sometime next year after the baby is born. We are so excited to add to our family.

    Baby at 8 weeks
    Some photos:
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    I'm Jill and we're pregnant again! After 6 cycles of TTC after a loss in October '09, we couldn't be more thrilled to be expecting again. I'm definitely quite terrified of another m/c, but we're trying to remain faithful and hopeful and positive (and, taking it one day at a time).

    I'm mostly a SAHM but spend my afternoons tutoring. I was an elementary school teacher before DD and still love to teach (my DD, that is!). I love blogging, shopping, bike rides with the family and eating.

    Now, some pics!

    And, our tests!

    And, a digital taken at night (I think I was 14dpo):

    I tested early because I had been feeling so sick since about 7dpo. The first line we saw was SO faint but I was SO happy!! I have also FORCED myself to stop taking HPTs. Literally, I had to have DH hide the remaining tests and no visits to the Dollar Tree for me!


    May 20th: Pregnancy confirmed at doctor's office. Much to my sadness, they wouldn't do any bloodwork yet (I wanted beta numbers!!) and encouraged me to relax and treat this as a "typical" pregnancy.

    Spotting and then bleeding... Miscarriage diagnosed on 6/1/10
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    Our Store! http://www.etsy.com/shop/timefortots

    10/09 11 weeks
    06/10 6 weeks
    Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

    Lilypie First Birthday tickers

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