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    Default Caleb Allen's Birth Story

    Well we started with a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks 4 days Friday April 1st... We arrived at the hospital a 5am and our c-section wasn't until 7am. Once we got back to the room the worst problem they had was getting my IV in. For some reason I became very puffy overnight and started in with high blood pressure right away. My dr. appt on Tues of that week showed regular blood pressure readings so not sure why my bp got up so high overnight. I felt calm and not really too stressed even though that's what they were saying was wrong. They stuck me 4 or 5 times trying to find a vein for my IV and it hurt like hell everytime, especially when they started digging. But they finally got it on the under part of my right arm about 10 inches up from my wrist and 4 inches down from my elbow... very unusual spot to have an IV. Once they got that in everything just started to go very quickly from there.

    The c-section started out pretty normal and I was starting to get more and more nervous and scared. Esp since this time around I could feel all the pressure everyone told me about. With my last c-section I didn't feel any pressure and recovery was really easy, I almost enjoyed the drugged feeling I was having. But not this time. All the pressure and the moving of my stomach around made me feel sick and I just started to get a little freaked out. I have no idea what meds the dr gave me for the sick feeling but I kind of passed out as soon as they wheeled me out of surgery and into recovery because I don't remember being moved. Once in recovery... apparently I started to get more freaked out and they had to give me something to calm me down. I didn't find this out until later from my aunt who works in the hospital. I was in and out of deep sleep while in recovery and everytime I woke up I complained of lower back pain and rambled on about random things that made no sense. At one point I remember saying something about puppies and flowers and as soon as I realized what I said I apologized for it. I think they kept me for more than an hour or even two in recovery. I don't remember being moved from recovery to my room either.

    But after all that mess was over I was finally able to hold my presious Caleb. As soon as I came to and could really focus I started to try and breastfeed. Caleb had such a very strong suck going on that he wouldn't stop sucking on his fingers so he had no problems latching right away. We've had a few problems latching properly without tearing my nipples apart but overall he's done very well breastfeeding.

    Everything checked out fine with Caleb... no worries at all. He was born 9lbs 10oz and 21" long. Born at 7:24am on April fools day. After he was born my aunt thought it would be a cute idea to put a pink hat on him an present him to my family like he were a girl. But they didn't fall for it at all, but still pretty funny.

    And overall my recovery from this c-section post hospital stay has been alot easier than it was last time. Not sure why I healed so much quicker this time around but I felt alot better than I did the last time minus the actual surgery and the recovery right after. That was alot harder but everything after that has been alot easier.

    Caleb 2 & Jase 5

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    Default ***April 2011 CuddleBugs Arrivals & Birth Stories***

    Hey ladies!! I have completely disappeared from this board.....I don't even really feel like I should be posting anymore, but thought that I'd at least come on here and let you know that I had the baby. PLUS- I wanted to say congratulations to all of you that have already had your babies! Wow! It seems like so many April babies have been born and we are barely to the halfway point of the month!! To the rest of you, hang in there!!

    Benjamin Matthew

    born on Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 7:19pm
    5lbs, 15oz
    18.5 inches long
    37 weeks, 5 days

    Basically, this is my birth story. I had my check up the week before and my blood pressure had been slightly elevated...not too high, but elevated. I was feeling okay and everything else looked okay so it was just noted in my chart. The following Sunday, some friends of mine ended up giving me a small sprinkle (yay! I got my sprinkle!!) and my BFF (who is also pg and due in May) and I decided to go see a movie afterwards, as we jokingly talked about how it might be the last movie we can go see together for a while. Little did we know how true that was! By the time we got to the movie theatre, I felt really weird.......lightheaded, nauseous, very uncomfortable. I thought maybe it was just the car ride had made me sick because I do tend to have car and motion sickness. Well, came home from the movie and realized that my ankles were HUGE! I realized at that point that my blood pressure must be up. I went and laid down and went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I was feeling better and took my daughter to school. After that, my plan was to drive into town (we're about 20 mins out) and go walk on the treadmill at my gym for about 30 minutes. By the time I got there, I was feeling so off again so I went into a drugstore nearby and checked my blood pressure....it was 142/98....not astronomically high, but with the way I was feeling, high enough that I decided to blow off the gym and call my dr. While waiting on them to call back, I went across the street to the Kroger and checked my blood pressure again....on their machine, it was 151/98 and 150/100, respectively (checked it twice). I decided to just go straight to my dr's office at this point b/c they were about 5 minutes away. They found some protein in my urine and my doctor suspected I might be developing preeclampsia. He gave me this huge jug to pee in for 24 hours (very weird, I might add) and sent me home on modified bedrest until my next appointment on Wednesday.

    On Wednesday, at my next appointment, things still didn't look great. My dr said that I had developed preeclampsia and wanted me to go to the hospital to be monitored and get bloodwork. He said his plan was to induce me on Friday. Once at the hospital and once the bloodwork came back, it became apparent that I also had a low platelet count. Apparently, this is a more severe form of preeclampsia and one that can deteriorate quickly. So, my dr moved up my induction to Thursday and I had to stay in the hospital overnight.

    On Thursday morning, pitocin was started about 7:40am. I labored all morning and into the early afternoon and while the contractions were a little uncomfortable, they were completely and totally manageable. However, I did think I had progressed pretty well. I had come into the hospital at 4cm dilated and 50% effaced so I thought for sure I was at least a 6-7 by then. At 1:45pm, I was checked and I was only 5cm. I was so upset. I thought for sure I was further along. My doulas (I had two) were very encouraging though and we continued to push through.........I started having some pretty intense contractions and the pain was getting worse and worse. At one point, I broke down and was just ready to give up. I just didn't want to do it anymore. My doulas, both, thought I was at transition and were trying to encourage me about how close I was. I just was having a hard time believing that I was that far. At 6:15pm, the nurse checked me again because she said if I wasn't progressing, that my doctor would want to break my water. I was only 6 cm. At this point, I was bawling. I was so tired and I felt like my body was giving up on me. I really felt like I was going to be in labor for another 12 hours. I also was frustrated that the nurse kept insisting that my doctor would break my waters as soon as he got there. I love my doctor and one of the things I love about him is that he puts your medical care in your own hands (at least as much as is medically safe to do so). When he came in, he asked me what I wanted to do. He said that he didn't have to break my water if I didn't want him to. He knew that I really wanted it to break on it's own and he said that since I was progressing (rather slowly), he didn't have to break it. I was so relieved!! I declined letting him break my water and onward we "marched" through labor. Very soon after he had left, I started having contractions that came one on top of the other. They were strong and there was no break at all. At 6:40pm, my water broke. At this point, everything fell apart. LOL. I started yelling and screaming at everyone. I told the nurse and my doulas at various times that I immediately wanted IV pain meds closely followed by an epidural. The problem was, I was in so much pain, I couldn't even sit still. The nurse came in with IV pain meds and insisted that in order to give it to me, she had to check me. I have no concept of the time that passed, but it felt like hours......I finally got to a point where I could lay on the bed and she said that I was 7-8 cm. Even with the IV meds, the pain just wouldn't let up. I honestly don't think it took any sort of edge off as I've heard other women say. I started screaming at everyone and at some point, vaguely remember yelling at my doctor to "stop standing there, and go get me my epidural!". LOL. (I had no idea until later that he was in complete scrubs with booties on his feet and everything.....just waiting for me to stop screaming, give into my body and start pushing.) My doula said that you could see the head coming before I ever started pushing....that my body was already pushing before I was. Finally, I had this overwhelming urge to push and I bared down and started pushing. I pushed three times and Benjamin Matthew was born! I didn't tear at all and had the best recovery afterwards!

    Matthew's apgar scores were 8/9 and both were because of his color. Otherwise, he is perfectly healthy! I had been warned that since he was early (even though it was only 2 weeks and technically "term"), he might have problems with either breathing or nursing. The nurse said that they tend to see that white boys, in particular, that are early have a hard time breathing......that their lungs take longer to mature......also, that they tend to not want to eat. Well, Matthew came out screaming at the top of his lungs and didn't let up. He definitely didn't have a problem breathing!! Also, I tried to nurse him immediately and he latched on right away! Matthew had absolutely no problems at all!! The only problem we've had is finding clothes to fit him! LOL! We have a total of 4 preemie outfits and two of them swallow him up. He is just sooooo tiny!! Since he is nursing so well, I'm hoping he will start gaining some good weight soon and then all of the newborn outfits I have will fit him.

    Here are some pics!

    Just born:

    Proud big sister:

    Beautiful baby boy:
    ~Sharon, 32
    DH- Matt, 30
    DD- Ariel- 8/29/08
    DS- Matthew- 4/7/11

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    Default ***April 2011 CuddleBugs Arrivals & Birth Stories***

    Sorry i've been a bit late with my story.

    Taylor Ryan was born on the 31st/3/2011 and she weighed 8lbs 7oz, born at 03.54!

    It all started on the tues as i was having an induction so i went into hospital as planned was monitored for about an hour and i was having good tightenings even though there was no pain, the midwife examined me and my cervix was very high so she put the prostin gel in to see how that goes. all that night i started getting a very bad burning sensation inside me and getting bad period pains. 6am the next morning i was examined again and there was no progression so the midwife left me for the swap over and my new midwife came and examined me again she advised me to put a pad on just incase my waters break even though it was planned i was going to have them broken. As soon as she said that i went to get one and pop there was the gush! 1pm I was sent to the labour room where I was put on several drips and montiored throughout.. I started having contractions and got offered pain relief but i wasnt in any dis comfort or anything so i didnt have any. about 5pm they upped the dose of the drip and my gosh it was sore so i had some diamorphine that was great i got a little bit of a rest from the pain.. DH then went home for a bit as nothing much was happening and we only live 5 min away from the hospital. when he returned about 7.30 the diamorphine had started to wear off so i was taking gas and air aswel when the doctor came in and spoke to me about further pain relief he sugessted i try the epidural... we spoke about it and about 9pm the anethesis came to insert the epidural. It was AMAZING! I managed to have a little nap and by this time i was 7cm so i was quite happy. The midwife and the doctor then came in to examine me at 12am Taylor was facing the wrong way she was looking up not down so the doctor suggested that I get a top up on the epidural and we wait another 2 hours to see if she'd turned... 2am comes and i get examined again and then got told to start pushing... it was weird as i couldnt feel the contractions so i had to watch the monitor. after an hour and a half of pushing tere was no real progress as the contractions were so far apart still she kept going back up between them... So the next plan was to have a ventouse delivery, i had to have an episotomy to allow room for the cup to be placed on her head, within 3 pushes my beautiful princess was here. Daddy cut the cord and started filling up with tears.

    sorry pics wont resize :s

    Lilypie Maternity tickers

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    Default ***April 2011 CuddleBugs Arrivals & Birth Stories***

    I'm gonna ramble here as I type while I try to recall the details.

    On Wednesday I nested like crazy. Worked with my kids and the cleaning lady to clean the playroom from top to bottom. Then I spent a good couple of hours packing up clothing for our Passover hotel stay. My kids will be going already this afternoon and staying with the rest of my family there until I join them on Sunday with the baby, so I had to pack separately for when I won't be there and then for the rest of the stay. I worked until I couldn't move anymore because I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep otherwise from nervousness over the induction. It worked like a charm and slept deep and hard LOL. At 6AM the alarm went off and we just laid there for a few minutes taking in the silence and the moment. Then DH got up and went to get my niece to come stay with the kids (she's 1. I got dressed and had a small bowl of cheerios, knowing I wouldn't see food for a while. We arrived at the hospital right on time for 7AM. The staff was waiting for me and took me straight back to the corner room with the best view. Yay! We did all the settling in stuff - paperwork was really quick, changing, monitors, etc. Dr. examined me. I was completely closed and baby was so high they had to bring in an u/s machine to make sure she was still head down. Thankfully, she was and by 8:10 the Pitocin drip was started at a 6. They couldn't start the epidural right away because I was so completely closed when we started and they had to make sure I'd progress. Every half hour or so the nurse came and increased the Pitocin by 3. By 10ish I was getting very uncomfortable with each contraction. Dr came in and checked and I was 3cm so she said I could get the epidural. Yay! Instant relief. After another hour I was still at 3 and the contractions spaced out some, so they increased the pitocin more. Next time I was checked I was 5. At 1:30 the dr checked me and I was at 7 but she was completely high up. They sat my bed up and the contractions got really intense - even with the epidural. I knew that meant she was descending so it made it tolerable. At 2 I asked for more epi drugs so my dr came to check. I was complete and she was fully descended. That's exactly how it played out with my older daughter - between 8 and 10 cm she fully descended from -3 to +3. Painful, but worth it because it's only 20 minutes or so. So at 2:00 they broke down the bed for me to start pushing. First contraction was ineffective because I couldn't really feel what I was doing and didn't get it right. By the second I was in business. 2 more pushes after that and she was born at 2:09. What a feeling of relief! I did get 2 stitches. Her apgars were 9 and 9, only cuz her hands and feet were bluish. We did some skin to skin contact and then they took her to the warmer cuz she was a bit chilled. They did their thing and then weighed her. She was 7lb 8 oz (my bad on the last post) and 18 inches long. I couldn't believe the length - my others were 21, 21.5 and 22 inches long! But she's nice and chubby because she only weighs a pound less than the brother who was 4 inches longer! She had a bottle about 45 minutes after she was born and had an ounce. Then she just hung out in the warmer in the room with me for a few hours. Checked out the place - totally not sleepy and just mellow. Other than when they bathed her (in my room!) about 3 hours after she was born, she really hasn't cried a real cry. She doesn't like when they take her temp, but other than that, she just kind of whimpers when she's hungry. I hope this mellowness continues! Her big sister was like this and was just such an easy baby, toddler and still is an easy little girl.

    And that's about it. I'm feeling pretty ok. Just tired and crampy. Man, it really is true that the cramping gets worse with each kid. I've never had it this bad for this long. Almost 24 hours later, I'm still getting horrible cramps. My kids will be here to visit in a few minutes and after they go home, I'll try and get some pictures of her. I told DH to bring me my card reader so I can upload them .

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    Default ***April 2011 CuddleBugs Arrivals & Birth Stories***

    Benjamin Ryan
    Born 4-9-11 at 4:08pm (38w3d) Labored 15.5 hours
    7 lbs 7 oz 20.25 inches long HC 14.5
    Apgar 9/9

    So I had my 38 weeks appt Friday afternoon after dropping Grace off at my parents to stay the night so we could finish last minute things that weekend before baby. Here's what I posted last.

    "Well I'm the same 1 cm 50% effaced but -2 this week. Even with all this swelling and headaches my BP was perfect. Will be called on Monday to schedule my induction either on the 13th or 15th. I just wonder if I'm one of the many women that won't dilated without "assistance". Well I'm off to harass DH. May be we can get something going this weekend. " LOL Boy did I ever!

    After our appt DH & I went to the mall for a new Macbook charger and had an early dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Mmmm. I had the chopped salad there that I had been craving for months. After that we drove home and relaxed a bit and watched a movie. We had sex about around 10:30pm and I was feeling kinda crampy and thought may be I had to go to the bathroom. TMI Had some soft BMs and went back to lay down. The cramps turned into contractions so I put my legs up because they were a little swollen anyways and told DH. "Hmm I think I'm having real contractions." He just looked at me and said "See I told you we shouldn't have had sex." Basically he said that because he was planning out his work schedule and trying to finish projects before taking his paternity leave.

    So the contractions were all in my back which I've never had this pregnancy. I timed them and they were between 3 and 11 minutes apart for 30 minutes. It's now 12:30 am so I called my mom to let her know and then the Dr's office and Dr. Melendy called back . I informed her of my contractions and she said wait the full hour and see if they are all under 5 minutes then let her know and she would call L&D to let them know I was coming in. So after an hour and 15 minutes they were all around 4 minutes and a bit more intense. We ran around the house thinking of last minutes things to grab and do. Then got in the car for the 40 minute ride. Called my mom again to let her know and then left and made the call back to Dr. Melendy at 1:15am.

    We got there 2:00am and went in through the ER which was totally empty and surprised me for a Friday evening/Sat morning. I got changed into a gown and hooked up to monitor my contractions and Ben's heartbeat. The nurse checked my cervix. I was still 1 cm. She said we'll stay see if labor continues or stalls out. If I dilated more they would move me to a room and start IVs because of my GBS+. I contracted 4 minutes apart until about 4 am and this would be the only time my contractions were in the front. Had more soft BMs. Then had a check and I was 2-3. Yay! Which was a good thing because the bed was horrible and DH was in a chair trying to stay away, Got in the room and IV started 4:15 am. I believe Dr. Melendy came in around 5 and spoke to me about breaking my water around 7 am and seeing if we couldn't get Ben here my noon.

    I tried to sleep a bit but I mostly rested until 6 am then was checked and I was still 2-3. Called my mom and MIL around 7 am and told them my water would be broken soon and didn't know how long it would be after so to head up to the hospital. MIL pissed me off because she had been called only twice. Once around 12 am and once at 4 when we got the room and knew we were staying. She said to me "Well if we miss it ..we miss it." After telling time after time to let her know what was going on. Anyways I was checked around 8 am and asked about Dr. Melendy and the nurse said she had an emergency c/s and would be in after that. I was 3 cm then. Sorta ticked off at this point with the day nurse because I had to ask for everything myself especially checks. Contractions were still bearable and 4 minutes apart. Strangely this belt monitor registered them around 20 and the first one when we came in showed 40 to 60 and they were not near as painful. I wonder if back labor doesn't show up as well when the belt is in the front. Dr. Melendy came in and broke my water at 8:30 am. Oh boy this was painfully. She had gone to stick the bag of fluid and Ben moved up and she basically had "to go get it" with a painful look on her face apologizing to me.. I kinda crawled up the bed in pain but at least it didn't last long. She left signed pitocin orders if needed.

    Still at 3 cm this would be another annoying part of labor with the day nurse I had. She was waiting to change my bed and pads way too long it was cold and uncomfortable and it had to be done 5 times ..2 of which I had to use the nurse button to get her in there after 30 minutes. The night nurse was sweet enough to come say goodbye and she would see me tonight with a baby in my arms. She had stepped next to my bed and said "What's this?" to all the liquid on the floor. The bed managed to get on her right leg covered in amniotic fluid. She laughed and told the nurse to get me changed! Hello!?!?

    I still labored on for awhile and had family in and out of the room and was finally 4 cm at 10 am. Contractions were starting to get pretty painful. I was thinking about my epidural at that point but wanted to get a little further along. The suites seemed busy so I ask to have the anesthesiologists come. He was there by 11 and the produce went well. I had more pressure this time around when it went in and some anxiety. He had the fetal monitor moved to my heart just to check and my heart rate was around 130. I said to him I felt light headed but I thought it was anxiety and he paused and counted to 5 then I was fine. He was really awesome about everything. He sat on the couch and made sure I was ok. After I was taped up and laying down I heard him say "oh crap!" I quickly turned around and he had opened something that burst beta-dine all over his scrubs and face. We all laughed and he said jokingly "I should walk out there and say I hit an artery" LOL So I was relaxing at this point but not sleeping. Praying I would get to 5 and get over the hump soon. Careful what you wish for. Next check I was still 4 so she started pitocin at 12 pm since I had my epi and cranked it up.

    At this point it had been12 hours from when I had my first contractions and they just weren't strong enough to get me dilated pass 4. I promise this story will pick up soon! Resting and chatting with family I was 5 cm by 2:30 pm and thrilled. About 20 minutes later my contractions started getting really painful but I figured it was just the dilation. An hour later I was in a lot of pain and the nurse asked if I wanted the anesthesiologist to be called and I said yes probably a good idea because I was afraid of pushing with no drugs. It was like the epi was wearing off sorta. I could feel more of my feet and some above the ankle. She checked me again only because I asked and I said I feel like I have to push. I was then 8 cm at 3:45! Woohoo! Great news and man the contractions were the worst at this point.

    The nurses started getting ready and prepping and called Dr. Melendy. The nurse was already having me push with my contractions. So I did...but was concerned because the pressure was getting so intense. After 3 really hard pushes and about 10 minutes I said "He's coming!!!" Sure enough I was 10 cm and his head was right there. Dr. Melendy was called again but it went to voice mail because she was in the elevator. 3 more nurses came in gloving up and running around crazy. At this point one nurse was holding his head in and telling me to breath because I was holding my breath from the pain. I just remember looking at them all there and my DH & mom at my sides and I cried " I can't wait...it's the contractions." DH was rubbing my head and keeping me somewhat calm. The one nurse told me I could control it.....yeah right! Lol 30 secs later Ben popped out and I just remember crying from the pain, excitement and anxiety of how fast it all happened. I literally didn't push myself and he was out passed his shoulders. I just cried harder and said to the nurses "I didn't push..really!" They assured me I did great and I had a high pain tolerance. LOL I always though I was a wimp. I assumed at that point I shouldn't have been pushing so hard before a doctor was in the room. They were frantic because I know babies are not suppose to be born without a doctor in the room. Ben cried and we all hugged and I was so happy it was over! 7 lbs 7 oz 20.25 inches long and he was kicking and screaming! Dr Melendy came in and said "Great job! Only a small tear needing 2 stitches." My placenta basically delivered it's self and that was that.

    My mom ran out just to get my Dad to see Ben from the hall and got to lock out door and they wouldn't let her back in. She was so upset and we all were later when we found out. But I know it was hectic and all with the nurses delivering him. They took awhile getting the fluid out and cleaning him up so I was a little worried but everything was ok. I just wanted to get him skin to skin and feed him. *Sigh* What a ride! I'm still in shock he's here and I was not induced and that he was born so quickly in the end! I'm lucky that I didn't tear much at all.

    Ben is doing great at the breast but having some spit up issues at night. We bought a wedge and it's really helping. He is a bit more demanding than Grace was. It's all good because he is a snuggler and I enjoy the time with him. I know he won't be small for long. It's funny because we did have to run out and exchange some clothes for newborn sizes. I had only 5 onesies for him because I assumed I'd have him about a week later and he'd be 8 lbs. Grace worn newborn for only 6 days literally. I keep staying he is little but I have to remember 7 lb is average. Grace was just big.

    Ben is a little jaundice but it's not that bad. His level was 8.5 when we left the hospital. We had his first appt Wednesday. He passed his earring test in the hospital. The doctor didn't even have him pricked to check his jaundice because she said it would be peaking that day and his color was not bad at all. With the eating, pooping and peeing going well and how active he was she told me she was not concerned and to come in on Friday only if he looked worse in color. Otherwise we go back in 2 weeks. Healing and sleep for me are going much better this time around but the days are flying by. I'm grateful to my family who supported me through it all and that we have a healthy baby boy! Thanks for reading this long birth story!

    Time to push! Or not!

    Getting cleaned up

    My moments

    After eating.

    Meeting Big Sister Grace.

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    Default ***April 2011 CuddleBugs Arrivals & Birth Stories***

    Katia Miyoko born 4/11/11
    7lbs 10oz
    20 inches long

    I can't believe that my little girl is a week old tomorrow I'm enjoying this much more then I could have imagined. I'm a bit sad that this week has flown by in a blink of an eye.
    Induction was set for 4/11/11! Grandma and Grandpa was here to take care of our son, so at 8am hubby and I arrived at the hospital. I never had an induction before so I just assumed start the pitocin, break your water, labor then have baby Right? LOL Was I wrong! We spent the first 8hrs on Cytotec, trying to get the girlie bits ready for labor and delivery. I only needed two pills and was getting crampier by the minute. Tolerable.
    I came in a two centimeters and was only dilated to 2 1/2 in this time, but was effacing. Dr. came in and broke my water at four and they started pitocin. Holy cow the contractions started in right away. Painful little sukers! I asked for the epidural and by the time the anesthesiologist came in I was 5 1/2 centimeters. Anesthesiologist brought the happy drugs and I was so excited about some relief. I was already ten centimeters when I received the epidural with my son, and I guess I was in SOOO much pain I never felt anything from that epidural but sweet relief. This time I felt the numbing needle, the medicine going into my back, the zingers, it all. It was finally over and I was happy once again, felt my legs getting warm and tingling. Contractions became less painful and soon I couldn't feel them in my right side. But holy cow batman, my legs started to become un-tingly quickly and I noticed the contractions that were duller in my left side were becoming stronger and stronger. Finally I had to start breathing through them. Anesthesiologist got called back in to top off my epidural. He puts three more what ever it was he had into my tubing. I could feel the cooling sensation as each one went in. He left and holy crow there was NOT a BIT of relief at all. So after a bit and after talking to my nurse we decided to have him called back in to just redo it. About this time my inlaws brought our son up to the hospital to not only to visit but to bring my hubby some much needed food. By this time I was managing by breathing through each contraction. My 5 year old was there so I managed to remain calm and talk to him and ask him about his day between contractions. He didn't want to be too bother because he was to busy with his gameboy Nurse finally sent all of them out of the room, even hubby to check me before the Anesthesiologist came back in to redo it (hubby wasn't allowed in the room when I was getting my epidural). She checked me and I was a nine! She decided to keep her fingers up there for the next contraction and sure enough everything just "melted" away and I was a 10.....Time to start pushing OHHH HELL NO! She had me start pushing with contractions and I could FEEL EVERYTHING. I asked for something to take the edge off and she said it was too late. Then I heard the Anesthesiologist come in, take a look and was like "ohhh she's pushing", and they sent him away...with all those happy drugs
    They went and got my hubby who was just under the assumption that I have had my epi redone, so he goes "lets go Bayman" and they were like "no, just you"! LOL imagine his shock when they told him I was already pushing. When I am in pain or something like that I kinda just want to be in my own little world and away from everything else. So just like my last pushing experience I closed my eyes and did not open them again till after baby was born. This time it was the worst experience of my life. I applaud every woman wanting to go in for a natural drug free labor and delivery...I bow down to you. But it is just not for me, I want the drugs!!!! So having to push through the pain was just...I don't even have the words to explain it. I was shaking and I could feel the contraction coming and someone on each side of me would take my legs up and push them to my chest...holy freaking cow it hurt so bad that I just did NOT want to push. They would be telling me to push and I just had to force myself to do it. The first push was always the worst and once that one was done the other two in the set was better and effective. I did fart on the nurse once, but I think it was only fair since she had her fingers up my girlie bits stretching and stretching. I do have to say that the only good thing about this is that everything happened quickly. I only pushed maybe half a dozen sets before Katia arrived into this world. Only FOUR HOURS after my water was broken and labor started.
    I felt the doctor pull her from me and heard her crying from the table. I just could not bring myself to look. I was still just shaking so much and it was such an intense experience that I just needed to couple of minutes to gather myself. It took everything I had not to just start bawling...and not from my baby girl arriving but just because the pain was just so much. The lovely nurse that I tooted on, well even though I wanted to kick her when she told me to push through all the pain, all her stretching worked. With the Bayman, I had an episiotomy but with her I only ended up with a first degree tear. One stitch was all it took. After the placenta came out and I was stitched up and some lady came to wipe down my lady bits, then I was able to focus on the most amazing little thing in my arms. PERFECTION! Big brother was so happy to come in a meet his sister!
    Sleeping with her the second night at the hospital was tough. I was a little worried about her sleeping but it has gotten better by the day and last night I actually HAD to wake her up for her only night time feeding She's apparently a sleeping and pooping champion!

    Meeting big brother

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    Evelyn Fayth's Birth Story
    4.16.2011 @ 41 Weeks, 2 Days
    4:23 a.m. via home birth

    We had either a really long labor, or a really short labor, depending on your perspective. We went into L&D on Saturday, April 9 with contractions that were mild but steady. Got there around 4 a.m. and by 10 a.m. they had stopped, and dilation was at 3 cm. We were sent home with “false labor”. Wednesday night, April 13, I called in because I was unsure if my water had broken. I was told to come in and they’d do the test, which proved inconclusive. The doc there did an ultrasound and confirmed that everything looked wonderful. She estimated baby’s weight to be 7.5 to 8 lbs. She then stripped my membranes and I went home.

    One hour later, I was contracting very regularly, again 3-4 minutes apart. I took a shower to see if they would calm down. I went to bed for a bit, and the contractions remained constant. By 5, two and a half hours after they started, I finally went into L&D convinced this was it. Got a check, and I was dilated to a 5. It looked like we were headed for delivery. Finally! The attending doc came in, and we talked and I told him that I’d recently heard his wife is a midwife and practices in Nome. We told him that had we known about her sooner, we’d have preferred to have a midwife. Well, the contractions eventually slowed and didn’t intensify further. We talked about the contractions stalling out again, and he mentioned sending me on to Anchorage to have an induction, but that he didn’t really think that Alaska Airlines would appreciate having a 5 cm, sporadically contracting, overdue pregnant woman on a commercial flight. He wanted to keep me for a bit longer to see if anything was going to happen.

    I sent Keith to pick up Levi and I stayed to take a nap, as the doc didn’t want to discharge me quite yet. When they brought me lunch, the doc asked if it would be OK if his wife came in and talked with me. I said absolutely, so I got to meet the midwife about an hour later. She came in, and we talked about her 5 pregnancies, and how EVERY ONE of them went overdue. The earliest was 8 days over; the latest was 3 weeks. We also talked about us really NOT wanting to go to Anchorage and trying to avoid it. She said that she had some other options that might work over the weekend. She was sooo nice, and gave me all her contact information. The doc then sent me home, again, with instructions to keep my 41 week appointment on Friday.

    So, on Friday morning, I went into my appointment. The doctor there really pushed to send me on to Anchorage. I told her I really didn’t want to go. We agreed that if nothing happened by Monday, I would go in for an induction. She then prayed with us, and we talked about going to Jen the midwife and trying some other methods to get labor started. When we left, we called Jen to see if she would be interested in doing a last minute home birth / midwife with us. She said she would try to get stuff together and get childcare situated for her own kids. She called around 6 that evening and said she had everything all set and we’d do a prenatal with preliminary information and all that stuff on Saturday morning at 10:30. In the meantime, if I started labor, she wanted us to call. I was still sporadically contracting since the night before.

    By 9, I was tired and so went to bed early. I woke up at about midnight wide awake and went to read on the couch for a bit. I fell asleep there, and woke up at 2:19 with a super intense contraction that lasted for 3 minutes. Then nothing for 10 more minutes. Then they started coming every 2-3 minutes, and they were intense. I told Keith we should probably call Jen and give her a heads up, and so I tried calling. But the contractions were too intense for me to locate her number in my phone and make the call. Keith called Jen at 3 and she arrived quickly, within 10 minutes and started setting up. She checked me and I was at a 6-7 and 95% effaced. I labored through for the next hour and at 4:19 I said I had to push. My water then broke, and 5 minutes later I was holding Evelyn Fayth in my arms. I tore a bit because when her shoulders came out, she had an arm tucked up. I think I pushed all of 4 or 5 times.

    So I ended up getting the home birth I wanted, even though I went to L&D twice. My stubborn little girl, 9 days late, forced me into doing a home birth. She weighed 7 lbs 2oz, and was 19 ¾ inches. She cried once to let us know she was ok, and then contentedly snuggled in on my chest. Keith cut the cord when it was done pulsing, and after about ½ hour, Evelyn decided to start feeding. We latched on, and man, can this girl suck! It was so incredibly peaceful to have her right there at “home” with us. Levi slept through the whole thing and when he got up in the morning and saw her, he had the biggest smile and the widest eyes and his whole face lit up. It was so amazing to see. My only wish is that we had someone there to take pictures. Being that we were the only 3 there, not many pictures were taken.

    Keith & Martha 7/24/1999

    Levi Nathanael, 3.25.07; Evelyn Fayth, 4.16.11

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    Default ***April 2011 CuddleBugs Arrivals & Birth Stories***

    Ariana Rabecca C.
    Born April 13th, 2011 at 1:51 pm
    7 lbs 6.5 oz, 19 inches

    I had my last OB appt on the 12th (I was 39 wks exactly) I was dilated to 3 and most of the way thinned out and her head had moved pretty down pretty far. I had my membranes stripped that morning hoping it would start things on their own so when I went in for my induction the next day I would already be moving along. I tried to be moving around on my feet the rest of the day but I never went into a good ctx pattern or anything tho I did have some ctx and they were more intense than previously but it was obvious I wasnt in labor. Dh and I dtd that night again hoping something would start but I woke up the next morning not feeling no different and was depressed by that and figured I was in for a long labor that day.

    At 7 am we were preparing to leave for the induction and I went to the bathroom one last time and discovered I had lost my mucous plug FINALLY and had some bloody show. On the way there I started feeling more ctx as well. When I got to the hospital at around 7:45 they hooked me up to the monitors and said I was contracting every 7 mins but they werent very big ctx and I wasnt in pain or anything. I got my IV hooked up and started on fluids and got my abx going as well for the Group B. At around 9:30 my MW broke my water and put a scalp monitor on baby and started the pitocin. I had managed to dilate to 3/4 over the night so I was a bit farther along. The ctx went to every 4-5 mins almost immediately and got a little more intense as well but still nothing too awful. They put a call in to anesthesia so I could get my epidural as soon as I could MW said there was no point in waiting. My nurse (who was my nurse when I delivered my last as well) was great we had a nice long discussion on my lack of effective epidurals and what we could do to try to make this one better. I was pretty spoiled there was no one else in labor that day! The anestheisiologist came in he was one I had never had before and he was super nice we talked for awhile about the nature of the epi too. He took awhile putting it in and securing it well and we decided I would turn back and forth quite a bit to help distribute it evenly. I start to feel numb pretty quickly which was good as the ctx were getting more painful I could talk thru them still tho which was a rarity for me normally they get really bad really quickly and stay that way. I think this was the best epidural I ever had as I only had one spot right around my pubic bone where I felt real pain the rest was just tightening and it made things much easier. My MW came in a bit later around 11:30 and decided to put in an internal ctx monitor as she was certain the belt wasnt picking up the ctx fully. She was right once she had that in the intensity of them starting registering and she said they were huge ctx but I barely felt them, they were about every 3 mins at this point, and I was dilated to 5. I continued on able to have conversations with everyone and was in some pain but not much at all until about 12:30 or so. Then I started having to breathe thru the ctx and squeezed dh's hand thruout them as well. I had had a bolis of the epidural already and at one the nurse decided to call anesthesia to see if he could give me more as I was having a lot of pain right at my pubic bone still it was nothing compared with the horrible pain of my previous labors. My MW came in right after that and had me sit way up on the bed to see if I could get the epi to run down my stomach more and numb me farther down and she had me kind of squat too so she could check me it was around 1:30 at this point. I was shocked to hear her say "Well do you wanna have a baby?" when she did. The intense pressurey pain on my pubic bone was the baby going under it and I was complete!! I have never dilated that fast before I didnt even start having regular strong ctx until after 9:30!! She said the baby's head still had some coming down to do so she wanted me to stay squating on the bed to see if it would come down more on its own. That proved unbearable and since I knew I was a great pusher and could do it I asked to push. She said okay but I could tell she thought it wouldnt be so easy (she forgets how well I push she said). I pushed thru 1 contraction and her head was crowning and dh and my mom could see her dark hair. The MW laughed and had me stop so they could lay the bed back a bit and get me more comfy. Then dh joined her on the business end and I pushed thru one more contraction and Ariana was here at 1:51 pm! Dh delivered her after her head was out and laid her on my stomach. She barely cried which made me nervous and the nurse flicked her feet with her fingers but she didnt feel like crying. She was breathing fine and was pink so everyone just let her be. Once they took her to the warmer and messed with her she started in crying a little but calmed down pretty quickly. I delivered the placenta and it was huge says my MW a very healthy placenta which is good. I had no tears or anything I have never had stitches and am happy to keep that going! So all in all it was a pretty great labor! Basically lasting from 9:30 when they started my pit and broke my water until 1:51 when she was born.

    She is a very chilled baby she rarely ever cries even now at 11 days! We all love her to pieces even our youngest 2 yr old ds who we thought would be jealous. She fits right in and we couldnt be happier. She does have her days and nights flipped around so sleep is a rarity and that does make things pretty tough on me (dh doesnt ever hear her and I dont really mind taking all the night duty he is a heavy sleeper) at times. DH is going back to work on Tuesday so we will see how things go at home w.o him!

    Some pics:

    Dh and the MW delivering her:

    Me and Ariana

    Dh and Ariana

    My mom and all the kids meeting their little sister!

    Ari in the hat I knitted for her

    My MW and Ari

    Going home

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    Mom to 6 on earth + 5 angels.

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    Emily Michelle
    4/20/11 @ 39 weeks 3 days
    6 pounds 14 ounces, 20.5 inches long

    I was scheduled to be induced on 4/19, sometime between noon and midnight. We spent all day waiting by the phone for the call to go in. Finally at 9:30 pm the hospital called. We arrived around 10:30 pm and waited in the waiting room for over an hour. Went straight to L&D room, changed into gown, got hooked up to monitors, asked a million questions by one nurse while another attempted to insert the IV. First attempt consisted of her chasing a vein in my arm for what seemed like forever, then telling the other nurse to come feel this... the vein is right there but it won’t go in. “Isn’t that weird?” Second attempt was in my hand, went right in. Penicillin was started and a dr came in and checked me. 2 cm, 50-60% effaced, -3 station, no change from weeks prior. Pitocin was started around 12:30. Labored throughout the night, contractions 2-3 minutes apart, lasting a minute. Every 30-60 minutes the nurse would come in and turn up the pitocin, stopped at 12. 4:30 am was time for another dose of penicillin, it burned and everytime something new was put through the IV the vein felt like it was on fire. At 5:30 my dr came in to check me, 3 cm, still about 60% effaced, -2 station. He thought to get things moving he would slowly break my water by inserting an internal fetal monitor. At 8:30 I decided to get the epidural so they would stop asking if I was ready for it yet. Of course the nurse decides to do the next dose of penicillin as he was placing the epidural, arm was on fire again. At 9:30 my dr came and checked me again, 4 cm 90% effaced and still -2 station. They started to get the room prepped for delivery which confused me since I was only 4 cm dilated. At this point I got a little frustrated due to the lack of progress and decided to take a nap. I slept off and on for about 45 minutes every once in a while checking the monitor to see how strong the contractions looked. They looked weak to me. Around 10:30 a nurse came in saying it looked like I was close by the monitors. She checked me, 9 cms with a small lip left. Delivery time! She called my dr, he arrived at 10:45, had me do a practice push and yelled for me to stop almost immediately. They broke the bed down and at 10:50 started pushing. With the 1st contraction, got to the count of 3, told to stop, I heard him comment that the cord was around her neck. I said “Her head is out?” I had no clue, did not have the immense pressure like with my previous 5. She was completely out by 10:51 am. I did tear some externally and internally due to her fast delivery and a ton of scar tissue. Emily weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces, 20.5 inches long. We came home the next day.

    Last belly pic

    Ready to go home
    Zachary 12, Joshua 9, Isabelle 7,
    Matthew 5, Allyson 2 and Emily 4/20/11

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    We went to my gynecologist on April 19th and my blood pressure was getting higher and higher. She suggested that we induce considering that I was already almost 39 weeks and Oskar should be fully developed and practically ready to go. We waited on more day and decided to go in on Thursday the 21st. The doctor checked everything and the amniotic fluid was low and supposedly the placenta was not working very efficiently anymore. They gave the first dose of cytotec at around 10 am. Nothing really happend. I had a couple of super light contractions that went away again. 4 hours later I got my next dose and again nothing happend. After another 4 hours, they gave me another dose and this time it really kicked in. The contractions were coming every 2-3 minutes and were really intense. They checked me and the contractions weren't doing anything. I was still only 1 cm. This kept on for two hours. All of a sudden, Oskar's heartbeat kept dipping. At first the doctor (who was a real meanie), said it was ok, but about a half an hour later, he came in to say that we would have to have an emergency c-section. He went on to tell me that since I was so big, it would be really difficult to perform the c-section. They still had on birth in front of us, so about an hour later, I was in surgery with a spinal anesthesia. That was the strangest feeling that I have ever had. I couldn't feel pain, but everything else. Oskar was born at 12:42 am on April 22nd with Apgars 10 and 10. He was tiny, but super alert. We stayed in the hospital until Sunday and then discharged ourselves. And we have been recovering ever since.
    - Julia -
    Married to Joerg 12/11/2002
    Mommy to Emma 01/22/2008 and
    Oskar 04/22/2011

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