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    Thank you for sharing all of your birth stories, what a difference from one birth to the next! And you look absolutely amazing, look at that flat belly pic after 5 kiddos! Wow.

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    Default :(

    I'm in kind of a funk Michael has been working so much - he put in 11.5 hours yesterday - Sunday!! - working from home. We barely saw him. I know he can't help it - he's an attorney and it's kind of the nature of the biz, but his workload is totally getting me down lately. He works in the office all day during the week and then spends several evenings a week working from home and he's spending more and more time working from home on the weekends as well. The timing is so crappy, because I really feel like I need him now more than ever. And to make matters worse, he's only going to be able to take a week or so off work when the baby is born, and since I have no family (I have wonderful friends, but they all have families of their own and I can't impose on them for help), I'm going to be on my own with 5 demanding kids and a newborn a week postpartum. This is really nothing new - it's been like this every time I've had a baby - he just can't get away from work for very long. He's also got a hearing sheduled up in Northern California for August 4 which will require him to be gone for 3 days and nights when I'll likely only be a week or 2 postpartum. (This hearing has already been rescheduled once and not likely that he can get it rescheduled again.) The only help I can get is the hired kind, and we really just don't have the money unless we go into debt for it. I'm just feeling so overwhelmed by it all, especially now that we're in the homestretch.

    As for the pregnancy, I'm having tons of bh ctx, which is also typical for me. I think I must have an irritable uterus because it takes nearly nothing to bring on the ctx and I have several an hour every day - but this has been going on for a couple of months now, so it's not a new development or anything. I'm just running out of steam

    I called my insurance co. this morning in an attempt to get an in-network exception to get my hb covered. I should have done this a long time ago, but I've procrastinated. I'm not holding out much hope that anything will come of it (I have an HMO), but at least I finally made the call. The guy I spoke with was actually very nice (sad when you come to expect attitude regarding homebirth), and he said that at this point, since I am so close to my EDD, the only thing we could really do is submit an expedited grievance/appeal . . . ??? Not even sure what that means, but we'll see what comes of this, if anything. As it is, I have an appt. with my mw tomorrow and plan on giving her our final payment.

    Not expecting tomorrow's appt. to be very eventful, except that I believe I will be doing the GBS swab. I'd like to skip it like I did last time around, but my mw really wants to do it, as she feels it's better to have the information than for my status to be unknown, especially in the event of a transfer. If I'm GBS+ (which I was with at least one of my previous pregnancies), we'll forego antibiotics and instead do herbal immunotherapy prior to labor and a chlorhexidrine vaginal wash during labor. I'm cool with that.

    And that's my update for today.
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    Regardless of the time I hope that it works out with your insurance company covering your HB.

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    I'm sorry to hear about Michael's work load. I can relate. And I don't have an impending birth, not to mention four less kiddos to contend with. I think you're superwoman in disguise.

    I hope you can enjoy these last weeks.

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    KUP on tomorrow's appointment. GFlad that you atleast got a somewhat nice person from the Insurance company on the phone today. There is nothing more frustrating than insurance companies. The trick is to keep sending appeals over and over again. That's how we got Emma's helmet covered. They just grow tired of fighting people on things that can/should be covered, but just aren't due to some random circumstance.

    As for dh working, that does suck. It's hard going all week with them gone and look forward to the weekend just to have them gone all weekend too. Hopefully, he got lots of stuff done and it settles down during the week this time.

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    oh, that sucks about DH's work schedule. as far as your friends, remember, they are your friends. lean on them. they'll understand. if you can drop any kids off for a period of time (like a couple of hours), you can get some kind of break. I'm hoping to do the same with some of my friends and neighbors. you just don't know unless you ask. anyhow, just sucks that you don't have family close enough to help. my parents are two hours away, but they're so busy that I will only have Mom for a couple of days after having the baby before she disappears for her own life. so I think I will use my friends because, well, they're my friends. I'd do the same for them, ya know?

    hang in there, one way or another, things will be okay.

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    awww Lisa, sorry you are in a funk.

    It is hard when hubby is working like a sleddog, and you need him.

    I agree with pp, your friends I'm sure, would love to help you. Just ask. I think you'll be pleasantly supprised. When I had 4 and the baby was 3 weeks old, I went "on call" for my girlfriend that had a cerclage. She needed me to watch her littles while she was in the hosp. I got called at I think 11:30pm and went to meet her to collect her kids. It wasn't easy, but hey. I did want to help!

    Thanks for sharing you story, and your birth stories. Really amazing!

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    Getting caught up here. What a great intro & amazing birth stories. I've loved reading your lodge so far. I'm sorry your hubby is working so much & you're in a tad bit of a funk. HUGS!!!

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    Love the belly pics! And that henna tattoo is beautiful, what a deal for $12! Looks like it would've taken her a while to do it.

    Sorry about DH's work schedule . I've always thought that that moms with husbands who are away/working so much are just amazing. You need to have so much strength and patience. I hope things go smoothly in that respect when your new baby comes along. Hopefully your oldest son will be able to help out a bit?

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    Lisa, how are you feeling today?

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