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    Mary, sorry to hear you're worried about registering Amelia (beautiful name btw) and she is a lovelo baby, her name suits her
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarysBuns View Post
    Thanks. I jut called the office of vital stats to register her birth. I am the second ever unassisted home birth the office person has ever heard of so they have to verify the steps to take and make arrangements for a nurse to examine the baby and I in an office meeting. In some ways i'm kinda relaxed, but in others I'm petrified that this is another one of those get you there and threaten to take the child techniques that i have experienced in the past.
    *hugs* I would look up your state laws, contact other UB mama's & get their advice & then go in armed, confident and knowing your rights. Hopefully it wont be an issue though - I think it's silly that they want you to come in.
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    She is beautiful! Sorry that you have to worry about that. I hope that all goes smoothly for you! HUGS!

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    I hope everything goes smoothly with your vital records stuff, I'll keep you in my thoughts

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    Congrats Mary and welcome Amelia. TFS pics and info. Hope things go smoothly w/ the registration and such.
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    Great photos.

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    Congrats honey!!! You have a gorgeous little girl there!! What a beautiful family as well!!

    I hope the registration process goes smoothly and you don't have any added stress.

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    Default almost a week later....

    So life with a newborn is tiring.. i think we all know that. Our transition is fairly smooth. Jere professes he LOVES his new baby, as do the other older siblings. Which was a big concern of mine. He does have jealousy issues, but he is being so big about them. I mean instead of acting our towards the baby, he loves on her gently. BUT he has been having issues with eating and doing what he is told. The other night he told me he wanted mommy milk again because he is still little. If we had weaned more recently I would consider going back, but he will be 3 at the end of the month and hasn't nursed since July. So i tell him no and offer extra snuggles.

    Starting 2 nights ago, Amelia started sleeping during the night. Now this isn't sleeping through the night, its during the night, so I get more than 2 hours of sleep a day. She had been staying up from 10 pm to 4 am, and the kids start their day between 6-7 so i wasn't feeling very rested. It had been a very rough start for me only getting 2 hours of sleep a day because hubby had to work and mom had to watch my nephew ~ she admits that keeping up with my nephew plus my kids is too much for her so i don't ask for help from her often. It seems weird tho, she readily takes my girls often without asking me, but leaves behind my son.. it makes me feel as if she has some personal issue against him (or pushes her feelings towards my hubby onto him)... I'm in the middle of disagreeing about binky usage with mom and hubby, because i really want her nursing routine established before giving her dummies. Not to mention that nephew wants her binkies too.

    My son is still not responding well to my nephew. I think that my son can tell she doesn't favor him as much as nephew, who gets mom's exclusive attention for hours each day. Many times he has announced that grandma doesn't love him, but with no affect on her.

    As for the registration process I'm still waiting to here from the office of vital statistics. I'm going to call in the morning if i haven't heard from them by close today. I talked with a mw in another area of FL, one that has signed off on proof of pg statements for other UC moms. She says that an interview is not required by the state and they should be able to mail me paperwork to register the birth. She seems to be leery of this interview process in thinking they may be pulling some sort of out number and threaten technique also. I might ask her to call and speak to the office for me. Since she has more experience with UC birth filings than this office worker has.

    As for me, the bleeding is tapering off. I'm down 18 of the 35 lbs i gained, lost 7 of the inches i had in my waist, find myself struggling to wear my maternity clothes because some are much too big, and i'm hoping to see almost the weight all gone by the end of the 6 wk pp period.

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