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    Congratulations on your lodge Nadine!!!!

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    Welcome to your lodge my dear!! I'm looking forward to following it

    Mama to 7 curious, wild & wonderful little ones

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    Congrats Nadine! I can't wait to see you with another gorgeous kiddo. Welcome to the homestretch.

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    Congrats and welcome Nadine!

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    Woo hoo, another lodge for Nadine!! Congrats hon!!!
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    My last lodge. How bittersweet. I haven't really hit the sadness yet that this is my last, though I'm sure it will happen.
    This pregnancy has been rather uneventful. No crazy upheavals like with the twins. Actually it's been relatively easy. I'm uncomfortable and tired, I have the pregnancy discomforts and some weird crap is happening to my body, but really it's not horrible.
    I saw my midwife for the first time last week, and it was so nice. It almost felt like a "normal" pregnancy, however it also shocked me out of denial. Part of me clung to the idea that if I didn't prepare for baby it wouldn't come. Now I'm realizing that whether I'm ready or not, this baby is coming.
    My birth plans this time around pretty much mirror all my others. I just want a drug free, intervention free birth. That's it. Standard. Being 36 weeks, I feel comfortable getting the hypnobabies stuff back out. I still have it pretty fresh in my mind from the twins so I figure I don't need a lot of refresher.
    I pretty much have the newborn stash that I need. Prefolds and fitteds AND pockets and AIO's. I won't need to buy anything at all. I'm very very lucky. I have the best friends in the world.
    My hopes this time around;
    I hope that this baby is easy tempered. I need them to be able to just go with the flow because this house is chaos in the best of times.
    I hope that I can easily breastfeed this baby, AND find the time to pump as well so I can build my stash before returning to work.
    I hope daycare doesn't cost me a fortune.
    I hope that this birth comes exactly the way I want, and is as memorable as the others.
    I hope that I can make the no sew fleece blankets in time for the new baby. Chimmy gave me the idea to make some for all the kids, I'll certainly have time at work.
    I hope that I can hold this baby in till at LEAST march 1, at which point I'll happily drop this child and spend a blissful 13 weeks of paid maternity leave snuggling my little bundle.
    I hope that I can get a phone turned on before I go into labor, and I hope that I'm able to at least pack a hospital bag.
    I have another appt thursday, so I'll at least have an update at that point

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    I hope all those things for you as well, Nadine! I can't wait to see that little bitty baby wearing fluff! I'm only putting on KL0's/covers on my NB until he/she can grow into my one-size dipes. I am way too chicken to try out pf's, even on my 18 mo!

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    Hi Nadine, I can't believe your here again. i can't imagine taking on a newborn just yet. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.


    Homebirthing, breastfeeding, sling wearing, cloth diapering momma to 3 girls ages 7 and 6 year old twins and peanut #4 due sometime in late September

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    Welcome to your lodge!

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    ACK! It's that time already?! Seems like you just found out about this pregnancy yesterday, it's FLOWN by on my end of things, at least

    Welcome to your lodge! May your birth be beautiful, fast, and EASY!!!

    DD1: 4/07
    DD2: 7/08
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