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    Congrats! It sounds like he was worth the wait!
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    Congrats! Wow, that was fast. Can't wait to read all about it after you rest up.

    How is it that I never heard about lemon verbena as a labor induction? I have some growing in my backyard.
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    Congrats, yOuve waited a long time for this one!
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    Congrats! Can't wait to read the whole story.

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    Congratulations! Can't wait to hear all about it .
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    Ok since I have a moment between visitors I figure I'll post this quickly and once I repossess my camera from various family members I'm sure I'll have a zillion pictures to post later :P

    So as I mentioned before, I went into my midwives appointment at 8:40am and they did the "aggressive" stretch and sweep, and handed my magic drink mix before being sent off with happy birthday vibes! I drank the first dose at 10:40am (we stopped for breakfast and a trip to my favorite bakery first) and managed to keep it all down despite the overwhelming lemon pledge flavor :P I had to wait two hours for the second shake so figured I'd do some last minute laundry and cleaning to keep my mind off of waiting for things to start. By 12:10 I was jumping out of my skin I nearly spilled the second shake all over the kitchen lol, but I managed to get the shake down and all was well. We decided to take Jayde outside to ride her bike and by quarter to one I was having the first twinges of contractions. To keep from going totally mental counting every darn tickle Hubby decided to go walk around the mall for an hour or so just the two of us and relax. So my mom graciously took Jayde and they headed off for the park while Hubby packed my whale like self up and stuffed me in the car.

    Now...we live about a 10 min drive from the mall, and by the time we pulled into the parking lot I was having contractions five mins apart lasting about a minute! But this was not new for us so I decided we would continue with the 'walking' plan in the hopes that this was the real thing and we could not be fooled again. Rounds... and I mean ROUNDS around that mall, I think we saw every nook cranny and corner of the whole place, and by the time we made our way back to the parkade the contractions were bad enough I wasn't walking through them. So we called the midwives and asked if we were delusional or what! LOL (this is what 7 weeks of contractions gets you... you have no idea when your in labor!) Our on-call midwife told us yuppers this sounds good so she was going to meet us at home and check me over. So off to the house we started... and got to the first light when she called back and decided with my history of fast births to meet us instead at the clinic (closer) where she could examine me and we'd be right around the corner from the hospital just in case.

    We called my mom, let her know what was going on and headed off to the clinic arriving around 4pm and we were whisked back to a room (with a fair amount of joking from all the staff and midwives about how even in labor I was cracking jokes :P) She did a quick check and announced " Well I'm definitively not sending you home... lemme call the hospital and make sure they have a room ready for us..." Now... I'm a type A personality, so when I have what I see as 'not enough' information I get jittery, I really wanted to ask how dilated I was, but at the same time I knew -WHY- she wasn't telling me... she didn't want me to focus on it. Not that I'm ever doing it again... but if I did I think I'd be better off knowing next time! (more on that later) So with some rousing cheers from the other midwives and even some patients that knew how darn overdue I was we headed to the hospital!!!

    I have to say, arriving at the hospital with a room prepared for you is SOOOO much nicer than being stuck in triage for hours before they find a spot for you! I was checked in, showed to my room and since we beat the midwife by 3 mins (she has to park in staff parking) the nurse said "If you feel like pushing... scream" and then left us alone! That was officially 5:17pm (you can tell by my post about arriving at the hospital LOL) Why the hour difference from clinic to hospital that was "just around the corner" Traffic... epic traffic... but we made it so it's only a laugh now. (hubby was cursing the whole way)

    So... The contractions were meh, we walked around the park behind the hospital, ate some food, drank some water, and generally milled around for two hours... all the while I'm fretting that this isn't going to pan out, and we're here for nothing. This is where not knowing how dilated I was... or anything was making my mind my worst enemy. By 7pm I was ready to pull my hair out and I think my midwife figured out I was needing some sort of a plan. So we had a meeting :P... We discussed all the options, and both Hubby and I agree'd that if I was sent home without a baby in my arms I might loose any mental stability I had left. I hate to say it but I -needed- to have that little boy for my own sanity. So at the end of our little pow-wow it was decided that we would start my iv (hep lock just in case of hemorrhaging) and then we would break my water, if in two hours past that things haven't picked up I'd have to start pitocin but with very very very careful monitoring. All in agreement she asked me to sit on the bed and we'd get with the needles!

    Now... I don't know why this was so darn funny to me, but AS I sat down on the bed, I felt baby move down really low followed by three popping feelings and a small tsunami! I started howling with laughter and Hubby and Midwife just looked at me like I was crazy... till they noticed the torrent of water dripping off the bed! The more I laughed the more water there was and the more I laughed! Hilarity ensued and honestly anyone walking by our room might have thought we'd lost our minds but there I was sitting in a puddle laughing like a crazy woman! We chalked it up to great timing and pushed on forward with the iv (ouch) and the contractions stopped being questionable and started being FRIKKIN OUCH!

    Yes I admit it, I'm the biggest wuss ever on the planet! I cried, whined, cursed (in my head), and said some not so nice things about the woman on the hypnobabies tracks... for which I must apologize for some day. (I think my exact words were, surf the waves of my pain my fat irish ...uh... butt..) It would seem however this was all amusing as heck for my hubby for the first hour, by the second I was so far gone in the pain I only remember that hubby was there because he was rubbing my back with such force it made my back numb... a nice side effect since I was having back pain. I do remember thinking it was so very odd that every contraction I froze, I didn't want to move, while with my other kids I always felt like I was crawling out of my skin and needed to move. By the third hour I ended up sitting in the bed, almost upright ( a horrible position btw) but when not having contractions I was sleeping!?! which was weird since I hadn't been in labor -that- long and was super well rested before! oh well small graces right?

    Now part of being the biggest wuss ever means I begged, pleaded, threatened and growled asking for drugs, and all anyone said to me was "No no your doing so good, your so close" I think I responded a few times with "Not good bad... drugs..now!" They even went so far as to say the whole unit was "out of gas" which I bought... *facepalm* but by the end of the third hour I had enough! I turned to my midwife when NOT having a contraction and said very calmly. "I'm in my right mind, I need you to check me and If I'm no where near complete I need the epidural, I CAN NOT do this for much longer." She smiled way to sweetly and agreed. Here's the thing... I had NO idea how much time had come and gone, since we got there when the sun was setting, it could have been coming on dawn for all I knew, I hadn't seen a clock since my water broke, and no one had checked me since the clinic. So I had no idea how dilated I was, nor how long it had been... were anyone to ask me I'd have said I had been in labor for days! Oddly enough I never did think to ask either!

    So the midwife checked me, and announced I was at 8cm, but that my cervix was... inconsiquencal? Honestly there was a speech in there about what that means but I wasn't listening, I'm a horrible patient. She asked if I wouldn't mind if she 'felt' what was happening during the next contraction to get a better gauge on things and I said "fine fine whatever" because I was heartbroken that I was only 8cm!!! I was getting up the gumption to ask for the epidural when the next contraction hit me... and honest to goodness this was the worst I have EVER experienced! I lasted maybe two seconds into the contraction before I told her to stop, thinking that was what caused the immense pain... I was wrong! She stopped immediately and was making her way over to the garbage on the other side of the bed to take off her glove when I screamed "THE BABY IS COMING NOW" The contraction seemed to stop and was replaced with an urge to push like my life depended on it. Now... my second midwife had arrived like an hour earlier but since there was a second woman in labor she was running between two rooms on the wing being a second for two births! She had just left my room and was passing the nursing station when I yelled and the nurse asked her if that was "one of her girls" She said "No we just checked her she's only at an 8... ... Wait... that's Eirinn!" turning around she ran back to my room. (didn't make it!)

    People might find this next part funny, after I yelled, Liam crowned.. literally that quickly. The room hadn't been prepped, bed was still just a bed, my midwife only had one glove on, and all the lights were off because no one expected him to arrive yet! All I remember was making the conscious decision that I didn't like this anymore and I was going to leave my vagina there on the bed to do its thing but I was getting the heck outta there! My husband describes this as me trying to literally claw my way up the bed away from the pain. He says it was really kind of funny to watch.

    Thankfully I was sane enough to listen to directions because when the midwife did get the second glove on she realized the cord was across the top of his head and twice around his neck. She asked me to stop pushing and Lord only knows where I found the ability to listen and follow I did! She got the cord sorted out just in time because I couldn't hold back any more and with a second push Liam made his arrival! He was immediately put on my chest and the little guy just smiled at me! SERIOUSLY!!! He just smiled!!! Love that little bugger, but I think he's going to be trouble! Barely a wail, they rubbed him down and it was only when someone mentioned having to take him away from me to check him that he cried. (I think they were worried he was too quiet)

    Liam was born exactly 3 hours and 20mins from the time my water broke, and was healthy as a little piglet! They were off on the wieght by a bit! he was 7lbs 15oz, 20 inches long, and with a 37.5cm head!!!! We waited for the cord to stop pulsing, he was fed and chilled with me for two hours while everything else was finished up. I got the shot to stop some minor bleed, but all in all I was in no trouble at all! Not a tear or a problem to be seen and so I was discharged pretty much on the spot. We had to stick around for paperwork, make sure the little guy got a health care number and all the vital stats were logged for the government etc.

    1am I WALKED out of the hospital, with my little boy, drove home (hubby drove and yes we stopped for timmies coffee on the way home) and went to sleep in my own bed with my amazing family all around me! BEST DAY EVER!!!! (though I still feel like a wuss) The next morning I got a visit from my midwives and they checked us over, we're all still great and they'll be back again on Sunday for my next check! Since then its all visitors all the time!

    Ack! for a 3 ish hour labor this was super long!
    Adam and Eirinn
    Ashleigh Jun 3 2000, Mackenzie Sept 21 2001, Jayde Jul 9 2006, and Liam Jun 9 2011

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    What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing.

    My last labour was very short and it felt like transition the whole time, seems like that's what happened with you too!

    I can't wait to see pictures. How are you doing now?

    DD - Nov/06, DS - Sept/08, DS - Mar/11

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    Great story! You are NOT a wuss! TFS

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    Amazing story! I'm so envious of a healthcare system that lets you go home so quickly. I wonder how dilated you were when your midwife checked you at the clinic...you'll have to ask her on Sunday.

    Congratulations on your sweet new baby boy!
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