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    Eeeek! That sounds awful! Hopefully it clears up quickly!

    And I'm glad the nursing kinks are working themselves out. Cute siggy pic BTW!

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    I am glad you had a birth experience that you are at peace with! Your DD is beautiful. Congrats! Glad nursing is going better, and hoping that your allergy issue is resolved!

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    Congrats! Great birth story and beautiful pictures! I am glad you are okay with the way things worked out!

    Hope the rash heels quickly
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    Just wanted to give a quick update:

    All is doing well here. Willow was up to her birth weight at her 2 week appt so that was great, though I was hoping she'd surpass it. Nursing is going well, though as for many, can be frustrating. If it weren't for the fact that my kids have so much trouble with formula, I'd probably give up. Its hard when both my kids just fed 1 breast at a time and she's takes both so I'm guessing that she's my first to go through a growth spurt at 2 weeks. The first 2 didn't start being 2 breast babies till 2 months old. On the plus side I actually have felt let down for the first time but only in the right breast which is a little frustrating as the right almost always feel full and the left doesn't making me feel that I'm not making enough in the left. Sorry didn't mean for this to become a bfing vent.

    Any how, Willow finally feels like she's filling out as she doesn't feel like skin and bone any more. She's not doing too much, just being a little over 3 weeks old, but she's an ok sleeper. She used to nurse for an entire hour (again a first for me) but now can be done in 30 which is really helping with sleep, esp for the nights where she wakes up 2 times in the night, but usually she STTN or wakes around 1-3, so not too bad.

    We are also back on the road to getting our house on the market and it will be this Sat. I'm just praying we'll get it done. As usual its so close but feels like an unaccomplishable goal at times. Due to time constraints, travel (vaca next week), and house selling, we're putting aside our cloth diapers at the moment while that makes me sad, I'm also glad that my laundry load will be a little lighter for the time being.

    And on top of all that we'll be moving to Alaska in Oct! We're super excited. So we're going to be busy busy for quite a while.
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    Wow, from TX to Alaska? That's quite a move. I hope all goes well!
    Sorry about the BFing issues. It's crazy how often and how long they feed at this age. I think both my kids were attached to me 24/7 until they were a month or two old. It's good she's sleeping well though.
    Very cute siggy pic! Thanks for the update.

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