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    Default Happy 1 Week Birthday Lindy!

    I can't believe my baby girl is 1 week old today! Wow! Time really flies too quickly. Thankfully, I am savoring every moment because I know how fast Evan went from being a newborn, to a 3 year old. I sit around and just snuggle with Lindy, knowing that before long she'll be running around like a bandit and I won't be able to catch her.

    We were having some difficulties this week with her not pooping. She went the first 5 days of her life with no poop, except for two tiny instances when she the MW and then the ped rectally stimulated her. I felt so bad about that. Anyway, she was getting some pretty serious jaundice (visually) but when they drew her blood her numbers were fine. She finally pooped for the first time yesterday and it was a HUGE blowout! Normal breastfeeding poop. She went again today, and another totally full diaper. Evan didn't poop very often after his first couple of weeks, but not having a newborn poop didn't seem normal to me. Turns out, it's just her thing I guess.

    Now for me, I'm having this weird lower abdominal cramping/pain sensation. I don't feel it when I'm sitting, well it does feel a little bloated but that's it. When I stand or walk, it feels sore and crampy. When I press on my uterus, it doesn't hurt, but that whole lower area down there just feels odd. My bleeding is normal, like a light to moderate period day. I'm not passing any clots. I am gassy and so I wonder if that could be it, although I've never felt gas that feels like this. I don't have a fever either. I contacted my MW and she's wondering if it could be a pulled muscle, but I don't know how I would have pulled it. If anyone has any ideas of what could be going on, I'd love to hear it!
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    Amber, I finally read your birth story all the way through. I'm sorry the Hypnobabies didn't help as much as you hoped it would. I don't think it is necessarily your fault that it didn't work for you. Every birth really is different and it sounds like things got really tough for you when labor got really intense. There are a lot of factors that influence birth, and some births are just harder than others.

    Has the cramping you were having gotten better?
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    I'm wondering about you as well!

    And do you have any new pics to share with us? I'd love to see some....when you have time, of course.
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